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It's about time

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Klaine Advent 2016 Day 1: Attachment

Near miss one: daycare.

“Are you ready for this?” Burt Hummel asks his son. Kurt might only be three years old, but he understands what is happening. His mommy and daddy are leaving him behind. He shakes his head.

“I don’t want to go,” he says sadly.

“It’s not forever,” Elizabeth Hummel says and she squeezes Kurt’s hand, “It’s just daycare. Mommy and daddy will come to pick you up later. But now, you will be here for a couple of hours. You can make new friends!”

But little Kurt shakes his head and his eyes start to water. “No, you’re my friends.”

“We’re your best friends, bud,” Burt says, “But who says you can’t have other friends as well? This is the best daycare in the area. It will be fun.”

“Pinky promise?” Kurt asks his parents.

“Double, triple pinky promise, sweetpea,” Elizabeth says and the three of them make the most important pinky promise of their lives. Or at least, that’s how Kurt sees it.

Burt and Elizabeth take him inside and the daycare lady is nice enough to Kurt. They leave and Kurt watches them go before he turns to all the other kids.


“Pamela, at least consider it,” Todd Anderson asks his wife.

“I don’t want to leave my baby behind,” Pam Anderson says, “Cooper never went to a daycare and he’s fine. Why does Blaine have to go away?”

“What if you’re not home?”

“Cooper can look after him. He’s twelve.”

Todd sighs and he takes his wife’s hand. “Pamela, I know you’re too attached to him. I love him too, but it’d be great for him. Besides, this is the best daycare in the area. It will be fun.”

But Pam stands up. Her decision is final.