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Lucifer Christmas Advent

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“Seriously Luci, how hard can this be? Just pick one already!” 


“That eager to get back to the Douche?” Lucifer stated, ignoring his brothers whining and continued walking down the gravel path.


“We were in the middle of a game!” Amenadiel protested. He was at Daniels’ house sitting on the couch playing when Lucifer walked right into his home, grabbed Amenadiel by the arm and practically dragged him out of the house and all the way out here.


“Halo??? Really brother, you do realize that game has nothing to do with Heaven?” Lucifer stated as he continued looking to the left and right of him as they continued walking down the path, leaving Amenadiel trailing slightly behind.


“I know, but it is still fun ok? And I’m actually pretty good at it. Granted, Dan has had more practice and experience then I do, but still—“ Amenadiel paused as he watched his brother stopped in front of a small tree. He looks at it hard, his eyes moving from the top of the tree all the way to the base. A frown appeared on his face, disappointed he turned to continue walking down the path, searching. 


“Lucifer, what exactly are you doing?”


“I am trying to find the best of the best tree here. The spawn said it can’t be too skinny, but not too fat either, it has to be really green and healthy look— aha this is the one!” Lucifer clapped his hands together as he moved to stand in front of a large spruce. “Yep, I believe this is the one.” He then placed his hands over his mouth and shouted:


“Beatrice! I found the perfect tree for you and your mother!” He wasn’t exactly sure where the Detective and her offspring had gone off too. The ended up being separated amongst the maze of five to seven-foot Spruces. Trixie, who seemed to have magically appeared out of thin air, barreled straight past Amenadiel and right into Lucifer’s center. He grunted in response to the impact of the seven-year-old and gently pushed her slightly away from him, putting his hands on her shoulders to turn her in the direction of the tree.


“WOOOOOW! Mommy look, look, it’s sooo big!” Trixie was jumping up and down, unable to contain her excitement. This was the biggest Christmas tree she has ever seen and would certainly be the biggest one they would ever have in their house. Chloe came shortly after Trixie from the direction and stood next to her daughter.


“Yes Monkey I see, but honestly I don’t know if it will fit in our house.” Chloe look up the tree, noticing it was taller then Lucifer, and he was tall, and handsome if she might add, man.


“Non-sense Detective, the tree will fit your lovely home. I will go grab someone to have it all wrapped up and placed on top your car, be back shortly.” With a smile and a quick pat on the top of Trixie’s head, he disappears back into the maze of tree’s to go find an employee. Chloe body was suddenly being pulled downward by a small set of hands.


“Mommy this is going to be the best Christmas ever, I just know it!!!”


Chloe couldn’t help but smile at her daughter's enthusiasm and excitement over the tree, this year has been hard for her; first Dan and her’s separation, then the kidnapping, her poisoning, the whole Sinnerman business, her short distance from Lucifer after he revealed himself to her. Everything. She wanted her daughter to have some good memories from this year, and going Christmas tree picking with her favorite person definitely was going to make up for all the shit that has happened.


“So tell me Chloe, how did you convince Lucifer to come tree shopping with you?” Amenadiel inquired, folding his arms across his chest. A smirk appeared across his face because he knew damn well Lucifer wouldn’t willing do something as mundane as this unless he made a deal and was going to get something good out of this.


“Ohhh ho, I didn’t convince him. Trixie did.” Chloe nodded her head down towards her daughter who was keeping a look out for Lucifer and Earl. She knew her daughter had Lucifer wrapped tightly around her finger and the fact he didn’t seem to mind at all made her heart flutter slightly. Lucifer returned with a gentlemen wearing lumberjack-like outfit, axe in hand.


“Ahhh, I see you picked Big Mama.”


“Big Mama??” Amenadiel questioned. Did this guy name all of his trees or only the big ones?


“Yeap, Big O’l Mama here is one of our tallest and thickest trees. I’ve been watching her since she was a sprout.” The man, named Earl, told them about the trees history. Not that they really listened much. Lucifer shot Chloe a glance, clearly thinking the same thing she was.


“We have other errands to run so if you wouldn’t mind chopping, her, down so we can get on our way.” Lucifer stated politely, clearly in no mood to spend another hour listening to a guy talk about how to properly take care of a stick of wood.


“Very well, everyone step back!” Earl called out. They watched for a few minutes as he cut down the tree. Once cut Earl, Lucifer and Amenadiel helped him put the net around it and then lifted on top of of Chloe’s car. Trixie watches with enthusiasm and jumped straight into the car once it was secure.


“All righty folks, there you go. Enjoy Big Mama and happy holidays!”


“Bye! Thank you and Happy Holidays!” Trixie waved as they drove away from the Tree farm. The sooner they got home the sooner they would be able to decorate it. She could feel this Christmas was going to be different; it was going to be special.