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Jekyll And Charlotte

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"With all due respect, Sir, when have I ever let personal inclinations interfere with my work?"

Nick Fury cleared his throat.

"Barton?" he asked pointedly, raising his eyebrow at her. Natasha groaned.

"Barton was a question of recovering one of our best field operatives. Sir. It was at least as much business as it was personal, and it was--don't give me that look--successful. Banner's another story entirely. I'm fully aware that that entire...altercation...was simply a matter of a string of accidents, errors in judgment, and outside influences. What I need is time away from the man, not mediation. There's no personal animosity here."

"And I'm fully aware of your ability to articulate yourself carefully enough that you're never explicitly lying, Agent. Animosity is something you reserve for a very select few. Just sit through the mediation session. Be nice. Answer the questions. How bad can it be?"

"You want me to answer that, Director?"