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Demon Teacher

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"Okay, folks, I called you all in here for a very special announcement. Today we are having two new members join the JAMS family today.", Principle Snur said in the auditorium.

Amy Squirrel sat up in interest, Russell Gettis quirked a brow, Scott Delacorte seemed to like this idea like everybody else, Elizabeth Halsey didn't care at all, she was very bored.

"First new family member, she'll be an intern here, I personally think she'll a great addition to JAMS, please welcome Ms. (Y/N) (L/N)!", Principle Snur, smiling broadly as the current teachers applauded while a young woman with chest-length (H/C) hair came out from behind the curtain, (E/C) eyes wide.

She was wearing a white dress shirt with a tan jacket over it, black jeans and snow white tennis shoes.

Elizabeth's brain only registered one thing: the intern had Double 'D' breasts.

Like, what the hell?

"Just a little heads up, she's shy and doesn't really talk much.", the principle chuckled, admiring the way her blush framed her face as the members chuckled affectionately.

"Now for the second member of the JAMS family, he'll be our new History teacher, going over the history of the Victorian Era. Please welcome Mr. Sebastian Michaelis to JAMS!", Principle Snur said, smile not so broad at a ravenette man came out and stood beside the intern, wearing a Victorian Era butler outfit, which Elizabeth thought meant he was overdoing his job, but she couldn't complain, this guy was smoking!

"It is a pleasure to be apart of your family.", Sebastian smiled politely, but Elizabeth could tell it was fake.

"Why don't you two tell us a bit about yourselves?", Principle Snur asked, smiling at the two newcomers. 

"As you all know, I am Sebastian Michaelis. I come from England with my young master, who is of the age to come here, but refuses to do so.", Sebastian started, stopping as people in the group chuckled at his words.

"I adore the animal cats and have lots of experience with young teenagers, seeing as my young master is quite a handful for a 13-year-old boy.", Sebastian finished with a small chuckle, bowing as members in the auditorium clapped.

"I-I'm (Y/N) (L/N), I come from (Hometown) and I-I want t-to be able t-to help you all. I-I own t-three cats, two S-Siamese and one Egyptian Mau.", the intern stuttered, hiding behind her long hair when she finished.

Was Elizabeth the only one who caught the predatory look Sebastian flashed at the intern after saying she had three cats?