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friday nights (with you)

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"Jiminie." Hoseok shakes his arm. "Let's go."

Jimin tries to gently pry Hoseok's fingers off his biceps, but he holds as tight as a vice. "Hyung, it hurts."

Hoseok loosens up a little, but instead leans into his private space and graces him with a waft of alcohol right in his face.

"Let's go, let's go, let's go."

"Hyung, someone's on right now."

Hoseok whines and drops it, but Jimin knows that he's going to start again after a few seconds. He throws a vindictive look to Seokjin and Namjoon, talking leisurely across the table. Sometimes it really sucks being the youngest guy in a group of friends. It sucks doubly when one of them gets wasted and he's saddled with taking care of them; granted, that's usually only Hoseok, but still.

Whoever is singing gets a truly terrible high-note out of their lungs, and Jimin makes the mistake of meeting Hoseok's eye for a fraction of a second.


"Hyung, please. Can't you just go alone?"

Hoseok leans back. His mouth is in a pitiful pout, eyebrows upturned in sadness. "Jiminie, am I annoying?"

Jimin resists the urge to sigh. "No, hyung."

"Then, Jimin-"

"Hey, sorry for interrupting." A tanned hand clamps down onto his and Hoseok's shoulder. Jimin looks up and finds a young, bleached-blond guy, grinning at them. "Any of you guys wanna go up and sing?”

Namjoon and Seokjin finally look up, and the guy lifts his hand to wave at them. "Hi, hi. Wanna sing? I'm Taehyung, by the way, 95'ver. If you're younger, it's okay to just call me Tae.”

"Oh, we're the same age," Jimin blurts out and regrets it immediately because the guy gives him a fervent look and enthuses, "Then you go sing with me!"

"No, I-"

"I'll go with you," Hoseok releases his arm and gets up. He wobbles when he stands up, and steadies himself with a hand on Jimin's shoulder. "Jung Hoseok, I'm twenty-four, so call me hyung."

"Hyung," Jimin starts, in a hushed voice. "If you really want to, I'll-"

But Taehyung pulls Hoseok away before he can say another word, and then they're weaving through tables and Jimin can only send a prayer to the heavens above that Hoseok won't trip and send someone's table careening down.

"What was that about?" Namjoon asks.

Why'd you care, Jimin wants to bite back, just to be spiteful, but instead he says, "Dunno. Some rando just walked up and dragged Hoseok off to sing."

"Oh, no."

"Don't be like that," Seokjin slaps Namjoon on the arm, but he's not slick at all, with that sneaky smile of his. "Hoseokie is a great singer."

"When he's drunk?"

"Well, alright."

Jimin angles his chair towards the stage and takes a sip of beer. The blond managed to wrangle Hoseok's ball cap onto his head and a microphone into both of their hands. They've chosen some sort of hip hop song, by the sound of the beat. Strangely enough, Jimin thinks he hears a very audible groan somewhere from his right, and when he turns around, he catches a glimpse of a tired-looking guy with a beanie.

He pays Jimin no mind, instead scowling at the two of them on the stage and Jimin thinks, rude. He himself has high expectations, partly because he knows that Hoseok's actually a sick rapper, and partly because the blond guy looks really cool, vibing on the stage.

Jimin's hope in humanity is diminished yet again when he opens his mouth.

"Oh, God," Namjoon says. Then he gets his phone out and starts filming.

It's evident that the guy is very enthusiastic, with all of his flailing around, but he's so off-beat that Jimin has to wonder if he's doing it on purpose. He comes up to Hoseok, taunts him, and Hoseok starts laughing uncontrollably into the microphone. It's a mess.

Jimin turns his chair back around and buries his face into his hands.

"We're gonna get kicked out."

"Not us, them," Seokjin cackles.

Jimin glares at him. "And who's gonna take Hobi-hyung home?"

"Oh," Seokjin says, and then points to something happening on the stage and keeps laughing merrily. Oh.

I'm never going out with any of you again.

He thought that last Friday, too, but that time it was just for real and this time it's for real real.

It's a respite when Hoseok finally stops laughing and takes over the rapping, although unfortunately the other guy persists in rapping along with him, even as he, 1. forgets the lyrics; 2. runs out of breath; 3. gets so off-beat he sounds like echo.

This exquisite torture ends after six and a half minutes (Jimin has been counting), because of course they had to pick the longest rap song on the list. The applause that comes after the performance is scattered and confused, but Seokjin hoots very loudly and yells, "Jay-Z, Kanye West, yo!"

"Hyung," Jimin hisses at him, but Seokjin doesn't even spare him a glance.

"This is going into Hoseok's dark history," Namjoon says, smiling fondly at the screen of his phone.

“Hoseokie’s entire life is a dark history,” Seokjin cackles, scooting closer to Namjoon on the lounge to look at the video with him.

A tinny version of their voices comes from the speakers, and Jimin has to wonder what kind of a deprived masochist would willingly watch something like that again. Or, judging by their delighted laughter, sadist.

Jimin looks up from the safe haven of his hands to look for Hoseok. He doesn't see him anywhere on the stage, and this place isn't so big that he could just lose him in the crowd. Most people are sitting down with their drinks, anyway, with a couple standing by the bar.

"Guys, have you seen where hyung went?"

"Huh?" Namjoon glances up from his phone, a faint smile still on his lips.

"Have you seen Hoseok-hyung?"

"Nah. Isn't he with Korean-West, though?"

"Ko - never mind." Jimin drops it, gnawing on his nail.

He looks the bar over, eyes flitting left to right, hoping that Hoseok is going to pop out of somewhere. There's a possibility that he's in the toilet, puking his guts out - wouldn't be the first time. And he doesn't really trust the blond guy to help him.

"Jiminie," Namjoon says, giving him a wry smile. "He's a fully grown adult. He can handle himself."

The thing is, Jimin is not entirely sure that he can. He sits at the table, snacking on his fingers, and he's half-ready to storm the place when he spies Hoseok entering the bar with the blond guy's arm slung over him. Hoseok catches his eye and grins, looking fine and peachy. Jimin wants to hug him and then choke him with both of his hands.

Hoseok stops by him, face flushed with either the outside cold or alcohol.

"Hey, Jiminie. How was I?"

"Great, hyung," Jimin replies. It's not that much of a lie; Hoseok really is good, it's just that he had some less than favourable circumstances.

"You'll see tomorrow, Hobi," Seokjin hollers.

Hoseok laughs.

Laugh while you can. If I know anything about you, soon you'll be crytyping in group chat about how embarrassed you are and "why didn't anyone stop me".

"Oh, guys, by the way, you don't mind if we hang out with Taetae and his friends, right? He's here with two more guys."

"Taetae?" Jimin frowns. "Since when are you two best friends?"

Hoseok pinches his cheek, and Jimin didn't think he could hate this night any more, but there it is.

"Jiminie, you're so cute when you're jealous."

Of course, that is exactly when the other two people walk up to their table, toting two chairs, Taehyung tittering by their side. It's the frowning beanie guy and another one whose face Jimin doesn't have the time to see because he's smacking Hoseok's hand off his cheek and then relocating to the lounge, next to Seokjin.

Which is a mistake, because Seokjin turns his head and sends him an air kiss immediately.

Jimin is usually fine with embarrassing - he has to be fine with it, otherwise he would never be able to go out with these three - but why do they have to do it in front of normal people?

"Yahooo, Tae-Z in the house," Taehyung howls, dropping down into the chair like a sack of potatoes. Jimin thinks, nevermind.

"Taehyung, shut up," the guy with the beanie says, and Jimin immediately loves him and is sorry for judging him.

They settle around the table while Jimin fidgets in his seat. Glasses are brought over, the chairs are settled orderly enough and the bartender stalks back, attracted by the increased number of people. Seokjin orders a couple of bottles of soju and beer, the working man.

"I'm Yoongi," beanie guy says. "I'm 93'. Anyone here younger than September 97'?"

"Me," Seokjin pipes in. "In my heart and wrinkle-less face."

Yoongi gives Seokjin a long look, and the silence is damning enough. He glances around the table and settles on Jimin.

"You, kid. How old are you?"

"I'm the same as Taehyung-ah."

Yoongi nods and turns to the guy on his right, the one that Jimin didn't notice yet. "Jeonggukie, you're pouring."

The guy named Jeongguk looks up from his phone. He's leaning back in his chair, face in profile - silver hoop in his ear, angular jawline, high-bridged nose. Jimin looks down to his clothes, a bomber jacket, black shirt and skinny black jeans.

In short, he's expecting the guy to tell Yoongi to fuck himself, hyung or no hyung.

Instead, the guy sets his phone down and stands up to top off their glasses. He's tall, pretty broad-shouldered for how actually slender he is. He doesn't look Namjoon in the eye as he pours, nor does he acknowledge his presence in any way.

They introduce themselves to each other while Jeongguk goes around the table. Jimin tunes Seokjin, Hoseok and Namjoon out; he knows all that there is to know about the three of them.

Instead, he watches Jeongguk pour, no drop spilled; long, slender, fingers holding the bottle, a thin, silver band on his right index. They're nicely proportioned, not like Jimin's own baby hands.

He reaches Jimin's glass. When he leans in, his loose shirt dips, revealing clavicles and smooth skin. Jimin looks up, flustered, and catches his eye for one moment. Dark, smokey with eye-liner in the corners. There's a slight curve to his mouth, like he knows Jimin's been staring.

Jeongguk looks away and moves on to Yoongi's glass. Jimin stares into empty air dumbly, thinking what the fuck.

When he finally gets a grip on himself, Hoseok's chatting away with a cheerful grin. That little stunt on stage seems to have sobered him up a little, and Jimin's at least grateful for that.

"So, you guys come here often?"

"Too often for my liking," Yoongi says flatly.

"Yoongi-hyung would rather we sit at home and sleep," Taehyung quips.

"Preferably as far away from each other as possible."

Jimin catches a faint twitch of Jeongguk's lips as he sits back in his chair. He picks the phone up immediately, his body angled so that he's sitting to the side, effectively shutting out any conversation.

Jimin wonders if he doesn't like them. Or maybe he just knows that he's too hot to hang out with any of them, with the exception of Taehyung, maybe. While Jimin's pondering this, Jeongguk's eyes flicker up, finding Jimin's immediately. Jimin turns his head away so fast that he knows he was obvious as hell.

He tunes back into the conversation, Taehyung chatting lively. He finds out that the three of them are roommates, and that Yoongi is in Business Administration, while Taehyung and Jeongguk are in the same fine arts college, but have different majors: Taehyung in photography, and Jeongguk in filming.

"My website is, please check it out," Taehyung says, pressing a peace sign to his eye.

"What about yours?" Jimin asks Jeongguk, with a fool's courage.

There is a moment of complete silence, with the background of sorrowful crooning (how Jimin feels right now), and then Jeongguk snaps his head up and looks around the table with arched eyebrows.


"Um. Nothing," Jimin says weakly. Across the table, Hoseok snorts, and there is a conspicuous bang of what Jimin knows is Seokjin trying to kick Hoseok under the table but judging by the look on Namjoon's face, getting the wrong person.

Jeongguk looks at him for a moment, then goes back to his phone.

Jimin drains his glass of soju.

Immediately, Yoongi turns to Jeongguk and says, "Jeonggukie, there's an empty glass."

Jimin cringes so hard he's pretty sure it manifests on his face. Surely Jeongguk will tell someone to fuck off now - nope. He gets up and pours without a single word. He looks at Jimin briefly as he's putting the bottle down, and Jimin gets caught staring, again.


Jeongguk looks back up, gives such a tiny nod that Jimin thinks he must be projecting it for wish of being acknowledged. Then he goes right back to whatever is so interesting on his phone.

"I thought you guys would be more fun," Taehyung pouts, leaning his head on his hand. With his other, he's typing something into his phone with break-neck speed.

"This is my time, Kim Seokjin time, listen up, everyone." Seokjin announces, and around the table Jimin, Namjoon and Hoseok collectively cover their faces with their hands. "What time did the man go to the dentist?"

Jimin peeks through his fingers, sees Seokjin sending a meaningful look to everyone seated on the table, and promptly covers his eyes again.

"C'mon, Jin-hyung," Hoseok complains. "You tell this one every time-"

"Tooth hurt-y."

No one laughs except Seokjin. No one. Not even Hoseok, and Hoseok is an angel of reactions. Jimin lowers his hand, sees Seokjin busting a stitch over his stupid joke, Hoseok with an utterly disgusted and disappointed look on his face, and starts laughing.

"H-Hyung, your face."

Hoseok looks at Jimin and chuckles, still looking disdainful. "That's tasteless." He shakes his head. "Seriously tasteless."

"I don't get it?" Taehyung says. Jeongguk leans behind Hoseok, possibly to explain, but Jimin doesn't hear because Seokjin picks this as prime time to throw him an air kiss.

"It's because Jiminie loves it."

"No, I don't," Jimin defends, but he himself knows that his helpless giggling doesn't sound very convincing.

"Seriously, Jiminie, stop enabling him," Hoseok tells him, still laughing, and Jimin looks at him to retort that he's no better but sees Jeongguk looking at him with the blankest expression possible and promptly forgets his own name.

He staunches his giggling and clears his throat.

"This is truly the impact I want to make on the world," Seokjin claps him on the shoulder in a very fatherly manner. "Thank you for being my biggest-"

"-and only-" Hoseok cuts in.

Seokjin pauses, lifts his finger, then starts ugly-laughing again. Jimin moans and giggles into his hands.

When the moment is over and Jimin's giggling is spent, Taehyung smacks his hand on the table, almost capsizing all of the glasses and bottles.

"Seriously, Taehyung," Yoongi mutters, keeping a firm hold on a wobbling soju bottle.

Taehyung pockets his own cell with flourish and gets up on his feet, giving everyone a look so expectant it makes Jimin feel burdened before he's even asked anything.

"Time to party. Yoongi-hyung is out, so that leaves the rest of you guys. Hobi-hyung, you're going? Jeonggukie? Jiminie, my friend? "

"Party? Where?" Jimin squints. "They're singing a Celine Dion song right now."

Taehyung dabs. "Exactly."

Jimin covers his eyes and cry-laughs. Taehyung sniggers along with him.

"What even are you, dude..." Jimin mutters.

"A public menace?" Yoongi suggests.

Taehyung grins, paying no heed to his comment. "So, you going?"

Jimin shakes his head. "Sorry."

"Jiminie doesn't like doing embarrassing things," Hoseok says, getting on his feet. He downs the glass on his table and smacks it back down, flinching at the noise. It makes Jimin chuckle, even though he was just betrayed with a capital 'B'.

"Aw, okay. Next time, Jiminie! You, Jeonggukie?"

Jeongguk looks up and shakes his head. Taehyung gives him a strange grin and leans down to whisper something which makes Jeongguk frown.

"No whispering in company," Seokjin sing-songs. Taehyung shoots him a wide grin and opens his mouth, but Jeongguk grabs his jacket and tugs. There is a warning glint in his eye.

Taehyung shrugs, grabs Hoseok by the wrist and drags him off to the bar. They converse with the bartender shortly, who turns around, then comes back to smack two shot glasses in front of them. Taehyung throws it back like a champ, while Hoseok drinks half, bends at the waist and straightens back up with the most affronted look ever.

Jimin laughs weakly and shakes his head.

"Should you be letting him go off like that?" Yoongi asks. He's leaning on the back of his chair, head turned half-way - Jimin didn't realize he was watching the proceedings, but he guesses someone has to keep an eye on Taehyung.

"Like I can stop him."

The corner of Yoongi's mouth gives a small twitch. It's a non-reaction, but from someone who's been keeping a stony expression the entire evening, it feels pretty significant.

"Is Taehyung drunk?" Jimin questions, watching him do some kind of rain-dance around the counter.

Yoongi looks over his shoulder again and turns back. "Nope."

"So, is he like that all the time?"

"He's worse."


"What about your friend?"

"Definitely wasted."

Yoongi clucks his tongue. "Bad luck."

Jimin laughs.

"Who's going to be talking him home tonight?"

"I'm his roommate, hyung."

"Ouch." Yoongi gives an actual smile now.

They chat throughout the evening. Yoongi is pretty calming, and his predictable reactions to everything (or lack thereof) are a welcome counterbalance to Jeongguk's volatile existence. He tries to ignore the latter, and it's not too hard to do, seeing as how he keeps his nose glued to his phone; he only looks up when Jimin gives an especially loud laugh to frown, or to pour Jimin drinks (and also to frown).

Yoongi is also a deceptively good drinker, and after a while, Jimin takes on the obligation of filling his glass for him, both to spare Jeongguk from getting up on his feet every three minutes and to make a statement. It elicits another smile from Yoongi.

A while passes and the karaoke winds up, the usual edm and pop-song mix kicking in. It's louder now, and the lights are dimmer. Yoongi looks even more irate, if possible, and hunches into himself, dragging his beanie lower on his face. Jimin thinks he's never seen anyone more relatable; dark under-eyes, sipping from a colourful cocktail and looking like he absolutely hates everything.

When he tells him that, Yoongi answers with a sarcastic "thanks".

One of the perks of the bar switching to their normal program is that Jimin is no longer hyper-aware of Jeongguk's presence; the six rounds of Jeongguk-supplied beers laced with soju might have had something to do with that, too.

When Taehyung hops back to their table, leans down and says in Jimin's ear, "Wanna dance now?" Jimin promptly stands up and answers, "Why not?"

The world sways for a second but Taehyung steadies him with an arm around his waist.

"I got you."

Taehyung looks to the side and says something to Jeongguk, but Jimin's too busy trying to concentrate on seeing more than blobs in front of his eyes. Taehyung's all sweaty and hot, but his weight pressing against Jimin's side is reassuring - at least if he falls, he'll take someone down with him.

"Let's gooo, Jiminie," Taehyung drags him along with him and Jimin follows mechanically, moving his legs but not really being conscious of it. At least his stomach feels blissfully calm; he ate a nice, greasy lunch before this.

A tiny voice in his head tells him that he shouldn't be walking away from the hot guy sitting by his table, then another tiny voice tells the first one to shut the fuck up because the hot guy is out of his league anyway.



Jimin leans into Taehyung side and repeats his question. Taehyung leans into him too, and his dangling earring tickles Jimin's cheek.

"Oh, he's back at our table. He got tired. But, man, your hyung is so awesome. He broke it down on the floor, and-"

Jimin spaces out for a second, the thrumming of the bass combining with Taehyung's body heat and his bleary vision. When he comes to, Taehyung and him are doing some weird slow dance, arms around each other's waists, Taehyung laughing in his ear. It's pretty nice. Taehyung is a nice guy. If he could just like a nice guy like Taehyung, he'd probably have a much better time.

Jimin presses his face into the crook of Taehyung's neck, forehead sticking to his skin. He'd definitely mind if he wasn't so sleepy, but apart from the dampness, it's not too bad - he's about to drop off when Taehyung pulls away from him, and what the hell, he was just starting to enjoy it.

Jeongguk's standing there, bomber jacket off and arms crossed over. He's looking like an absolute snack, frowning, tongue poking at the inside of his cheek. He leans into Taehyung's side and yells something in his ear but Jimin's more concerned with how beautifully narrow his hips look in comparison to the broadness of his shoulders.

Taehyung leans away from Jeongguk and says something in Jimin's ear that takes him a couple of seconds to process, "The guys are going home now", "I'm going to drive Yoongi's car because I've had the least to drink", "Yoongi wants to kill someone but he's too sleepy to refuse", etc.

He walks back to the table flanked by Jeongguk and Taehyung, and he stumbles at one point and Jeongguk puts a hand on the small of his back to steady him and Jimin thinks, this is what falling in love feels like, then he removes it like he's been burned by something and Jimin thinks, you fool, stumble again.

Unfortunately, Taehyung winds an arm around his waist and they makes it back to their table without another hitch.

Jimin feels around a thousand years old when the bright light hits his eyes. Taehyung looks like a streaky, sweaty mess, and he's sober - Jimin doesn't even want to imagine what he must look like.

Hoseok's drooling on the leather of the lounge and Jimin moves to go and join him, but Taehyung gives an infuriating laugh and keeps him rooted in place with a tug of his hand.

The guys file out of the lounge; Namjoon slings Hoseok onto his back, all the while cursing, and Jimin has a half a mind to warn everyone that Namjoon is dangerous enough by himself, let alone carrying a sleeping person, but he forgets what he wants to say the very next moment. They walk out of the bar in a conga formation, Taehyung's hands on his waist and his barely touching Jeongguk's godly shoulders.

Yoongi's car is a light blue Opel, and he's riding shotgun.

"Fuck all of you," he tells them, sweetly.

It's Seokjin, a sleeping Hoseok, Namjoon, Jeongguk and Jimin in the back.

"I don't see how this will work out," Jimin admits to the first person next to him. It's Jeongguk, who stares down at him blandly.

"You're gonna have to sit on each others' laps," Taehyung looks them up and down. "Jiminie, you're small so you'll be okay, but Hoseok-hyung..."

They all look at Yoongi. He looks back and says, "No."

"I could walk?" Jimin suggests.

"And what about Hobi?" Namjoon asks, still toting him on his back.

"I'll carry him."

Yoongi scowls. "You'll carry him, drunk and skinny like this?"

"I'm strong, hyung," he asserts, more confidently than he actually feels. It's true that, in normal circumstances, he'd probably be able to piggy-back Hoseok home, but the wobbliness of his legs and the blurriness of his vision definitely isn't ideal.

"Stop talking nonsense." Yoongi clenches his jaw so hard, that when he speaks, he sounds like he's grinding gravel. "So, which one of you fuckers is gonna be my chair?"

The fucker ends up being Jeongguk. Jimin sits on Seokjin's lap, while Hoseok dozes on the passenger's seat.

"If Taehyung doesn't kill us all, I will," Yoongi mumbles acidly.

After Seokjin gets out of the car, Jimin falls asleep, unworried by Taehyung's breakneck turns and jarring braking. Somewhere in the middle of the trip, he hears a lullaby of retching noises and Yoongi's colourful curses fluttering through his dreamscape.

After a while, he's woken up by a sulky Yoongi, telling him they've arrived at his condo. Jeongguk helps him wrangle the half-conscious Hoseok out of the car, and Jimin flashes him a grateful smile. He's really glad he didn't have to walk home, because Hoseok is hanging off his shoulder like a complete dead weight.

"You gonna need help with that?" Yoongi lifts his eyebrows, peering at them from the backseat. Jeongguk hovers by the door, looking like he doesn't know whether to stay or get back in.

"No, thank you very much, hyung. You too, Jeongguk-ah."

Jeongguk nods quickly. He looks much less intimidating right now, with smudged liner under his eyes and messy hair. Jimin watches him slide  back onto the backseat, leaving the door ajar.

Through the rolled-down window of the driver's seat, Taehyung yells, "Jiminie, I wrote down my number on your arm. Give me a call!"

"Sure," Jimin says. "Thanks for driving. And, Yoongi-hyung, I'm sorry." He fixes his grip on Hoseok's waist, who mumbles in dissent. "Hobi-hyung is a really good guy, he's just having a... hard time, right now."

"Aren't we all," Yoongi spits out bitterly, but relaxes his brow.

Jimin smiles at him. "Bye, guys. Thank you, again."

Taehyung gives a cheerful, "Bye-bye, Jiminie! See you soon!"

Jimin closes the car door right in time to hear Jeongguk's almost inaudible, "Bye, hyung." He stands there, frozen for a couple of seconds, and Taehyung honks softly. Jimin fumbles with his hands, does a weird wave, turns around and half-drags Hoseok to the door.

He think he catches Jeongguk smile before he turns around.



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