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Shatterproof Plan

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Forty and single.

Draco huffed out a breath, still feeling strange that he was somewhere that was snow-free on Christmas. But it was what he'd wanted. It was what Teddy had wanted.

He looked around the hotel lobby as he sat on the sofa, waiting for Teddy to check them in. He picked up a magazine that was on the small table in front of him, it featured two young men kissing in snow.

But there was no snow in this private resort just a little bit out of Sydney, Australia. The weather was over 30°C today.

Teddy had found this "all-gay" resort for the Christmas hols and had given the trip to Draco as a birthday present back in June. Of all the places Draco had been to, this truly was the most unusual of vacations he'd taken. There was something quite odd about seeing Christmas lights and then seeing young men in nothing but swimming shorts walking around.

Even if this was a resort for wizards, no warming spell could create this much heat in England on the twenty second of December.

"Okay, we're all checked-in," Teddy said to Draco, approaching. "The only bad part is that they misunderstood my reservation and booked us a big suite. We have our separate rooms though. So there's a bit of privacy, in case you wish to drag one of these lads back with you."

"Please," Draco said, rolling his eyes. "I have very little desire for that. I'm only here because you—"

"Cousin Draco. Try to have some fun," Teddy said and picked up his suitcase making his way to the lifts.

Fun. Draco almost snorted at the idea. Maybe Teddy's idea that for Christmas, all Draco needed was some anonymous sex with a bunch of twenty year old boys, sounded good paper, but Draco knew himself. He'd never really got over his heartbreak, and no amount of anonymous sex was going to fix that.

"You could try something new you know," Teddy said when the doors to the lifts closed and they made their way to the twelfth floor. "You've been sitting around and wallowing for half your life—maybe this would make you feel better."

"You're acting like I've never had sex before," Draco said, shaking his head. "I have had plenty of experiences after my—my—you know. I just don't think this type of fun is my type of fun."

"I don't think you know what fun is if it bit you in the arse," Teddy said. Before Draco could protest, Teddy continued. "Trust me. I've got a whole itinerary planned for you and you will have fun. It's Christmas!"

Draco wasn't sure if he was truly ready for Teddy's shatterproof determination and plan to make him a different man.