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This is Dangerous

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It had been several days since Santana had talked to Quinn and she was finally feeling more like she had the days before the call and her discussion with Berry. Her mind was no longer burdened with the constant guilt that had plagued her regarding her lie about Dani.

She smiled toward her girlfriend as they passed each other, Santana returning to pick up her order for her next table. Kurt slid up beside her as she was making her way to said table, an apologetic look covering his features.

"Whatever it is you want, it's not going to happen." Santana bit out, narrowing her eyes into a glare.

"I have to go on break, Gunther is insisting that I take it now."

"And? What's this got to do with me, Hummel?"

"I sort of took on a table right before he told me, they've got their drinks but they haven't ordered yet." He said, shooting her a 'too cheesy to be genuine' smile. "Pleaaase Santana?"

"Why can't Berry do it?" The brunette asked, rolling her eyes.

"She isn't talking to me, she's still claiming that I'm a traitor." He said, pausing when Santana came to a stop by her table. Kurt watched quietly as the brunette delivered the food and made sure there was nothing else the young couple needed before turning back to face him.

"You owe me, big time." She said, stalking back toward the center of the restaurant. "Which table?"

"The back corner. Thank you!" Kurt said, clapping his hands together happily before heading for the break room.

"Whatever…" Santana mumbled, pulling her notepad from her uniform before heading toward the booth that her coworker had indicated to. She didn't have many occupied tables in her own area at the moment or she wouldn't have helped him. Or that's what she was telling herself, anyway.

As she approached she could see that it was another couple, not surprising considering it was a Friday night. The man, who was facing her, seemed a little too fancy for the Spotlight Diner. He looked like some yuppie frat boy who would consider himself above such a place. She sighed and readied herself to plaster on a fake smile for the customers.

"Hello, my name's Santana. Kurt forgot he had to take a break and asked me to fill in for him. It's all that hairspray." She said, rolling her eyes before returning them to her notepad. "Have you figured out what it is you'd like to eat tonight?"

"Hello, Santana."

The brunette's eyes widened and flew toward the feminine voice. Quinn smiled up at her, a mischievous glint in her eye.

"Uh, Fabray… What are you doing here?" Santana asked, trying to keep her nerves from seeping into her voice. Judging from the blonde's smug grin, she guessed that she wasn't doing a very good job.

"Kurt mentioned you and Rachel were having some problems. I remembered what you said on the phone and offered to stop by and see if I couldn't help ease some of the tension."

Santana grit her teeth and looked away, knowing that Quinn was getting way too much satisfaction from her discomfort.

"Of course you did." The brunette mumbled under her breath.

Quinn was about to say something else when Rachel's excited voice cut in over the music coming from the stage. "Quinn! Kurt just told me you were here!"

The blonde smiled up at the shorter brunette, her smug and catty demeanor melting away in an instant. She could see another girl coming up behind Rachel and her brow furrowed slightly.

"Hello." The blue haired girl said, sliding into the space between the two brunettes.

"Oh! Quinn, this is Dani, she's a member of Kurt's band and unfortunately she's-"

"Santana's girlfriend." Quinn supplied, her smile fading from her lips and her eyes locking with Dani's.

"So she's mentioned me, huh? Good things, I hope?" Dani asked with a laugh before shooting Santana a small smile.

"I can't say that she has, actually. I saw your picture on Facebook, social media is a wonderful thing."

Silence seemed to fall over the small group and the tension escalated quickly. Santana could feel heat creeping up the back of her neck and that guilt had once again reared its ugly head. Dani and Quinn were staring each other down, the blue haired girl a little too shocked to respond just yet.

Rachel glanced between her old classmates, her eyes narrowing slightly. She stepped forward then, placing herself between the blonde and Dani.

"Quinn, would you mind if I sat with you for a moment, after Santan's taken your order?" She asked, placing her hand on the back of the cushion the blonde was resting against.

"Of course, Rachel. It would be great to catch up." Quinn said, an easy smile sliding back into place.

"I'll be… Over there." Dani mumbled, her hand brushing Santana's briefly before she turned to walk back toward the center of the diner.

Santana swallowed thickly and watched her girlfriend walk away before turning her eyes back to the table. She shifted on her feet uncomfortably, "What can I get you?"

Quinn glanced toward her companion before looking back to the menu in front of her. The man ordered quickly, settling on a burger and a side of fries. When he was done and Santana had turned her attention back to the blonde, she could still feel his gaze on her. She wanted to ask who he was but she also wanted to get the hell away from Quinn before the blonde pushed this any further. She decided to go with the latter and hurried away as soon as Quinn had ordered.


Santana sighed and rubbed her temples. The orders for Quinn's booth were almost up and she was dreading the return visit. She glanced over the diner, her eyes settling on Dani. The blue haired girl hadn't had the chance to talk to her since the awkward conversation but Santana knew that wasn't for lack of trying.

They'd both gotten several tables just after that and she was grateful for the work. It gave her some time to think about what she was going to say. It seemed as though her time was up now, though. Dani headed straight for her, a small frown playing at her lips.

"What was that about? I thought you said that Quinn girl was your friend?" She asked, her eyes searching the brunette's.

"She is." Santana mumbled, glancing toward her feet.

"Are you sure? She comes off more as an ex, I know you said you dated one of your old classmates... A blonde but I could have sworn you said her name was Brittany. Am I missing something?"

"No, you're not. She's not my ex, Brittany is. We... The three of us were all friends, all on the same cheer squad. Quinn's just reverted back to her old bitchy self because of Yale, I guess."

"Okay... If you say so. I'll try to be nice." Dani said, leaning in quickly to give her girlfriend a chaste kiss on the cheek. "Good luck."

Santana sighed, realizing that the last bit was in reference to the fact that Quinn's order was up. "Thanks, babe."


"It was so nice talking to you, Quinn. And it was a pleasure to meet you, Biff." Rachel said, standing beside Santana before the two headed away from the table.

"Biff? Is that seriously that tool bag's name?"

Rachel shot the taller brunette a disapproving look, "Yes... It is his name. He seems... Nice."

"Uh huh, right. That's why he was glaring at you when I came over with his food, right?" Santana asked, rolling her eyes. "Who is he, anyway?"

"He's Quinn's date." Rachel replied with a shrug.

"Ew, what, like her boyfriend?"

"They made it seem more casual than that but could be, I didn't bother to ask." The shorter girl said, amused by the way this new development seemed to bother Santana. "What was all that about earlier, between Dani and Quinn?"

"How the fuck should I know, Berry? She's Quinn, she's batshit crazy sometimes."

"You're one to talk." Rachel shot back, annoyance coloring her features. The two broke apart then, unable to tolerate the other for any longer and moved on to check on their other customers.

After his break, Kurt had gone back to get Quinn and Biff's used dishes and bring them their dessert. It had been several hours since then and the couple was still lingering in their booth, Kurt and Rachel checking on them every so often.

"Why the hell are they still here?" Santana asked, her eyes wondering over toward Quinn warily.

Kurt leaned on the counter as Rachel counted out the money from the register, "I okay'd it with Gunther... They're staying at our place."

"What?" Santana asked, her voice rising a little as she looked over at him with wide eyes.

Dani raised her head from where she was getting the trash from under the counter, "What's wrong babe?"

"Uh, nothing... I'm just trying to imagine Ice Queen Quinn fitting on our couch with her boy toy." Santana grumbled, folding her arms across her chest. She had already finished cleaning up the tables and floor with Kurt and now she was wondering why he had failed to mention this news sooner. He knew why she was uncomfortable about the situation, he knew and he still brought it up in front of Dani. She knew realistically he was thinking of himself and she couldn't blame him for that. With all of the shit he was pulling, he had to know she would get him back... One way or another.

"Yeah... That may be an issue." Kurt admitted sheepishly, "Since it was my idea to have them come up, I could always offer them my bed and take the couch for a night." He said, rubbing at the back of his neck.

Santana snickered, "Oh, please do. I hope they have crazy sex all over your clean sheets, Hummel."

The comment had left a nasty taste in her mouth but the expression slowly spreading across Kurt's face made it mostly worth it. "Ugh, really, Santana?"

"Oh, whatever. You're only upset because there would be a vagina involved." The brunette said, rolling her eyes.

"Sounds like we're missing all of the fun." Quinn said, a smile playing at her lips as she and Biff approached the group. Santana eyed the college student now that he was closer and standing. He seemed mostly disinterested in the conversation taking place but he seemed oddly interested in whatever Kurt had to say when he spoke up.

She glanced between the two, her eyes narrowing.

"Hey, earth to Santana!" Kurt said suddenly, arching a brow when she blinked at him in confusion.


"I asked you if I could leave now, since we're done? I'll take them back and get them set up."

"Yeah, sure." Santana said with a shrug. Gunther had already headed home himself and in reality they wouldn't need all of them there to close up the front. The kitchen employees were still cleaning up from their shift so they would ultimately be locking up anyway.

She watched the three leave, only looking back toward the two that had stayed back with her when Dani laid a gentle touch on her shoulder. "We're just about done. Mind if I come over for a bit? I feel like things got off to a bad start with your friend... Maybe we can patch things up?"

Santana swallowed and glanced toward her feet, "I don't know... I mean, it's kind of late. How about I just walk you home and you can stop by tomorrow?" The brunette offered, watching as her girlfriend frowned slightly in response.

"Alright, I guess I can do that... I won't be able to come over until the evening tomorrow, because of work. You have off though, right?"

"Yeah, we'll make it work. I just know Quinn when she's tired... Maybe that's all this is." She lied, knowing full well that it wasn't. Dani smiled in response, oblivious.

"Okay, let's go then. C'mon Rachel."

The brunette shook her head and glanced down toward her phone. "I'm good. I'm going to wait here a few minutes longer. Elliot is coming to get me, we're going to go grocery shopping before heading home."

Santana tugged on Dani's hand and the two exited the restaurant before making the short walk to the blue haired girl's apartment. "Thanks for walking me, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Mhmm." Santana hummed, kissing her and giving her one last squeeze before allowing her to walk up the steps to her door.

"Text me when you're home!" Dani called before disappearing inside.

Santana just sighed and walked back toward her apartment with Kurt, dreading whatever was going to happen over the next few days.