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The Lunatic's Butcher

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“Fuck you Bray, you think everything's a fucking joke.” Dean glared at the man sitting across from him, anger making him scowl in frustration. “I'm not going to sit here and keep going through this shit with you. You want to fuck Danial then go fuck Danial but leave me the fuck alone.” He wanted to hate the man watching him. Wanted to reach over and just punch him in the face for the pain he's put him through. “I've had enough.”

“You do not get to say when this is over Dean. I have claimed you as mine, do not think I will let you go.” Bray knew why Dean was so upset, knew that he believed that Bray wanted Danial for more than just the club. “Danial is no threat to you or the position you hold in my life. I claimed you as mine before the fanmi, you are mistaken if you believe you will be allowed to walk away.”

“Don't fucking threaten me Bray, that shit don't fucking work with me and you know it.” Dean gave him an angry glare before turning away from him. He could hear the other man getting up from his seat. Felt his heart give an extra beat of excitement at the thought of what Bray might do next. “You're only saying that so you can bring your little boy toy to the club. You know what will happen if Sadie finds out and she has to call Shane'O.”

Bray's gray gaze narrowed on Dean, his lips curving down in a frown. “Are you saying you will be invoking your rights, Dean? Choose your answer wisely, little lamb, the love I bear you can not protect you if Sadie finds you to be false in your accusations.”

Dean knew Bray wouldn't let anything happen to him but he also knew that the club rules were different, especially for them. “Why him Bray, why not someone else, why does it have to be Bryan ?”

“It is a matter of what Sadie wishes not I. She chooses who she wants and if we agree then we do the rest. You know how this is done Dean. Do not confuse my love for you for a character on the show.”

“You're just as crazy off screen as you are on.” Dean muttered as he stood up and headed to the kitchen. He hated when Bray was right. He knew how the club worked but it didn't mean he had to like it this time. “Still mad either way.”

“You're being difficult about something out of your hands.”

Dean stopped before entering the kitchen. He could feel his shoulder's tensing as he struggled to keep his temper in check. “I am not being difficult you're just an asshole who can't keep his shit in his fucking pants!”

Bray grabbed Dean from behind, his temper flaring at the words. “I have been faithful to you and only you Dean. Can you say the same? Do you think I do not know about you and Seth?” At Dean's look of surprise, Bray gave him a small smile. “Yes, little lamb, I know all about how you and he have been spending unnecessary time together.” Bray grabbed Dean's jaw, roughly jerking his face closer. “You think I do not know that you have not been faithful to me as you promised?”

Dean felt his stomach twist at the dark look on Bray's face. He had thought they'd been careful. It hadn't been more than three or four times when they'd done anything but Bray was right. They were supposed to have been committed to each other. However... “ You fucking think I don't know about that shit with Harper?! Your ass ain't been faithful with that shit going on! So don't fucking think you can...” Dean broke off with a grunt as he was shoved backwards over the back of the couch. “Bastard, what the fu...” He jerked in surprise when Bray's hand slipped beneath his sweats. “Stop Bray, you fucking accus...” Dean groaned as a broad hand wrapped around him. Shivering in pleasure, Dean tried to hold back his groan of relief. They'd been arguing most of the day, Dean finding any reason to get under Bray's skin. He stiffened when Bray moved back, eyes snapping open in confused alarm. “Bray?”

Bray stared down at Dean, anger and lust making his voice rougher than usual. “Poukisa ou ensiste sou goumen ak m 'lè ou ka senpleman mande pou sa li se ou vle?”(Why do you insist on fighting with me when you can simply ask for what it is you wish?) He watched as Dean turned away from him. “Dean, di m’, poukisa ou toujou dwe goumen m' konsa? Si ou ta vle pou yon bagay ou gen sèlman mande, te nou pa diskite sa a ye anvan an? ou pa vle lapè nan mitan nou?” (Dean, tell me, why must you always fight me? If you wish for something you have only to ask, have we not discussed this before? Do you not desire peace among us?)

Dean sucked in a harsh breath, wanting to deny he was being difficult...again. “I can get what ever the fuck I want, have no problems asking for shit.”

“Yet you refuse to ask me to take you. To give you the relief you know only I can give you.” Bray leaned forward, pressing a gentle kiss against the rapidly beating pulse at Dean's neck. “You enjoy me being violent, it is part of the reason you enjoy the Club so much.” He bit Dean hard on his neck, holding on as the broad back arched up in pained pleasure.

Dean shivered as his hands moved to Bray's waist. “B-bastard.” Dean felt himself hardening further as Bray pressed him down onto the couch. “I have to fight with you. You lose interest if I don't do anything drastic.”

“Strip for me or demand something, stop fighting me Dean.” Bray leaned up, his eyes even with Dean's. “If you wish for me to take you, you have only to say the words.” Watching the flushed face, Bray let out a soft breath. “I do not desire a fight with you Dean, taking you in violence is not always what I wish.” Bray moved back, watching the angry frown curving Dean's lips down. “Mwen renmen ou, nan fason yo nan pèp nou an. Mwen te ba ou sa ki pa gen lòt ka genyen. Mwen pa vle fè mal sa ki fireflies yo te beni m 'ak. Se pa fason Sè Abigayil la.”(I love thee, in the ways of our people. I gave to you that which no other can have. I do not desire to harm that which the fireflies have blessed me with. It is not the way of Sister Abigail.)

Dean turned away from Bray, hating how he always seemed to be right. “I lost you to him once and it was hell. You don't understand what it feels like to have to watch you do these shows and wonder...”

“They are shows, the ones I have done with you were personal...a fight for dominance. You always want to defy me in public.” Bray gave him a small grin as he pulled Dean up. “Come, I do not wish to take you like an animal, we have had enough of that. Let me remind you why you feel as you do for me.”

Dean didn't resist as Bray pulled him towards their bedroom. He remembered why he fell for Bray, why he hadn't been able to let go of him when he knew he should have. Looking Bray over from head to toe, Dean let out a soft sigh. He followed the other man, fingers tightening around the ones holding his. “Do you...sometimes, I know I can be an asshole but have you ever...”

Bray turned at the sound of uncertainty in Dean's voice. “There is no one else for me but you Dean.” Dean's insecurities and Bray's possessiveness were the biggest issues in their relationship. They had almost killed each other in their Ambulance match, both having taken their anger out on each other. Both leaving the arena beaten, battered, and bloody but Bray was the one who left with the fear for Dean's life. He'd seen what they had done to each other and knew then it had to stop.

Dean gave him a small quirk of his lips, face heating at the grin he received. “And before you ask, Seth and I are no longer messing around. It wasn't serious and it was before the ceremony.”

“You were still mine then, yet, I can not fault you for getting it out of your system.” Bray sighed as he pushed the door to their bedroom open. “I find that we have both made mistakes. I do not wish for there to be anymore misunderstandings between us Dean. You belong to me and I will not share you nor give you up.” Pulling Dean closer, Bray watched as blue eyes dilated with lust. “It does not always have to be a fight for us, ti mouton.” (little lamb)

Dean nodded, relaxing against Bray. “You're still an asshole for doing this, bringing in Danial, let someone else do it, please.”

Bray scanned Dean's face, saw what he tried to hide from him. “I will speak with Juls about it in the morning.” He saw the relief that filled Dean's eyes and kissed him. “He is no longer a threat to you.”

“Doesn't mean I don't have to worry.” Dean let Bray lead him to the bed, thoughts turning away from Danial and the club to the man now undressing him. “Wyatt?”

“Yes little lamb?” Bray lifted Dean's arms, sliding his shirt up and off. He looked up to find Dean watching him, a look of confusion in his turbulent blue eyes. “Talk to me little one, tell me what it is you want from me.” Bray watched as Dean struggled with himself, remaining silent as his hands moved over smooth skin. “I can give you what you want, if it is truly what you want.”

Dean watched the man in front of him, stomach fluttering at the soft, fleeting touches across his skin. He wanted to stop the fighting and arguing. Bray was right, they did deserve a chance at peace between them. “Mwen bezwen ou Wyatt, pran m 'menm jan mwen ye. Tout sa mwen genyen se tout sa ou wè, li toujou pa ase?” (I need you Wyatt, take me as I am. All I have is all that you see, is it still not enough?)

Bray gave him a small smile as his hands stopped at the waist band of Dean's jeans. “Li se pi plis pase mwen merite ak tout sa mwen vle.” (It is more than I deserve and everything I desire.) Sliding the button free, Bray watched as Dean flushed with excitement. “Mwen pral pran kò sa a, reklame ou jan ou te vle di ke yo dwe reklame. Ou fè pati m ', Dean, pa gen yon lòt ka gen yon fwa mwen make ou.” (I will take this body, reclaim you as you were meant to be claimed. You belong to me, Dean, no one else can have you once I mark you.) Sliding the zipper down, Bray grinned at the soft huff Dean gave in response. “It has always been enough little lamb.”He watched as Dean's eyes widened, the blue a thing ring around dark pupils. “Everything I have, everything I am, I give to you. It is up to you if you wish to receive it.”

Dean shuddered at the large hands moving over him. They were almost the same height, Bray standing a foot taller than Dean but he could feel the soft breaths that left Bray. Pressed closer in a silent plea when his jeans were eased down and off of him. “Just...don't...Wyatt y-you have to stay this time. I can't...” Dean broke off as bright silver eyes watched him. “Don't leave Wyatt, I can't go through that again, not with you.”

Bray nodded as he pulled Dean down with him onto the bed. “There is no other place I wish to be but with you.” Running his hands over scar covered flesh, Bray sighed. He read the story on Dean's skin, making sure to treat it with care. “This is our life, our world, let me claim you as I should have not as we did.”

Dean nodded, helping Bray pull his shirt off, he grinned as long, auburn strands fell over them both. “Just hurry up, I've been waiting all damn day for you to...” Dena broke off at the feel of a blunt finger against his hole. “Th-that will work...” His jaw clenched around the sound that rose in his throat. Pressing his hips down, Dean felt his mind go blank at the first soft gust of air. Trying to keep his eyes open, Dean looked down, groaning in relief when Bray's mouth closed over him.

Their ceremony had been covered in bloodshed, Juls having had to kill someone in order for Bray to make it in to the Circle. Dean never got the full story just that they had both been covered in blood and Sadie had been livid. Despite that, Dean hadn't cared as long as Bray had shown up. Their history was long and fraught with past hurts and pains but they loved each other. In the most violent of ways, they fit and neither was able to walk away from that truth.

Hips jerking up, Dean sucked in a quick breath at the feel of a finger easing into him. Forcing his body to relax, he moaned at the hot tongue now pressed against his hole. The dual stimulation had him twisting against the sheets, one hand curled into Bray's hair the other curled into the sheets. They were usually quite in the bedroom, unless one was shouting at the other, tonight however was different. Dean fought back the sound rising in his throat. Tired his best to keep from breaking the silence until Bray moved over him.

“The whisper of a firefly is the one sound that I love most. Give me your voice little one, I wish to hear my firefly sing.” Bray watched as the flush darkened on Dean's skin. Leaning forward, he kissed him, tongue tracing the parted lips. He teased Dean with soft, fleeting brushes against his skin, watching as Dean writhed beneath him. “It should always begin and end with your pleasure, ti mouton.” Bray knew things between them were far from fixed, knew he owed Dean more of an explanation than he had been given but for now...for now he would ease the stress and need racing through Dean. “Plezi ou se plezi mwen. Bezwen ou se bezwen mwen. Tout dife nan lavil la va boule nan dife.” (Your pleasure is my pleasure. Your need is my need. The fires that burn in you shall be quenched by me.)

Pressing two slick fingers into Dean, Bray watched as he went limp against the bed. They discovered early in their relationship Dean was unable to deny Bray if he spoke in Creole. Something Bray made a point to do at least once or twice a day. “Louvri pou m 'Dean, ban m' ofrann lan ke mwen plis pase merite pou yo resevwa.” (Open for me Dean, give me the offering that I am more than worthy of receiving.) Bray watched as Dean did as asked, strong, well muscled thighs trembling under his touch. Lifting Dean's right leg, Bray pressed a kiss against his calf muscle. “Abigayèl ba ou m, epi m ap pwoteje ou. Pa gen okenn lòt merite e pa gen lòt merite plis pase mwen. Ou se m ', Dean, soti nan lavi sa a nan pwochen an, nanm nou yo pral pou tout tan yon sèl.” (Abigail gave you to me and I will keep you. There is no other worthy and no other deserving more than I. You are mine , Dean, from this life unto the next, our souls will forever be one.)

Dean arched up, panting as Bray pressed into him. He moaned at the hot, hard press of Bray stretching him open. Hands moving up to Bray's back, Dean tried to hold in the soft sound that left him. Arching up as Bray pressed forward, Dean held onto him, groaning when he was filled completely. Wrapping a leg around Bray's waist, Dean gave in, head dropping back as he gasped out loud. He couldn't stop the sounds leaving him once the dam broke.

Bray watched as Dean fell apart, the usually angry expression was slack with pleasure. The smirking lips were swollen and red from their earlier kisses. Pressing closer, Bray didn't have time to take in everything. He couldn't when the hot body beneath him demanded his attention. Readjusting their positions, he grinned as Dean cried out, legs tightening around his waist. “Ranpli sal la ak ti chante chante ou ti kras, kite mizik la fennen yon fwa ou te rive nan pik ou.”(Fill the room with your song little lamb, let the music fade once you have reached your peak..) Bray held the writhing man beneath him, whispered to him just how much Dean pleased him. Just how much he loved him, and when Dean stiffened beneath him, Bray told him just how long he would remain. “Pou tout tan, ti mouton, osi lontan ke mwen te vle ou.” (Forever, little lamb, as long as having me is your wish.)


“Wi, wi Bray tanpri...tanpri, mwen bezwen ou...”(Yes, yes Bray please...please I need you...) Dean sucked in a harsh breath as Bray thrust harder, brushing his prostate on each down stroke. Swallowing, Dean tried to wait, to hold on to his orgasm but couldn't. Not with the words he'd desperately been wanting to hear being whispered against his skin. Wrapping his arms around broad shoulders, Dean let go, shaking as his vision went white and the only sound he could hear was that of Bray's voice and the love that he held for Dean. “Ou fè pati m 'Wyatt, pa gen lòt ka gen ou men m'.” (You belong to me Wyatt, no other can have you but me.) When he felt Bray's hips stutter, Dean grinned, aware that he had never publicly claimed Bray. Sliding his hands into thick auburn and chestnut locks, Dean pulled Bray down, watching as he struggled to hold on. “Mwen mande sa ki se m ', ban m' sa ki mwen merite pou yo. Montre m 'jis konbyen kado a vle di pou ou.” (I demand that which is mine, give me that which I am worthy of. Show me just how much the gift means to you.)

Bray pressed forward, hips against Deans as he came, shaking as he gave to Dean what he demanded. Groaning in relief, Bray let his head drop forward, pressing a soft kiss against the corner of Dean's lips. “Dean...”

Dean chuckled, a weak sound but loud enough to be heard. “I know I know, first time for everything right?” He watched the pleased expression that covered Bray's face. Felt his chest fill with pleasure at how at ease he seemed to look. Running a hand through Bray's hair, Dean gave him a small smile. “Wyatt?”

“I will stay, there is nothing else that matters but you.”

Dean nodded, flinching as Bray slowly pulled back. “Shower later?” He watched as Bray nodded, moving to his side. Dean turned to face the other, watching through tired eyes as Bray reached for the blankets. “To hot for those.”

“Yet you will be chilled in the next few moments. Come, let me keep you warm while we sleep.” Bray pulled Dean closer, letting out a soft sigh at such a small victory. Dean was stubborn on the best of days but this was different. Tonight he was more compliant, more affectionate. Tightening his hold, Bray studied the man next to him. There was nothing he wouldn't do for Dean, no one he wouldn't eliminate to keep him. Running a gentle hand through Dean's curls, Bray sighed. Tonight marked a change for them, tonight Dean broke with his usual habits and for that Bray would always remember this night. The night where Dean gave to him something he'd never given before...his whole self.