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A sister's fear, a brother's determination

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Queen Consolidated

"Alright, now tell me what happened?" Quentin said, completely thrown as he took out his notepad.

He had been called to Queen Consolidated in the middle of the night. Pike had wanted to suspend him after the stunt with Slade Wilson, but considering Thea was still missing and they were no closer to finding her, he was willing to let it slide for now, as they needed all hands on deck. He had found the place a mess, property damage similiar to an attack by a gang littered the place. Security staff were injured, but thankfully not fatally. He was now interviewing one of the security guards who knew what had happened and were conscious.

"This evening, Isabel Rochev was holding a board meeting," The guard said, wincing as he held his shoulder, "Mr. Queen showed up and they cleared the room. They argued, then...I don't know what was said, but Mr. Queen attacked Ms. Rochev. My team and I rushed in but...he took us all out. The more guards who came, the more fell to him and he took Ms. Rochev. I've never seen anything like it Officer, he was like a one man army."

"Oliver Queen?" Quentin asked and the guard nodded. "You're sure it was him?"

"I know Mr. Queen Officer. It was him but..the look in his eyes. It was that of a war veteran." The guard said and Quentin nodded.

Quentin took the guard's statement and walked out of the building, deep in thought. Quentin didn't know what was going on, but he knew two things. One, he had been right all along, Oliver Queen was The Arrow. And two, he and his youngest daughter needed to have a chat.

Unspecified location
Same time

Isabel was on her knees, bound by rope all over her body, wrapped tightly. She didn't know where she was, all she knew was that Oliver Queen had brought her here. And he was standing mere inches from here, his bow in his hand, quiver on his back, and a dangerous look on his face.

"So, looks like your secret is out. It won't take long until people put together that Oliver Queen and The Arrow are the same person," Isabel mocked and Oliver was silent, "Nothing to say? I guess you can't, since you've lost Oliver. Slade will beat you and you will die-"

Isabel's head whipped to the side and she tasted the metallic taste of blood in his mouth. She spat out a mouth full of blood, startled by seeing a tooth in the liquid.

"Do you think I care about any of that?" Oliver asked and she looked over at him. "Slade took my sister, that's all I care about. And you are gonna tell me where your boss has him."

"I told you, we're partners. And you are out of your mind if you think I'm gonna cough up that information." Isabel said and Oliver flashed a smile that sent shivers down her spine.

"Define your relationship however you want. But I know Slade needs you for something, otherwise he wouldn't have planted you in Queen Consolidated to take over. I know what breaks, what kills, and what just hurts Isabel," Oliver said as he notched an arrow, "and you are going to tell me everything you know, but most importantly, you will tell me where Slade is keeping my way or another."

Oliver fired an arrow and Isabel cried out as it hit her in the shoulder.

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"Any word on Ollie?" Sara asked as sh talked on the phone with Felicity.

"No, nothing since he left for Queen Consolidated. To tell you the truth, I'm beginning to get worried." Felicity said and Sara nodded before realizing Felicity couldn't see.

"Keep me posted on any leads on Thea, I'm gonna head over to Queen Consolidated now." Sara said before she hung up.

"Sara." Sara hung up to see her father standing behind her, a stern expression on his face.

"Hey daddy, have there been any updates on Thea?" Sara asked and she shook his head.

"No, but that's not why I'm here," Quentin said and Sara gave him a confused look, "I know Sara."

"Know what?" Sara asked as her heart hammered, hoping he didn't mean-

"I know that Oliver is The Arrow." Quentin said confirming Sara's fears.

Unspecified location
Same time

Isabel screamed in agony as Oliver painfully twisted the arrow in her shoulder, making sure to cause as much pain as possible.

"We've been at this for over an hour Isabel," Oliver said as he yanked it out and Isabel cried out in pain, "it all ends if you tell me where Slade has my sister."

"Do...your...worst." Isabel said breathing heavily.

"I don't want to do that Isabel," Oliver said as he knelt down to her level, "whether you realize it or not, Slade is using you. You are simply a means to end to him and once you outlive your usefulness, he will kill you."

"You talk as though I don't know this. Slade uses me as much as I use him. We have a mutual interest in destroying you and your family. The sins of the father are the sins of the son." Isabel spat.

"I don't know what you're talking about or what your grudge against my family is. But, to tell you the truth, I don't care. You want to see my worst, well, that's what you get." Oliver said darkly as he walked over to a duffle bag.

As he unzipped it, Isabel was unconcerned. Then he pulled out a blowtorch and she paled.

"You will tell me where my sister is Isabel. The only question is whether you'll still be breathing when you do." As he turned it on, Isabel began to panic.

"Wait, Oliver, wait!" Isabel pleaded fearfully.

"Where is Slade keeping my sister?" Oliver demanded

When Isabel remained silent, Oliver turned the flame on her. The room was filled with Isabel's scream of agony.

Arrow lair

"So how'd you figure it out?" Diggle asked as he and Felicity stared at Quentin.

"I answered a 911 at Queen Consolidated tonight," Quentin said and Sara, Diggle, and Felicity tensed, "Oliver kidnapped Isabel Rochev, took out all the security guards who tried to stop him. The guard I interviewed described him as a one man army. And suddenly, all the pieces fell together."

"Why would Oliver kidnap Rochev? I mean, stealing his company isn't exactly sufficient motivation for hi to kidnap her." Felicity pointed out.

"And no matter how stressed he is, he wouldn't expose his secret like that if it wasn't important," Sara greed and Felicity looked over at her confused, "think Felicity. If my dad put it together, it won't be long before someone else does to."

"I think the bigger question is what would be so important that Oliver would risk it, especially with the current situation?" Diggle wondered.

"That's a good question. All Ollie can think about right now is finding Thea, it would have to be that Isabel is...oh my god." Sara's eyes widened in realization.

"What is it sweetie?" Quentin asked as they all looked at her.

"Isabel must be connected to what's happening with Thea right now, its the only thing that makes sense." Sara explained.

"You think she's working with Slade?" Diggle asked.

"I don't know, but she has to be connected somehow for Ollie to go this far." Sara reasoned.

"Okay, would someone explain who Wilson is and what his beef is with Oliver?" Quentin asked, hating feeling out of the loop.

Slade's hideout
Same time

"What do you mean she's gone?" Slade growled as he paced back and force as Thea watched fearfully.

"Oliver Queen took her sir. Security tried to stop him, but they were no match for him. We have been unable to track him as of yet."

"Well find him!" Slade roared before hanging up and stalking over to Thea. "Your brother's mistake was your last Thea."

"Please don't kill me!" Thea pleaded, mascara mixing with tears of terror as Slade pulled out a knife.

"Oh don't worry, I won't. But I'm going to teach Oliver a lesson." Slade said, a sadistic smile on his face as he moved the knife towards Thea's face.

Before it could touch her, Slade's phone rang again. The knife stopped inches from her face and the young woman sighed in relief as he put it away. Taking out his phone, Slade frowned before answering.


"Hello Slade." Oliver said and Slade grinned crazily.

"Oliver," Slade said and Thea stared a the sound of her brother's name, "Thea and I were just talking about you."

"I swear to god Slade, if you laid a hand on her..." Oliver growled.

"She's fine, for now. And she will remain that way if yo let Ms. Rochev go." Slade bargained.

"You need Isabel for something," Olive said and Slade's answer was silence, "I don't know what, but you need her. Which is pretty hard to do if she's dead."

"Even you wouldn't be stupid enough to kill your only bargaining chip kid." Slade noted and heard Oliver chuckle.

"A lot has changed in the last five years Slade. If you touch Thea, I will kill Isabel. If you use her as leverage against me, I will kill her. If you threaten my sister in anyway, I will hill Isabel. Still feel in control Slade?" Oliver demanded and Slade was silent, surprised by Oliver's ruthlessness.

"I gotta admit kid, I didn't think you had it in you." Slade confessed.

"You took my sister." Oliver said as though i was the only answer required, as it was.

"Well, the floor is yours Oliver. What are your demands?" Slade asked reluctantly.

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Queen Mansion

Moira was sitting in the parlor, holding a cup of tea. Hearing footsteps, she looked up as Sara, Quentin, Diggle and, to her surprise, Felicity entered the room. Her mind raced with panic, horrible scenarios involving her daughter's death consuming her mind as she quickly got to her feet.

"What's happened? Did you find Thea?" She asked Quentin frantically.

"No, I'm not here about Thea, I'm here about Oliver," Quentin said and Moira froze, fear for her son racing through her mind, "he kidnapped Isabel Rochev."

"..What?" Moira asked stunned. "W-why on earth would Oliver do that?"

"I suspect that Oliver believes she is working with the man who took Thea: Slade Wilson." Quentin told her and Moira sighed.

"Why on earth are so sure that Mr. Wilson is responsible for Thea's abduction?" Moira asked tiredly.

"Because its true, Mrs. Queen," Sara said and Moira looked over at her, "Slade holds a grudge against Ollie and wants revenge."

"How do you know this?" Moira asked suspiciously.

"Because I was there," Sara said to her shock, "And because Oliver is The Arrow."

"I know." Moira said after a moment, causing all of them to stare at her in shock.

"How? When?" Diggle asked stunned and Moira smiled softly.

"When Oliver confronted me about The Undertaking...everything just became so unbelievably clear," Moira ran a hand over her face, "it's also the night I stopped sleeping. So, why is Mr. Wilson after my son?"

"He blames Ollie for the death of the woman he loved after being injected with an experimental drug that gave him enhanced strength and durability but also drove him insane." Sara said bluntly.

"I see," Moira said with a blank look on her face as Sara's phone rang, "you should get that dear."

"It's Ollie," they all turned to Sara as she answered her phone, "Ollie, are you okay?"

"Are the others there?" Oliver asked bluntly.

"Yes." Sara said, noticing how he avoided the question.

"Put me on speaker," Oliver ordered and Sara did so, "Isabel Rochev is working with Slade."

"She told you this?" Felicity asked.

"She all but admitted it." Oliver confirmed.

"Oliver, it's Quentin Lance here," Quentin spoke up, "After your little display at Queen Consolidated, I put two and two together. And I'm gonna warn you, it won't be long until more people start to connect the dots."

"I'll deal with that when the time comes, but right now Thea is the only thing that matters," Oliver barked, "Guys, I've arranged a trade: Thea for Isabel. Sara, meet me at the backup base as soon as you can."

As the line clicked, signaling Oliver had ended his call, they all looked over at Sara.

"Sara, what is he talking about, what base?" Diggle wondered.

"When he first came back, he set up another headquarters in case the Foundry was ever compromised. That must be where he has Isabel." Sara realized.

"So let's go." Felicity said, ready to go.

"He said he wanted me to go, he said nothing about the two of you," Sara said as she looked back and forth between Felicity and Diggle, "Trust me guys, right do not want to test Ollie."

Unspecified location
Same time

"You're very lucky you're brother cares so much about you," Slade said as he sat across from Thea, "Although that's also why you're in this mess in the first place."

"Why are you doing this? What did my brother ever do to you?" Thea demanded and Slade was silent for several moments.

"There was a time that I trusted him more than I trusted anyone," Slade began, "and he betrayed me."

Backup lair

"Ollie, your mom knows." Sara said as Oliver led her into the lair.

"You guys told her?" Oliver asked but was surprised when she shook her head.

"We went to, but she already knew. Ollie, she's known since The Undertaking." Sara told him and Oliver stopped, staring at her in shock.

"She never said anything." Oliver said stunned.

"I don't think it mattered. Ollie, she is so proud of you, of what you've done for this city." Sara said and Oliver smiled thinly.

"Well, she'd be a lot less proud if she saw this." Oliver said grimly as he led her inside.

They rounded a corner and Sara stopped as she saw Isabel. She was bound in chains, staring at Sara blankly. But it was the state of the woman that had Sara stunned. Her face was covered with bumps, cuts, and bruises. There was some holes in her clothes looking like they'd been made by fire which revealed third degree burns, and there wounds looking like she'd been stabbed. She looked like she had been tortured.

Others, such as Felicity or Sara's father, would've been horrified by what Oliver had done. However, in the six years Sara had been away, she had seen and done far worse, so she was largely unfazed.

"What did you do to her?" Sara wondered.

"What I had to in order to get my sister back," Oliver said vaguely and Sara didn't push for more, "I called you here because this trade is an opportunity to finish what we started five years ago: It's an opportunity to kill Slade."

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Queen Mansion

"Ollie and Slade are going to meet at the bridge downtown in an hour," Sara told Diggle, Felicity, her father, and Moira, "like he said, it's a trade, Thea for Isabel. Dig, he wants you and me as look outs, make sure Slade won't try anything. Felicity, he wants you running surveillance on the bridge, making sure we don't miss anything. We cannot afford any mistakes here, Thea's life depends on it."

Starling City
An hour later

Oliver stood on the abandoned bridge, a car behind him. His back was to the trunk as he waited until he heard the sound of a car. Oliver watched, his eyes narrowing as a limo pulled up across from him. It stopped a few feet from him, turning off. The car door opened and Slade got out, slamming the door shut.

"I must admit, I'm impressed kid," Slade said as he and Oliver faced each other, "the lengths you've gone to in order to reach your another place and time, I'd be proud."

"Where is my sister?" Oliver demanded, not in the mood for Slade's games. "If you hurt her in anyway, deal's off."

Smirking, Slade opened the door back up and reached inside. He yanked out a squirming Thea and roughly set her on her feet.

"Ollie!" Thea cried upon seeing her ad Oliver nearly slumped in relief but he didn't lower his guard for a second.

"Are you alright? Did he hurt you?" Oliver asked frantically.

"She is unharmed," Slade cut the reunion short, "Now where is Isabel? Give me her or the deal is off."

With a scowl, Oliver opened up the trunk and reached inside. He yanked Isabel out and threw her on the ground roughly. Thea was horrified by the state of her but Slade didn't not reach except to eye Isabel as she looked up at him.

"What did you do to her?" Slade asked curiously.

"Not enough." Oliver sneered and Slade scowled at having his own words tossed back at him, "Now, if there is any part of the man I used to know inside this monster you've become, you'll honor our deal. If not, it'll be the last mistake you ever make."

Glaring hatefully at Oliver, Slade shoved Thea forward. Forgetting about Isabel, Thea rushed forward ad Oliver grabbed her in a hug, wrapping his arms around her protectively. When Slade moved towards Isabel, Oliver came back to the here ad now.

"get in the car, now!" Oliver barked pushing her towards the vehicle.

Thea didn't need to be told twice. Once the car door slammed shut, Oliver closed the trunk. Turning around, Oliver and Slade stared at each other as Slade put Isabel in the car.

"You've won this round kid, but don't get used to it. You will pay for Slade sneered and Oliver smirked.

"I wouldn't be so sure. I want to thank you Slade," Oliver said to Slade's surprise, "After Tommy died, after my greatest failure, I thought that by killing to protect my city, I was dishonoring his memory. I did what you taught me never to do: I showed weakness. But now I see that the best way to honor my friend is to protect everything he held dear, including Thea. So thank you Slade...for reminding me of who I really am."

"This isn't over kid." Slade growled.

"Oh trust, this is far from over." Oliver sneered.

Th two got in there cars and drove off.

"Ollie..he's not gonna stop," Thea said in the passenger seat as Oliver drove away, "he's gonna keep coming for you, for us. We can't stop him."

"Oh I wouldn't be so sure about that," Oliver said before tapping the comms piece in his ear, "Sara, John, is everything clear?"

"No sign of any of Slade's lackeys." Diggle said.

"Coast is clear Ollie." Sara assured him and he nodded.


"I have eyes on him, he's leaving but I won't be able to track him for much longer." Felicity said.

"Don't worry about it. Just sit back and enjoy the show." Oliver said as he pulled out a small device, no bigger than his hand, with a red button on it.

"Ollie, what is that?" Thea asked hesitantly.

"This Speedy is an opportunity." Oliver said before he pushed the button.

Inside Slade's car, Isabel suddenly hunched over, screaming in pain. Slade looked over, more confused than concerned. Then Isabel exploded, the explosion reach him and blowing up the car, making an even bigger explosion.

The sound of it reached Thea, who turned around and saw the fires, big enough to be seen at a distance. Realizing what had happened, Thea turned to her brother as he put the trigger away.

"Did you just..." Thea trailed off and Oliver nodded. "What the hell is going on? Who even are you?"

"I'm your brother Thea, you know that." Oliver told her ad she gave him a 'don't shit with me' look.

"How were you able to do that with Rochev and Slade? Who even is Slade and what is his beef with you?" Thea demanded and Oliver sighed.

"It's a long story Speedy's best I just show you." Oliver said after a moment and she gave him an unhappy look but relented.

"Where are we going?" Thea asked.

"Verdant." Oliver said to her surprise.


"Why are we down here?" Thea asked as Oliver led her over to a door she had never been able to open.

In response, Oliver punched in the code. With a beep, it unlocked and Thea watched, stunned, as Oliver opened it up. Oliver led her down the stairs and into a bright room with people waiting for them.

"Thea, oh baby!" Moira rushed over and grabbed her daughter in a fierce hug.

As she did, Thea saw something over her shoulder: The Arrow's suit in a glass case. And suddenly, all the pieces of a two year puzzle fell into place: Her brother was The Arrow.

"I need to lay down." Thea muttered.

As this was happening, Oliver walked over to his team and Quentin.

"I got a call from some of my friends down in the Medical Examiner's office," Quentin told him as he reached them, "they arrived at the site of the explosion. No bodies, but some burnt remains, most likely Isabel's."

"And Slade?" Oliver asked but Sara shook her head.

"Nothing Ollie." Sara told him.

"Okay, I have to know: How the hell did you pull that off?" Diggle inquired.

"During my five years away, I found myself under Amanda Waller's employ. When I told her Slade was alive, she gave me a gift. An experiential explosive. Can be injected into the bloodstream. Odorless, virtually undetectable. I injected Isabel and used the trade to my advantage. But I'm just not sure it took out Slade." Oliver frowned thoughtfully.

"But come on, who survives an explosion?" Quentin asked.

"Considering we've seen this guy survive an arrow through the eye and a missile to the face, we're willing to bet he's still alive." Sara muttered.

'Either way, it'll probably take a few days for him to recover, even with the Mirakuru," Oliver explained, "we need to rally our forces."

"Oliver, first we need to talk," Felicity interrupted, "I thought you weren't killing anymore. And I saw Isabel on the cameras on the car. I thought you were trying to show more restraint."

"Maybe if I had shown a little less restraint, none of this would be happening." Oliver said grimly.

"Come on man, don't be so hard on yourself." Diggle tried to tell him but Oliver shook his head.

"Up until I took Isabel, Slade outplayed me, outplayed us all, because I wasn't willing to do what was necessary. When I realized Slade and Isabel were working together, I realized you were right Sara," Oliver said as he looked over at his girlfriend, "either I'm willing to do what ever it takes to stop Slade or I shouldn't be out there at all."

"Glad we're finally on the same page." Sara smirked.

"So what do we do?" Diggle inquired and Oliver was silent for several moments.

"First, we arrange something for my sister and mother, keep them safe in case Slade tries to come for them again. I'm still wanted by the SCPD for kidnapping Isabel, so I'll stay out of sight for now. In order to stop Slade, we need an army, so I need to reach out to an old friend. Oliver said grimly.

Starling City
Same time

An Iron Heights transport of criminals looked on fearfully as a man in armor stumbled towards them. It was obvious he was in a lot of pain but amazingly, he kept going.

"I have a proposition for you men." Deathstroke told them.

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Starling City

Oliver walked into the garage, noting the nasty looks the people there were shooting him. However, the man he had come to see approached him and Olive was ready to get down to business.

"Anatoli-" Oliver began.

Anatoli cut him off by slugging him. Oliver stumbled back, clutching his face. He had expected that, still, Anatoli packed quiet a punch.

"You ask favor of your brother. He asks favor of you in return and you pull gun on him?" Anatoli demanded angrily.

"Slade Wilson is alive," Olive said and Anatoli was stunned into silence, "He's threatening my family. Obviously, I wasn't thinking so clearly. My actions were...regretful, to say the least."

"By god." Anatoli breathed.

"So, we good?" Oliver said.

"Yes, yes, we are brothers again. Now, how we stop him?" Anatoli said, wanting to get down to business.

Arrow lair
Same time

"It's been a week and Slade hasn't made a move. Maybe he really is gone." Felicity said hopefully as she turned to Diggle and Sara.

"Doubtful," Sara disagreed, "he's been resting up, healing. Without Isabel, he doesn't have access to a centrifuge, that set him back. But he'll figure something else out. We have no idea where the next attack is coming from from."

Suddenly, her phone went off. She pulled it out to see she had a text from Laurel.

'911, my apartment. Don't tell Dad or Ollie.'

Bratva garage, lower level

Later in the morning

"So can you do that?" Oliver asked Anatoli and his friend nodded.

"We can get what you ask of us. Anything else?" Anatoli asked and Oliver pulled out a photo.

"I need you to find this man," Oliver said as he put the picture on the table, "his name is Roy Harper. He is my friend. I don't know where he is, but I want to find him and bring him home."

"It shall be done my brother. Now, we drink to our renewed friendship, yes?" Anatoli asked and poured two drink, handing one to Oliver.

"To friendship." Oliver toasted and they clicked their glasses.

Laurel's apartment
Same time

"Laurel? Laurel?" Sara called out as she walked inside.

She walked into the kitchen and stopped. Laurel was on the floor, , tied up and gagged. Sara quickly raced over, untying her and taking off the gag.

"Laurel, what happened?" Sara demanded.

"It was Slade Wilson. He came into my apartment and did this to me. The only thing I can't figure out is why." Laurel said confused.

Arrow lair
Same time

"Oliver, did you find what you were looking for." Felicity asked as they heard someone come down the stairs and his steps were far too heavy to be Oliver's.

"I don't think so."

Diggle and Felicity jumped, turning there heads to see Deathstroke standing there. He pulled out a gun and opened fire. Diggle ran as Deathstroke fired at him but he managed to avoid the bullets. As Felicity took cover behind the computers, Diggle flipped the switch, bathing the lair in complete darkness. As Deathstroke walked down into the room, Diggle came at him, firing at him but Deathsroke's armor protected him.

"You are wasting your bullets." Deathstroke told him calmly as he got in range.

Deathstroke then grabbed Diggle by the neck and threw him into the glass case containing Oliver's suit. Diggle hit the mannequin and was out cold before he hit the ground. Deathstroke walked ver to the computers and grabbed Felicity by the throat, lifting her into the air as she gasped for breath.

"Instead staying behind this computer all day, maybe it would've been wiser to train body as well." Deathstroke t;d her.

He tossed her into a med table. She her her head on the corner, falling down, out cold before she hit the floor.

Chapter Text

Starling General Hospital

Felicity was sitting on the bed, grumbling about hospital rules. She didn't have a concussion, but the doctors insisted she stay for a few hours of observation. Hearing the door open, she looked up and saw a familiar face.

"Nice to see you back in that uniform Detective." Felicity told him and Quentin shrugged.
"Eh, it's not too bad." Quentin said.

After things had calm down, Quentin had brought Thea to the police station to a heroes welcome. After naming Slade as the one who kidnapped her, she had also sold the story that Oliver had come up with: That it was Quentin who rescued her with help from The Arrow. In addition to getting off Scott free, Quentin had also gotten his Detective badge back.

"Officially, I'm here to take your statement," Quentin said as he walked over to Felicity, "unofficially, what happened?"

"It was Slade. He showed up in the lair while Oliver was gone and he lured Sara away. He showed up and knocked me and Dig out cold." Felicity explained and Quentin frowned.

"Why would he come into your lair though?" Quentin asked and Felicity shrugged.

"I don't know. But it can't be anything good."

Arrow lair
Same time

"Why would Slade come down here while he knew we weren't here, knock you and Felicity out, and not kill you both? It doesn't make any sense." Sara pointed out as Diggle nursed a bump on the head.

"Why does Slade do anything? The man is a psychopath." Diggle grumbled as Oliver walked in.

"And a master tactician. Sara's right, he left you alive because you weren't the targets," Oliver said as they both looked over at him, "Slade took the Skeleton Key."

"What?" Diggle asked horrified.

"I searched from top to bottom, it's the only thing missing. Without Isabel, Slade doesn't have access to applied sciences, so he's looking for another way to mass produce the serum." Oliver explained.

"So he'll be looking for the most cutting edge technology in Starling City." Sara noted and Oliver's eyes widened in realization.

"Star Labs."

Star Labs
Same time

Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon watched in horror as a security guard dropped dead, Deathstroke standing over the body with a bloodied sword. The two turned and ran off as Deathstroke calmly began walking after them.

"The longer the chase, the slower the kill." He said.

"Deathstroke followed them into a restricted area where he saw Caitlin standing helpless, as though waiting for him.

"I take that back. I'll try to make this quick." Slade promised.

"Now!" Caitlin shouted.

Cisco suddenly jumped out, holding a strange device in his hand. He fired it and Slade dropped to his knees, disoriented. As they ran off, Slade looked off to the side and saw what he was looking for.

Outside, Oliver and Sara pulled up on there motorcycles outside of Star Labs. Through the window, they could see Caitlin and Cisco, clearly panicked run up to the front desk and Oliver looked over at Sara.

"We're too late." Oliver said grimly.

Arrow lair

"I hacked into Harrison Wells' person files," Felicity, having returned from the hospital, told her teammates, "he's the director of Star Labs, which basically makes me unstoppable."

"Felicity," Oliver said annoyed, "stop bragging and get to the point."

"Right, sorry. I fond this," Felicity brought up some blueprints, "it's a prototype for one of their new bio-tech projects."

"What is it?" Diggle asked.

"It's a bio-transfuser. t can take blood from a single person and transfuse it to multiple people at once." Felicity explain.

"Why would Slade need a blood transfusion?" Diggle asked confused.

"He doesn't, the prisoners he took from Iron Heights do." Oliver said grimly, seeing what Slade's plan was.

"With a few tweaks, Slade can modify it to deliver Mirakuru, bypassing what we know to be a less than desirable ratio of success to, you know, death. instead of it metabolizing inside the person, it does it in the machine." Felicity explained.

"That's gonna require a whole lot of blood. Even someone with Slade's stamina can't handle that kind of drain." Diggle pointed out.

"Slade wouldn't leave himself vulnerable like that." Oliver argued, knowing Slade would not let himself be caught off guard after barely recovering from the explosion.

"What if he doesn't need to?" Sara asked and they looked over at her. "What if Slade already has someone to use in his place?"

"That makes sense." Oliver nodded, knowing his former friend would likely do something like that, especially in his state.

"Well, this things puts off an awful lot of power, so when it goes online, we'll know." Felicity assured them as Oliver's phone rang.

"Excuse me," Oliver stepped away to answer the phone "hello?"

"We have what you have asked for brother." Anatoli said and Oliver smiled.

"I'll be there in half an hour." Oliver assured him.

Chapter Text

Starling City, Bratva hideout

"Here it is brother." Anatoli said as he turned on a laptop.

Oliver sat down and looked at the open file. Oliver smiled after reading it for a minute, standing up.

"Thank you old friend." Oliver told him.

"We are brothers. And this will help stop Wilson, yes?" Anatoli asked and Oliver nodded.

"Hopefully. Any word on that other favor?" Oliver asked and was disappointed when Anatoli shook his head.

"We have no luck in locating your friend, I'm afraid. But we are still looking." Anatoli promised as Oliver phone rang.

"Excuse me," Oliver said as he stepped away to answer it, "Hello?"

"The grid at Collins' main just went online, drawing a hall of a lot of power. So either someone just plugged in the world's largest hairdryer or the Bio-transfuser just went online. It has a very specific power cycle, you have thirty minutes, forty tops." Felicity told him and Oliver narrowed his eyes.

"Tell Sara to meet me there." Oliver ordered before hanging up.

Starling City

Oliver, in his Arrow suit jumped down onto the floor, bathed in a almost light green light. He walked into the room, looking around in disgust. There were the prisoners Slade had freed, still in there orange jumpsuits, laying on metal tables. Someone was hooked up to the Bio-transfuser, green wires hooked up to him and leading back to the prisoners with blood filled tubes leading of the person hooked up. It reminded Oliver of a twisted science experiment. Oliver walked up to the person who was hooked up and did a double take.

"Roy?" He gasped.

He stared at his young partner's unmoving form for a beat. It had never occurred to him Roy would use a kid to do this. Just when he thought his former brother could fall no further. Oliver reached for one of the blood filled tubes when a familiar voice spoke up.

"I wouldn't touch that if I were you."

Oliver whirled around, notching an arrow and taking aim at Slade. His former friend looked as though the bomb had never touch him, even his hair was the same as before he had gotten in that car with Isabel.

"Removing him mid-cycle will surely end his life." Slade warned him.

"Slade, he's just a kid!" Oliver snarled.

"Who's only here because you pushed him away. You were the one person he looked up to and for that, you crushed his soul," Slade mocked, "I found him in a shelter in Bludhaven. He didn't even bother putting up a fight."

"I will. Tell me how to shut it down!" Oliver snarled.

"If you could feel the power that is surging through me, you would know that I do not fear an arrow," Slade sneered as he pulled out a sword, "I am stronger than you can even imagine. And soon, I will not be alone."

Oliver whirled around, firing. The arrow went into a fuse back, which sparked. Slade looked around in horror as the transfuser shut down before Oliver began firing at him. Slade whirled his sword, easily deflecting all the arrows and they fell harmlessly to the floor. Oliver and Slade each each other, exchanging blows. Oliver grabbed Slade and slammed him up against the wall but Slade just shrugged it off. Slade shoved Oliver, sending the archer down to the ground on his back. He looked up at Slade as he sat up, Slade smirking at him.

"You can't hurt me kid." Slade mocked him.

Oliver flipped a switch on his bow and a pair of bolts shot out, hitting Slade in the chest before they exploded. Slade was sent tumbling to the ground. Oliver stood up, walking over to the transfuser when he saw something. Reaching out, he picked up a vial of green liquid that was familiar to him.

"Mirakuru." He muttered.

Oliver walked to Roy and cut him loose. He picked him up when he heard movement. Looking up, he saw Slade standing up. Before he could do anything. A small ball was thrown at Slade's feet and exploded on impact, throwing him back. Oliver looked up to see Sara standing on a balcony. He nodded at her and shot off an arrow with a line, grabbing Roy as he fled.

Arrow lair

"Oh my god," Thea said as she rushed down the stairs, seeing Roy's unmoving form on the med table, "Is he alright?!"

"We're not sure yet," Sara admitted as she looked up at the younger woman, "he's lost a lot of blood and his pulse is weak."

"He needs a real doctor." Felicity fretted.

"We can't take him to a hospital," Oliver disagreed as he put an arm around his distraught sister, "we need to keep what's in him from getting out."


"Well, we still have a Sade problem." Sara pointed out.

"And now he's got twenty guys just like him." Diggle added.

Silently, Oliver lowered his arm from Thea and pulled out the vial of green liquid. Four pairs of eyes stared at it, Thea in confusion and the others in shock.

"Is that what I think it is?" Felicity asked and Oliver nodded.

"Mirakuru." Oliver confirmed.

"You weren't thinking about taking it, were you?" Diggle asked and Oliver shook his head.

"No. We're gonna use it to make a cure." Oliver announced them.

"Oliver, we don't even know if that's possible." Felicity pointed out.

"Yes we do. Ivo did it." Oliver told them.

"Ollie, that's was all theoretical. We don't even know if his cure would have worked." Sara pointed out.

"This time, we have the real thing," Oliver handed it to Felicity, "go see your friends at Star Labs. If anyone can make a cure, it's them."

Starling City Police Department
Same time

"This is..." Pike trailed off as Quentin showed him the laptop.

"Dozens of emails between Isabel Rochev and Sade Wilson," Quentin nodded, "proof that she was working with him. Obviously, Oliver found out and took her in an attempt to get his sister back. He told me where she was and I came to find her. I didn't tell you before because I had no proof that she was working him, now I do."

"Still...Queen is The Arrow. It's not that hard to put together Quentin." Pike said as Quentin started.

"You have no proof of that. All you have is suspicion, which have already been proven wrong. All you have is a man who was under a lot of emotional stress taking someone who helped get his sister back." Quentin pointed out and Pike was silent.

"Where is Isabel Rochev now?" Pike asked and Quentin shrugged.

"I don't know." Quentin lied and Pike sighed.

"Give me something on Rochev and we'll talk." Pike relented.

Laurel's apartment
Same time

Laurel opened her door to see Slade standing on the other side. She attempted to slam the door shut but he stopped her. He pushed it open, forcing his way in.

"I am not here to hurt you." He assured her.

"Go to hell." She sneered and Slade smiled unpleasantly.

"Eventually, I'm sure. But for now, I have come to Starling City to make Oliver Queen suffer." Slade said to Laurel's confusion.

"What...why?" Laurel asked stunned.

"Because he is not the man you think he is." Slade told her.

"And how would you know that?" Laurel demanded.

"Because I know that Oliver The Arrow." Slade told her to her shock.