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Desire Lines

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The atmosphere inside the nightclubs in the Citadel wards could only be described as seedy. Although much of the wards themselves also fit that description, the clubs were a veritable den of debauchery, covered in a thin layer of sweat and alcohol.

Commander-turned-Spectre Jane Shepard didn’t particularly enjoy the clubs, but there was really no better place to pick up a guaranteed one-night stand. She had tried to get her partner, Nihlus, to come along, but he knew her too well and had read her interests quickly enough.

She’d never been with a turian besides Nihlus and the desire to find out what a different turian would be like had been gnawing at her for some time now. She had suggested a threesome, he had suggested she find out what it was like on her own and get back to him.

The idea of such a casual approach to sex outside of her commitment to Nihlus had once seemed strange and foreign, but now it was just second nature: as long as they discussed it with each other beforehand, there was never any jealousy involved. At the end of the day, they always came back to one another, and he was the only person her heart belonged to.

So she had come to the club in Kithoi ward alone, leaving Nihlus to whatever his own desires would lead him to. She had friends she could have met there, a handful of old Alliance buddies on shore leave, some other Spectres and diplomats she had met during the last four years of service with Nihlus, but she preferred to go alone. She was there for one reason and one reason only, and like a tiger hunting its prey, she needed no assistance or distraction.

Shepard couldn’t much comment on what turians in general preferred, but she knew what Nihlus liked, so she’d worn one of his favorite outfits: a simple, silky green dress, which Nihlus often told her complemented her eyes. The dress was not exactly in line with the standard club-going attire, but it was hardly a ball gown, and in a sea of drunk, sweaty people, it didn’t make her stand out by any means.

She took up a spot in the corner of the busy nightclub, nursing a drink while she watched people move from the bar to the dance floor and back again. It was amazing how quickly interspecies quarrels and barriers were dropped with a bit of alcohol and loud music. The dance floor was awash with people of every species, grinding against each other, touching every inch of skin they could find.  Watching their writhing caused a warmth to creep up Shepard’s neck.

There were plenty of turians in the club, though some of them were definitely taken and not worth the chase, and a good chunk didn’t suit her fancy, for whatever reason. It wasn’t as though she’d been attracted to Nihlus when they first met: it had taken months upon months of his ceaseless flirting and battle-earned trust before she started to think about him like that; it had been years still after the first time they’d had sex that she’d started to appreciate turian attributes as a whole, separate from her interest in Nihlus.

She wasn’t sure of the exact moment that she realized she was attracted to other turians, but Nihlus had at least taken notice that the attraction existed. She hadn’t thought about it in a while, but when they’d passed through the C-sec exchange earlier that day and she’d seen a lithe young officer with blue colony markings running past, her eyes couldn’t help but stray.

This thought was in her mind when she scanned the bar, roving past two turians leaning against the far wall. She had to do a double-take when she saw them because there, still decked out in his C-sec armor, was the young officer who’d set her mind to considering a night with another turian at all.

What were the chances?

Maybe it was fate.

She hated the idea of fate, but it was interesting that he was there. She took a moment to really look at him before she made any decisions about what she would do next.

He was tall, taller than Nihlus by several inches, if she had to guess, with slightly broader shoulders. He was also younger than Nihlus, by at least ten years, she was almost certain, which meant he was younger than she was too. He had that look of youth about him, and he held himself slightly awkwardly considering that Shepard’s eyes weren’t the only ones watching him from around the club. Like most turians, the officer’s facial plates were a smooth stone-grey: a sharp contrast to the rich red of Nihlus’ plates.

She knew she shouldn’t compare him to Nihlus, but he was the only turian she’d ever been with, and there would be no helping it, especially if the night progressed the way she hoped it would. He was different than her mate, certainly, but she only appreciated the differences as something new to explore.

If the officer was even interested. Turians didn’t exactly fall over themselves for humans.

There was another, older officer next to him, also in uniform, chin and mandibles striped with silver colony markings, facial plates a creamy tan color. It was this officer that was staring a hole through Shepard; a good enough reason to approach them, even if she was interested in the younger turian.

Finishing the rest of her drink, she set the empty glass on a nearby table, swallowed her nerves, and approached the two turians with as much confidence as she could muster. Picking up strangers in bars had never been difficult for her, even after the grenade that had left the right side of her neck mangled by scars, but she had never tried to pick up a turian before and Nihlus had done all the wooing in their relationship.

Shepard kept her eyes locked on the young turian with the blue colony markings painted beneath his eyes and across his nose. He wasn’t even aware of her, though his friend was still watching her with a look of unmistakable interest. Her stomach was doing somersaults the closer she got to them; she hadn’t felt so excited and nervous about a sexual prospect since…well, since her first time with Nihlus.

“Hey,” she said once she had reached their spot against the wall.

Smooth, Shepard, very smooth.

Both turians looked at her then. The younger one had the most stunning blue eyes she had ever seen: cool, but with something fierce behind them. His eyes moved immediately to the scars on the right side of her neck, but whatever he thought about them, his expression didn’t betray it. More slowly, his gaze lingered to the other side of her neck where two pale, upraised lines scarred the skin there: a mark from Nihlus. Those scars earned a reaction: an almost imperceptible widening of the eyes.

“You must be pretty strong to walk away from whatever did that,” the other turian spoke, his words slightly slurred. Shepard had a hard time tearing her gaze away from the younger officer.

“You should see what I can do to a fully grown turian.”

Silver’s mandibles twitched and his eyes flicked across her body.

“What’s your name?” He asked. She noticed that he stood on far less steady legs than his friend.

“No names. This isn’t the kind of place for that. Call me whatever you want. I’ll call you Silver,” she nodded at his colony markings before turning to the younger officer and brushing her hand against his cheek, “and I’ll call you Blue.”

Almost as soon as she’d done it, she felt stupid, momentarily acting with a confidence that was not her own. She didn’t have to worry about it too long, because Blue’s mandibles twitched the same way Nihlus’ did when she did something that he liked. He watched her with a mixture of curiosity and confusion, but said nothing.

Silver hiccupped and his mandibles quivered as he did so. “What should we call her then, G-… Blue ?”

Blue’s eyes scanned her face, darting occasionally, very quickly to the bond mark on her neck and then back to her face.

“Maybe we should call her Freckles,” he suggested.

His voice was deeper than she expected, and so smooth , like silk against her ears.

She laughed despite herself. She might not have liked the idea of fate, but it was pretty damn funny that this complete stranger would think to give her the same nickname her lover used almost exclusively.

“Something wrong with that name?” Blue asked.

“No.” She shook her head, grinning. “It’s fine.”

“Freckles?” Silver cocked his head. “That’s what they call these things?” He jabbed a finger against her cheek in what he must have thought was a far gentler approach than it was. She grabbed his wrist calmly, but firmly, and returned his hand to his side.

“Yes.” A step closer to Blue.

“Chellick is a little drunk.” He offered unnecessarily.

“I didn’t need to know his name.”

“Right, sorry.”

Shepard shrugged. “Doesn’t really matter. I wasn’t interested in him anyway.”

Chellick, Silver, whatever-his-name-was, wavered on the spot. “I’m standing right here.”

“Yeah? What are you going to do with me, stud? You’re so drunk you can barely stand up straight. You think you’re going to have a productive evening with that blood alcohol level? I’ve seen a drunk turian on more than one occasion; he usually can’t even get himself out of his sheath when he’s had as much as you have.”

He blinked languidly at her. “Excuse me?”

“Go home. You’re just going to disappoint whoever you end up bringing home. Unless you want to give that tongue a try.” She yanked gently on the edge of his mandible.

He looked back and forth between Shepard and Blue. “Fucking typical. Doesn’t even matter what species…” He muttered. “Everybody loves big blue-eyes over here. I’m getting another drink.”

“Chellick, are you sure you-“ Blue started.

“Go on. You won’t even know what to do with her. He won’t even know what to do with you! Her clitoris isn’t inside of her, you should at least know that!” Silver yelled this last part, and several people nearby turned to stare at them. Shepard’s face flushed, and she was thankful for the club’s dim lighting.

Blue’s mandibles flared in embarrassment. “I’m sorry, he, um…he’s not usually…”

“You don’t have to apologize for your friend being drunk.” She moved a little closer to him, as close as she dared without touching. “What brings you two out tonight?” She looked him up and down. “In full uniform?”

“We had a distress call in this area, turned out to be a domestic squabble. By the time we sorted it out we were off duty, so we decided to come grab some drinks,” he explained. “Chellick…er…what did you call him again?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Well, he likes to come here to meet women. It was a long day though; I think he drank too much because of it.” He shrugged, his eyes straying to her bond mark again. “Do you…um…come here often?”

It was somewhat endearing how uncertain he was of her: curiosity mingling with discomfort. Between his behavior and his friend’s parting statement, it was obvious he’d never been with human, possibly never even considered it. Shepard wasn’t sure if that excited her or made her nervous; maybe both. At any rate, she nearly laughed at his cliché pickup line.

“I try to avoid it.” She admitted. “I’ve been to Purgatory up on the Presidium, it’s a little nicer than this, but wards clubs are more suited to my interests this evening.”

“And what’s that?”

She pressed herself against him then, and traced a finger across his mandible, the same way she did to Nihlus when she was teasing him. She couldn’t exactly pretend she knew whether the things Nihlus liked were universal amongst turians or just unique to him, so the evening was going to be a lot of guesswork.

Blue’s mandibles twitched beneath her touch and his eyes followed her fingers with a sideways glance. She saw the muscles and skin of his throat move as he swallowed hard.

“I’ve, uh…well, Chellick leaves the clubs with humans sometimes, but I’ve…” He wrung his hands. “Well I’ve never…I mean I’ve …of course I’ve…but…not with a human…”

“Are you a little nervous, Blue?” She asked, keeping herself pressed against his chest. Turians were so damn warm . “If you’re not comfortable, I can go somewhere else…find someone else…” She hoped to God he didn’t tell her to leave. It had to be more than just good luck that she’d run into him here and if he told her off, she would likely give up the chase and return to Nihlus, resigned to never knowing what another turian was like.

To her relief, he shook his head. “No…no, it’s not…don’t go.” He grabbed her waist with one hand.

Something Shepard had always liked about Nihlus, and had begun to appreciate about turians in general, was the sheer size of them next to a human, especially their hands. His hand covered her side, his talons trimmed: a common practice for turians who lived amongst mixed-species company.

“I am nervous,” Blue admitted. “You, uh…” He flicked his mandibles. “I’m sorry, but your mark…I just…I’ve never seen a human with one.”

“You want to know about him?” She would have gladly spent an entire evening talking about Nihlus, certainly had before when she was with her friends, but she didn’t particularly want to discuss him with her potential sexual conquest; she was worried thinking too long about him would kill the courage her drink had given her.

“Not extensively.” He shook his head. “I just want to know if I’m going to get cornered in some alley tomorrow and have the shit kicked out of me for touching you.”

She laughed loudly at this. The thought of Nihlus exhibiting anything close to jealousy, and in such an aggressive way, was ludicrous. He was probably out having dinner with an old acquaintance somewhere with the same intentions she had. Their relationship had been relaxed in that sense for quite some time.

“No. He knows what I’m doing. I thought turians were a little more relaxed about these things.”

“Some are.” He shrugged. “Some aren’t . I’ve never even been with someone with a bond mark, but you hear stories.” He surprised her when his fingers brushed against the mangled skin on the right side of her neck. She barely registered the touch; she’d lost much of the sensation when she’d sustained the wounds that had left the scars behind.

“You’re a soldier?”

“In a manner of speaking.” She nodded..

“What do you do?”

She shook her head. “Confidential. Just like my name. No reason for us to get to know each other that well. I’m guessing there’s somewhere quieter you could take me.”

His eyes moved up and down her body, as if he was considering her one last time before he committed to a decision, but she could see his interest: a spark of something akin to hunger. He nodded and his hand slid to the small of her back.

“We’ll get a shuttle.”

She let him lead her through the crowded club, out into the busy streets of the ward, where he hailed a shuttle with his omni-tool. Then they waited. Her heart was pounding entirely too fast, her mind focused on his warm hand pressed firmly against her back.

“You’re very turian,” he told her.

“Excuse me?”

“Well, when I see human women hit on Chellick…they’re usually coyer about it. It’s like an annoying game; they’re obviously interested, but they play hot and cold so they don’t come on too strong. That might work for human men and…I suppose it works for Chellick, but turians don’t beat around the bush like that.”

Four years with Nihlus had rubbed off on her far more than she’d realized.

“Well…I spend most of my time with a turian.” She shrugged. “I guess I’ve picked up his habits.”

“It’s attractive.” Blue stared down at her and the look in his eyes made her face grow warm.

“So, you’ve never been with a human, huh?”

“No, but I wouldn’t exactly call myself inexperienced.”

“Hm, I hope you can put your money where your mouth is, Blue.” She grinned at him.

He leaned over her until his mouth was against her ear, which sent a shiver running down her spine. “And where would you like me to put my mouth?”

The sound of his voice, with such a deep timbre, coupled with his close proximity and the implication behind his words, started a fire in her belly that spread down between her legs. The shuttle pulled up to the curb before she could formulate any sort of meaningful reply, and he opened the door and let her climb in the back before stepping in after her.

The interior of the shuttle was cool and quiet, though it didn’t help the warmth creeping through Shepard’s body. Blue entered a destination into his omni-tool and the shuttle took off toward the rapid transit highway.

As soon as the shuttle was airborne, Blue shifted in the seat so that he was facing her, drawing up one hand to gently tuck a few wispy strands of red hair behind her ear. Her skin jumped against his touch.

“Ever even considered sleeping with a human before, Blue?” She tried to control the nervous quavering in her voice.

His eyes were scanning her face, not meeting her gaze. “I’ve seen the spreads in Fornax. You’re pretty similar to asari beneath your clothes. Hairier though.” His thumb traced along her cheek. “I’ve never pursued a human. None of them have been…quite so…turian.” He let his hand drift down to her neck to her bond mark.

She let out a long, slow breath. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

He replaced his hand with his nose, brushing it against her neck and inhaling against her skin. She knew she smelled like Nihlus; he left a coat of his scent on her with his fingertips every now and then: another way turians marked their mates. She wondered whether the smell would be off-putting to this other turian or not.

The scent didn’t seem to bother Blue, and whatever he thought of it, he didn’t say. He dragged his tongue against her collarbone and up her neck, nipping lightly at the underside of her jaw and repeating the action on the other, scarred, side of her neck. Her cheeks flushed and her heartbeat throbbed between her legs. One of his massive hands gripped her thigh, just at the hem of her dress, and began pushing it slowly, purposefully, up her leg while her hands reached for his neck, feeling the foreign, yet familiar, contours of the plating running down it.

She shifted her fingers up to touch the soft skin directly beneath his fringe and was pleased with the reaction it elicited from him; his subvocals vibrated as he moaned against her skin.

The evidence that he’d never been with a human came from his reluctance or failure to consider actually meeting her lips with his mouth. He trailed his tongue across her collarbones, nipped at her flesh, flicked his mandibles against her, but never tried for a kiss. Nihlus had been with plenty of humans before he ever slept with Shepard, so she’d never stopped to consider that turians didn’t normally kiss each other. Still, she had seen vids of two turians with their tongues entangled; she supposed the vids might not be the most accurate portrayal of turian relationships.

It was while she was considering this that his mouth finally made it to her face, his nose brushing across her cheek. He didn’t attempt a kiss, per se, but he did open his mouth to hers, waiting only long enough for her to reciprocate before his tongue snaked inside and pressed against hers. When she instinctively brought her lips against his flexible mouth plates, she felt him falter for a moment, mandibles twitching with surprise. Then she laughed.

He pulled away from her and sat back. “What’s funny?”

“You’ve never been kissed.”

“I’ve seen humans do it. Turians don’t kiss that way.”

“My turian does.” She shrugged.

“Well maybe with humans or asari…” He shook his head. “It’s new to me. We usually just use our tongues.”

She touched the side of his face and brought her lips back against his. He flexed his mouth in an approximation of a kiss, and, after a few more attempts, seemed to get the hang of it, even seemed to enjoy it, if his vibrating subharmonics were any indication. Once he was comfortable with this newfound kissing, their tongues tangled back together quickly.

His hand inched further up her thigh, shoving the fabric of her dress with it, reaching tantalizingly close to the line of her underwear, then the shuttle came to a halt and, reluctantly, he let go of her. Shepard did a poor job of concealing her frustration, letting out an annoyed sigh and taking a moment to straighten out her dress before she followed him out of the vehicle. She had to remind herself that the night wasn’t over; it had barely begun.

“So, it’s just up a few floors.” Blue said, grabbing her hand and leading her inside the towering apartment building they’d stopped in front of.

Somehow, the shuttle had taken them up to the Presidium without Shepard even noticing. She supposed she had been somewhat preoccupied during the ride.

They stepped into a brightly lit lobby, crossed to the elevator, and waited while it rose up ten stories to Blue’s floor. While they waited, he curved his arm around her back and gripped her waist. Nihlus was big, big enough that she always felt comparably small next to him despite standing nearly six feet tall, but Blue was something else entirely. She was certain the massive hand resting just above her hip could have circled her neck by itself; he was definitely bigger than Nihlus, and she found herself wondering if he was proportionate. Nihlus was the biggest she’d ever had and he had pushed her to her limit the first few times… that thought made her nervous.

Out of the elevator and down a long hall, they finally reached the door to his apartment. He tapped in a pin and pressed his fingers against the interface and the door slid open, revealing the tidy, modest apartment within.

Inside, Shepard leaned against the wall and Blue stood in front of her, eyeing her up and down with that same hungry look she’d caught a glimpse of back at the club. He closed the space between them, his armor cold against her burning skin, and hooked one finger under the strap of her dress, sliding it down her shoulder at a deliberately slow pace. Her breath came heavy as his talon ever-so-lightly pressed into her skin. When he dropped the strap, she slid her arm free from it and waited for him to do the same on the opposite side.

Both arms free from the straps, she lifted them up and shimmied until the silk dress fell away from her body, crumpling in a heap at her feet and leaving her standing in front of him in nothing but her lacy red bra and matching underwear. He stared at her for several seconds, drinking in the sight of her, and she started to grow agitated with how much clothing he was still wearing.

“Take off that armor,” she demanded.

He complied immediately, reaching for familiar hooks and unlatching the heavy blue armor from his chest, then his arms, his legs, and lastly, his pelvis. His under armor clung tightly to his body, revealing all of his sharp angles. His hip spurs jutted out slightly farther than Nihlus’, as did his leg spurs; his shoulders were broader, but his keel bone less prominent. She hated how, every inch of him, she couldn’t stop comparing him to what she knew so intimately. Realistically, she may as well have been comparing a human and a turian, but having never known a turian besides Nihlus, it was where her mind returned at every familiarity.

Without her asking, he removed his under armor as well, then stood before her completely naked, the plates at his pelvis partially opened.

Nihlus’ large fingers always had a difficult time with her bra, and she didn’t want this stranger to rip such an expensive article of clothing, so she reached behind her back and unhooked it, letting it fall from her shoulders, baring her breasts to him.

For a moment, they each stared at the other: Blue’s eyes were preoccupied with her breasts, which he had likely never experienced outside of a strip club; Shepard’s eyes were scanning every inch of him, comparing each curve, each plate, each scale, to her mate.

Blue closed the gap again, bringing his mouth to hers and trailing his rough kisses down her neck, licking across her collarbones and down her chest until he reached her breasts. He held her hips while his mouth explored the contours of her chest, nipping experimentally at her nipple and then repeating the action when she arched her back and let out an involuntary moan. He bit a little harder at the edge of her breast, then replaced his teeth with a gentle caress from his tongue.

She was burning up now, her heartbeat pulsing between her legs, desperate to know what he looked like beneath his plates, desperate to feel him inside of her: someone new and different. Her fingers brushed along the gaps in his chest plating, then down to his pelvic plates, sliding gently between them and brushing along the sheath she knew was hidden just below the plates. His hips bucked and the slow circle of his tongue around her nipple came to a halt.

Spirits ,” he gasped. When she brushed her fingers against the sheath once more, a strangled sound left the back of his throat and the plates slid fully open as his erection freed itself from his sheath.

She looked down to take in the sight of him: bigger than Nihlus, yes, and so very…

Blue .” She almost laughed.

His breath was hot against her neck. “You sound surprised.”

“No, I knew it would be.” She grazed her teeth against his mandible and he growled in response: a heady sound that almost made her do it again. “I’m just…used to something a little more…purple.”

“You’ve never had another turian.” It wasn’t a question.

“Hopefully not for long.”

His hand slid beneath the fabric of her underwear, inching down until his fingers were between her legs, slowly sliding her lips apart. Her breath hitched and her eyelids fluttered.

“Spirits, are all humans this wet?” A single digit toyed with entering her, sliding back and forth past her entrance.

Shepard was having a hard time focusing on anything but his hand between her legs. “Different than turians in that respect. Our men don’t make their own lubricant.”

He kissed her neck and brushed his nose against her cheek. “Show me where to touch you.”

Her hand joined his, guiding his fingers to the tender bundle of nerves above her opening. She moved his hands to circle around it, brushing once against it, a small gasp escaping her throat as it did.

“Feel it?”


She let go of his hand and let his fingers take care of the rest of the work. One of her hands reached up to clutch his shoulder and the other slid down between his legs, encircling his cock, though he was too wide at the base for her fingers to touch. She slid her hand up the length of him and his legs shook, his fingers stuttering against her.

“Your hands are…so soft.” He could barely get the words out.

“Fuck, you’re big.” It was all she could think as she looked at him; bigger than Nihlus, certainly. The thought excited her, but she was also a little nervous.

He pulled her underwear the rest of the way down her legs, dropping down to his knees and hooking one of her legs over his shoulder. He stared up at her and for a moment all they could do was hold each other’s gaze, then his head was between her legs without further notice or fanfare, one hand coming up to part her lips as he slid his tongue along her slit.

A gasp escaped her throat entirely of its own accord and she stumbled back against the wall. One of his hands gripped the thigh that was draped over his shoulder while the other reached for her ass, talons dimpling into the flesh there. All the while, his tongue circled her clit, occasionally, lightly, brushing over it; the sensation made her hips jerk.

Blue …” She moaned, dragging her fingers along the grooves of his fringe. His subvocals purred and his mandibles flicked against the inside of her thighs.

His mouth pressed firmly against her, teeth grazing the very top of her pelvis while his tongue moved harder and faster against her. Each flick of his warm, wet tongue against her clit nearly made her knees buckle, the warmth between her legs radiating up through her chest, sweat trickling down her neck. Words left her mouth, but she had no earthly clue what she was saying: nonsensical babbling, drunk as she was on the pleasure he was giving her. Occasionally, she managed his name, loud and husky from the depths of her throat: Blue, Blue, Blue .

A burst of pleasure exploded simultaneously behind her eyes and between her legs, pulsating through her body as her muscles contracted rhythmically. Several loud moans escaped her lips, and her fingers slid along his fringe to grip it tightly as her toes curled against his back. The moans tapered off into whimpers, then gasping breaths, then one long, satisfied sigh.

He lowered her leg and sat back on his calves, looking up at her, cock throbbing between his legs.

“Fuck.” She traced her hand against his mandible. “I think it’s time we took this into the bedroom.”

His mandibles flicked into a grin and he stood up, grabbing her hand and leading her into his bedroom. His room was as tidy as the front of the apartment had been, bed made with tight military-style tucks at the corners.

They stood at the edge of the bed and she grabbed the base of his cock, pumping her hand up and down it a few times and enjoying the way his mandibles fluttered as she did so. He gripped her hips and licked up her neck.

“What position would you prefer?”

He was too big for her to feel comfortable letting him take the reins: he’d never been with a human and there were a hundred different ways she could think of that he might hurt her without even trying.

“I’ll drive.” She let go of him. “You go sit down.”

Obediently, he moved to the top of the bed and sat with his back against the wall, watching her as she followed. She climbed on top of him, straddling his lap and holding herself over his waiting erection; he held the base of it and slowly, she lowered herself until just the very tip was pressing into her. He let out a low groan as she experimentally slid a little further down.

Spirits …” His eyelids fluttered shut. “Freckles…oh….”

She settled a little further down, the muscles in her abdomen tightening at the effort of holding herself up like that. The deeper he sank into her, the further it stretched her. Definitely bigger than Nihlus.

“You’re…oh you’re too tight!” His eyes snapped open. “It doesn’t hurt?” A look of genuine concern played across his face. The grimace her face was set into probably didn’t assuage any of his concern, but it didn’t hurt – maybe a little – it was just an adjustment, which was why she was taking it slow.

“I’m used to turians,” she laughed, finally settling down fully on top of him. She closed her eyes and held his shoulder; she needed a minute to adjust.

“If it’s…if it’s too much…”

She shook her head. “No. You feel good.” She clenched her muscles against him deliberately and his subharmonics vibrated, carrying through his whole body. He gripped her ass and closed his eyes again.

After a few seconds of adjusting to the size of him, she began to move, grinding back and forth against his lap, sliding up and then stuttering back down until he was buried to the hilt. Deep, soft, little moans left his throat every time she moved, his hands rising and falling with her bottom.

“You’re… fuck …you’re really something, Blue.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and nipped at his mandible. “God… fuck!

She was no longer comparing him to Nihlus. He felt entirely new, completely different, absolutely incredible. Her clit rubbed against his pelvis as she slid back and forth, up and down, against him. He lifted his chin and she tried something that always drove Nihlus wild: kissing up the length of leathery skin and biting down hard on the scales that dotted it. To her immense pleasure, he reacted with a snarl, gripping her ass tighter and bucking his hips against her.

“You like that, did you?” She nibbled the edge of his mandible closest to his jaw.

“Do it again,” he begged.

She complied and his growl was followed by a moan, a harder thrust of his hips: he was taking control and now that she was used to his size, she didn’t mind so much.

His talons dug into her until she was sure they would pierce the skin, filed though they were; one hand dragged down her back, talons scraping a path through her skin, while they other pressed harder and harder into her ass. Their hips rolled to meet each other’s frantic thrusting, the pace of their movements almost punishing.

She could feel a second orgasm coming. Burying her face against his shoulder, she dragged her nails down the plates on the back of his neck, his subvocals rumbling in response. She let him take over completely, pumping frantically into her as a wave of pleasure washed over her for the second time that evening. She gasped and moaned and whimpered, clawed at every inch of him while her muscles tightened around him. It was clear he wouldn’t last much longer, his movements slowing and becoming less coordinated. He gasped and groaned, clutching her tighter. A loud moan left his throat and with a few final, desperate thrusts he came inside of her and the two of them fell still.

For several seconds, the only sound was their heavy breathing as they both caught their breath. He licked the sweat from her shoulder, his mandibles flicking lightly against her skin.

“I’m really glad Chellick wanted to go out for drinks.”

“God, me too. Thank him for me, would you?” She flicked a finger against his mandible and lifted herself to move off of him, but found it physically impossible.


When she shifted her hips, she found that, unless she wanted to seriously injure one or both of them, there was no getting off of him at the moment. He was, more or less, stuck inside of her. As soon as he realized what was happening, his mandibles flared with embarrassment.

“Oh…I…oh no…I’m, uh…”

She settled back down and leaned against his chest. “Nothing to be done about it,” she shrugged.

“I’ve uh…” He swallowed hard. “Well I’ve never um…I’ve never uh…”

“Relax. Ni-…my, uh, partner…it happens to him sometimes. You can’t help it: hormones and all that. It’s just inconvenient. Don’t tell me this is your first time?”

He sighed. “It happened once or twice with people I was dating, but…er…never with a stranger.”

“First time for everything.”

After four years with Nihlus, and nearly three sleeping with him, she had dealt with the unique aspect of turian biology that was knotting plenty of times. Nihlus could never predict when it was going to happen, most turians couldn’t, it was just the right combination of hormones, maybe a little bit of emotion as well. Then it was a lot of sitting and waiting, some aftershocks for him, a big mess when it was all over. At least she was in a comfortable position with Blue. The worst time with Nihlus had been against a shower wall; he’d had to carry her through the ship to the bed and, very carefully, lower them both on the bed before his legs gave out from holding her up for that long.

“Well, we could be stuck here for a while.” She sat back to provide some space between them, at least between their faces. “Longest I ever dealt with was nearly an hour.”

“An hour ?” Blue’s eyes widened.

“Yeah, not super pleasant.”

“Look, I’m really sorry…I've really have never had this problem with a stranger. I…”

“It’s not your fault. I didn’t even think about it. I just wish your cock had evolved enough sense to know there’s no fucking way it’s getting me pregnant.”

His eyelids fluttered and he groaned as his cock twitched inside of her. One of what she hoped would not be many aftershocks.

“Well…until this happened…I was having a nice evening.”

“Me too,” she laughed. “I came out tonight looking for a turian. I have to admit, I saw you down at the C-sec exchange earlier today. You were running after the executor and N-…my partner noticed me watching you. It was his idea for me to try this with another turian.”

“Thank him for me, would you?” He echoed her words. “So you’re stalking me, is that it?”

She grinned. “No, just good fortune. I did a double take when I saw you in the club. Figured I had to go for it.”

“I’m glad you… uhn …” His mandibles twitched with another aftershock. “I’m glad you did. Despite this. ” A short silence followed before he spoke again. “So, since we might be stuck together for a while, will you tell me your name?”


“I’ll tell you mine,” he offered.

“I don’t want to know it. I want to walk away from this night with a good memory, maybe minus the knotting, and never see you again. It’s nothing personal.”

“It’s fine.” But he was clearly put out.

“So what were you chasing the executor for?”

“Oh, you want to know about me, but I can’t know about you?” He flicked his mandibles in irritation.

“Yes, exactly.”

He rolled his eyes, but didn’t withhold the information. “I’ve been working this case on the side in addition to my patrols. There’s this Spectre that’s done some…questionable things in the line of duty and C-sec launched an investigation even though the Council wasn’t that keen on it. My dad’s the one who pressed this issue actually, but they only assigned me to the case, not a whole team like they might normally. I don’t think the executor is exactly invested.”

Shepard tensed up. “A Spectre?”

“Yeah. He’s got a reputation for his behavior and a lot of rumors swirling around the Citadel about him. He… Spirits uhn …I hate this.”

“Seems like you’re kind of enjoying it,” she said, though she still wanted to hear more about the Spectre he was investigating. She knew several Spectres, being one herself, and those she hadn’t met personally she had heard plenty about.

“Well…it feels good, but…it’s not exactly convenient.”

“So who’s the Spectre then?” She prodded.

Before he could answer, the suction holding him inside of her released and both of them sighed with relief. She slid off of him, already feeling the cum trickling out of her and down her legs. With some effort, she swung her legs around and stood up, holding them tightly together.


He pointed to a door across the room and she shuffled across awkwardly, trying to contain the mess he’d left behind. It took her a minute to clean herself up, then she stepped back into the room and stood in front of him. She wanted to ask him about the Spectre again, but now that they had separated, it was time for her to leave.

“Well…thanks for a good time, Blue.”

“Yeah…sorry again.”

“I won’t be seeing you.”

“You never know,” he laughed. “What were the chances you’d run into me twice today?”

“Astronomically low. I’m not counting on it happening a third time.” She wandered into the front of the apartment and began pulling her clothes on. “Have fun with your little assignment. Thanks for a fucking phenomenal orgasm.”

“You sure you won’t tell me your name?” He called from his bedroom.


“Mine is Gar-“

She rushed out the door before she could hear it, then made her way outside to hail a shuttle to the hotel where she would find Nihlus.