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Gangsters Don't Fall In Love

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Ryu sighed as he and his cousins stepped through the school gates. Likiya, Riku, and Kenta slapped all of their backs and grinned as they teased the young ones, "Wow! Your first day of high school! Aren't you all excited like little puppies~" 

They all rolled their eyes as one of Likiya's friends came over. "Aye~ Zin, what's up man?"

"What's up bro! So? Who are these guys?" he asked as he pointed to the three new students.

"My cousins: Kazuma, Itsuki, and Ryu, it's their first day today."

"Oh? Really? I remember freshman year like it was yesterday, but its actually been two years. Wow~"

"I know, right? Let's go. Have fun getting lost fresh meat~"

Likiya swung his arm over Zin's shoulders and waved goodbye. Riku and Kenta followed suit and left after them.

Kazuma groaned, "We're gonna be teased this whole year for being freshmen! Why do we have to be the youngest? Why?!"

Itsuki faked cried and grabbed onto Kazuma's blazer, "Why lord, why?!"

Ryu shook his head at the two fools and continued to look around. His head turned when two students with unusual hair passed by him.

"Takuma! Nice dreads man!"

"I could say the same about you, Takahide. Your red braids are mad long! Where'd you get it?"

"My sister bought it and braided it in for me."

Takuma pouted, "I wish my sister would do that for me. I barely got her to help pay for my dreads. But luckily, I go to that barbershop a lot, so he gave me a discount!"

Takahide turned to looked at him, and so did Takuma. Suddenly, Ryu didn't know where to look. He's never had to face the public like this until now. Ever since he was little, he's only been homeschooled because he was Hiro's grandson, and today was his first time ever stepping into an actual school. Seeing people that aren't family make him really nervous, as if everyone else is considered an enemy. But why are they looking at him like that?

"Oh no, oh no, they're coming towards me. What do I do?"

"I like your hair color."


"I think it suits you."

Takuma agreed and nodded his head, "Especially with that buzz cut he has. I think that color wouldn't look good with any other cut."

Takahide gave him a smile and asked, "Did you choose this style yourself?"

"We just met and they're already familarizing themselves with me?"

Kazuma and Itsuki came over and saved Ryu from his panic, "We did! It looks good on him, right?"

"Thank god for these two."

"It really does! You guys have good taste."

"Ah, sorry about this guy, he's shy, so he doesn't talk much."

Ryu glared at Kazuma. How dare he say that?! "I-I'm not!"

Takahide laughed, "It's okay. We talked to him out of the blue, he must've been shocked a bit. Oh, we're freshmen. I'm Takahide, and this is my best friend: Takuma."

"We're freshmen too! I'm Itsuki, and these are my cousins: Kazuma, and the shy guy, Ryu."

"Let's hope we have the same classes!"

"Would all first-year students please report to the auditorium."




The principal greeted all of the teachers in the staff room. "Welcome back to a new school year everyone. I hope this year can be just as sucessful as the last. Oh, yes, there are two new teachers this year to replace the retired male gym instructor and male home economics teacher."

The principal and the staff clapped as they welcomed the two new young teachers.

"Hello, I am Murayama Yoshiki, the new male gym instructor."

"I am Furuya Hideto, the new male home economics teacher."

"Suzuki-sensei, Goto-sensei, if you would please introduce yourselves to your new partners."

"It's nice to meet you, I am the female gym instructor, Suzuki Oshiage." She bravely offered her hand for a handshake. Murayama didn't see anything of it, so he shook her hand, but on the inside, Oshiage was screaming. "He's so hot!!!"

"Hello, I am the female home economics teacher, Goto Shiba." Shiba was the same, when Furuya shook her hand, she wanted to collapsed. "He's so cool and manly!"

The two best friends were surely going to discuss their new handsome partners after school.




Takahide and Takuma chose their seats in the back of the class near the windows when they saw Ryu appear at the door looking lost. They waved over to him and he seemed a bit relieved to see the two in the same class as him. "Kazuma and Itsuki didn't come with you?"

Ryu shook his head.

"But hey, at least you're not alone. You have us!"

The two best friends gave him a cheeky grin, and Ryu couldn't help but smile back in return. 

But he quickly went back to a poker face when Takahide caught him in the act. He pointed at him, "Ah! You smiled didn't you?!"

"Eh?! Really?! You smiled just now?!"

Ryu shook his head in denial as the two buddies tried to get him to admit it.

The teacher had arrived and clapped his hands together to get everyone's attention. "Hello everyone! I bet you're all excited since today is your first day of high school!"

Some of the students cheered and clapped along.

"I am your homeroom teacher, Komori Hayato. It's nice to meet you all."



Likiya, Zin, and Kenta sat in the seats that they claimed since the morning and chatted as they waited for the teacher to finish taking the attendance.


"Nakatsuka-sensei, you already called my name."

"Ah, not you Shogo-kun. There's a transfer whose name is also Shogo. Yamamoto Shogo-kun, are you here today?"

The whole class looked around for the new Shogo. 

They heard running footsteps and panting coming from the hallway as an unfamiliar face showed up at the door of the classroom. "S-Sensei! So sorry, Yamamoto Shogo, here."

"Shogo-kun, welcome. May I ask why you are late?"

He had a hint of hesitation before answering, "I woke up late, Sensei."

"Well, try your best not to wake up late again, okay?"

"Yes, Sensei."

"You can sit in that empty seat beside Kenta-kun."

"Yes- You!"

Kenta abruptly stood up and pointed at the transfer, "You!"

Likiya and Zin looked at each other confused, "Do you guys know each other?"

The transfer sat down and denied, "No."

Kenta kept quiet and looked away.

Nakatsuka-sensei looked at the two Shogo's, "What should we do? There are two Shogo's in this class."

"Sensei, you can just call me Yamasho."

"And sensei, you can call me Iwasho."

"Okay, that makes it less confusing. So let's officially start class. For those of you who don't know me, I am your homeroom teacher: Nakatsuka Yuta. Glad to meet you all and teach you in your last year of high school."

He gave a deep bow and the students clapped for him.

As Yuta continued to explain the curriculum for the whole year, Yamasho and Kenta both glared at each other.

A few months before, Kenta had sneaked out of the Exile residence to take part in a street dance battle.

Kenta had won a few battles and continued to move on through the rest of the contestants. Then, the last person he had to face was Yamasho.

Kenta had never lost to anyone that wasn't family. Until he faced Yamasho, that is. They were equally talented, so the winner had to be determined by popular vote and it was somehow a tie as well, until a random girl decided to show up and vote for Yamasho. Kenta had a feeling in his gut, telling him that the girl and him were somehow related. And he was right. Leaving the dance battle devastated, he saw the girl and Yamasho talking as if they knew each other. So he went up to him and ask if he had cheated. Yamasho told him that he only asked him that because he was just salty that he lost. So they sort of got into a fight. They both have been holding a grudge against each other ever since.

Likiya and Zin observed the two rivals and whispered amongst themselves, "I think they're lying. They definitely know each other."

"I wonder what happened between them?"

"Maybe they're old friends and one betrayed the other like in the dramas?"

"Kenta has been in every one of my classes, I would've known if something like that had happened."

"Hmm, you should ask him later."

"Why should I do it?"

"You're his cousin, baka."



Kazuma and Itsuki sat down on the right side of the class, near the doors.

Suddenly, Itsuki shouted, "Ah! That's the limited edition 24K bomber jacket!"

The owner of the bomber jacket turned around and smiled, "You shop there too?"

"Yeah! And that bomber jacket is the only one that I don't have!" He buried his face into his hands and fake cried again, leaning his head on Kazuma's shoulder, who in turn, pushed him away.

The owner and friend beside him laughed. "You're funny. I'm Makoto and this is Hokuto. You guys are?"

"Itsuki, and my cousin Kazuma. What else do you have from 24K?"

While Itsuki and Makoto went on with their conversation, Hokuto decided to start his own. "Kazuma, right? Have you thought about joining any clubs?"

"Well, I sort of wanna try out the singing club..."

"Me too! I think I'm a pretty good singer~ Do you sing good?"

"My older brother is in the singing club and he said I should join, so I would assume so."

"Must be nice to have siblings. I'm an only child."

"Not really. He's annoying and always up my ass about everything."

They all shifted their attention to the teacher when he came in laughing. "Must be nice to be young, huh? Look at all you babies~ Welcome to Sato Taiki's freshman class!"




The first day of school had ended so quickly that the students were almost surprised that it was already 4 PM. Seeing that classes were over, most of the students went home, while others attended their club meetings.

"I see we have some new recruits, eh?"

Yamasho's older brother, Sekai, was the dance instructor at the school. The school had scouted him for being a well known street dance champion and asked him to create the dancing club. 

"Welcome back to the returning members and hello to the new members. I am your club coordinator and dance instructor. In the dance club, we attend dance competitions, compete in talent shows, create choreography to songs, and etc. This year's new appointed team leaders are Likiya and Zin, so you can go to them for help if I'm ever out or at a meeting. So we have our third years: Likiya, Zin, Kenta, Shogo, Rui, Shohei, and our only second year: Kaisei. New recruits, we have the first years: Ryu, Takahide, Takuma, Makoto, Itsuki, and- Oh! Shogo, you decided to join?"

Everyone looked back and forth between Yamasho and Sekai. "Sensei, you know him?"

Sekai brought him in for a big hug, in which Yamasho was trying to break away from. "He's my brother. Yamamoto Sekai and Yamamoto Shogo, you know?"

He let go and looked at him, "So, what made you change your mind? I thought you said you didn't want to betray your old school's team."

Yamasho let out a huff, "I would've been bored otherwise if I had just went home."

Sekai ruffled his hair and exclaimed, "Well, today is just going to be a day for ice breakers. The dancing will start tomorrow. So I will pair you up and you guys will talk to ecah other about what you like about dancing, what type of styles you like best, what styles of dance you don't like, basically, talk about anything that involves dance, okay?"


"Okay, here are the partners: Ryu/Takahide, Takuma/Kaisei, Kenta/Yamasho, Makoto/Itsuki, Likiya/Iwasho, Zin/Shohei/Rui. Go ahead into your groups and chat away!"

Ryu blushed out of shyness. They had talked in class, but it was mostly Takahide and Takuma doing all the talking. "So, what is your style of dancing? I like to follow trends, you know, like the whip and the naenae and the running man, all that. And I do a little of krump."

"I'm better at krump than any other style."

"Aye! Then, you can teach me some more about krumping!"


Takahide's smile was just too bright for him.

Kenta on the other hand...

The two exchanged few words because of their argument from before. They had no interest in each other whatsoever. Sekai was a little worried about how that would bring the team to fall apart, so he decided to do something funny.

"Everyone! Pay attention please!"

He took Kenta's hand and Yamasho's hand and made them hold hands as he explained, "Listen up! Because you are in this club, you are all a part of a team. If you are uncomfortable with each other or if you guys ever get into an arguement, I will make you hold hands until club is over, like these two!"

They all looked over to the duo that had the punishment and laughed. Yamasho looked away in embarassment and Kenta growled under his breath.

"This is so embarassing!"

"Okay everyone! You can get back to chatting!"

Kenta squeezed his hands, "It's all your fault."

Yamasho squeezed back, "No, it's yours. Nobody told you be uncomfortable."

"Well, if you hadn't cheated at that dance-off, we wouldn't be this awkward right now."

"First of all, I did not cheat. I'm well known in the streets, while you, a new face, showed up and took most of the audience."

"You know that girl, don't you?"

"What is it to you?"

"You used her to break the tie, didn't you?"

"No I did not. She came to visit me and see how the dance-off was going. Is it wrong for my sister to vote for me?"

Kenta couldn't say anything after that. If she really was his sister, then what Yamasho said was right. "Damn it."


After their ice breaker, the club meeting was over and they all were able to go home. Likiya and Zin nudged at Kenta and teased him,"So, how was it holding hands with Yamasho?"

"Likiya, Zin, I swear-"


Everyone turned to look as a teenage girl jumped on Yamasho.

"Sana, what are you doing here?"

"I didn't want to walk home alone, so I waited for you. Is Sekai-nii going home yet?"

"Not yet, he has teacher things to do." 

She noticed Kenta and pointed at him, "Ah! That guy from before!"

"That's Kenta, he's in the same homeroom as me."

She gave a curt wave as she greeted him, "Hello again, Kenta-nii."

Yamasho flicked her forehead, "Oi, who are you calling 'brother'?"

"Ow, Shogo-nii, that hurt!"

"Let's go home already. See ya, guys."

Sana waved to everyone else before she left, "Bye Shogo-nii's new friends! Bye Kenta-nii!"

Likiya and Zin eyed Kenta down, "So you guys do know each other! Even his little sister knows you! What, did you go over Sekai-sensei's house or something?"

"No, we battled at a street dance-off."

Likiya covered his mouth and pointed at him, "You sneaked off to go to a street dance-off?!"

Ryu and Itsuki joined in and pointed at him with fake shock, "You sneaked off?! We're telling grandpa!"

Kenta's eyes went wide as he chased his cousins around, "You better not tell them or else I'll beat your asses when we get home! Come back here you fucking bastards!"

Everyone laughed at the cousins' antics and went their separate ways.



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The rest of the boys that were at the gate turned around to see who was calling, but Takuma and Takahide didn't need to. The two boys knew all too well the manly voices of their older sisters.

"Yes, Onee-san?"

The dancers were shocked. The gym teacher and the home economics teacher are both of their sisters? "Onee-san?!"

Oshiage and Shiba dragged the both of them along to their cars. "We're going to Shiba's house tonight to discuss some important things."

"Like what?"

The two sisters looked at each other and had dreamy smiles on their faces, which totally creeped out the two younger boys. "Murayama and Furuya-sensei!" they squealed in harmony.

"Oh boy, here we go..."

Takahide and Takuma turned to their new friends for help, but they shook their heads. There was no saving them now.

Once they arrived, the boys tried to sneak away to Takuma's room, but Shiba and Oshiage caught them just before they reached his door, "Oi, oi, oi! Where do you think you two are going?"

"Uh, to my room?"

"You're sitting down right here, right now."

"But you're just fangirling about guys again, right? We don't need to hear this."

"Um, yes you do because they're your possible brother-in-laws."


"Woah, woah, woah, stop right there, Onee-san. We never said you guys could get married."

"And we never said you could sneak off into Takuma's room, so sit your asses down. We told you we had to discuss something important."

Looking at each other wearily, the boys sat down across from their sisters, suspicous of their sisters' urges to get married to men they've just met.

"Ugh Murayama-sensei is just so adorable! He wore a bandana when he was playing basketball with the kids and! My heart was just- I couldn't take it anymore!"

"Tell me about it, Furuya-sensei looked so manly with that cooking apron on as he taught the kids the basics of baking. And when I got some flour on my cheek, he wiped it off for me!"

"I was blocking Murayama-sensei during the game and when I turned around to run to the other side of the court, I bumped into him and he caught me before I fell to the floor! His hand was on my waist and he apologized after! My face was probably so red, I'm so embarrassed!"

The two sisters squealed in delight while the two brothers listened on in terror. "They did WHAT?!"

Things were getting way too out of hand for the two boys. This must stop.

"What the hell?! Who is this guy?! Imma show him not to mess around with a lady!"


Shiba and Oshiage smacked their brothers and told them to sit down. "If you even dare to lay one finger on our future hubbies, we will kill you."

They gulped in fear, but cleared their throats and tried to put up a front. "B-But still! You shouldn't have let him touch you like that! You're giving him easy access! He'll think you're an easy woman!"

They contemplated over their brother's words as they thought about it some more. "Do you think we're being too easy for them? Should we be a bit more aggressive?"

"Maybe we should..."

"Yes! Yes, you should! How is that even a question?!"

"Look at the news! Girls fall for the cute guys and those guys end up raping them and selling them off! What if they're trying to reel you in?"

"Okay, Takahide, now you're just being ridiculous. Go ahead and play whatever with Takuma."

Takuma gave Takahide a wink and he returned it, "Fine. Just remember, don't let your guard down just because they're handsome!"

Takuma gave him a high five as they left their sisters to think about the situation deeply.

"That was a good one, Taka! I think that was the fastest we were able to escape. A new record, woohoo!"

"But seriously tho, we gotta observe this Murayama and Furuya. They could be those guys that hit their girlfriends for all we know!"

"Dating violence is a big no-no."

And that was their new mission. They weren't going to let any man hurt their sisters.




"You better not tell them anything!"

Itsuki zipped his lips and nudged his head in Kenta's direction.

"Better not tell us what?"

Kenta's eyes went wide as he heard his father's voice from behind him. When he turned around, Kenchi, Keiji, and Kenjiro were looking at him with their arms crossed.


"Kenta, what did I say about keeping secrets from me?"

He bit his lip and prepared for the worst as he confessed, "AfewmonthsagoIsneakedoutofthehousetogotoastreetdanceoff!"

It took Kenjiro a few minutes to process what his son had just said, but he laughed after he understood what Kenta had said.

"Was is it that hard to tell me that you kept it a secret from everyone for a few months?"


"Your uncles and I went to plenty of dance offs back in the day. There's nothing to hide about that."

"B-But there were money bets involved and I sneaked out..."

"Money bets are nothing. It's not like they were using alcohol and drugs at the dance off, right?"

"They weren't."

"Okay then, the only bad thing was that you sneaked out of the house and out of Exile property. You never know when enemies are lurking around. Next time, just tell me. We can go together."

Kenchi let out a big laugh and patted Kenta on the back, "Youngins these days. Did you win though?"

"I was a finalist."

Itsuki piped in, "The third year transfer in our school beat him!"

Kenta glared at his cousin, who stuck out his tongue in return.

"He must've been pretty good then."

"Well, his older brother is our dance teacher, so..."

"Yamamoto Sekai, right?"


Kenji put a finger to his chin as he thought back, "I think I remember him. He was still a kid and a newbie in the streets when we were in our prime, but he had the talent and the potential to grow. I wouldn't be surprised if he won a few battles."

"Not a few Uncle, a lot. He even represented Japan for WOD."

"What is WOD?"

Itsuki and Kenta looked at each other and laughed.

"I think you guys are too old to know WOD. It stands for World of Dance. It's an international urban dance competition."

"He must've been impressive then. If we had participated, we would've won 1st place! Right guys?"

The three fathers laughed at the oldest's joke. "The style is getting more complex now, Aniki. I doubt it."

"Oh really? How about we go to a dance off with Kenta next time and show these youngsters not to mess with the OGs?"

"Whatever you say~"




Yamasho sighed as he received a text message from his father for the 20th time this month.

He changed into shorts and a t-shirt and grabbed a soccer ball as he headed out, "Sekai-nii, I'm gonna go to the park play ball with my friends for a bit."

"Okay, come back home by dinner time."

"Shogo-nii! Can I come with you? Please?"

"No Sana, you have homework to do."

She pouted and looked at her oldest brother for some pity. "You can go after you finish your homework."


Yamasho grumbled under his breath and closed the door behind him as he headed for the park.

As he was near the park, he saw his father waving to him from his car, standing nervously. A bit suspicious to him.

"Otosan, why are you here?"

"I'm here to give you some allowance, " he said as he looked around nervously, "Take it."

He placed a roll of money made up of ¥10,000 bills in Yamasho's hand. "Where did you get this money?"

"I won it in a recent game."

Yamasho knew he was lying.

"No, you did not."

"Of course I did! You know how lucky your old man is!"

Yamasho shoved the money back into the breast pocket of his father's blazer as he glared at him, "Because of you, I was late to school this morning! Those damn loansharks you borrow money from beat me up and threatened to sell Sana if you don't pay them back! Stop gambling and get your life together! Your children's lives are in danger here! Stop being so selfish!"

His fathers face frozed in shock as he put his hands on Yamasho's shoulders, "Are you okay? Did they beat you bad?"

He slapped his father's hands away and stepped back, "Of course I'm not fucking okay! They probably would've stabbed me to death if there weren't cops patrolling the area!"

"I-I'll pay the money back, just don't tell your brother."

"Why not?"

"It'll be a burden to him."

"It's a burden to him? Not only will it be a burden to him, it'll be a burden to Sana too! The best thing you can do for us is to stay away as far as possible. If Okasan was still alive, she'd beat you to death for doing this."

His father buried his face into his hands, realizing the crisis he brought upon his kids.

Yamasho heard the jingling of keys and turned around and saw Sana coming his way.

"You should leave now. I don't want Sana to see your face."

His father looked at him sadly as he got into his car and drove away.

"Shogo-nii, who was that?"

Yamasho smiled for her and ruffled her hair, "Just an old guy asking for directions."




Hiro was looking over some papers when Ryu came back home. "I'm home, Ojichan."

"Welcome back, Ryu. How was school?"

He excitedly sat down next to his grandpa to tell him about all of the exciting things that happened. "I made some new friends and they like my hair. Takuma has dreadlocks in his hair and Takahide has bright red braids in his hair. Yuta's boyfriend is our homeroom teacher and he's really funny. And after school, I went to join the dance club, and Yamasho-senpai's older brother is the dance instructor and he's pretty cool too." He laughed a bit before continuing, "We were doing this ice breaker where we pair up and talk about ourselves to our partner and Kenta and Yamasho-senpai got paired up and didn't talk to each other at all. So as a punishment, Yamamoto-sensei made them hold hands for the rest of the day. Everyone couldn't stop laughing."

Hiro laughed as he listen to Ryu's story. If he had known that allowing Ryu to attend a public school would make him smile so much, he would've done it sooner. But he couldn't risk it when the streets were so dangerous back then. However, Ryu has grown into a fine young man. He's smart and he's strong. He can defend himself and others. Maybe, he won't have to worry so much about Ryu as much as he did before.

He smiled and patted Ryu's head, "You must've had a lot of fun today. Why don't you go to the kitchen and help your grandmas with dinner? Your cousins Ryuto and Ryota should be there too."


Hiro would have to be careful of the rise of the Iemura group if he wants to continue seeing his family happy and beaming with smiles on their faces.


Chapter Text

Yamasho looked at his body in the mirror as he carefully touched the big purple bruise on the lower part of his ribs. He winced and withdrew his hand when he had applied too much pressure. "This is fucking huge. How long will it take to heal?"

He was startled when Sana had knocked on his door, "Shogo-nii, are you done? You'll be late if you don't walk now!"

"Yeah! Just putting on my shirt!"

He buttoned up his uniform and grabbed his bag as he headed out.

"Here's an apple!"

Sana tossed him a big apple, but he tossed it back, "You eat it. You stayed up past midnight doing your homework didn't you?"

She puffed out her cheeks, "No, I did not!"

"That's why you do your homework before you play~ See ya, kid."

Yamasho rushed out of the house, not trying to be late two days in a row, but..."Damn, why is the sun so bright today?"

As he was nearing the school, he saw the other students taking their sweet time, so he smiled to himself for not being late. From the corner of his eye, he saw a group of middle-aged men glaring at him. He turned to glare back, but then he realized those were the same guys that beat him up yesterday. They slowly started to walk towards him and he was not trying to experience the same thing twice, so he made a run for the school gate as fast as he could, with the angry loan sharks shouting after him. The other students moved out of the way in fear of being stampeded which gave Yamasho a disadvantage because of the clear path.

But thank god there were security guards in his school. As he ran past them, they tried blocking the loan sharks from invading school property.

Yamasho jumped up the stairs to his homeroom and plopped his ass down in his seat, causing Kenta, Likiya, and Zin to give him curious stares. "What the hell is up with you?"

He shook his head as he tried to regain his regular breathing. 

They heard the screaming of girls and looked out into the direction of the hallway to see what was up.

"Oh shit. Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

Yamasho quickly looked around the classroom to find a good hiding spot and spotted the big cabinet used for storing the brooms and hid in there.

"Shogo, that bastard! Show yourself right now!"

Some of the loan sharks had gotten past security and started searching for Yamasho.

"Who here knows Yamamoto Shogo?!"

None of the students dared to leak the whereabouts of their troubled classmate. One of the loan sharks entered the class, looking around, when he made eye contact with Kenta. "You! Where is he?!"

"Why the hell should I tell you?"

"The fuck you just say to me?!"

Kenta stood up and approached the man, "I said, why the hell should I fucking tell you, old man?"

The loan shark threw a punch at him, but Kenta easily avoided him and kicked him to the ground. The other loan sharks came in to help their comrade, but Likiya picked up some desks and threw it at them. "Get the fuck out of this school if you don't wanna get beat!"

"Why you little piece of shit!"



Ryu looked at the two bestfriends with his big cute eyes as they plopped down in their seats. "What's wrong? You both look really tired."

Takahide took his hand and broke out into a big smile, "Did you hear that, Taku? He asked if we were okay! Oh, Ryu, you're so cute~"

Ryu blushed when he slightly pinched his cheek. Takuma grabbed Takahide and pulled him away, "Stop that, you're making him uncomfortable."

"Ugh, fine. But anyway, we look really tired because our sisters took a really long time to discuss about the two new teachers. They were fangirling way too hard last night and we didn't get home until 2 in the morning."

"We didn't observe anything in gym class or home economics yesterday because it was just the first day and we didn't know they were our sisters' type. But today, we're going to keep a close eye on those four."

The two looked at him dead in the eyes and asked him, "Will you join us on this important mission, Ryu?"

"I g-guess I could..."

"Alrighty! Welcome aboard mate to the TTR special investigation unit!"


"Takahide, Takuma, and Ryu!"

Ryu smiled happily to himself. Public schools are actually really fun! He feels like a little kid again~

"Ryu! Ryu!"

Itsuki and Kazuma came running, "Likiya and Kenta got into a fight wth some old guys! They're brawling right now in the classroom! Come on!"

The TTR unit didn't hesitate and ran upstairs to their senpai's classroom. Riku had joined them and the police were on the way. 

Ryu, Itsuki, and Kazuma had joined the fight and surrounded the loan sharks into the center of the room. Likiya lowered his voice so that the other students wouldn't hear and grabbed one of the men by the collar, "This school is Exile Tribe property. If you don't leave now, we'll finish you for good."

The old man shoved Likiya's hands away and pointed at all of them while retreating, "The Iemura group will destroy you all! Just wait for it!"

Seeing that the coast was clear, Takuma and Takahide entered the classroom, "What's going on? Who were they?"

"Some loan sharks that were after Yamasho."

"Why would they be looking for Yamasho-senpai?"

"I don't know. Speaking of which," Kenta walked over to the large cabinet, "Yo, you can come out now. You know you gave us a lot of trouble. You owe all of us big time."

Yamasho didn't answer back.

Zin looked over curiously, "Did he escape while you guys fought them off?" He looked at the other students in the hallway and asked them, "Did you see Yamasho coming out of the cabinet?"

They all shook their heads.

Kenta opened the big cabinet doors and was quick to catch an unconscious Yamasho. "Oi, Yamasho! Oi!"

"We should bring him to the nurse."

Kenta held him in his arms and carried him to the infirmary, laying him on carefully the bed. "Junko-sensei, we need you to check up on him."

"What happened out there?"

"He's was running away from some loan sharks and we beat them up for him. He hid in the closet while we fought them off, and when they were gone, we found him like this."

"Do you know if he got hit?"

The kids shook their heads.

"Excuse me, Shogo-kun." Junko said to him as she unbuttoned his shirt.

What she found earned a gasp from the other boys. "When the hell did he get that?"

"He must've gotten it from some sort of trauma or abuse, presumably the loan sharks. But if the bruise is this purple, it wouldn't have been from today. But you said that when you finished the fight, you found him unconscious? Then, that's not good. We're going to have to bring him to the hospital. You guys should contact his legal guardian while I call an ambulance."




Reo cautiously observed his surroundings as he walked through Daruma Ikka territory. The woods always gave him the creeps, but he would have to push aside his childish fears if he wants to meet his lover.

Behind him, he heard a branch break, and as he turned around to see what it was, nothing was there.

Suddenly, he felt a pair of big arms wrap around him, a familiar pair of lips meeting his.

"Shu-kun! You scared me!" Reo hit him softly on the shoulders.

Shu grinned and hugged him closer, kissing him again. "Sorry, I know you feel uncomfortable hanging around the other guys, so I decided to meet you halfway."

Reo blushed, "W-Well, that's because you- you..."

"Show my love and affection out in the open? Well, Hyuga-san, doesn't care, and neither does Ukyo and Sakyo-san, and the other guys just do whatever. There's no need to feel uncomfortable."

"But's going to take me a while until I get comfortable with the rest of your gang. Our relationship is pretty risky."

Shu looked at Reo with a raised brow, "Risky? Does that mean you haven't told your dad yet?"

"How can I? I'm too scared of what he'll say, or do."

"What about your cousin Yuta? Your family didn't say much about his boyfriend, right?"

"See, that's the thing. Hayato was a civilian. But you are from another gang, and not just any gang. You're in Daruma Ikka, the troublemakers of S.W.O.R.D. I don't think my family will react nicely to that."

Washi laughed it off, "Troublemakers? Pfft, what troublemakers? We're far past that phase. The real troublemakers are the Kuryu group. They're the people everyone is watching out for. But right now, let's not talk about this. This is our couple time right now."

He held Reo's hand and walked aimlessly through the woods with him, enjoying the short time he has to spend with his lover. 

"How many months has it been since we first met?"

"Hmm, six?"

Reo chuckled a bit when he thought back, "I remember when you tried to put up a tough act in front of me. It didn't work."

"Listen, I only did that so that I wouldn't like you more than I already did. The first time I saw you, I just thought you were really cute."

Reo pushed him away, "I am not cute!"

"Aw, come on babe, don't be mad." Shu cooed as he brought him in for another hug and a sensual kiss.

Little did they know, someone was secretly taking pictures of them.




Sekai and Sana worriedly looked around as they tried to find their way to the emergency room.


The kids called him and Sekai rushed over. "How is he? What happened?"

"The doctor hasn't come out yet. But he was chased by a bunch of loan sharks this morning."

"Loan sharks?"

Just then, the doctor came out of the room. "Who here is Yamamoto Junpei?"

"That's my father. Why do you ask?"

"The patient has had internal bleeding from a trauma and now it has developed into a massive blood clot that we must remove. We need permission from his legal guardian in order to perform surgery. "

"I am his legal guardian."

"I'm sorry sir. His medical papers haven't changed, so I must receive permission from only Yamamoto Junpei."

Sekai growled under his breath and called the man he hoped he would never contact again.

"Sekai? It's been a while-"

"Get your ass to the hospital right now."

"What happened-"

"I said get your ass here now!"

Everyone was shocked at the way Sekai spoke to his father. Sana held onto Kenta's sleeve, afraid of what would ensue. 

Ten minutes later, their father arrived and came to the hospital confused. "What's going on?"

Sekai couldn't speak and pinched the bridge of his nose.

The doctor began to explain, "You are Yamamoto Junpei?"

"Yes, that's me. What happened doctor?"

"Your son is in critical condition and needs surgery immediately. He has had internal bleeding from a trauma, most likely, from abuse. And because he didn't come to the hospital right away, it has formed into a massive blood clot that needs to be removed. Will you let us proceed?"

"Yes! Do anything you can to save my son, please doctor."

"Rest assured."

The doctor returned to the ER and Mr. Yamamoto slumped down into a chair.

"It's all your fault. You did it again didn't you?"

Mr. Yamamoto looked up to Sekai, wondering what he meant. "What-"

"You know exactly what I'm asking you. You gambled again, didn't you?!"

Sekai moved forward and grabbed his father by the collar, "How many times do you have to put our family in danger until your senses come back?!"

Kenta protectively covered the ears of the 6th grade girl and turned her away.

"Sekai, listen, I didn't mean for this to happen to him. I care about all of you-"

"If you care about all of us, do us a favor and stop wasting your life away on some silly gambling. After you're done with gambling, you can stay as far away from us as you can. We don't need you. I'm the man of this household."

Sekai let go of him and took in a deep breath to calm himself down, "You were never the man of the house anyway."



Once the surgery was done and Yamasho's condition was deemed stable, Takahide, Takuma, and Zin went back to their homes and the six cousins went back to theirs.

Hiro saw his grandson come in with a sad face and asked why he looked like that. "Yamasho-senpai got admitted to the hospital."

"Oh no, that's terrible."

"And Yamamoto-sensei and his dad got into a big fight because Mr. Yamamoto gambled and lost money. So instead of going after him, the loansharks went after Yamasho-senpai. The loansharks were crazy to go inside the school looking for him. When Likiya and Kenta and Riku beat them up, they said that the Iemura group will destroy us all. Are they just bluffing, Ojichan?"

Hiro's face turned dark. The fact that the Iemura group wasn't afraid to trespass Exile Tribe territory meant something was up. The life of an innocent student was endangered and the life of his family might be too. He'll have to hold a meeting soon and add better security to the schools. The streets aren't safe anymore.


Chapter Text

After what Ryu had told him last night, Hiro took the initiative to hold a meeting with the 1st and 2nd generation about the Kuryu group.

"What should we do, Hiro-san?"

"The Kuryu group is getting more and more aggressive these days. We need to do something."

"They even trespassed on Exile grounds, the students' lives will be in danger."

"We can't have them imposing on us like how they tried to take over S.W.O.R.D."

Hiro thought deeply, taking in consideration of everyone's comments.

"I think it's time."

Makadai, Matsu, and Usa turned to him with concerned faces, "You can't possibly mean..."

"This is war."




"Should we go see Yamasho-senpai after school today?"

Takuma's breath was sucked away when Takahide decided to crush him in an unbearably tight hug

"Ryu you're so kawaii~! Thinking about your senpai's wellbeing and everything!"

"C-Can't breathe..."

Ryu was worried that Takuma would run out of breath. He tapped repeatedly on Takahide's arm to get his attention. "Takahide-kun...Takuma-kun, he can't..."

He finally let go of the dread head, "Oh no! Taku, so sorry!"

"You bitch! You did that on purpose!"

"Did not!"

"Did too! If it wasn't for Ryu, I'd be dead!"

Ryu looked on in laughter as the two began their daily playful bickering. There was always an overwhelming feeling of warmth coming from the two and Ryu enjoyed it very much. It was similar to the warmth of his family, but so much more. He didn't know what it was called, but he hopes he never has to let go of it.




Reo was scared, excited, nervous, and thrilled all at the same time. They finally decided that today was going to be their "first time". He could see that Shu was happy and nervous too, the way he was smiling in a bubbly way instead of his usual flirty smirk, and the way he interlocked fingers with him as they entered the traditional-styled Daruma house. 

Hyuga smirked at Shu and gave him a pat on the shoulder, "Try not to be louder than the drums, ya hear?"

His cheeks turned a deep red as he swatted Hyuga's hand away lightly, "Oi! What are you saying?"

Ukyo and Sakyo howled in laughter, "What's this? Shu being shy? Ei~ go on into your room. We'll make sure to bang the drums nice and loud for ya!"

His face got even redder as he tried to ignore his crew mates and make way to his room. "Don't mind them, they can say some embarrassing things."

Reo chuckled and teased him, "Oh~ Now I see where you get it from."

"Hey! I don't talk like them."

"Whatever you say big guy."

"You know what else is big? My dick."

Shu laughed loudly and Reo just facepalmed himself. "There he goes again~"




"Riku, Riku~"


"Help me with this math problem, I don't get it."

"Oh my god Rui, I legit explained this to you last night!"

"Explain to me again, please?"

"Rui, your cute act won't get you anywhere and you know that. It may work with some old lady on the street, but not me."

"I'll buy you a soda?"

"Hmmm...I don't think so. Solve it yourself."

"With melon bread?"

Riku squinted his eyes at him, "Do you think you can bribe me?"

"And five boxes of Pepero?"

"Fine, bring your desk over here. Those snacks you promised better reach me by the end of my singing club."

"Yes, sir!"

Rui slid his desk over and sat down patiently waiting for Riku to explain how to solve the problem.

But in reality, who the fuck wants to listen to a mathematical explanation? Rui was only doing it to listen to Riku.

When he first met Riku during middle school, he was just any other classmate. They were randomly chosen to be partners for a project and now they're the best of friends. During the five years of friendship they have, Rui was just naturally attracted to him, not only as a friend, but as a possible lover. Riku may not feel the same way about him, but Rui will still continue to pester him just to hear his beautiful voice. 



Makoto looked at Itsuki curiously, "Practice was cancelled yesterday without a word being said to us and nobody was there besides Shogo, Shohei, Rui, and Kaisei-senpai. What happened yesterday?"

"Yamasho-senpai got admitted to the hospital and it was an emergency so Yamamoto-sensei couldn't inform everyone. And Likiya and Zin-senpai were there too, and they forgot to tell everyone."

"Oh no, is Yamasho-senpai okay?"

"He went through surgery last night. Now, he's just healing."

"Should we go visit? I was in the hospital once, and it's not nice being alone with no friends to talk to."

"Probably should. I don't think Yamamoto-sensei slept at all last night. We should go and give moral support and so that he can get a nap or something."

"But wait, is there dance practice today?"

"I don't think so. I'll ask Likiya."

"Because if not, we can go right after and probably buy them something."

"Yeah, he just texted me back. He said practice will be continued next week, when Sensei is more emotionally stable."

"Okay. We should buy them something good to eat. Hospital food sucks."

"Speaking of which, what were you in the hospital for?"

"Ah~ someone whacked my leg with a baseball bat. I think I was in a cast for about two months."

"Damn! That bad? How are you still even dancing?"

"I went through a lot of acupuncture and physical therapy. I was able to go back to my original state not too long ago."

"Wait, so this was recent?"

"Like, six months ago? You remember, right Hokuto?"

"Hmm? About what?"

"My leg."

"Yeah, I think that was the scariest moment in my life. I could hear your bone break in half. I get shivers everytime I think about it. Thank god your uncle beat the guy up. We both would've been dead for sure if he didn't show up."

Kazuma was surprised at the baby-faced vocalist, "You fight?"

"Not really, only when I have to. But for sure, that guy was fucking psycho."

"For real, that guy was drunk as fuck that night and he picked a fight with us for no reason! I didn't think he'd be that strong."

"And the fact that he got a baseball bat out of nowhere is really scary. Like, does he carry that around with him?"

"I just hope he never gets drunk in this area ever again."





He smiled when he saw his underclassmen pop their heads in, with bags full of snacks in their hands.

Takahide was about to run over to him to pinch his cheeks, but Takuma caught him right in time. The red-braided head whined in protest, "Taku, let go~"

"No, you're gonna pinch his cheeks like how you pinched Ryu's cheeks."

"But senpai is too cute for his own good!"

Yamasho just laughed a bit as the four other freshmen entered the room as well. "Hi~"

"Where's Yamamoto-sensei?"

"He's getting Sana from school."

The freshies all sat down somewhere near their senpai's bed as they continued to talk and eat at the same time. "Those bad guys didn't try to come looking for you, right?"

"Thank god, no. It's been peaceful for once."

"Good! If they come back, we'll jump them and make sure they'll never come back ever again!"

Yamasho chuckled, "Thanks guys."

Ryu offered him an apple slice, in which he gladly took, "You guys sure left school early. Did you all finish your homework?"

They all looked at each other, with the exception of Ryu, the only one to nod his head. Makoto laughed it off, "Senpai~ you're more important!"

"Don't use me as an excuse. Do your homework. If you need help, you can ask me or Ryu, since he finished his already."

Takahide exclaimed, "Wow, Ryu! You finished it all?"

Yamasho pointed at him, "Don't even think about copying off him."

He backed away guilty.

"Yamasho~ We're here!"

Likiya and Zin came in grinning, with Shogo and Shohei following after with big smiles on their faces. Then, Riku, Rui, Kaisei, and Kenta entered with food in their hands.

"Damn, the freshmeat beat us here!"

"If I knew they were going to buy food, I wouldn't have bought these!"

Yamasho felt so happy that all of these guys made an effort to come and see him and they've only met for two days.

While the other kids started conversations amongst themselves, Kenta slid over, awkwardly standing next to Yamasho. "So...uh, how are you feeling?"

Yamasho was also feeling a little awkward. ", I heard, you brought me to the nurse. Thanks."

"No problem. It's not like you could walk yourself to the nurse."

They both laughed at his sarcasm in such an awkward situation. The others stopped talking to look smugly at the both of them.

"We see you guys sure are getting along."

Kenta cleared his throat and Yamasho looked elsewhere.

They laughed at their reactions and began teasing them. "Does it take only a few hours of holding hands and a drastic situation to make two people more friendly with each other?"

Kenta angrily pointed over to the silver-haired dancer, "Shut up, Zin!"

The kids laughed even more.

"Oh? I's a full house today?"

Sekai and Sana had arrived, in shock at how many people came to see their brother.

"Yamamoto-sensei, now that we're here, you should go and get some rest. If those bad guys come, we'll protect Yamasho and Sana for you!"

Sekai was really grateful for having such students, "Thank you guys. I appreciate this a lot."

"No problem, Sensei!"

He was just feeling so emotional today, so he couldn't help but cry. "I'm sorry guys."

They all huddled around him and gave him hugs. "Don't cry, Sensei~"

Yamasho could feel it. He was staying in this dance team for good, even after he graduates. No other dance team will ever be as warm as this.




"So, explain to me why they were playing drums as we were having sex?"

Shu faked disappointment and put a fist to his heart, "Ugh!"


"You said: have sex, instead of saying: making love."

Reo threw a pillow at him, "You know I feel embarrassed saying that!"

Shu foolishly grinned, "I know. But they're playing the drums so they don't hear your high-pitched moans."

Reo's face turned beet red and he threw another pillow at Washi.

"Not only that, the song they played is meant for married couples for their 'baby-making session'."

Reo's face turned an even deeper shade of red as he pulled the covers over his head.

Shu laughed and let out a deep sigh as he held Reo's hand, "It would be nice, if your family can accept me, and after a few years we can get married."

Reo popped his head out from under the blankets and gave him a gentle smile.

"I wish for it, dearly." 





"Hayato, this is the break room! We shouldn't..."

"It's fine, baby. People rarely come here since they take ther breaks down in the cafeteria now."

Yuta had no chance to talk back as Hayato shut him up with his plump lips. Yuta could never seem to resist Hayato, ever.

Since they first started officially going out, he knew Hayato was a little adventurous. Enough to grab his butt in public while they go shopping, but he didn't expect him to be this adventurous where he's about to make out with him in the break room of the fucking school!

Hayato was startled when Sato came into the break room to make himself a cup of coffee.

"S-Sato! Where the hell did you come from?!"

"Oh don't mind me, I like the coffee up here better. I'll try to be as quick as possible so you guys can go back to whatever you were doing."

Yuta blushed and cleared his throat, "It's fine, take your time. It's almost time for my next class. See you later Hayato, Sato."

He rushed to gather his teaching materials and left the room. Hayato groaned and grabbed his hair in frustration. "Sato! We haven't had any intimate moments in two months! How are you gonna cockblock me like that?!"

Sato laughed his heart out and sipped on his coffee, "Well, those two months aren't my fault, are they? I'm pretty sure you were busy trying to show off your basketball skills by going against Sekai and Mandy."

"Wha- I did not!"

"Do you want me to call Mandy and confirm?"

Hayato angrily puffed out his cheeks and stomped out of the break room.

Sato chuckled and sighed, "Kids."


Chapter Text

Hayato had gotten really affectionate recently, and Yuta can't figure out why. Their anniversary isn't coming up, nor are their birthdays. What could be the reason Hayato has become so lovey dovey? 

"Good morning baby~" Hayato drowsily said as he gave Yuta a morning kiss before he rolled off the bed to wash up in the bathroom.

See? Yuta can't recall Hayato ever giving him a morning kiss. Usually, it's just a 'morning' and some more cuddling before he gets ready. 

He sat up and scratched his head. What was Hayato trying to do?

Speaking of which, Hayato came out of the bathroom fully naked, startling poor Yuta.

Yuta quickly covered his eyes, "Holy sh- Hayato! W-What are you doing?!"

"Aw, come on, don't be shy," he teased as he pulled Yuta up and hugged him, "Let's shower together."

He became flustered and blood started rushing to his cheeks. They've never seen each other naked and now he wants to shower together?!

"W-Why so sudden?"

"Why not? We've been dating for four years now. Don't you think it's time to show more of ourselves? Besides, if we decide to shower separately, we'll be late to breakfast with the family."

Yuta couldn't even oppose because Hayato stripped him down in the speed of light, carrying him to the bathroom and turning on the shower. 

"Wow-" Hayato was a bit shocked after being able to see all of his lover, "You're pretty big..."

Yuta's eyes opened wide and his main instinct was to turn around and cover his private parts, but that only gave Hayato ever the more reason to get closer. He hugged him from behind and kissed Yuta's neck, sending pleasant chills down his spine.

"Yuta," he said before whispering in his ear, "Aishiteru."

Yuta couldn't figure it out, but just hearing that triggered something inside of him. He turned to face him and held Hayato's face. The first time ever in their four years of loving each other, Yuta was the one to initiate the kiss, and he loved every second of it.


Tetsuya noticed the atmosphere change as his son and his lover entered the dining room. "Good morning boys, I don't recall ever seeing you two as happy as right now." He narrowed his eyes at the two, "You two didn't do anything bizzare, did you?"

Hayato put up his hands and highly denied, "Of course not, Father! We promised we wouldn't."

"As long as you keep your word, I assume everything's okay. Well, you two can go eat then."

They both gave a slight bow before sitting at the 3rd generation table wih the other kids.



"Oh my god, Yuta!"


Oshiage and Shiba were quick to take the coffee pot away from him and grab napkins to absorb the liquid before it fell to the carpet. 

Yuta was so busy daydreaming that he didn't realize that he had overfilled his mug. "I'm so sorry! I'll get more napkins!"

After the three of them cleaned up the mess, Oshiage and Shiba decided to interrogate him. "What's got you so high up in the clouds today?"

"We came in and you were so busy smiling that you didn't notice the coffee spilling onto the table!"

He blushed and stayed silent,

Oshiage gave Shiba a look and they both closed in on him, nudging him from both sides and giving him smug looks, "Did Hayato do something good last night?"

"Or was it this morning?"

"Tell us! Tell us!"

Yuta couldn't hold back his smile anymore so he gave in and told them.

"He said what?!"

"Oh my god, you two are friggin relationship goals!"

"He said that and you finally kissed him first! You've taken such a big step! I'm so proud of you!"

Oshiage and Shiba crushed him in a group hug, so happy for their big brother.

Oshiage gasped and clapped her hands together, "Do you think he's going to...ask?!"

"Oh, I don't know..."

Shiba squealed, "He must be planning to! Why else would he be like this? It's already been four years, right?"

"We're telling you, Yuta. Our women intuition can't be wrong!"

"But I think my gay radar is telling me otherwise..."

Yuta didn't want to bring his hopes up just to be brought down. True, it has been four years already, but Hayato is 21 and he is 24. They're both still young and inexperienced. It would be nice if what Oshiage predicted came true, just not now.









Takahide and Takuma stealthily hid behind the basketball pole as Ryu was just standing to the side of them. They intently stared at Oshiage and Murayama as the two adults conversed and laughed with each other. "He's getting too close for my liking. Ryu, Taku, here's the plan..."

"A-Are you sure?"


The detective trio finally decided to do what they were supposed to and passed around a basketball amongst themselves. Then, when the time was right, Takahide threw the ball as hard as he could at Murayama, faking a cry, "Sensei, watch out!"

Oshiage pulled Murayama towards her and spun, giving the ball a roundhouse kick which ended up hitting Takahide right on his forehead. "Ow! Ow! Ow!"

Oshiage, who totally forgot that she was in love wth the guy and oblivious to how close their faces were, decided to ask Murayama if he was okay. "Y-Yeah...Thanks."

While Takuma tended to his stupid best friend, Ryu apologized for him. "S-Sensei, I'm v-very sorry..."

"It's okay, Ryu. The little brat is just tryna look out for me, I know." She stopped to glare burning daggers into Takahide's soul, in which he trembled in fear, then she continued, "But just let him know, if he tries anything else..."

"Y-Yes, Sensei!"

Ryu went back to relay the message, "Your sister is scary...I hope Takuma-kun's sister doesn't react the same way."

Takahide whined and threw a mini tantrum, "Damn it! I was so close! Did you see her coming to save him?! I can't! It's too much to bear!"

After gym class, Oshiage gave Takahide a threatening glare while he gave Murayama a threatening glare while the poor victim was only putting the basketballs back for the next class.

Their next class was home ec. and Takuma was ready to watch his sister and the new teacher with keen eyes.

"Alright class! I know the first two days of home ec. must've been a little boring because it was only introductions and getting to know each other, but today is when the real fun starts!"

The class cheered for their beautiful teacher while Furuya continued the topic. "As all of you may know, I recently started teaching here. Before I came here, I was teacher at Kyoto Pastry Art College. So now that I'm here, we'll be incorporating more baking into the curriculum."

The students chatted amongst themselves because of the amazing new addition to their class.

"Because it's the beginning of the year, we'll start off with something really easy that you guys can make lots of."

"We'll be making chocolate chip cookies!"

The students formed into groups and gathered the ingredients, following their instuctors' directions.

Just like how Takahide was writhing on the inside seeing Oshiage with Murayama, Takuma was writhing on the inside seeing Shiba and Furuya smile at each other as they sifted the flour, occasionally teasing each other by swiping their flour-dirtied hands on each other's faces.

"They are touching each other way too much for a cooking class!"

"Taku, what are you gonna do?"

Takuma put on a mischevious smile and snickered, "Just wait and see. Hehehee..."

Ryu moved away slightly, "Takuma-kun is scary..."

After everyone put their batches of cookie dough in the ovens, they took turns cleaning their group's dishes. When it came to Takuma's turn, he intentionally dropped some left over cookie dough at Shiba's area while she and Furuya were making sure the cookies weren't burning.

"Oh no, I dropped some dough! Lemme just go and clean that up~"

He wet a rag, and without squeezing out the water, he cleaned up and wiped the whole area, making sure it was nice and wet clean. Then, he returned to his table, as if nothing happened. Takahide gave him a high five and they waited for something to happen.

They chanted together in a whisper as the two teachers began walking back to their table. "Furuya first. Furuya first. Furuya first."

Just he was about to walk towards the wet area, he stopped to turn around and answer the question of a nearby student. Shiba went first instead and slipped at the first contact of her heels.

Takuma, Takahide, and Ryu stood up, worried of the outcome, but they sat back down in disappointment when Furuya was quick to catch her before she fell.

"Please be careful Goto-sensei, the floor was just cleaned."

"Y-Yes. Thank you, Furuya-sensei..."

Now it was Takuma's turn to whine in defeat and Takahide's turn to comfort the loser.

Ryu smiled at how protective the younger brothers were over their older sisters. Cute.




"Oi, tell Hyuga to come out."

Shu let out a snicker, "He's not here. Why don't you go find him yourself if you needa meet him so bad?"

Kirinji let out a deep, angry sigh, and commanded to his underlings, "Stay here. I'll be back."

Shu was surprised when Kirinji took the secret route to Hyuga's favorite hideout spot that only he, Hyuga, Ukyo, and Sakyo knew. Kirinji took his leisurely time walking along that path as if he's been there a million times before. Just who is this guy?

Kirinji looked at the trees and fallen leaves that slowly cleared away, revealing a beautiful meadow as he kept on walking.

Who would expect such a meadow within a sparse and scary forest in Daruma Ikka territory?

That's what he first thought when Hyuga showed him the way for the first time.

When he actually liked looking at the beautiful view.

Now, it's just a distant memory. He looks at the meadow again and his heart can only feel pain.

A few more footsteps and a wooden gazebo would come into view, with Hyuga just sleeping on a red hammock tied to the wooden posts.

Hyuga batted an eye open and slowly got up to walk towards him. "Kirinji. What brings you here?"

Man, he never thought he would be speaking with Hyuga again.

"Iemura-san wants you to consider joining the Kuryu group. Or else, we'll have to fight in the future. However...your gang will be damaged before the fight, in a way."

"What do you mean 'damaged'?"

"He won't say."

"I'm surprised you're still under the old bums. I would've thought you'd surpass them by now with Nikaido gone."

Nikaido was a sensitive topic and Hyuga knew that. And yet, he decided to try to infuriate Kirinji today. But Kirinji wasn't here to get angry and get his feelings played with.

He ignored the comment about Nikaido and continued to talk. "You need to decide."

Hyuga stepped closer and Kirinji had to keep his composure. The gang leader held Kirinji playfully by the chin and smirked, "What do I get in return?"

Kirinji smacked his hand away and glared at him, "Don't fucking touch me." 

"Fiesty. I like it."

"I don't."

Hyuga reached for his arm, but Kirinji pulled away. He forcefully grabbed both of Kirinji's wrists and pulled him closer. "Hyuga, let go now."

"Or what?"

"I'll fucking kill you."

Hyuga let out a boisterous laugh, "I want to see you try. The longer you struggle, the longer you'll be here."

Kirinji glared at him and took in a deep breath. Hyuga felt his arms go limp. Defeat was easy. Too easy for enjoyment.

"I don't have time to be playing these games with you, Hyuga. Let go of me."

"I don't want to. I have all the time in the world to be with you."

"Let go."


Kirinji kneed him in the balls, but Hyuga took the hit and just smirked, pinning him down to the forest floor.

"You never know who you can and can't beat, do you?"

"I know my limits, but I will always break them."

"And then you end up breaking yourself."

"That hardly matters."

"To me, it does."

That's what Kirinji always hated about Hyuga. He always had something to say.

"You don't care about me. You never did."

"And who told you that?"

"You did."

"And you believed it?"

"I didn't believe it. I knew it from the start."

"Well, it looks like your intuition gave you false information."

Hyuga's face inched closer, to the point where their noses were touching.

Kirinji hated this. He hated him to the core and yet he has the audacity to even touch him.

He pushed Hyuga away and got up, dusting off his suit. "I'll ask you again: Will you join the Iemura group or not?"


"Then, you can expect bad news later on whenever it decides to deliver itself."

Kirinji returned to his men and drove back to the Iemura building to report.

"Iemura-san, Daruma Ikka will not join us for a second time."

The small boss chuckled and smothered his cigar into the ash tray. 

"That's a surprise."


He smirked and looked at Kirinji in the eyes, "I thought Hyuga would give in if I had his ex-boyfriend to negotiate with him."

Kirinji's eyes opened wide, terrified. He knew about that?

"You know, Kirinji. No one in this group can hide anything from me. Especially, when one of our higher men was secretly dating the leader of Daruma Ikka in the past. If you thought that I wouldn't find out, think again."

He quickly bowed and apologized, "I am very sorry, Iemura-san!"

The boss whipped his liquor glass at Kirinji's head, shattering the cup into pieces, causing blood to drip down his face as he tried not to fall.

"Failures are not forgiven, Kirinji."


Chapter Text

A few weeks passed and Yamasho was fully healed and was able to dance with the others again. What surprised everyone the most, though, was the progress of his and Kenta's friendship.

After a few more visits to his hospital room, Kenta was able to go on his own and visited almost everyday. They chatted, ate, did homework, watched dancing videos, listened to music, and Kenta would sometimes dance for him for fun. They seemed like best friends that knew each other for years.

Their skinship was through the roof too. Likiya and Zin were almost jealous that a friendship of 4 weeks could have more skinship than their 5 years of friendship.

Whenever Yamasho wanted to go outside to get some fresh air, Kenta would push him out in a wheelchair and sit next to him, occasionally holding hands as they talked about things. They did that so often that the nurses thought they were dating. But, the two denied and said it was just brotherly love.

Yamasho walked to his seat and was immediately greeted by a warm hug from Kenta. "Welcome back, Yamasho."

"Kenta, sit your ass down. You see him everyday! We should be the ones hugging him!"

Yamasho laughed as Zin and Likiya pushed Kenta out of the way to hug him.

"Ugh, rude."

"Now you guys will be able to see me dance."

"With Yamamoto-sensei as your brother, I won't doubt your skills. Unlike someone over here~ *cough* Kenta *cough*."

"Excuse me?!"

"Hmmm, I wonder who it was that got so salty about losing that he claimed that Yamasho won through a cheated vote???"

Kenta couldn't say anything else and just crossed his arms and huffed. Yamasho went over and put an arm around his shoulder and cooed, "Aww, come on guys, don't make my baby so upset."

"Your 'baby'?" Zin whined to Likiya, "They've only been friends for a few weeks and we've been best friends for years! Why don't you ever call me cute nicknames?"

Likiya's heart raced as he tried to laugh his nervousness off. "You never asked. Fine, I'll call you Honey then."

Zin gave him a cheesy grin and hugged his arm, "Okay, Sweetie~"

Anymore of this and Likiya was sure his heart was going to burst.




Mandy, Elly, Takanori, Naoto, and Naoki were playing basketball in a court by the park when a group of guys came up to ask for a friendly street match.

"Hey, do you mind if we play with you guys?" a blond man with grills on his teeth approached them.

They didn't know how to feel about playing against a group of random strangers all of a sudden. Hiro did warn them of the rising dangers out in the streets, but Elly totally dismissed that warning, admiring the handsome face of the one that spoke, and went ahead to say yes without even thinking.

"I'm called Sway. This is Kazuki, P-Cho, Kubo, and GS."

"I'm Elly and this is Takanori, Mandy, Naoto, and Naoki."

"Do you guys have a team name? You can call us Doberman Infinity."

"As for can call us JSB."

"Let's go for 10 points to declare the winner?"

Elly decided to take chances today, "Let's go for 20."

Sway smirked, "Challenge accepted."

The first game started off with both Sway and Elly blocking each other as each team tried to score. It was a fierce battle, one blocking the shots of the other as soon as they had a hold of it. The game was going to get nowhere with the skills of both teams on par like this. But Elly was loving it. A prolonged game means he doesn't have to go home as early as his mother wanted him to. And his uncles were there to vouch for him, so she won't complain as much.

Besides, who would want to go home when there's a handsome hunk in front of him?

When Elly got a hold of the ball, he was dribbling to the basket when Sway slid in front of him. "Do you usually smile a lot?"

"Yeah, why do you ask?"

"Cuz ya cute."

Sway winked at him and Elly just laughed, "Are you trying to distract me?"

"Of course not~"

Elly took advantage of the conversation they were having to pivot around him and jump to make a shot. The first point of the game.

"Damn you got me there. I thought I had you for a sec."

Elly winked back and started the second round.

In the end, both teams were at a tie with 19 points. It was getting really dark out and Naoki was really pushing for Elly to hurry it up. "Don't worry Oji~ We'll finish this game up soon."

They were now starting the last round to determine the winner. Elly stole the ball from the air as Kazuki attempted to pass the ball to Sway. Elly stopped at the three-point line to shoot and had his hands ready up above his head, but he was stopped by a smirking Sway, their foreheads touching as Sway gave him a playful, challenging look.

Damn, he was hot.

But Elly set that trap up for him and smiled before passing the ball to Mandy over Sway's head. Mandy got past Kubo and jumped high, dunking the ball into the basket. They won the game.

"I got cha."

"You got me good."

Naoki gave a short shout, "I'm gonna start the car!"

Naoto followed after his brother and Takanori and Mandy got their things and started heading for the car.

"Elly, come on!"

"Yeah! Hold on!"

He got his phone and smiled at Sway, "You wanna play again some other time?"

"Let's do a one-on-one sometime," Sway said as he punched in his phone number into Elly's phone, "I wanna see you try and beat me by yourself."

"Oh, I will."

Sway winked and gave a short wave before leaving with his crew, "Catch ya later, boy."

Elly did the same and smiled, kissing the screen of his phone as he walked off.

Kazuki wiped away his sweat with a towel as he talked with Sway, "I don't like him."

"Why not?"

"He's always giving you these looks."

"Maybe he's flirting with me. Who knows?"

Kazuki scoffed, "You think everyone is flirting with you."

Sway laughed out loud, "Yes. Yes I do. I'm that hot~"


Elly hopped into the car, trying to hide his smile. Naoki looked through the mirror at Elly, "Today was risky, Elly. You know Hiro-san said to be careful out on the streets. We can't just play ball with random strangers that approached us."

"Oji, I know~"

"You better be ready for Crystal to talk your ear off."

"I think Mom will be okay if she knows I'm with you guys."

"Apparently not. I have 15 missed calls from her."

Mandy looked at his phone and winced, "I have 27."

Naoto looked at his and sighed, "I have 33."

Takanori looked at his phone and looked at Elly, "You're definitely doomed tonight. I have 50 missed calls from Auntie Crystal."

They were all waiting for Elly to check his phone. When he let Sway put in his number, he didn't read his notifications. Now, he looks at the screen again and gasps in terror. "164 MISSED CALLS?!"

Everyone's eyes widened, "She broke the record again! Was 113 not enough missed calls last time?!"

Naoki started driving and shook his head, "Not helping you this time."

Naoto turned away and did the same, "Neither am I."

"What?! Why?" Elly looked to Mandy and Iwata for help, but they scooted away. "Not even you, Uncle Mandy?"

"Let me tell you Elly, I know how my sister gets. I am not involving myself in this. You said yes and suggested 20 points on your own."

Elly banged his head on the window in frustration, awaiting his death at home. Then, he received a text from Likiya.

"Mom says you're grounded."

"I'm grounded?!"

"For a whole week. :P"

He groaned and banged his head on the head rest. "A whole week for playing basketball and coming home late. I'm done."

Takanori was amazed, "She's grounding you for a week?! Auntie is fierce..."

"I want to die."


They all got home that night, and saw Crystal waiting in front of the gate with her arms crossed and her feet tapping at the ground impatiently. Likiya was standing with his hands clasped in front of him, staying a safe distance away from his mom.

Elly was the last one to get out of the car as the others scattered to their respective homes after saying good night to Crystal and Likiya, except for Mandy, who was held back by his older sister. He cursed in his head.

Elly coyly walked towards his mom. "I'm b-back?"

"Don't you 'I'm back' me!" She dragged him inside by the ear with Mandy and Likiya exchanging painful looks as they followed. "What do I always tell you? Come home before dinner time unless I approve of you staying out later than that. What time is it now? 10 PM! Playing basketball from 3 PM to 10 PM, do you know how ridiculous that is? The streets are getting more dangerous and you're going to spend seven hours playing basketball and possibly getting killed?"

"I'm sorry, Mom! I promise I won't do it again!"

She let go of his ear and started pulling on Mandy's. "AH! Onee-chan! That hurts!"

"And you! You know he has a curfew and you don't stop him?"

"We lost track of time!"

Mandy looked over to Nesmith for help. but his older brother shook his head and continued to sip on his tea as he read the newspaper.

"How far was that basketball court you went to?"

"Uhhh, 2 km???"

Mandy rubbed his ear when she let go to yell at Elly again. "Elly, for this whole week, you are not allowed to go any further than one kilometer from the house."

Elly's mouth dropped, "One kilometer?!"

"No negotiations. It's one kilometer or nothing. Now go. Shoo. Eat something."

He pouted and looked down in defeat, "Fine..."

After eating, Elly went to his room and plopped himself onto his bed and laid down. Feeling his phone vibrate, he lazily brought it over to his face and checked it. Seeing who it was that texted him, he immediately sat up.

He didn't expect Sway to contact him so soon.

From: Sway~
To: Elly ♥

"Hey, good game today. ;)"

From: Elly ♥
To: Sway~

"You too :)"

From: Sway~
To: Elly ♥

"You wanna go again tmrw?"

From: Elly ♥
To: Sway~

"I can't. I'm grounded for a whole week for staying out too late. I'm a grown man but my mom thinks otherwise. I can't go further than 1 km from my house now. T^T"

From: Sway~
To: Elly ♥

"Damnnnnnnn that must suck. Is there a court near your house? If there is, we can still play."

From: Elly ♥
To: Sway~

"Yeah...but there's some shady guys always hanging around there, that's why we travelled so far today to play ball."

From: Sway~
To: Elly ♥

"That's fine. I'll beat em up if they try something!"

From: Elly ♥
To: Sway~

"lmao thanks. see u tmrw then?"

From: Sway~
To: Elly ♥

"Yup. G'nite cutie ;)"

From: Elly ♥
To: Sway~

"Nite ;)"

Elly let out a happy sigh, a stupid grin forming on his face as he screamed quietly into a pillow.




Sway steathily put away his phone and took a sip of his tequila as Kazuki came over to the bar.

"Who are you texting that's making you grin so cheesily like this?"

He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head, "No one. Just browsing memes on Insta."

Kazuki looked at him suspiciously and ordered a beer. "Sure..."

It's been a long time since Sway found someone as cute as Elly. A very long time.



Chapter Text

"Psst! Likiya!"

Likiya kept scrolling through his phone as he blankly answered his older brother. "What?"

"Come to my room after dinner."

"For what?"

"Just come!"





Yamasho held a flyer and stepped into a part of the city that he's never been to before. It looked like a friendly neighborhood, where everyone knew each other. Finally, he reached his destination.

"Excuse me? I saw that you were hiring?"

A man, a few inches taller than him, with long black dreadlocks, came forward to him with a smile, "Yep! Welcome to the Sannoh Bath House! I'm the owner: Tetsu."

"Nice to meet you, Tetsu-san! My name is Yamamoto Shogo, but my friends call me Yamasho."

"Okay Yamasho, how about we sit down first? Do you want some water? Tea?"

"Water, please."

Tetsu came with a glass of ice cold water and cup of steaming hot tea for himself and sat down. "You look pretty young. Are you a high school student?"

"Yes, it's my last year."

"Ah~ senior year. The most reckless year. I remember those days. Anyway, since you go to school, that's great. I need help cleaning the bath house after closing hours and the workers usually leave a few hours before and I get left alone to clean up by myself. Do you think you can come here at 8 PM everyday to help me clean? Usually, by myself, it can take me up to four hours to clean everything. But if you come, I think we can cut that time in half. I can pay you ¥6,000 per night. What do you think?"

Yamasho smiled, "Yes! I can do it!"

Tetsu smiled back, "Love the enthusiasm kid. Do you parents know about you wanting to work here?"

"Yes, I told my brother already that I was looking for a job."

"Do you mind giving me your brother's number for emergency purposes?"

Yamasho wrote down Sekai's number and passed it over to Tetsu. He dialed the number and waited for him to pick up.

"Hello? Is this Yamamoto Shogo's brother? Hi, I am the owner of the Sannoh Bath House, Tetsu, and I'm calling just to let you know that I am hiring your brother to work as a part-time cleaner from 8 PM to around 10 PM. Is that okay with you? Yes, you don't have to worry about transportation, I will bring him home afterwards. He just needs to get here on his own. Yes, thank you. Goodbye."

Tetsu hung up and asked for Yamasho's number. 

"Okay buddy! You are officially hired! You can start tomorrow, wouldn't want you to get your school uniform all dirty."

Yamasho stood up and quickly bowed, "Thank you, Tetsu-san!"

"No problem buddy!"

"Have a nice day!"

"See you tomorrow night, Yamasho!"

Yamaho walked out of the bath house with a smile. The owner was not only unique, but also very nice and chill. He can surely get along well with him and probably this whole neighborhood!




Elly looked both ways before dragging Likiya into his room and locking the door. Likiya sat down comfortably on his brother's bed and sprawled himself onto the bed. "So? Why am I here? And why are you being so secretive?"

Elly told him all about his encounter with Sway and how he got his number and how he texted first.


"Shhh! Tone it down!"

Likiya smirked and poked at his brother's shoulder, "You like him, ey? So, you played ball with him again today, right?"

"Yeah. Those friggin drug dealers that keep hanging around the court tried jumping me and Sway, but it's okay, we beat them all up."

"Did anything magical happen when you guys were playing?"

Elly smiled and covered his face with a pillow. Likiya snatched the pillow away and teased him some more. "Come on! Tell me!"


"What up man?"

"Aye, what's up?"

"Ready to be defeated today, Elly?"

"Me? Defeated? Hah, I think you're the one that's going to be defeated today, Sway."

"Really? I think the fuck not."

Elly laughed and handed the ball to Sway. "Let's get started."

Sway dribbled the ball towards the net and Elly followed in front, blocking his path to shoot. But Sway stepped backwards, and with one powerful toss, the ball circled around the rim and made it inside the basket. He winked at Elly, "One for me."

Elly rolled his eyes and got the ball and started dribbling to the other end of the court. Sway caught up and put his arms out in front of him, blocking his shooting path. Trying to copy what Sway did earlier, Elly stepped backwards and prepared to shoot, but Sway stepped along with him. And instead of his arms blocking Elly's shot, his hands went around Elly and grabbed his buttcheeks firmly, shocking the 29 year old, causing him to drop the ball onto the ground.

Red crept up to Elly's cheeks as he stuttered out, "H-Hey! T-That's cheating!"

"Damn, you're ass is big and round." Sway told him flirtatiously as he gave it a good squeeze.

The strong squeeze made Elly move closer to Sway, their faces only a few inches away from each other.

Sway looked at Elly lustfully in the eyes and asked, "What do you say? Wanna go out with me?"

Elly's heart couldn't stop racing. He didn't know what to say. "I-"

Sway brought Elly closer, their bodies touching, with no space inbetween. He tilted his head and kissed him on the lips. "I take that as a yes."

Elly placed his hands on Sway's shoulders and returned the kiss. "Yes."

Sway's lips came down softly like a snowflake and sensually kissed his way inside, their tongues merging with one another. Sway let go of Elly's bountiful peach and moved up to caress his waist.

Elly was so surprised, he never imagined their second meeting would end up like this.

"He asked me out and I said yes, but I'm not going into detail for you."

Likiya pouted, "Don't you think you're going too fast? You guys just met yesterday."

"I know, but if I said no, when will I ever see him again?"

"You could've said, let me think about it, or something like that."

"Damn, totally forgot about that. It was in the heat of the moment, okay?"

"Not so smart, are we now?"

"Shut up, let's start talking about you now." Elly propped up his head onto his elbows and smiled smugly, "How's it going with you and Zin?"

"W-Why are we suddenly talking about me now?"

"Because I told you about me, it's only fair that you share your progress."

"Um, well, we're finally calling each other nicknames."

"Really?! Is it sweet?"

"I call him Honey and he calls me Sweetie..."

Now it was Elly's turn to poke at his brother, "Awe~ how sweet! Did your heart go doki-doki?"

"Of course it did!"

Elly laughed and hugged his little brother. Tonight was a good night.




Kirinji wiped away the blood that trickled down his chin.

"You didn't have to come here yourself, Kirinji. They could've sent someone else."

"But he didn't. Boss chose me, so my men and I will be the ones here, right now, to fight you."

"Your boss is cruel."

"Of course."

Kirinji landed another blow on Hyuga's face, sending him back a few steps.

The two decided to have a one-on-one battle at Hyuga's secret sanctuary as their men fought in the main area of Daruma Ikka territory.

"There's no point in fighting me when you know you're going to lose, Kirinji."

Hyuga gave him another punch in the chest. He stumbled back and winced as his back landed against a tree.


"That's it. I give up. Happy now?"

Hyuga watched him leave to call back his men, leaving the premises.

"Dammit, Kirinji. Wait!"

Hyuga held his wrist before he could go anywhere and locked him in a hug. 

Kirinji was crying. He never saw him cry before.

"What the hell do you want from me?!"

Hyuga held his face and wiped away his tears, "I just want you back."

"I gave you a chance before but you ruined it. I'm not giving you another one."

Kirinji pushed him away and left. Hyuga never felt so sorry in his life.


"Kirinji-san, we can't go back to the boss like this!"

He leaned his head on the window and closed his eyes, "It'll be fine. I'll take responsibility for all of you. For the last time."

The henchmen looked back between each other. "Kirinji-san...what do you mean?"

"You'll be fine."


Iemura was satisfied in Kirinji's choice.

"Fine. However, your group will be lightly punished. As for you, you should know what will happen."


"You have three hours."

Kirinji bowed and headed over to his room to pack his belongings. When he exited the boss' room, his henchmen were outside waiting for him with worry. "Kirinji-san, you shouldn't have!"

Kirinji walked over to his youngest follower and gave him a genuine smile and a soft squeeze on his shoulder, "Everything will be fine. Goodbye...everyone."


With his face all beat up, bruises black on his skin, blood on his clothes, and his suit ripped and torn, Kirinji took one last look at his family of twenty years. Then, he proceeded to walk away with his suitcase, his head held high, but his eyes still managing to cry.


"Sekai-nii! Wait! Stop the car!"

"What's wrong Sana?"


Yamasho and Sekai squinted through the rain and dark night to look over to where she was pointing and saw that a man had collapsed.

Sekai parked the car over by the curb and ran out to see if the man was okay.

"Sir! Are you okay?"



Kirinji opened his eyes and found himself in someone's house. When he turned his head, he saw a young boy and girl sitting on a couch, looking at him.

"Mister, are you finally awake?"

"Sana, give him some time to take everything in first."

"Okay, Shogo-nii. I'll go call Sekai-nii."

While Sana left to another room, Shogo got up and offered him a glass of water.

Kirinji slowly sat up and thanked the teenager.

"Mister, we found you on the ground. You have all these wounds on your body, are you okay?"

"I-I'm fine. Just a few scratches."

Sana came back with an adult and a first aid kit.

"I'm Sekai, and you are?"

"Kirinji. Thank you, for bringing me in."

"No problem. If you're looking for your suitcase, it's in your room."


"If you're looking for a place to stay, we have one room to spare. I won't ask for much. You can pay ¥20,000 a month if you choose to stay with us."

These strangers are being so generous to him and he's such a bad person. All these pent up feelings added on and he couldn't help but cry.

"I-I'm so sorry, I'm such a bad person and you guys are so nice to me..."

Sana got a tissue and patted away his tears and gave him a quick hug. "Bad people can be good too. Everyone can change."

Kirinji fought through the pain and tried his hardest to muster up a smile. "Thank you for taking me in! I'll do my best!"

The three siblings smiled back. "Welcome home, Kirinji."




"Kenchi-sama, you have urgent mail."

"From who?"

"The person didn't say, but he's very suspicious. Be careful, Kenchi-sama."

"Alright, you can leave."

The guard left and Kenchi looked at the big yellow envelope curiously. There was no return address or sender address. Whoever sent it, came personally to the Exile household to deliver it.

He took a small knife to cut it open and took the contents out.

His face became grim.

They were all photos.

Photos of his son Reo and...

Shu from Daruma Ikka.


Chapter Text

Kenchi threw the photos at Reo's face and screamed at him, "What the hell is this?! Is this where you go when you're done with school?!"

Reo cried and begged at his father's feet, "Dad, I'm sorry! Please, I'm sorry!"

"You think I had you go to college to go flirt with a scumbag from Daruma Ikka?! I wouldn't have minded if the guy was a regular person, but Daruma Ikka? Are you crazy?!"

"He's a good person, Dad, I swear!"

"Forget it! You're not allowed to go anywhere besides school or home. Don't even think about running away!"

Kenchi forcefully tugged his leg away from Reo's hold and left the room. Itsuki came running at the commotion, "Dad, what's wrong?"

"Why don't you go ask your brother instead?"

Kenchi slammed the door of his study shut and Itsuki went his brother's room to see Reo on the floor, crying.

"Aniki! What happened?"

Itsuki picked up a photo from the scattered pile on the floor, "Isn't this guy from..."

He brought his older brother into a hug, "'ll be okay."

Reo cried into his younger brother's t-shirt.

"Love is love, I'm sure he'll understand soon."




Likiya really did not know what to say. It was as if someone had stabbed him in the heart with a dagger. And that person was no other than his own best friend.

"This is my girlfriend Anna. You remember her, right?"

Next to Zin's side was Anna, an old friend of theirs when they used to dance together in middle school. She was never in any of Likiya's classes, so he never saw how she became to so pretty over the years. He was almost jealous of her. Just one smile would take Zin's breath away. It wasn't fair.


"We started going out since the beginning of freshman year. Sorry for not telling you."

Anna was a tall, but pretty girl. She had straight bangs and long purple-colored hair. And she is a great dancer. Likiya didn't need to question their compatibility. What he did need to question though, was why Zin kept it a secret for almost three years.

Zin lightly patted him on the shoulder, "Are you mad at me?"

Actually, yes. He was very angry

"No, not at all..."

"If you're feeling lonely, I can hook you up, ya know? Anna has this friend named Yurino and I think she'll be a great fit for you! She's a good dancer too, so you'll definitely like her."

Likiya gave him and Anna a small smile, but tried to change the subject when he saw Shohei coming around the corner. "Hey, Shohei! You ready for dance practice today?"

He quickly put his arm around Shohei's neck and dragged him towards the club room.

Zin and Anna looked at each other and shrugged. 

"Hey man, you okay? You're acting funny."

"Sorry, just trying to get out of an awkward situation."

"Ah~" Shohei pointed at him knowingly, "Don't wanna be a third wheel, right?"


"Alright, I got you fam."

Third-wheel? He doesn't want to be third-wheeling his own crush. Ever.




Now that they're actually dating, they didn't know what to say to each other. They were too shy. Every moment they made eye contact, or skin contact, they would pull away and blush. Cute.

"Uh, so, do you want me to show you around the neighborhood?"

"We can get something to eat and go play somewhere."

Elly honestly didn't know how to continue the conversation. "M-Man, it's pretty hot today, right?"

"Y-Yeah, it's like 80 degrees out."

"You wanna go for ice cream?"

Sway put a fist up to his mouth and pretended to cough, to keep himself from smiling, "S-Sure."

Elly stopped for a bit and laughed out loud.

"What's so funny?"

"We were so brave yesterday, but when we actually decide to go on a date, we act like a bunch of middle schoolers in love."

Now Sway couldn't help but laugh. It's true.

"Then, let's act like we usually do?"


Sway held Elly's hand and interlocked them as they walked to the ice cream shop in town.

"You ever had a boyfriend like me?"

Elly smiled and shook his head, "You're my first."

"You're my second."

"Really? I would've thought someone as good-looking as you would've had several."

"Maybe because I give off a flirty vibe."

"You are a flirt!"

Sway laughed, "I sorta remember my first, but sort of don't. I know his name, but for some reason, I don't remember his face."

"That's a little weird."

"Right? I asked my friends, but they won't tell me for some reason."

"What was his name?"

"Nobody knows his real name, but we all know him as Ice."

"Ice? Ice cream?"

They both chuckled, "No, not ice cream, lol."

"Oh!" an older woman exclaimed, "Good afternoon, Elly-chan!"

"Good afternoon, Obachan!" 

She waddled over cutely and gave him a playful push, "When were you going to tell me the good news?" she asked, refering to them holding hands.

Elly blushed and looked away.

"No need to be shy~ You youngins are so cute when you show your love and affection. Ah~ I remember when your mother and father came to my ice cream shop for their first date! You could see the sparkling in their eyes!"  Then, she stopped to point at them, "Don't tell me- this is also your first date?"

Sway chuckled and answered for him. "It is our first. What a coincidence."

"Ara, ara! Then, today must be on the house for you two! Go ahead and get whatever you want!"

"Obachan, you don't have to!"

"Oh please, if I say it's on the house, it's on the house. Don't worry about it!"

They were too flustered to order something on their own, so she had her grandson whip up something special for them.

"Miku-Miku is here and at your service, Elly-senpai! Here we have a jumbo-sized, chocolate and vanilla-mixed soft serve ice cream love bowl! Topped with crushed Oreos, chocolate hearts, rainbow sprinkles, and plenty of matcha-flavored Pocky sticks for you two to enjoy  a lot of rounds of a 'certain' game~" Miku winked at them both.

Elly flicked his forehead, "Hey you, shouldn't you be in school?"

Miku pouted, "Senpai! That hurts! Grandma let me skip today for having such high grades. I'm a good boy, ya know?"

"Yeah, okay good boy, shoo shoo."

"By the way, this usually serves one very hungry customer, so only one spoon is provided. Having fun eating off of one spoon~!"

"Why you little-"

Miku skipped off to another customer before Elly could scold him.

Sway chuckled and dug in first, offering the first spoon to Elly. 

"Say ahh~ Here comes the airplane~"

Elly shook his head and smiled, "I'm not a baby anymore."

Sway winked, "But you're my baby."

He blushed and covered his face in embarrassment, but he ate the ice cream anyway. From there, they took turns feeding each other and chatted about positive and fun topics. Somehow, being grounded wasn't such a bad thing right now. 

After finishing their ice cream, the owner came by to pick up their bowl. "Obachan, let me bring that in for you."

"Elly-chan you're always helping me. I'm a strong independent woman, ya know?"

"Hai, hai~ By the way, did you really let Miku skip school today? That's unlike you."

She sighed and glanced over at her grandson, who was serving other customers. "I had to pick him up. He was being bullied by that Masahiro again and Ayumu-chan stood up for him and got into a big fight with Masa.  Now Ayumu and Masa are serving two nights of detention."

"Again?! Why aren't the teachers doing anything about this? Obachan, I'll go to his middle school right-"

She held his arm gently and gave him a reassuring smile. "Miku is a strong boy. And with a good friend like Ayumu by his side, he can fight his own battles."

Elly sighed and calmed down. "You're right."

He called Miku over and gave him a hug, "See you later, Miku. Obachan."

"Bye, Elly-senpai! Bye, Elly-senpai's boyfriend!"

Sway bid his farewells and held Elly's hand as they exited the shop.

"Damn, that Miku boy gets bullied? He doesn't look like the weak type."

"He isn't weak. But he probably doesn't want to fight back because getting in trouble would be a burden. I really wanted to find that Masahiro or whatever and beat him up, but he's only a 9th grader."

"Well, his friend Ayumu sounds like a strong guy, so you shouldn't be so worried, like what that obachan said: with Ayumu by his side, he can fight his own battles."

"I guess."

From afar, a certain someone *ehem* Kazuki *ehem* had entered the same ice cream shop.

"Welcome! How may I help you today?"

"Excuse me, obachan, can I ask you something?"


"The guy that came with Elly is my best friend. I want to make sure my best friend doesn't get played with. Is Elly a good person?

"Of course he is! Elly-chan is too pure to break anyone's heart. Men of the Exile household are all good people. Everyone in the neighborhood respects them."

"Ah, I guess he's in good hands then. Thank you, obachan."

"No problem, dear!"

Kazuki gave a short bow and a smile before leaving the shop to stalk the couple some more.

"Elly is from the Exile Tribe? Why did he need to go so far last time to play ball when there's already a court near his house? He definitely knew we were going to be there and lured Shuhei into his trap! I have to make sure he doesn't try to give away Mighty Warrior secrets. I'll protect you, Shuhei!"




Makato rolled his eyes as he waited for his little brother to walk past the school gates.

"Oi, Hasegawa Masahiro! You fought in school again?!"

He had him in a headlock and dragged him along.

"Oi! Onii! Let go!"

"Why do you keep fighting with the same kids? Do you have something against them? What did they even do to you? Can't you just get along with your classmates?"

Masahiro shoved his brother's hands away, "He's annoying! That damn Miku always thinks he's the shit, always trying to show off his so-called 'sick dance moves' just because he attended one of Lyle Beniga's dance classes during summer break.So I just...teased him."

Makoto stopped to cross his arms and look at Masahiro, "Tease or bully? You know I hate that. Just because everyone in Daruma Ikka is violent and wreckless doesnt mean you can bully people just because they're annoying."

Masahiro looked down at his shoes in shame.

"Tomorrow when you see him, apologize. I will not tolerate this sort of behavior from you."


Ayumu came out shortly after and was about to go home when Makoto stopped him. "I'm very sorry for today. My little brother must've troubled you and your friend a lot. Tomorrow he will properly apologize to the both of you."

"Senpai, you don't need to apologize for him, it's solely him. We will wait for his apology tomorrow."

Ayumu gave a slight bow and left. 

Makoto tugged Masahiro along and went home.

When they arrived, the whole clan was a big mess. People were sprawled about, others were patching themselves up, Sakyo and Ukyo looked irritated and extremely pissed, Shu looked troubled, and Hyuga had just came back from his secret spot. "Uncle, what happened?"

Hyuga sighed, "The Iemura group came by and attacked us. But it's not a big deal, they fled. I know you're worried kid, but just focus on school."

He ruffled Makoto and Masahiro's heads and went inside the house.

"Sakyo-san, Ukyo-san, Washi-san, are you guys okay?"

"Well as for us, yeah. We fended them off easily. As for Shu..."

They all looked at Shu, who was leaning on the wooden post of the house, spacing out with a depressing look on his face. Masahiro sat down next to him and touched him gently, "Shu-san, are you okay?"

After a moment of silence, they saw a tear slip down his face. "My life is over. He found out about us. We're done."

"What do you mean?"

He cried into his hands and screamed, "Some bastard took pictures of me and Reo and sent it to his father! Who knows what Reo is going through right now? And I'm not there to help him! Fuck man!"

Shu punched the post in frustration, scaring Masahiro a bit.

Hyuga, inside the solitude of his bedroom, heard Shu's frustrations. "So that's what he meant by bad news..."




"Tetsu-san! I've come to drop off the new worker I texted you about!"

"Okay Yamasho! I'll be out in a bit!"

Tetsu came out with a smile and was surprised when he was met with a man doing a ninety-degree bow in front of him.

"U-Uh...Yamasho, you should be on your way before you're late to school."

"Bye! I'll be back in the evening! Bye, Kirin-nii!"

Kirinji stood back up to wave goodbye and was met with Tetsu's pointing finger, "AH! YOU!"

He awkwardly laughed and rubbed the back of his neck, "Hi..."

"What are you doing here?! Being a spy?!"

"I got kicked out."

Tetsu crossed his arms, "Hmph, I can't believe a kid as nice as Yamasho is willing to help a bastard like you to get a job."

Kirinji clapped his hands together in a praying postion and closed his eyes, "I'm very thankful to him and his family, and I really want to change myself for the better. So please, see me as a new person!"

When he opened his eyes again, he was in front of a barber shop.

"You know what they say, new hair, new me~"

Tetsu nudged him inside and sat him down in one of the chairs, "Make him look like a flower boy."

Kirinji's eyes opened wide,"A flower boy?! What kind of bull-"

"Hey! You said you wanted to change for the better! So be quiet and just watch yourself transform. Kakuto-san! I'll entrust him to you!"

"Roger that!"

The eldest of the Ijuin sibling performed his magic and in no time at all, Kirinji was a whole new different person. Instead of his usual slicked-back hair style, Kakuto had cut his hair shorter and fluffed it out more towards the front with a side part, making him seem like an idol. 

Kirinji was surprised he could even look like that! He looks like a damn high schooler in the dramas!


Tetsu came whistling in as he took a good look at Kirinji. 

"You look hella attractive."

Kirinji blushed. He never saw himself as an attractive person, only as a scary one.

"Now you're ready to work at my place."



Chapter Text

Tetsu smilied as he watch Kirinji welcome his customers with enthusiasm and a big smile on his face. He was, however, still suspicious of him. How a person can suddenly turn from an evil bastard to a gentle and bright person within a short amount of time made him look very suspicious. But Kirinji did say he wanted to change for the better. Tetsu just didn't know if he was speaking the truth.

Tetsu was too busy thinking about those things that he didn't realize Kirinji was smiling back at him, "Tetsu-san, the customers have been checked in. I'll go and restock the towels now."

"H-Huh?" Oh, yeah, I'll watch the front."

Geez, what is he doing? He needs to get it together!

So far, Kirinji has actually been making good progress, much different than what Tetsu thought. On his first day, Tetsu had to scold him privately many times because the poor man looked like he was always forcing a smile, making it seem as if he didn't want to work there. But after a few days, Tetsu witnessed Kirinji slowly warming up to customers. And that forced smile now came out naturally and effortlessly. Maybe he has changed.

"Tetsu-san, what should I do next?"

Kirinji had finished restocking the towels and had a soft smile on his lips as he came up to him. 

He found it quite charming.

"Dammit, Tetsu! Get ahold of yourself!"

"Uh, there's nothing much to do right now. You can watch the front, I'll go check to see if the pipes are working well."


Tetsu shook his head as he tried to get Kirinji's flower boy face out of his mind.

Throwing the matter aside, Tetsu left to go do what he said he would and Kirinji quickly moved behind the front desk because another cutsomer had came in. The man looked oddly familiar, but he didn't question it. "Welcome! Just one person for today?"

"Ah, no, three people. Aniki! Hurry up!"

The man's brother, who also looked very familiar, came in with a goofy grin, "Sorry, I was helping Kenchi-nii with parking. He's coming."

Kirinji could've sworn he'd seen the man's brother at the White Rascals club.

"I'm here, I'm here! Parallel parking isnt't my specialty, you know?"





The Nikaido look-a-like smiled at him, making him blush. "That can't be him. Nikaido-san is already dead."

Then, when Kirinji thought back, the second man looks exactly like White Rascal's deceased leader: Rocky. And the first man that came in looks exactly like that guy Dan from the Sannoh Rengokai that passed away from liver cancer. 

These three have somehow been reincarnated as brothers?!

But that can't be possible. They would've been kids because the three had just died recently. Then, is it true that there are other people in the world that look exactly like you?

Kirinji didn't have time to ask that question to himself when the Nikaido look-a-like waved a hand in front of him. "Are you okay?"

"Y-Yes! Three people?"


"Here are your locker keys. The changing room is to the left and from there you can enter the baths."

"Thank you~"

The three left to the changing room, Kenchi throwing in another smile to Kirinji before following his younger brothers.

Kirinji felt his heart starting to hammer in his chest.


"Aniki, did you have to really do that to Reo?"

Kenchi's mood began to sour, "What is it to you?"

"I'm just saying, the kids are in love. Just let them be."

"How can I let them be when Kato-"

Kenjiro interrupted him, "Is in Daruma Ikka. I know. But what about you and sis-in-law? Her parents didn't like you either because you're a gangster. But everything still worked out fine. So why can't Reo and Shu work out?"

Kenchi grumbled and lowered himself into the hot water. Keiji laughed and leaned back, "The situation is familiar, isn't it? You were grumbling like this too when her parents said no to your marriage proposal."

The angry dad turned his face away and blew bubbles under the surface of the water.

"You should let Reo decide if Shu is a bastard or not. Of course, we parents have more experience, but people can change, just like how the times do."

"Jesus, Keiji, when did you decide to become a philosopher?"

He laughed loudly and splashed the hot water in his brother's face, "I'm not a philosopher, you're just dumb."

Kenchi poured a whole bucket of hot water over Keiji's head, "I'm dumb?! How dare you disrespect your older brother?!"

Kenjiro laughed on the sidelines as his two older brothers had a mini water fight. It was like the old times, when they were still high schoolers:young and naive. They didn't have to worry about life, just the present.




Makidai sat down with his two younger sons and sighed. 

"Is there something wrong, father?"

He took a sip of his tea and looked at them both, "I think it's about time I told you two the truth."

The two brothers looked at each other and looked back at their father curiously.

"You two aren't my sons."

"Father, what do you mean? I remember all of our childhood being with this family. How can we not-"

Makidai interrupted the eldest of the two, "Takahiro, your real name is Amamiya Masaki. Hiroomi, your real name is Amamiya Hiroto. I am very sorry for keeping this fact from you two for a very long time, but your older brother had requested me to do so."

"Tetsu-nii did?"

Makidai shook his head slowly, "No, your real older brother: Amamiya Takeru. When you three were younger, your parents had been killed. Takeru vowed to avenge them, but did not want you two to be put in danger since you were still young. So he entrusted the safety of you two to me. He has only sent me a few letters now and then to ask how you two are doing, but his whereabouts are unknown. You two are adults now and this decision is for you to make: would you like to find your older brother and help him avenge your parents?"

Masaki and Hiroto couldn't process the information because their emotions got in the way. This whole time, they thought they were really family. It's no wonder the elders always put them aside from extremely important meetings. It's because they weren't family.

"You two are still my sons no matter what, but if you choose to find your brother, just know that I will be by your side and I will help you in anyway that I can."

Makidai's heart began to hurt when he saw tears pooling up in his sons' eyes. He wanted the two to live happy lives, but the truth must be told one way or another. Takeru was his adoptive son too, so it's only right for them to know. He got up from his spot and sat down inbetween Masaki and Hiroto, hugging them close. "It's okay to cry."




"Aniki...are you sure you wanna do this?" Kenijiro asked timidly.

"Well duh. If I don't give him a chance, how will Reo ever love me again?"

"Good choice Aniki." Keiji patted him on the back and the three brothers stepped into Daruma Ikka territory.

At the arrival of the three strangers, the red-coated men surrounded them, staring them down with murdurous glares. And for some reason, they stared down Kenchi the most.

The henchmen made way for their leader to come through and before he knew it, a fist had made a blow to Kenchi's face. "Nikaido, you bastard! What are you showing up here for?!"

Shu rushed in to stop Hyuga from dealing any further damage. "Hyuga-san! You're mistaking him for someone else!"

"What do you mean?! If he's not Nikaido, then who is he?!"

Shu hurriedly bowed to apologize. "Tachibana-san, I'm so sorry."

Kenchi wiped the blood from his lips and grunted, "It's fine. I came here to talk to you, Kato. Alone."

Shu gave Hyuga an apologetic look and asked for Kenchi to follow him to some place quiet.

The two left and Keiji and Kenjiro were left with the others. "He gets that a lot. But I assure you, my brother is not Nikiado. They may look alike, but they are not in anyway related. You have my word."

"Yeah, we were actually here so that they could talk things out. I'm sure you know about Washi and Reo's relationship?"

Hyuga gave them a strange look, "That guy is Reo's father?"

"Yes. Our family is really open when it comes to relationships, but our brother is just more stricter."

Hyuga grunted and dismissed his henchmen and motioned for the two adults to enter the house.



After having a tearful discussion, Masaki and Hiroto came outside for a breather. Hiroto's breath was taken out of him when Elly decided to pounce on his back. "Omi-chan! I missed you! Did you just come back from Taiwan?"

Hiroto ruffled Elly's curly naps and smiled, "Yeah. How have you been?"

Elly pouted and hugged his arm, "I'm grounded for the week."

Masaki laughed, "How did I know that would happen?"

"Taka-chan! That's not funny!"

Masaki stuck out his tongue and walked off to his room. Elly smiled excitedly and dragged Hiroto over to a quiet place. "I have a secret to tell you."

"What is it?"

"Promise you won't tell anyone!"

"I promise."

Hiroto waited for Elly to say something, but the boy was blushing too much. "I...have..."


"I have a boyfriend!"

Hiroto would have never imagined Elly, the flirty type, to ever have someone to commit to. "What? Really?"

"Yeah! His name is Sway. Don't tell anyone! Only you and Likiya know."

"Won't your mom be mad?"

"I'll find a time to tell her if I feel like he's the one for me. But we just started dating not too long ago, so I'll keep it a secret for now. I'll see you later Omi-chan, you must be tired from your trip back. Go and get some rest!"

"I will. And stop getting your mom mad. Or else you'll be grounded even more."





"Shuhei, are you sure you want to date Elly?"

Sway spit out his drink, flustered, "W-Wha- How did you know we were dating?! And what's wrong with Elly?"

Kazuki sat down next to him and wiped the water off of the table. "First of all, you never play basketball by yourself and two days in a row. Second of all, I think he's a little suspicious."

"Suspicious? How?"

"Don't you think it's weird that he came to play basketball all the way near our territory when he had a court right in his neighborhood? He might be a spy for all we know!"

"That's only because there are creakheads at the court near his house. And how did you know that?" Sway squinted his eyes and stared at him suspiciously, "Did you stalk me?"

"That's my job."

Sway rolled his eyes, "Ugh, I hate you."

"Hey, you have no right to say that when you've been planning to keep your relationhip a secret from me: your best friend."

"I didn't mean to keep it a secret. I just wanted to make sure he's someone I can truly be in love with."

"Shuhei. You guys legit met for only three days. Don't you think this is going too fast?"

"Well...maybe a little. But! He just seems so familiar, so I asked him out on the second day."

Kazuki didn't press any further. He knew what Sway meant. Elly looked like Ice, there was no doubt. But Ice commanded them all not to mention him to Sway. It was the only way to keep their gang safe.

Around a few years ago, a war broke out between S.W.O.R.D and the Kuryu Group, and Mighty Warriors was recruited by the Kuryu group for backup. Sway was badly injured and lost all of his memories of Ice. Many people died, including Cobra, Chiharu, Ken, and Hikaru from the Sannoh Rengokai, Rocky from the White Rascals, Takeshi from the Rude Boys, Shibaman and Tsuji from Oya High, Nikaido from the Iemura Group, and Bernie from the Mighty Warriors. Of those who did survive, Ice and Ryu had went into hiding, Murayama and Furuyu had graduated and became teachers, Junko, Oshiage, and Shiba had also become teachers, Dan had survived but later died from liver cancer, Smoky and Hyuga had become silent, and other gangs had followed in suit. With so many of their fellow brothers and sisters gone, no one wanted to fight another war.

The Kuryu Group had broken off all forms of communication with them and so Mighty Warriors was once again independent.

With Sway as their new leader, fighting occured less and only when necessary. But their dream for music was still at the top of their list. Just like how Ice wanted.

Ice and Sway were in love and it felt like nothing could get in their way. But eventually, with Sway's lost memories, Ice had to part ways.

As for Ryu, that Chinese bastard could care less for their music-driven family. They had found out during the war that he was actually a spy sent from the Kuryu group. He never tried to warm up to them or get along with them. He was only there to use them. But he too had went into hiding.

Kazuki can only hope that Elly is not a spy as well.




Itsuki excitedly knocked on his older brother's room, "Reo-nii! Come to the living room! We have a surprise for you!"

Still sad and gloomy from the punishment his father had put upon him, Reo got up from his desk and opened his door. "What do you want?"

"Come on!"

Itsuki lead him to the living room and Reo thought he was hallucinating when he saw a head of red hair smilling at him. "Shu?"

Kenchi waved his hand at Shu and left to his study. With his father gone, Shu embraced Reo like there was no tomorrow. "I missed you."

Feeling out of place, Itsuki tip-toed quitely to his room to let the two lovers have their alone time.

A long chat was well needed to lift up both of their spirits.