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Of Light and Love.

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Mina sighed, her eyes fluttering open slowly as Lucy stirred beside her. They had been up late the night before, talking after exploring a new club that had popped up within the last few days.

The brunette watched through thick lashes as her friend rose from the warm sheets to move for the window. She guessed that Lucy was going to close the curtains which were partially open. The sunlight streaming through was too bright for the headaches that they were both sporting.

As the blonde’s feet touched the floor and she rose to her feet, her night gown pulled tight against her lean frame. Mina watched in fascination, their conversation from the night before flooding back to her.


"Yes darling?" The blonde asked, falling back against Mina’s bed and failing horribly to kick off her shoes.

"What is it like, kissing Alastair?"

Lucy paused, her smile quickly leaving her face. She shot the brunette a puzzled look and sat up. It was obvious she had done so too quickly as her features quickly scrunched up in displeasure.

"Sloppy." She replied finally, almost in a sigh.

"Really?" Mina asked, perching herself much more calmly on the edge of the bed. She had been drunk not too long before but the ride home had helped to sober her up. And Lucy, well, she always drank more.

"Yes, it is terribly disappointing." Lucy huffed, tugging at the lacing on the back of her dress. "Mother says that they get better with time and practice… But I never see any improvement."

She huffed again louder this time before letting her hands fall to the comforter with a dull thud. Mina chuckled and moved closer, easily loosening the dress so that her friend could remove it.

Drunk Lucy did not like the tight and form fitting confines of her clothes and it was very common that the first thing she did was strip down to a nightgown.  Mina watched in amusement as she did just that, making sure to keep a close eye in case the other woman were to lose her balance.

"Why do you ask?" Lucy asked, glancing back over toward the brunette.

"It’s the same with Jonathan… And I just wanted to be sure that we weren’t doing something wrong."

Lucy let out a snort, a sound that she would never allow herself to make sober. “You aren’t doing any thing wrong, Jonathan is just an oaf-“

"Lucy!" Mina chided, making the blonde roll her eyes.

"Fine. If they’re both awful then it must just be a male issue." She said with a firm nod as she slid back onto the bed.

Mina stared at her, watching as she laid herself out across the bed. Her features relaxing slowly as she let herself relax.

The brunette found her eyes moving toward her friend’s lips,curiosity burning after the blonde’s last statement.

Light snoring from Lucy snapped her out of her thoughts and she felt a grateful sort of embarrassment creep into her stomach.

"Lucy, darling… Let’s get you under the covers, shall we?" Mina whispered affectionately as she leaned over the other girl. The blonde’s eyes opened slightly and she groaned before complying.

The two of them had fallen asleep in no time at all, cuddled close together as usual.

And now, even with a mostly clear mind, Mina found the same curiosity urging her to act. Swallowing down her nerves, the brunette rose quickly to move after the blonde.

Lucy let out a loud gasp and released the curtains as Mina’s hands brushed her sides.

"Good morning." Mina whispered against the shell of her ear.

"M-morning." Lucy managed to respond, her eyes wide and her cheeks flushed a shade darker than normal. Mina’s eyes darted down to her friend’s pink lips and her tongue snuck out to wet her own.


Lucy’s eyes followed the movement, before moving back to meet Mina’s. “Yes?”

"Could I try something?"


Mina leaned forward slowly, watching for any signs that Lucy did not want her to proceed. She was surprised to find the opposite.

Lucy’s pupils dilated to their fullest and her lashes fluttered as her gaze shifted between Mina’s eyes and lips.

The brunette’s eyes fluttered closed as her lips brushed Lucy’s, an electrical current moving through her at the simple contact. She could have sworn that she heard Lucy sigh before the blonde’s hands came up to frame her face.

She had only meant for it to be a simple kiss but the blonde seemed to have other ideas and she couldn’t bring herself to break it off. The kiss ended naturally a few minutes later, leaving both of them nearly breathless.

A slow smile blossomed across Lucy’s face and her eyes fluttered up to meet Mina’s. Her expression was warm and almost shy. “Did you find what you were looking for?” She asked softly.

The brunette let out a soft laugh, leaning forward slightly so that her forehead was touching the shorter woman’s. “Yes. I think I did.”