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Adventdrabbles 2017

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Prompt #1: Kissing In The Snow

The Alley was crowded, as he knew it would be, but Severus was on a mission in spite of the holiday shoppers. Navigation through the narrow streets was always limited, but even more so now that the month had changed and the days were counting down. It always surprised him how much traditions and other little facets of life invaded a community. He saw it in The Prophet, on the telly and in their very lives. The world over was moving to someplace that rather worried Severus despite the progress forward. Perhaps he was just a curmudgeon, set in his ways and unwilling to change.

One thing was certain though, the holidays had come to the world, and everyone and their brother, it seemed was going to celebrate. Loudly. With horribly bright and clashing colours, and sounds. It was enough to make a person go mad, really because it wasn't just one for the Christians, but all of them. At the same time, it seemed. The noise level and clashing of traditions almost put him off the season

He stopped and looked around, not finding Sirius at his side. It wasn't a surprise to find the man had wandered off, and it didn't take Severus long to spot him either. He found his husband, gifting a person dressed in garish red robes and swinging a bell several coins from his pocket. Severus pushed his way over to Sirius and took his arm, stopping his pending shouting at the look on Sirius' face.

"Ah, Severus, wonderful timing. Turn this way."

Severus blinked as Sirius drew him close and the bell ringer grinned. "Ready when you are, gov'."


Severus couldn't finish his protest because Sirius cupped his face and slanted his mouth over Severus'.

In spite of his embarrassment, it warmed Severus that Sirius would do something like this in public. He knew he didn't have the best of temperaments, but Sirius loved him regardless. He leaned against Sirius, soaking up his good nature until a flash brightened against his closed eyes.

He stepped back from Sirius to find a floating wreath with a large red bow, framing the area where their faces had been. He looked at Sirius, shook his head at the huge grin on the man's face and took the bit of something the bell ringer held out to him.

The paper warmed in his fingers and a picture of him and Sirius kissing appeared. Image Sirius pulled away, grinned at Image Severus then snogged him again.

"Lovely image, gents. Make a merry holiday card," the woman said and Sirius dropped a few more coins in her mittened palm.

"Fantastic idea," Sirius agreed. "Let's stop in at the quill shop to have them printed up."

And just like that, he was gently ushered into the holiday season. He supposed it wasn't a bad way to do so. "Indeed," Severus offered at the suggestion and rolled his eyes when Sirius buzzed a kiss to his cheek.