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Ruby Red Protagonist

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“I’m not a jealous person!” Ruby quickly rushed out, hands waving wildly in front of her.

Yang paused mid press, arms akimbo as she went through her morning workout. “Uh...Huh.” She grunted, raising an eyebrow at her hyperactive sister’s antics. “Never said you were, Rubes.”

“But, well, I’m a little jealous.” She admitted, slumping back on the shoddily carved stump in a familiar pose. “I mean, you get to go to Beacon! Beacon! And I’m stuck at-!”

“Hey, now!” Yang shot to her feet, casually shrugging off the ensuing stiffness and sauntering over to clap a hand down on the petite girl’s shoulder. “You’ll be there soon enough! A year or two and you can make all new friends and become a proper Huntress, and Signal’s just another step you’ve gotta take!”

Ruby crossed her arms petulantly. “But I don’t want to wait a year or two!” She whined, shaking her head rapidly as the taller girl attempted to ruffle her dark red locks. “I wanna go now! I’ve slain Grimm and I’ve got a weapon and training and everything!”

As Yang smiled slightly she just knew that the blonde had shrugged off her outburst and, sure enough, her suspicions were confirmed a mere second later.

Relationship +1! (Yang: 94/100)

Ruby scowled.

“Good things come to those who wait!” Her sister hastily blurted as though she’d read her mind. “Seriously, and it’s not like we’ll be totally separated; you’re coming with to see me off to initiation, right?”

“...I guess...” She reluctantly conceded, sulking a little less at the other girl’s warm smirk. “...Still, I’m so much stronger than everyone else in Signal.”

Yang’s smirk widened and she scoffed, shaking her head ruefully. “Don’t get cocky, sis.” She warned.

A part of her knew that her sister was right, but that small, small part was overshadowed by the part that casually pointed out that she could actively see how strong she was in comparison to her classmates.

Once more Ruby paused, Observing her sister.

Name: Yang Xiao-Long

The Sister of the Main Character, known for her Traits: Bold (+1 STR, +1 CHA), Intrepid (+1 STR, +1 VIT, +1 AGI) and Loyal (+1 CHA, +1 LUK).

Title: Sunny Little Dragon. (+1 STR, +1 LUK, +10% towards all friendships made. +1 CHA for every ten friendships made.)

Level: 8

To Next Level: N/A.

HP: 200

AP: 100

MP: 9/9

STR: 17 (25)

VIT: 12 (18)

DEX: 12

CHA: 12 (16)

INT: 9

WIS: 7

PER: 8

AGI: 10

LUK: 10 (12)

Points remaining: N/A.

Lien: N/A.

Semblance: Draws Strength From Hits. (+5 STR, +5 VIT, +2X Base Damage Afflicted.)

Not for the first time did the Huntress-in-training wince, comparing their Strength and Vitality and finding herself a little jealous. At least she had the speed advantage, she consoled herself, turning her silver gaze from her physical stats to pout at her sister’s Charisma.

Still, even her Charisma and Wisdom were among the top ten in her year, to say nothing of her superior skill and speed. Combined with her Scythe Mastery and Semblance and... “I’m basically undefeatable.” She sighed, ignoring Yang’s obnoxious burst of laughter as she fell back onto her makeshift seat. “Seriously, I’m too fast for the others to even try and keep up, and I’ve already got my Aura and Semblance so when I go all out I blow ‘em all out of the water!”

“Oh, what a shipwreck!” Ruby groaned, eyeing the grinning girl evilly. “Don’t be like that, sis! It’s not my fault that sometimes my jokes fail to lan- OHGODGETHIMOFF!” Yang yelped, darting across the clearing with a fervent zeal in her attempt to dislodge the sharp-toothed furry missile that had homed in on her arm. “ZWEI, BAD DOG!”

“Good boy Zwei!” She cheered in opposition, deciding that maybe it wasn’t all bad.

A minute passed in which the red-clad scythe wielder gleefully watched the fist fighter fail to get the much smaller creature off before, finally, she decided that enough was enough. “Zwei, c’mon Zwei, come on!” She coaxed, clapping her hands together and luring the innocent animal towards her. “Good boy!”

Yang paused next to a tree, shaking her spit-coated appendage and grimacing in the face of her good-natured cheer. “Eugh, can’t believe you and dad trained him to do that every time.” She griped, pursed lips twitching slightly despite her protests.

“He’s a good dog!” She cooed, patting the panting pet one final time and watching as he bounced back to the house.

“Yeah, yeah, good dog.”

Ruby stood, brushing off her combat skirt. “So when are you going to see Beacon, anyway?”

“Hm?” Yang blinked, lips parting into an ‘o’ as she remembered their previous topic. “Oh! Dad’s taking me in a week while we’re in Vale. There’s a whole transcript thing we’ve gotta get out of the way and then we’ll just be training for the next week after, so...”

“Well that’s... Fun.”

“Heh, yeah. How about you?”

This time it was Ruby’s turn to blink, the question catching her off guard. “What?”

“Well, I mean, we’ll be in Vale tomorrow and you don’t have school until next month,” Yang tilted her head to the side half-heartedly, raising her arms through the air to gesture at the sunny clearing. “So sun, fun and boys loom on the horizon baby sister~!”

“Yang!” She blushed, stepping away from her with a glare. “Don’t be weird!

Relationship +1! (Yang: 95/100)

Yang barked out a short laugh, grabbing at the petite form of her younger sister and rubbing her knuckles against her scalp. “You’ll thank me when we get there, sister dear!” She crooned in that annoying way she did when she wanted to remind Ruby of her seniority.

DAD, SOME OLD WOMAN’S TRYING TO SOLICIT ME!” She called in vindictive retribution, lips widening into an evil grin.

Yang sputtered as her sister ducked beneath her grasp, playfulness falling away in the face of embarrassment. “Ruby! Where did you hear that word? Ruby!?” She called after the fleeing redhead, quickly dashing after her.

The blonde’s footsteps disappeared as she activated her semblance and Ruby allowed her grin to drop, smiling contentedly as she sped past a myriad of trees and fauna alike.

Sprint EX +1! (23/100) (23%)

With a yelp Ruby crashed to the floor, silver eyes widening as she examined the new window. “WHA-!?”

-X- -X-

Name: Ruby Rose

Class: Huntress-In-Training

Traits: Trainee (+10% EXP), Shy (-1 CHA), Socially Awkward (-1 CHA).

Level: 6

To Next Level: 824

HP: 180/180

AP: 90/90

MP: 8/8

STR: 11 (12)+

VIT: 8 (9)+

DEX: 15 (16)+

CHA: 6 (4)+

INT: 8+

WIS: 7+

PER: 10+

AGI: 16 (26)+

LUK: 12+

Points remaining: 26

Perks: 5

Lien: 70

Semblance: Speed. (+10 AGI)

Perks: Silver-eyes – You were born with a unique trait: - +2 LUK, +2 CHA. (+???)

Junior Grimmslayer – You have slain over 10 Grimm: - +10% Damage against Grimm.

Huntress-In-Training – You have earned the title “Huntress-In-Training”:- +1 STR, +1 DEX, +1 CHA.


Scythe Mastery: - 65/100 (65%) (LVL 6)

Hand-To-Hand Mastery: - 21/100 (21%) (LVL 2)

Pole arm Mastery: - 11/100 (11%) (LVL 1)

Aura: - 10/100 (1%) (LVL 1)

Use Of Aura: - 5/100 (1%) (LVL -)

Acrobatics: - 32/100 (8%) (LVL 3)

Sprint: - 40/100 (8%) (LVL 4)

Sprint EX: - 22/100 (22%) (LVL 2)

Physical Resistance: - 11/100 (1.1%) (LVL 1)

Observation: - 22/100 (22%) (LVL 2)

The full window basically enshrouded her entire world in a haze of black-on-white, however Ruby wasn’t focused on that; she was more interested in “Points”.

Across the cabin her sister and dad were engaged in a fast-paced flurry of blows, training well underway already despite the time left for enrolment. She, however, was focusing on the large page before her, absently flicking a finger back and forth as she scrolled through her “Stats”.

“So this works like some sorta video game? Like... Hunters of the Old Republic?” She mused aloud, a surprisingly introspective approach for the normally hyperactive fifteen-year old.

With a hesitant touch she pressed on the plus sign beside the numbers, eyes widening as it changed.

STR: 12 (13)+ (-)

A quick glance and, sure enough, her Points had changed. ’25...?’ She pondered, narrowing her eyes on the new symbol and clicking it without thought.

STR: 11 (12)+


“But it says I’m level 6!” She finally huffed, unable to put together the numbers in any tangible form of order. “Is that five per Level? But that’d be twenty-five unless I get a free one?”

“Ruby, you okay?”

With a hasty flick of her wrist the redhead cast the screen aside, blushing as she took in the confused faces in front of her. “F-Fine!” She reassured them, scratching at her neck in an obvious tell.

Both Tai and Yang eyed her suspiciously, however as her father decided to act in favour of thinking Yang quickly found herself back in the fight, matching blow for blow and sweating as he launched another kick at her side. “Don’t let your guard down!” The grown man yelled, childishly sticking out his tongue at the growling blonde and gasping exaggeratedly as she dove after him. “Be gentle! I’m fragile!” He yelped.

Ruby giggled, watching the altercation with amusement and Observing her dad with a grin.

Name: Tai-Yang Xiao-Long

Class: Trained Hunter.

Traits: Father (+2 INT, +2 WIS, +2 PER), Loyal (+1 CHA, +1 LUK), Trainer (+1 STR, +1 DEX, +1 VIT, +1 AGI, +1 INT, +1 WIS, +1 CHA, +1 PER).

Level: 42

To Next Level: N/A

HP: 420/420

AP: 210/210

MP: 17/17

STR: 24 (25)

VIT: 21 (22)

DEX: 22 (23)

CHA: 10 (12)

INT: 14 (17)

WIS: 12 (15)

PER: 10 (13)

AGI: 11 (12)

LUK: 10 (11)




With a blink she roamed over his “Stats”, impressed but also a little... Disappointed. ‘Those numbers seem low for an RPG.’ Of course, maybe that was because he didn’t have Points, plus he’d been kinda retired for a while... ‘Mm, maybe.’

Still, the fact that his Intelligence and Wisdom weren’t that much higher than her own did make her wonder at just what the numbers might be based on.

“Alright then.” She breathed, brushing the thought aside as she called her own menu back. She knew how many points she had and she knew how to use them now, but where would she be putting them?

Of course she wanted to be strong, to be fast and agile and smart and wise, but... “Mmmmmmmm.” She groaned, gaze flickering across the cabin to the people milling around, trained Huntsmen and women alike conversing, living their lives without fear of the threats beyond their walls.

Attention ladies and gentlemen, we shall be arriving shortly in Vale; please ensure that all luggage is secured and that you vacant the airship in an orderly fashion-“

Ruby wanted to be strong.

STR: 11 (12) +0

26 POINTS Remaining.

To be able to take a hit to defend her team.

VIT: 10 (11) +2

24 POINTS Remaining.

To be skilled in her weapons.

DEX: 15 (16) +0

24 POINTS Remaining.

But... What she really wanted, more than anything right now, was...

CHA: 25 (23) +19

INT: 10 +2

WIS: 10 +3

0 POINTS Remaining.

...A friend.

Trait “Shy” has been removed. (-1 CHA)

Trait “Friendly” has been applied. (+1 CHA, +1 LUK, +10% Chance to succeed when engaged in social situations)

“Oh, now that I can get behind!” She grinned, licking her lips as she dropped the window and relishing in the feeling of pure, unburdened confidence that ran through her.

“Ruby, you coming?” Tai clapped a hand down on her head, ruffling errant locks hap hazardously. “Yang and I are gonna get some ice cream. How about it, chocolate or vanilla?”

Ruby breathed in deeply, concentrating on the warmth and familiarity burning in her core and pulling forth every bit of her newfound skill as she turned, voice smooth as silk and dripping with Charisma as- “I WANT STRAWBERRY!” –She burst her father’s eardrums.