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Small Paws

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Izuku Midoriya was, to say the least, one of the most bubbly, positive faces in all of class 1-A, only seconded by Kirishima, because he’s an actual ball of sunshine. Still, he was rarely upset, and if he ever really was, he only expressed it after being harassed to a breaking point by his friends and classmates. So, one can expect that 1-A had no idea how to handle Midoriya being openly antisocial and inactive in class. Even All Might was alarmed when Midoriya didn’t start writing like crazy in his notebook during the fights between students, which he usually did daily. Something was also off with Bakugo, who hadn’t said a word to him all day, keeping his distance. No one was gutsy enough to ask, except for one.

“Hey Midoriya, are you okay? You seem to be talking less, and you didn’t even pick up your notebook during hero training.”

Everyone silently let out sighs of relief. Leave it to Todoroki to speak when everyone else can’t. Others began to chime in with their concerns, but the small boy looked away from the crowd of students.

“It’s nothing. I’m just tired; I didn’t get a lot of sleep- “

“Bullshit.” Bakugo spoke breaking Midoriya’s words, which caused Midoriya to tense slightly. “That’s total bullshit and you know it.”

“Hey Katsuki,” Kirishima whispered into Bakugo’s ear, “I don’t think you should push it. Midoriya looks tired.”

“It’s bullshit. Deku, tell them the fucking truth nerd. They actually asked because they care about you. Don’t feed them bullshit.”

Midoriya looked up at Bakugo, a mix of anger and sadness reflected in his eyes.

“Kacchan, I don’t- “

“Oi, shitty nerd. I told you once and I don’t want to say it again. Fucking tell them.”

Midoriya hesitated, but the second he turned to face the class, his eyes met Todoroki’s, and he relaxed.

“It’s the anniversary of my father’s death. I’m just, worried about my mom. I usually stay home to keep her company, but she refused to let me stay home. I just–I don’t like leaving her by herself today. She misses my dad a lot, and I don’t want for her to go through today without me...”

“Midoriya, we had no idea...”

Kaminari spoke up, looking sincerely at the boy. Everyone else seemed to feel the same, and Uraraka came in to hug him.

“You should have told us before Deku. We would have copied notes for you; you could have stayed home with your mom...”

Midoriya shook his head, looking up at the entire class with tears forming in his eyes.

“I wouldn’t want to be too pushy with my mom. She needs her time and space. The only one who actually knows about today other than her is Kacchan.”

Suddenly, the events from the entire day seemed to all fit into place. Everything from Bakugo ignoring Midoriya to the boy’s behavior made sense.

“Hey Midoriya,” Todoroki looked over to meet the boy’s green eyes, “Stay home next year, okay? Whatever happens, one of us will make sure you don’t miss anything, okay?”

He nodded, tears flooding from his eyes.

“Yeah, I promise.”


When the bell rang to let everyone out of class, Midoriya walked out with Iida and Uraraka. After hearing what today was, those two hadn’t left him alone, always being there to comfort him, though he didn’t need it.

“Deku, it must have been hard losing your dad.”

Midoriya shook his head, responding truthfully to his friend’s question.

“To be honest, my father died when I was really young. I barely remember him. Today effects my mom more than it affects me.”

Iida paused, looking over to Midoriya sternly.

“Just remember that you can count on us, okay? We’re your friends, we’ll always be here for you...”

He smiled and nodded, linking arms with his friends.

When the three came to a crossroads, Uraraka hugged Midoriya before continuing, and Iida gave his final condolences. Midoriya headed home, though he came across a shortcut that would get him home faster. It was through a back alley, and he tried to never go near one since the whole “Sludge Villain” incident, but he didn’t want to leave his mother home alone longer than he had to. So, Midoriya veered to an alley, walking speedily. He had to get home, and that one thought was solely where his focus lied. He was so focused, that he didn’t even notice the attacker behind him.

Sharp claws sunk into his arm, sending extreme waves of pain flaring through Midoriya’s arm.

“AARGH!” The boy let out a scream of pain, staggering away from his attacker. He sent 5% of One for All through his entire body and charged. Still, he was out maneuvered, and in his time of fault, a set of teeth bit down on his shoulder. A worse pain than the claws pulsed through Midoriya’s body, causing him to fall and roll in pain. His attacker stood tall above him, and readied themselves to land the final blow. That attack never arrived though, and was sent flying from a large-scale explosion.

Midoriya only heard three words before he blacked out, “Stupid-ass Deku...”


Midoriya steered to find that he was in his bed. Surrounding him were three familiar faces.

“Kacchan? Kirishima? Kaminari? What are you guys doing here?”

Midoriya tried to sit up, but the second he even thought of moving, pain spread like wildfire.


He was steadied back onto his back by Kirishima, who kept looking over at Bakugo and Kaminari anxiously.

“Katsuki, we can’t leave him in the dark...”

Kirishima could almost feel Bakugo’s glare burn holes in his head. Kaminari seemed to agree, shaking his head, since he opted to keep his mouth closed. Bakugo let out a sigh, motioning for Kaminari to close the door.

“Listen up Deku, because I’m only saying this one time, and then we’re outta here, got it? That thing in the alley bit you, right?”

Midoriya nodded, causing a pissed reaction from Bakugo.

“Dammit. Look, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. That thing that bit you isn’t human. And all the pain that your feeling? It’s from the bite. It’s turning you into something that isn’t human. It’s turning you into a werewolf, and making you just like us...”

Midoriya wasn’t sure what shocked him more. The fact that he was turning into something inhuman, or the fact that his childhood friend just admitted he wasn’t human. Or maybe the fact Kirishima and Kaminari weren’t as shocked as he was by this. He was just shocked silent, until his mother walked in.

“Izuku! Oh, thank god! When Katsuki said you passed out in an alley, I was terrified! I’m so glad nothing happened... I don’t know what I would have done...”

She run over to hug her son, who tried his best to not scream in pain.

“Mom, I’m so sorry that I made you worry. I didn’t want to worry you... I know how hard today is for you...”

Inko shook her head, looking up into her son’s beautiful forest green eyes.

“Izuku, your father would be so proud of you... I wish he could be here to see you...”

The three other boys in the room only watched, though Kaminari and Kirishima wouldn’t stop grinning.

“Thank you boys so much for bringing Izuku back. Please, stay for dinner.”

Bakugo nodded, followed by even wider grins Kirishima and Kaminari.

“Thank you Inko, that would be great.”

She left the boys alone again, and Bakugo’s tone turned dark.

“You’re a werewolf now Deku, no changing that anymore. There’s only one way to even deal with it, and these idiots were fighting me on it the entire way here. We’re a pack; a family that stays together no matter what. A turned werewolf would be killed in seconds by a pure-blooded werewolf, or even a half-blood–”

“–Geez Katsuki, I think your scaring him– “


“Make me ‘Alpha’.”

“You’re so asking for it.”

Bakugo, in an enraged fit of anger, kissed Kirishima, leaving Midoriya dumbfounded. Kaminari on the other hand, wouldn’t stop laughing.

“HOLY SHIT! I think you guys broke Midoriya!”

He wheezed between words, and Midoriya just sat up in bed, taken back completely by what just happened.

“I KNEW IT! Mina totally owns me. I knew that you two were a couple!”

That comment now shocked the two boys silent. Kaminari only seemed to laugh harder.

“This shit is comedy gold! Midoriya, how what were you guys betting?”

“Well, if I lost, she got to put a full face of makeup on me, with help from Uraraka, Tsu, Momo, and Jiro, but if I won, she wouldn’t be allowed to tease or even talk about you guys being a couple for a month. I knew I was going to win, so I let her choose whatever she wanted without fear.”

This only caused Kirishima to join in Kaminari’s laughing, which blanketed over a feeling of calm. Bakugo seemed to be the only one that didn’t get covered by the calmness.

“Not to ruin your fun, but I still didn’t finish. I’m the leader of our pack, and I don’t want for you to go through this alone. We made this pack to help turned werewolves for as long as we can. Deku, will you join our pack? And before you answer, let me say this. I would be your Alpha. What I say goes. Unless you want to challenge my authority, you respect what I say. Understood?”

Midoriya didn’t even hesitate.

“I know that you aren’t as mean as you act, Kacchan. With Kirishima, you’ve been calmer. Others might not see that, but I noticed it right away. I would like to join your pack.”

Kaminari tackled Midoriya into a hug, forgetting that he was in fact, feeling pain simply from sitting up.

“Sorry man, just wanted to welcome you to the pack. From now on, your family.”

Kirishima nodded, following for a softer hug then Kaminari’s tackle hug.

“I know that the situation isn’t the best, but I’m happy that you’re going to be with us.”

Bakugo didn’t say anything more, but a rare genuine small smile appeared on his face, and for once, everything was peaceful.


Of course, it had to be Katsuki. Ever since he left, it was always Katsuki who was caught in the Council’s crossfire. But this time, he really did do something out of line. Taking in yet another turned werewolf. This time, the punishment was death to all four. And their executioner? None other than Bakugo’s former packmate and current classmate. As much as Yaoyorozu didn’t ever want to, she had to kill him. But she wouldn’t do that before convincing him to come back...