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It had been a crisp autumn morning, and Blaze had met up with her friend for coffee and strolling through the town as they often did to catch up with one another - as if implying they didn't see each other all the time regardless. Still, it was tradition. Today, however, the feline had been getting a lot off of her chest about her best friend. Chaos, he was a fool...


"I just really think you should stay away from him - he's a creep," Blaze had been rambling. "I mean... He's way too old for you, surely. Those kinda guys date others younger than them for a reason. He's using you for something," she went on.


Blaze knew Silver had been spending an awful lot of time around Mephiles recently and she absolutely did not support the relationship the two had, whatever it was. The feline took a sip of her latte, the tip of her tail twitching slightly in irritation. She knew Silver probably wouldn't listen to her anyways, for Mephiles had him charmed and wrapped around his finger. Silver was far too influential for his own good.

Silver inhaled the scent of the coffee shop they were currently in, feeling his ear nearly fall off at Blaze's never-ending concerns. "Blaze," He dragged out, clutching his hot chocolate between his hands. "there's plenty of old, nice people out there. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover! Just because one of them asked me out doesn't mean I'm going to be used." He sighed. The cat was just too careful for her own good, sometimes. People could be trusted, and yes, there might be bad ones out there, but Silver had a firm belief that at least the majority of people were at the very least, decent.


"He’s.. not the brightest, perhaps, but come on. It couldn't hurt! And if it makes you feel better, if I get creeped out, I'll leave, and you can say 'I told you so', okay?" The hedgehog tried to compromise, settling for an easy medium. "Do I look that vulnerable to you? I can handle myself, you know that." Silver blew on his milk before taking a sip, giving a smile. "And you should put yourself out there, so I can complain about your creepy dates, eh?" Silver snickered, poking fun at his friend. Even if she did have her points, he had this in the bag, he was sure of it.

Blaze raised a brow at her friend's remarks, not at all amused at his banter or logic. She's had to get him out of plenty messed up situations, and her instincts were just screaming that this would be another case - and it would be more unfortunate, for it would probably result in Silver also being heartbroken for the first time in his life. She knew he would get hurt somehow, and wanted to avoid it but.. Maybe she should step back. Maybe this was just a part of life he had to experience - everyone did at some point, surely. She would just have to be there for him when things went sour, and she was certain that it would...


Blaze sighed, "I guess so.." she stated hesitantly. "I just don't think he's right for you is all. And I don't want you to get hurt," she murmured. "And besides, we don't have to sit here and say 'I told you so' at each other over creepy dates all the time, because I don't plan on having any of those anytime soon. So when you get tired of hearing it from me, maybe you'll learn."

A little harsh, sure. But Blaze had good intentions behind her hard exterior.

Silver was already used to her straightforward demeanor over many warnings beforehand on other things, so while it still stung a little, it wasn't anything he wasn't used to from her. "Look, I appreciate your concern for me Blaze- I really do. But, I want to do this okay? And if things go awry then I'll be more careful next time. But.. I wanna take this chance." Amber eyes looked down at his cup, Silver's shoulders raising in a soft shrug. "And if I get hurt, that's on me. So don't blame yourself. But Mephiles is a really nice guy, and if it makes you feel better, I don't believe he'd hurt me."


In reality however, Silver was also saying these things to not only reassure Blaze, but also himself. Granted, he was nervous, and he was young too, so he'd never really gone out on an official date before. But there was a time for a new experience on anything! He'd tried to keep positive, even if he felt a tiny bit uneasy on the inside. There was a part of him that was nervous, saying ‘ what if Blaze was right? ’ or  ‘ This could be a seriously bad move. ’ But, that was just his anxiety talking.. he had to keep his chin up!

At that moment, Silver's phone went off. He checked it, and seeing that it was Mephiles asking where he was, he quickly replied back. 'On my way! :3' He then looked at Blaze and gave her a quick hug. "I'll be safe, okay? I'll tell you if anything happens. Now I gotta go, bye Blaze!" Silver cheered as he exited the coffee shop, throwing his empty cup in the trash on his way out.


Blaze had been reluctant to let her friend go still, having hugged him tightly and told him to call her should things have gone bad - which now meant she would be up all night just in case she heard her phone ring. She was worried, but knew she had to let him go. And so she did.

His feet padded against the sidewalk as he ran over to the (luckily nearby) bookstore where he and Mephiles had met, and spent a lot at their time together at. He spotted the darker one easily, like red in the snow, and ran over with only a slight pant in his breath.


"Hello, Meph!" The albino greeted his friend- well, date. "Sorry, I was with a friend. But how are you?" He smiled wide, like he trusted the other far too much for the amount of time they'd actually talked.


Mephiles had been standing outside the bookstore with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, arms crossed as he leaned against the building. He looked up when Silver approached, abandoning the stick of nicotine by tossing and stomping it into the cement beneath him. Immediately after that, he put an arm around the smaller hedgehog and pulled him in closer before giving him a quick peck on the top of his head. "Quite alright," he murmured with a slight smile, "I'm better now that you're here."

And, as if performing a magic trick, Mephiles pulled out a single rose, which he delicately placed behind the ivory hedgehog's ear. The man was slightly odd, yes, but at least he attempted to be endearing. "Have you eaten anything today, little one?" He then asked with a slight purr.

Silver's smile grew bigger as he was showered with affection, already feeling quite happy within the first five minutes into their evening. His eyes followed the rose, as if he was fascinated how it just appeared out of thin air. Odd or not, Mephiles' attempts to woo the ivory hedgie was in fact, working. "Not too much. I just had some cocoa, but if you're suggesting we go get food together, I'd be okay with that. In fact, I'd very much like to with you, Mephiles." Silver chirped contently. "Where did you wanna go? I know there's a lot of great local places here." Silver's hands shook to get the nerves out of his system. He was excited, yes, to a point where it was almost childlike.




After their date, Mephiles had coaxed Silver into coming home with him. They had previously agreed that he would take his date home by a certain curfew, and Blaze had gotten several of her calls to discuss the details missed at this point. Mephiles had convinced him it wasn't a big deal, that they could just spend one night together. Now, the way he went about it was more pitiful, in how Mephiles made himself out to be the lonely type who just wanted someone to snuggle up with and to help him sleep soundly throughout the night. It seemed like an innocent invitation, but of course when they'd actually gotten into the house and the doors were locked, Mephiles suddenly was a bit bolder. While he'd been giving the ivory hedgehog sweet little kisses throughout the day to show his affection, he now had subtly cornered the small hedgehog up against the wall and pressed his lips to the other male's. Mephiles smirked somewhat, running a finger over Silver's delicate lips for a moment as he purred. "My, you have a beautiful face, doll.." he whispered, "I'm so lucky to have you with me right now.. I've needed someone like you in my life for so long.."

Silver didn't really know what he was doing. He felt guilty, looking at his phone and finding all the missed calls and unanswered texts from Blaze on his screen, but Mephiles had always gathered his attention away from reality and dragged it back to himself completely. Eventually, he had to turn his phone off so the buzzing stopped driving the both of them crazy. And when it got late, he really knew better, that he should have declined Mephiles' offer of staying the night.. but oh! He just felt so bad! He'd had the most wonderful time with the man, and Mephiles sounded so sad... maybe they both needed someone to hold them throughout the night.


His ears perked once he heard the door shut and lock, and now all of a sudden he found himself against a wall... he was used to Mephiles' hushed pecks, but now that they were truly alone together he found that Mephiles' kiss was vastly different to what he'd been previously accustomed to, and frankly it made the joints in his knees weak. He'd wanted new, exciting experiences but this was happening all so fast that it was practically overwhelming. He'd tried to mimic the older one's kiss, trying to disguise the fact he was so inexperienced. Oh, and then that voice hit him... "Uu-uh huh.." Silver murmured, feeling the energy in the room turn something different. It was strange, but yet.. enticing. "I'm glad I can make you so happy, Mephiles... now uh, where- where's your bedroom..?" He asked softly, clearing his throat after he spoke. God, the way his tone was set all of a sudden made that question a lot more suggestive than he meant! "Oh geez- I meant, so we can sleep? Heheh.." Shit , he made this awkward didn't he. It was better to apologize at this point. "I'm sorry, this is my first time with anything like this."

Mephiles falsified a startled expression upon hearing Silver's last statement, having taken a few steps back from the other male. He appeared guilty almost, and smiled nervously at the other male as if he had felt awkward for being so straightforward. "Oh, I see.. I hadn't realized," he stated slowly, "Honestly, I'm very surprised to hear that. I wouldn't have thought someone as beautiful as you  would be.. such a late bloomer," he commented, his words servicing to be as a backhanded compliment.

"My apologies," he then said, hesitantly approaching his date once more only to grab his hand. "Come with me," Mephiles said innocently this time now, leading the other up into his bedroom.


"What? No, it's okay.. it's not your fault I'm, eh.. inexperienced." Silver murmured under his breath, taking Mephiles' hand.


Mephiles’ room had been quite minimalist and tidy, not much decor on the walls. The most extravagant thing he perhaps had in there was a record player, a few records themselves on the floor near it. Mephiles sat on his bed, removing his shoes and clothing in the process to let himself grow more comfortable. He hadn't made much conversation at this point, but he had been watching his partner's every movement should the other male have decided to dart suddenly out of fear - this was a new thing for Silver after all, and he knew that someone in their youth was more prone to act on anxiety.

Instead of watching the other undress, Silver naturally looked away for dignity, just out of habit. He decided to take off his own shoes and gloves at this point, placing them neatly against the end of the bed before crawling onto the mattress. He would keep his socks on, though. "Your room is really nice.." He commented within the silence.


Silver then sat on the neat duvet on top of the bed, looking back up at Mephiles to make eye contact. "I mean.. I didn't not like what we were doing, u-uhm. So really, it's fine.." There was a slight hint in his voice, and color was rushing to his muzzle and even the tips of his ears. "Yeah." Silver spoke slightly more confidently, burying his muzzle within the fluff adorning his chest. "I liked it." He said, more to himself than anything.

"I would truly hate to make you uncomfortable," Mephiles said in response. Glancing over at Silver, he reached over to put a hand over the ivory hedgehog's own. "It's simply that I am… very attracted to you," he explained, then slightly tightening his grip on the other's hand somewhat. "As a matter of fact, I feel very strongly for you, believe it or not. I have no desire to harm you, whether or not you have any sexual experience. Perhaps, I.. could assist you with this. Some men are careless with these things, but I can take care of you," he assured, attempting to ease back into his dirtier intentions with sweet words. "It would mean as much to me as it would for you."

Silver took a moment to pause and think about the offer. He was inexperienced, but he wasn't stupid. He at least had a general idea of what Mephiles was talking about... oh lord, what would Blaze even think? That he'd put out on the first date? He'd be so chewed out, for sure.. but this was his life, his decision. And he wasn't forced or anything either.


He intertwined their fingers together, pondering to himself. He didn't really know anyone else, and he was convinced that Mephiles surely wouldn't hurt him in any way.. "I... I know. And that flatters me, and I really like you too." Silver then leaned in close to the other's face, feeling a tingle of anticipation rush down his head all the way to his toes. "O-okay. Show me." He couldn't even believe the words coming out of his own mouth right now.

That smirk slowly crept back to Mephiles’ face, and he leaned in closer to the other male until his lips were just barely brushing against Silver's, taking a deep inhale of the younger boy's scent. " I'll have shown you many things by the time we're done with this dance, my dear.. " he whispered before sealing their lips together. Mephiles put a hand to the small of Silver's back, coaxing the ivory hedgehog's body closer to his as he deepened their kiss. He was passionate indeed, his hands very antsy and clearly impatient despite his lack of a rush to feel the younger male up. The older hedgehog was taking things slow, yes, but the desire was still very apparent in how desperate his grip was.

Silver felt his cheeks burn up under Mephiles' kiss, his ears falling limp in submission. The hands on his body sent shivers down his spine, and he had taken his own arms and neatly laced them around his partner's neck, trying to do his own part of leading their ever so suggestive actions on. After awhile and a few more heated kisses, Mephiles' desperation seemed to have rubbed off on him. "Mmhh.." Silver shuddered, feeling the blood rush from his pounding heart to between his legs. An excited white tail swished back and forth behind him, and surely Silver was starting to get the hang of things.

Mephiles was a wicked man, indeed... The gentleness of his touch, every delicate caress and caring attention to detail, such as each and every response from Silver's body - he was very intimate and nurturing, almost too good to be true. No, he wasn't rushing into this now that Silver agreed - he was taking his time, showing that this was more than a mere fling. Or at least, this is the persona he fronted as - a lonely soul, a pure gentleman that hadn't yet met the right partner to share his love with until now. Eventually he had eased Silver into lying down, and the older hedgehog crawled on top of him. At this moment, Mephiles smiled genuinely as his reptilian gaze stared down at the other's delicate face - a face of innocence that he was about to break and corrupt. Silver would be different after this, more experienced in something so deep and confusing to most his age. Either this would become sacred, or tossed away as a mere lesson, and it all depended on his partner's intentions with taking his virginity. This pause in their moment gave Silver a chance to deny Mephiles one more time, but the older hedgehog was very well aware of how naive the ivory male was - no, he would let him. Silver trusted him. And Mephiles gave him plenty of reasons to trust him early on. Not breaking his eye contact with the other male, Mephiles reached a hand down between his partner's legs, teasingly running the tips of his fingers along the boy’s length before actually putting his hand around to stroke it in an agonizingly slow manner. " I promise you'll feel rewarded after this ," he whispered, a slight chuckle in his voice.

Mephiles' sultry low voice was doing wonders for Silver's nerves, which were already on a high strung end, but he did his best to calm down as Mephiles caressed over his body and indeed, took care of him as promised. Even when they paused, Mephiles' thoughts were right- there was no denial anymore, or stopping at all. His breath noticeably hitched when Mephiles' hand went between his legs, his ears and quills flattening in submission as he let his newfound lover handle him completely. Silver just didn't have the knowledge on what else to do really other than lie down and take it (at least, until his instincts screamed at him), but for now he was enjoying himself at the whims of those pleasure bringing hands. "Wha- hh," A soft moan had bubbled from his throat. Now that was a little scary, not being able to control his own actions. " What- what am I supposed to do?" Silver managed to ask, grasping for answers. He supposed he would just spread his legs wider for Mephiles at this point until further instruction?

"Not a thing but relax," Mephiles murmured in response, "Unless, you feel the need to do something. In which case, I invite you to follow your instincts," he went on. The smirk on his muzzle was almost a little too sinister when Silver began to spread his legs, and Mephiles let out a soft groan as he subtly began to grind between the other male's legs. He wasn't going to enter just yet, though his wagging tail suggested that he was eager enough to do so. The dark hedgehog placed a small kiss on Silver's lips, then he pressed two of his digits to the other's mouth. "Do you know what to do now..?" He then asked, tilting his head somewhat. Mephiles was curious if he could pick up on cues, or if Silver had at least seen anything in his time to let him know what Mephiles had suggested of him.

Silver's eyes dared to glare down to where he felt their bodies rubbing together, another soft groan leaving his lips at the sight. He was then taken away by one more of those intoxicating kisses, which was probably for the better. Now, innocent as he may be, there was surely a time in his life where the young hedgehog had seen some sort of sexual themes, and even if it was all a messy blur in his head right now, picking up on cues was something he didn't usually have trouble with. He could understand just what Mephiles was asking of him, and nodded shyly before taking the fingers into his maw, sucking and licking around them. It was the only thing he could focus on from the mush that was his mind right now. A stable ground. After a minute or so though, the heat down below was beginning to feel torturous. Silver tilted his head up and back, leaving drool-coated digits behind and let his frustration go vocal. "Hnn!" White hips raised on their own, grinding upwards before tiredly flopping down again. "Mephillless... please ... whatever you're gonna do, just.. do it.."

"A little eager, aren't we..?" He snickered, pulling away his fingers upon hearing Silver's protest. "We don't have to go slow if that's not in your interest." Mephiles then put his fingers to the other's entrance, pushing them in rather slowly to allow Silver to get adjusted to the sensation. In the meanwhile, Mephiles had then bent his head lower to start roughly biting and sucking at the flesh on Silver's neck, growling rather possessively as he did so. He had been making it a priority to leave marks on the other male, as if to claim him as his own property.

"As long as you're- aa-ah, careful.." Silver warned as he got the jist of what was happening to him, holding his breath until he couldn't anymore and collapsed down, sinking into the mattress and -  with the angle his body was at - cruelly impaling him farther onto the digits invading him. "Oooh.." Silver tilted his head to the side, exposing himself to Mephiles as more marks and hickeys were surely tainting the heated skin underneath his fur. And his light-colored coat wouldn't help with hiding them later, either... but that was something for future Silver to deal with. Currently, the hedgehog was too lost in his own ecstasy to really care as of now. "Feels weird... not bad, just, weird.." He murmured out loud, his hands travelling over Mephiles and pulling him closer. One palm was clutching at Mephiles' shoulder, the other lost amidst those dark, upturned quills. Silver intended no harm to his lover, not at all, but if Mephiles escaped this with a few claw marks and scratches on his body then it just seemed like a natural hazard at this point in the game…

However, Mephiles actually seemed to take kindly to the slightly rough treatment he received in return, a soft moan emitting under his breath. He made himself busy in trying to stretch the other first, wanting him to be prepared enough before the real show started. "Nn, trust me.. This isn't the best part," he muttered in response, wriggling his fingers in just a little deeper in hopes to find that certain spot.

Silver tried to make best of his current situation, the digits inside him moving around driving the poor sub into a pool of frustration. If the goal was.. insertion, he'd best put it in his mind, then shouldn't Mephiles be moving on? "W-why are you taking so long? I'm- oh, fuck. " His voice caught in his throat midway through his sentence, his claws digging into Mephiles' shoulder quite tensely. Silver bit his lip as his felt himself slide out of his pouch finally, lightly grinding between their bellies. A loud whine echoed around Mephiles' bedroom, and after the sensation had faded, Silver covered his mouth with both hands. Did that come from him? Granted, he wasn't in the middle of the most dignified of places, but how embarrassing.

Mephiles snickered, smiling at his partner quite fondly then. "What? Did you like that...?" He asked coyly, slowly pulling his fingers from the spot before teasingly brushing against it yet again. Silver's initial reaction had immediately taken effect on him, a burning sensation in his own loins to just take the younger male. But, he had quite enjoyed teasing the other enough to prolong his own carnal desires. He found himself gently grinding against the other in the meanwhile as he panted softly, and it was clear at this point that this would be... a lot more of a stretch than the fingers.

Silver might have just considered himself on fire with the way his whole body was so heated, whether from arousal, embarrassment, or a twisted mix of both. Mephiles apparently couldn't get enough of toying with him, and when another wave of pleasure pushed through him his hips bucked forward. Golden eyes were squeezed shut, however, through the humiliation, was desperate enough to nod. "Feels good.." He exhaled, peaking one lid open to glance at the hedgehog above him. "Mephiles.. th-there's more, right?" Ivory hands left his muzzle to clasp behind Mephiles' neck, and Silver attempted to start a kiss between them. It wasn't the smoothest of interactions, but it worked. After he was satisfied for the moment he finished his request. "I can take more..."

"Mmmhm," he managed to murmur into their kiss, having then slowly slid his fingers out of the other male in favor of pulling his body closer. Mephiles panted softly once their kiss ended, his predatory eyes dilated with ever growing lust for his prey.  He growled somewhat as he suddenly pushed himself deep inside the other male without warning, having felt that Silver was ready enough to take whatever was given to him. His grip on the other tightened, and he began thrusting slowly at first, but of course began to speed up over time until he had a nice rhythm working between their heated bodies.

More whimpers left him when those digits did, Silver suddenly feeling so empty and needy after having adjusted. However, what came next was considerably bigger than two fingers, and a streak of pain shot up his spine at the stretch. Luckily, arousal was helpful here in relaxing his muscles and even when Mephiles had begun to move, it was nudging that one point that had been previously exploited and it was safe to say, Silver had gotten used to it. Shaky legs wrapped around a dark waist, pulling Mephiles closer and daresay, deeper with every movement. The albino had gotten quite vocal with the increasing pace, various moans and even cries of pleasure being coaxed straight out of his voicebox as time went on, Silver's arms wrapped around Mephiles' back and holding onto him tightly, fingertips scraping often. "Something-" He gasped, "Mephiles, I'm- I can't-"

"You can't ...?" Mephiles questioned jokingly as he roughly thrust into the other male, his own breath hitching every so often. He had things far more under control than Silver did, and definitely had more stamina. Unfortunately, the smaller hedgehog would probably suffer some overstimulation afterwards if Mephiles took too long. But he'd been in too deep to go without his own release even if Silver would finish before him. The bed squeaked quietly with each thrust, and Mephiles found himself gritting his teeth as he kept focusing on that one spot. "Oooohh, you're so tight.." he muttered.

Silver's first orgasm was rather quick, loud, and messy. With all this new stimulation and emotion overwhelming him, he'd really had no choice otherwise than to come with a yelp. And granted, this wasn't the absolute first time he'd experienced an orgasm, but it could be counted as one of the most intense he'd had. He could blame half of it at least on the pure bliss he was feeling emotionally, being connected with somebody like Mephiles this intimately, and the other half was most likely due to the relentless grind on his prostate which was sending him into incoherence. Wet streaks had caught all up in his fur, blending in with the color and making it hard to spot. A wave of tiredness crashed over him, but with Mephiles continuing to thrust into him his prick had stayed up throughout. "I'm so ha-aa, happy..!" Silver purred, genuine joy in his eyes as he gazed up at Mephiles in a way that could be easily described as lovingly.

"Such a good boy.." Mephiles moaned under his breath when Silver released, this alone exciting him even more. He began thrusting even faster then, his grip tightening on the other male as he aggressively dug his claws into Silver's flesh. Mephiles did something a little odd  when he was getting closer to his own release, though perhaps it hadn't meant anything at all. He gripped Silver's face with his palm tightly, staring at him threateningly as he panted heavily. Gritting his teeth, he had seemed to be resisting the urge to do something more violent, like slap or choke the other male. But no, he held himself back - Silver wasn't ready for that. When it was finally his turn to come, the dark hedgehog forced the other to look away from him, and he himself squeezed his eyes shut as he came with a deep moan, not bothering to pull out of Silver before he had come - or even after just yet.

After coming so quickly and the rough pace that Mephiles had gone on, Silver didn't have enough sense left within his brain to connect the very odd dots of Mephiles' behavior, the feeling of being filled up with warmth after a blissful experience with overstimulation sending a few more gushes of his own release out, purely milking him dry. His legs fell limp around Mephiles, no longer having the feeling or strength to cling around him, and Silver was left purring in a true afterglow. "Ohh, Mephiles.." He rested there against soft pillows, taking a few minutes to catch his breath. "I'm so glad I did that with you.."

"Nn, you did wonderfully.." Mephiles sighed as he slowly pulled himself out of the other male. Semen had clung to his pelt, and he didn't quite like the feeling of it. He gave the other male a small peck on the cheek, smiling at him lovingly before sitting up. "I'm gonna clean myself up, my little dove," he murmured before getting up and exiting the room.


A smile overcast Silver's face at the praise, and usually his tail would swish around but after the overuse and abuse of that area, it lay still. "Mmkay~" He agreed tiredly, letting the other get up as he curled up on the now messy and dirty duvet, exhausted.


Mephiles had been in close proximity still as he washed himself off in the bathroom real quick, but afterwards it seemed like he'd been rummaging through a few things on his shelf in there. "I can't believe that was your first time," he remarked from the other room, hoping that keeping a conversation going with the youth would stray away from any suspicion of what he could've been doing in there.

Hearing his lover of the night strike up conversation, Silver nodded to himself as he ran a hand through his own fur, hoping that it wouldn't get clumped up soon. He'd have to wash himself, too, but he couldn't be bothered to move at the moment.. "Yeah... y’know, it was really funny, because Blaze doesn't really like you, but I'm really happy I did that with you. I don't know when I'd have the chance again, not to mention with someone so nice... she's just scared if I get close to anyone else really. And I'm glad I lost my virginity here, with someone I really like instead of a drunken fling or something. And I'm really happy I waited this long, too. But I hope I wasn't too clueless, heh.." The tired hedgehog rambled on, the bliss running through his veins sending him on an emotional high.

"You were perfect," Mephiles answered in response mostly to Silver's last statement. "As a matter of fact, I prefer the inexperienced..." he admitted, this having been a bit of a creepy statement that would've earned him a burnt tail if Blaze had been around to hear it. The ashen male had been fiddling around with something in the bathroom, and had put on a dust mask in the meanwhile. Admittedly, hearing a new target's blissful tangent about their time together had been Mephiles' favorite part about their capture. Because not only did he capture them physically, but also a special piece of their mind before he gave them away to someone else later on. It was twisted, but to Mephiles, this would be Silver's last pure conversation after his body was now no longer pure. "You need not worry of looking for another chance to do this again though, my dear," he had then stated, as if to imply that he himself had plans to fulfill this to Silver. And he had - just not exclusively.

Silver loved the praise, feeling content with himself that he had done something so bold and so potentially dangerous right. It was like an accomplishment, almost. "You flatter me so much... but, hmm? So this isn't just a one time thing for us?" The thought of a relationship stemming from this was like some cheesy romance movie, but Silver wasn't one to complain if his life lucked out in his favor. "I certainly don't mind that- if- if we did something like this again." He spoke aloud, his eyes gazing over to his boots. Should he turn on his phone and tell Blaze he wouldn't be back until much later? He could probably do that in the morning, he was wiped.. "Do you want me to clean myself up too, or like.. what're you doing in there? I could probably benefit with that knowledge." Silver mused, but the first part of his question was serious. If Mephiles was taking so long to clean himself up, Silver probably would have to as well, surely.

"It definitely isn't just a one time thing for us - not to me," Mephiles had answered smoothly, "And don't worry, I'm just looking for some medication. Bad back," he explained simply, dismissing the other's concern. Mephiles hadn't wanted to accidentally knock himself out, so he made sure the chloroform he’d been fishing for this whole time had been sealed properly before removing his dust mask. He'd had the rag it was on, but he knew to be careful enough to avoid breathing in its fumes. The ashen male had then returned to the room, lifting the rag up as he approached the bed. "Let me clean you," he stated, not really giving Silver an option at this point as he got on top of his partner again. Mephiles began to rub the rag in between Silver's legs, cleaning up the mixed mess of semen with it. He'd inched the cloth further up the other male's body slowly, and then grinned somewhat. "You got some on your face somehow.. how odd," he chuckled, going in as if he were to clean the other's face off. But then he had taken a complete 180, pushing all of his weight onto the younger boy as he pressed the chloroform and semen soaked rag to his nose and mouth. Mephiles had come across as one who was flimsy, and carried himself around elegantly. But now , now he was a brute. A monster. A ruthless advocate of the devil himself as he nearly attempted to suffocate his victim. Silver had been a fly this whole time, and Mephiles had gotten the young hedgehog into his web. Now it was time to wrap him up tight and bite down, so to speak.

"Oh, I'm sorry.. you did exert yourself a lot earlier." Silver apologized, watching as Mephiles came back with a rag. When he was offered a cleaning he simply complied, wincing slightly at the rubbing. "O-ow, careful.." He mentioned at the sensitivity of certain body parts of his, but not showing much distress other than slight discomfort. It was only when he was made to suffocate with the fluid soaked rag he began to make a struggle, amber eyes shooting open in quickly rising panic, staring directly into Mephiles' own acidic green whilst being attacked. The weight over his frame made him gasping for already hard to get air, and even so the only scent he got was his own and Mephiles' bodily fluids and the very faint smell of something else he could not name.. but it was making him weaker than he already was. His arms had stuck out to push Mephiles off since his legs weren’t giving him any sort of cooperation now - but those soon lost feeling and went limp as after a few more seconds of desperate, panicked breathing and useless wriggling from Silver. The last thing he felt was the sinking of betrayal in his heart before his vision failed him and the world turned dark and stopped.