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25 days of Christmas

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Day 1- your OTP decorating
[Phineas and Isabella-Phineas and Ferb]

"Whatcha doin?'

It’s the type of phrase that always comes right on time, even if it’s not supposed to be at any given time. None of Phineas’s adventures ever seemed to be. But Isabella would be there, asking the same question with the same smile.

“Isabella! Come on in, we’re just about to decorate the Christmas tree!”

We was a relative term. Truth be told Phineas was the only member of the house hold on tree duty this time around. Ferb wouldn’t be home from college until later in the month, and Candace was out with their parents gift hunting. Phineas had always been a delivery sort of guy anyway.

“Sounds fun. Do you have anything special in mind?” When it came to the Flynn-Fletcher household, the unexpected was always expected. The mundane never the way to do a thing, but always flair and pizzazz.

But not this time around. No Phineas stands knee deep in boxes, fingers twirling the glass ornaments before rolling them down his arms and tossing it into the air, a perfect perch on his nose before it drops back into his hand. No contraptions, no gadgets. Just him, the decorations, and a lone tree.

“I thought this year, we could it by hand.” There’s implication there. It’s not just any other year, not just some Christmas. It’s their Christmas, the first time he and Isabella can celebrate the season together in their relationship. It has to be special, from beginning to end. Decorating together was just the first step on his list.

Perry continues to nap as the get to work. Boxes are thrown open, ornaments and bows pass hands as the teens tackle the task. Isabella has always been handy with coordinating, somehow managing to deck out the entire tree with bows with little overpowerment. Somewhere in between the silver and white bows end up tied around Phineas’s hair.

“Oh! How cute.” Phineas turns as Isabella pulls out the paper boxes on strings, photos of the family much younger on ever side. “Look how little you were.”

“How little we were,” Phineas is chuckling, another box made up of friends. Memories weren’t easily discarded, even as the paper faded and the glue peeled. “All these Christmas’s my mom made sure to keep them, makes the holiday feel merrier for everyone.” Right in front, not to high but just right for everyone to see them.

Isabella’s laughter is soft as she makes sure to angle the photos to be seen easily. Even if her family wasn’t one to celebrate Christmas, the holidays always drew everyone together. The garlands are in her hands and wrapping around Phineas’s neck like an itchy and prickly scarf, breaking their thoughts and pulling another grin from Phineas.

“I don’t remember being a tree!”

“You are now!”

Suddenly it’s not about the tree. It’s each other, the garlands and popcorn strings are tossed about, draping over shoulders and tangling in hair.  

Even covered in tinsel and fake tree needles the laughter doesn’t stop. They miss the shutter of Linda’s camera.