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A/N: Hey ya'll! It's Kuro-chan here with a new story! Hehes, the authoress who wrote this had been kind eough to allow me to adopt this from her. So, I'll be polishing it up as well as continuing it. She's also kind enough to inform me of her plans/ideas she had for this to give me further fuel to continue. Hopefully ya'll will love it. This is an AU like usual. No flames or negativity is allowed, but what will be allowed is positive and constructive feedback. Please R&R!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters.

Adopted From: Lindy Rose

Dedicated: to my amazing adoptive mother, CapricornKitty1975. I have aother ItaSaku fic dedicated to her, but this one is just oh so perfect for her too.

Pairing: ItaSaku and NaruHina, but others will be implied ad/or added like usual.


Chapter 1

Glowing crimson eyes gazed in awe. Warm hands wiped tears from her cheeks as salt air rushed against her skin. They were running while they chased one another through the soft darkness. Their feet spun across the grass and sand. She breathed happiness and exhaled laughter. She was wrapped in peace; her heart beat thumped full yet heavy with rightness as it reverberated in perfect harmony with gentle beats that thrummed through her soul. She was standing alone with her hands reaching up to the sky, trying to pull back the beloved shadow even as it disappeared amongst the stars. Pain struck her without warning. It felt like a ripping sensation that remained within her which caused her to gasp softly before allowing the tears from the agony of the hole in her chest to trail down her cheeks. It's how the dream always ended. She'd never be with the shadow who had twin coals for eyes. At least that's what she thought, but in time she'd be reunited with him.

Please, don't leave me....

A pale young woman lurched upright in her bed. Clutching at her heart, rosette colored hair fell in tangles around her face. Her eyes flew wildly around black space, but it proved to only find her dim bedroom surrounding her. It isn't the night, stars, or a figure disappearing from view. Moaning in disappointment, she fell back onto her pillows.

Sighing, she thought bittersweetly to herself, It had been that dream again....

Yeah, that damn dream again! Inner Sakura exclaimed in agreement. It's maybe the fifth time you've had it this week over who knows how many months....

The girl groaned from the obnoxious outburst from her inner self, Yes, I know.

She trailed imaginary fingers over the past months dreams. She tried to count how many times it had been. The dream had been a reoccurring one since she was seven. It seemed to have her wake from it uncountable times since she had been little. Right now, she's the age of seventeen. She didn't know what caused them, but after jerking awake accompanied by her heart racing and her body sticky with sweat she needed to figure out the source of them. Despising how she woke close to tears almost every night this week it caused her to feel as if she's becoming pretty tired of the whole thing.

I'm just damned tired in general, sighed Sakura.

Let me tell you something, missy. Have you seen the bags under our eyes? Gawked Inner Sakura, appauled by it.

Wow, thanks so much for the confidence boosters, replied Sakura sarcastically, not really having the patience for her inner self at the moment.

Hey, you have a second personality for a reason, Ms. Sakura. It's to help you keep in touch with reality, pointed out Inner Sakura.

Your reality is way too bitchy for me this early in the morning, snarked back Sakura.

Oh, it's never early to irritate you dear, snickered Inner Sakura.

Struggling internally for a moment, she warred with the primal desire to stay in bed and the common sense that whispered dryly in the back of her mind that her Inner Self would continue annoying her if she didn't get up. Before she finally heaved her reluctant body upright with a groan, she untangled herself from the pancake layers of blankets. Staggering over to the glass paned doors on the far side of the circular room, she decided it's time to begin the day whether she likes it or not. The doors were partially opened and unlatched. They're every night. No matter what the weather or temperature outside proved to be she always kept them if only a crack open. Sakura couldn't really say why she needed to do this. The only reason she could think of would be that anytime she had ever tried to sleep with those doors closed she had woken up near tears that were filled with a panic knowing that by closing those doors against the world she was doing something terrible. Did she know this for certain? Nope, but due to what's occurred in her childhood she won't take any chances of possibly getting harmed by outside forces.

Stumbling groggily across the room, Sakura fumbled to push the curtained doors fully open. Keeping her eyes closed against the soft sunbeams that glowed inside her lids, she stepped blindly out onto the familiar boards of her balcony. Walking forward until her hands met with the cool silkiness of the terrace railing, Sakura leaned against the wood before she opened her eyes slowly as they adjusted to the morning light. She had been greeted with a dawn that she thought appeared to be arriving to an end. By a sky that looked like a pale gold tinged blue which is the same blue she recalled from her dreams. Sakura loved these colors because she loved the mornings that they brought with them. When everything is cool and clear all she could hear were the waves breaking on the sand far below.

Running her hands over the satin wood of the balcony wall, it seemed to be worn smooth from that same action being repeated almost every day over the past several years. Ever since she and her family had moved into the enormous seaside house the tower had been hers from the very first day of their move. Her mother had insisted she would need her own space as she became older, but Sakura felt pretty sure it had been because her mother thought she would be less likely to hear her father's drunken ravings during the nights he was home. Those nights had become increasingly less over the years. She felt grateful for everything her mother has done for her. Not only is the tower up higher than any other part of the building, but she had her own bathroom. From her beloved balcony she could see all along the coast along with everything far out onto the ocean. More than that, the tower was her sanctuary or otherwise known as the one place in the house that felt somewhat safe from the instability of her family. Sakura sighed, breathing in the cold salty air. It seemed to be mid February. So, there could be seen a frosty nip to it as it filled her lungs. It woke her like vaporized caffiene. She stretched out her arms, purring happily in the back of her throat. Drumbeats and an accompanying wailing guitar suddenly split the quiet.

Sakura ran her hand through her hair, grumbling udner her breath, "Who could be calling her this early in the morning?"

Still mumbling under her breath, she trotted back into her room to pick up her phone off of the bedside table. The caller I.D. read Tenten. Sakura flipped the phone open curiously. Wondering to herself as to where the fire and brimstone was because the apocalypse had arrived. In Tenten Land non-sporting-event-Saturday's were strictly sleeping-until-noon-days. Today, Sakura looked over her shoulder at the glowing blue numbers on her alarm clock which read, 7:21.

"Good morning, Sakura," greeted the weapons mistress on the other end of the line.

Wincing slightly at the high volume of Tenten's voice she answered calmly, "Hello, Tenten. Is everything ok? It's a little early for you to be up."

"What the hell are you talking about? Othig's early for me," scoffed the brunette.

Sakura's brows knit together in confusion, "Um, ok then...."

"So, will you be ready when Hinata and I come to pick you up?" asked Tenten, continuing to confuse the rosette.

Sighing, Sakura replied bluntly, "Huh?"

Tenten sighed dramatically before answering, "Don't you remember? You promised to go shopping with Hinata and I today."

Sakura thought backon it and didn't remember ever agreeing to do any such thing, let alone this early on a Saturday morning, "Uh, I don't really remember agreeing to going out with you guys. I don't even remember you asking actually...."

"Well I did," huffed Tenten. "Hinata will tell you I did too. Now, go get ready for some store roaming. We'll be there in an hour. You better be ready to go when we get there!"

"Wait, but Tenten-" she had been cut off, a little irritated about this.

"No buts!" reprimanded the brunette sternly before Sakura jumped to pull the phone away from her throbbing ear. "We'll see you then, Saku-chan!"

There had been the sound of muffled static before Tenten left the call. Sakura stared at her phone for a second. She knew if she didn't get ready and go with Tenten that her friend wouldn't give her a moment's peace all day. Really, it was inevitable that she would end up going with them. So, she might as well look good for the occasion. She hated clothes shopping, but she had made a promise after all even though she didn't really remember it. An hour didn't leave her much time to prepare herself which meant she'd need to be fast.

Snapping the phone shut, Sakura nodded to herself as she thought, Ok, I have a new mission for myself. It's time to initiate Operation Shopping Hotness!

The rosette haired girl strode purposefully over to her chunky wooden armoire as she flung open the doors, "Hmmmm, let's see.... Nope, that'll be too difficult to get on and off.....That's too dressy... Maybe that'll work?"

Uh, no! Why do we even own that? Inner Sakura piped up.

Sakura reappraised the shirt she had been eyeing. When it came to clothes she trusted Inner's taste more than anyone else's. This is probably because Inner's actually remembered the fashion advice they read. Besides, her two supposed friends didn't exactly know her taste that well. She knew they meant well which is why she would be polite. She wouldn't give them a reason to doubt or second guess the decisions they make with or without her. Sighing, she guessed she tried too hard to upkeep appearances. She didn't want anyone to know about her family life. Luckily, none of her friends knew about it.

"Hmph, I don't know what will work then," shrugged Sakura, biting her lower lip thoughtfully.

Oh, I know. That is what we'll wear today, pointed out Inner, knowing the outer version of her would adore it.

"Huh?" asked Sakura, glancing back over the rack of clothes she had been examining for the past few minutes. "Oh, that one. Yes, it'll work nicely."

Inner nodded in conceited satisfaction, It's yet another reason why you couldn't live without me. If you got dressed on your own you would embarrass us both.

Sakura chuckled at her Inner self's cockiness. With one hand she threw the dress back onto the bed behind her while she opened a drawer with the other. After a few seconds of riffling and properly supplied with a fist full of undergarments, she reached over to another cupboard door within the armoire. Opening it, she revealed two of her very favorite possessions. They were known as her Ipod and her Ipod dock. This particular Ipod dock is no ordinary dock because it's special because it's attached to surround sound speakers throughout her room and her bathroom. It created the rooms into her own personal jam area. There is nothing quite like the resonating power of her stereo system. Tenten frequently burst out into rants of jealousy over it.

Once she had the music blasting, she jumped back onto her bed before she threw open the blue curtains of her windows. The curtain rings mae fabulous metallic swishing noises that added to the good morning music. Sakura froze for a moment to bask in the happy pre-shopping loud music with the sunlight soaked beautiful morning. Today should be a good day. With a cheshire grin on her lips, she hopped off the bed. The woman began to dance over to the far corner of her room where she stopped to pull open a trapdoor. She dropped her bundle through the hole before she turned around to clamber down a ladder after it.

Halfway down the ladder, she leaped down to land in the middle of a blue and gold circular bathroom. The wide curved windows lighted the walls with a surreal glow. It's an interesting area because it's on the second story of the tower wich is nestled under the stairs leading up to her bedroom, but there is no actual door into it. The only way in or out is through the trapdoor in her floor. Sakura frequently wondered how on earth the original owners had managed to place her bathtub into the room. However, they did it she felt grateful to them for having decided against an actual door because having her own truly private bathroom is a marvelous thing.

Forty-five minutes later, Sakura popped back up through the trapdoor. Her rosette hair seeme to be bouncy and gleaming along with her skin that's clean. She's clad in a sweet dove gray ruffled dress that brushed along the tops of her calves. She quickly slipped on a pair of sparkling red flats. She also grabbed a pair of tiny silver rose earrings out of a small bowl on her nightstand before dancing over to the bedroom door.

She had her hand on the knob when she stopped, "Oops, I almost forgot again."

Turning back, she grabbed her purse which she placed her ipod and the doc inside. Slinging the strap of her purse across one of her shoulders, she felt ready to face what the day had to throw at her. She didn't feel particularly excited to go shopping. Shrugging, she guessed it's what she'd do to appease her friends. She did't want Hinata to get her feelings hurt or experience those puppy dog eyes of doom.

Tch, you're the spazziest perso I know, scowled Inner.

Sakura laughed lightheartedly as she flung open the door as she began her descent down the stairs, thumping down them two steps at a time. She decided to chalk up Inner's remark as a joke. Yet she and her inner self knew they were somehow forgetting something. That specific something or someone is especially important to them. Three sets of stairs later, she arrived in the sunlit ground level kitchen where her mother is currently sitting at the table with a cup of tea and her new novel.

"Good morning, Mamma!" chirped Sakura, leaning down to kiss her mom on the cheek.

Sakura's mother looked up at her, smiling softly with her eyes and mouth crinkling around the edges, "Morning, sweetie. How did you sleep?"

Her thoughts flashed back to the dream, turning her back to her mother to prepare herself some waffles and prepare her own cup of tea, "I slept fine I guess. I had that dream again.... I wonder if it means anything..."

Sakura heard her mom's voice dip in concern as she asked her daughter, "Really? That's the fourth time this week. Do you think we should call the doctor?"

Sakura sighed in mild exasperation because Sousa Haruno thought that the solution to every problem seemed to be a visit to the doctor, but she responded while popping some waffles into the toaster, "No, Mamma. It's just some dream. It's not like it's hurting me."

Her mother sighed a little, "I guess I'll let you be the judge of it then. Just remember I'm here if you want to talk about anything."

Sakura nodded before her mother returned to her book which caused the room to become quiet for a few minutes as Sakura bustled around. Humming to herself as she poured her tea, slathering more than generous amounts of Nutella onto her waffles. She kenw that she'd need the energy if she's going out with Tenten. If it'd just have been with Hinata then maybe she wouldn't have needed to prepare so thoroughly.

"So, are you going somewhere this morning?" her mom asked as she settled at the table.

"Yeah, apparently the girls and I are going shopping," Sakura said, biting into a sinfully delicious buttery crisp Nutella covered waffle of goodness. "I kind of feel like they're up to something though...Tenten never gets up this early. She also sounded pretty sketchy on the phone when she called this morning."

"Tenten is already awake?" asked her mother in surprise.

Sakura laughed, remembering that Tenten had slept over so many times over the years that her mom knew just as well as she did what an earthquake causing event Tenten being awake in the AM on a sportless Saturday was, "Yeah I know. That's why I'm so suspicious."

Taking a clensing sip of tea, Sakura organized her thoughts. Perhaps today wouldn't be too bad, right? She could at least hope een though Inner seemed a little skeptical about the whole thing. The outer part of them understood why the Inner doubted how well things would prevail. They'd have to hope for the best because being on the negative side of things has never proved helpful in any regard.

"Oh," Sakura heard her mom rummage around before she set something onto the wooden table with a rustle of paper. "I got you something."

Setting her cup down, her eyes widened slightly, "What the-"

Sitting in front of her mother's seat could be seen a little heart covered pink box with a red ribbon sitting jauntily on top. It had a pale pink envelope beside it. Recoiling from the thing, Sakura merely stared at the package like it's a slime oozing gremlin poised to spring at her and suck her brains out through her nose. Grimacing, she could't believe she had forgotten what day it is. Feeling foolish, she knew her mother would worry about her current emotional state.

"Honey, are you ok?" her mother asked gently.

Instead of responding, Sakura sprang up from her chair. Running over to the pantry door, she threw it open to come face to face with a large day by day calendar page covered in black sharpie skulls that danced around the date, February 14.

"Shit," cursed Sakura under her breath.

I told you we forgot something! Inner yelled at her.

There then could be heard the sudden sound of a door banging open at the other end of the house, "Oh, Sakura, we're here!"

Takign Inner's advice to run, Sakura sprinted out of the kitchen. She had left her mother calling after her in alarm. She bolted for the stairway that would lead to the next level of the house. While she passed the main hall she saw a flash of her two friends. It caused her to pump her legs faster. It might not work, but she could at least give it a try. She didn't want to go out knowing what today is which she dreaded with every fiber of her being.

"Hinata, she's getting away," pouted Tenten.

Sakura heard the sounds of Tenten's feet pounding on the wooden floors behind her. She tried desperately to increase her speed, but Tenten the pride of the track, soccer, and lacrosse teams isn't to be outrun. When Sakura had reached the bottom of the staircase and begun leaping up the steps, Tenten launched herself through the air with a well practiced spring. Tackling Sakura she brought them crashing to the bottom of the staircase together with Tenten on top of her.

"Let me go," demanded Sakura.

"Just hold still, will you! Stop squirming! Quick, Hinata hand me a zip tie! Sakura for the love of God, hold still!" shouted Tenten.

Sakura's mom stood a few feet away, watching the two girls wrestling viciously as Tenten attempted to shackle Sakura while Sakura bit as well as clawed at her with a beastlike ferocity. It appeared to show that Sakura wouldn't go willingly. The kunoichi had her reasons which she didn't want anyone else to know.

"G-Good morning, Mrs. Haruno," greeted the Hyuga heiress.

Sousa looked over to see Hinata standing beside her with a friendly smile on her face, "Oh, good morning, Hinata."

She looked back anxiously at the two battling girls; Sakura appeared to have somehow bitten through a zip tie and Tenten had now produced a roll of duct tape that she was trying to wrap around Sakura's upper arms.

"Um, do you know what's going on?" asked the older woman, uncertain if she should or shouldn't intervene.

Hinata looked over towards the pair as well, "O-Oh, well you see Mrs. Haruno, Sakura has never gone to a Valentines D-Dday dance. It's our senior year and our last chance to go we thought she should g-go with us. When we asked her about it she was very adamant about n-not attending it. So, Tenten decided we should bring her by f-force."

"Oh? Why so early? The dance won't be until tonight, will it?" asked the older rosette haired woman, sweatdropping at the aggressive means used to subdue her stubborn daughter.

Tenten had managed to tape Sakura's biceps together, moving onto zip tying her legs as Hinata continued talking to Sakura's mother, "O-Oh, we have to go get dresses for the dance still and since we knew Sakura was going to be-

"Get off of me you nutcase!" growled Sakura.

Tenten let loose a shriek of pain, "Holy shit, you didn't just coot boot me!"

" I'll do it again if you don't get off of me," challenged Sakura, not going down without a fight.

"God damn it!" yelled Tenten in pain fom the constant kicks.

"Sakura, Tenten!" Mrs. Haruno exclaimed in outrage at their behavior, "you won't use such language in my house!"

"-d-difficult," continued Hinata over the sounds of battle, "we thought it would be a good idea to start early so that we have t-time to find dresses and have our hair and nails done as well."

Mrs. Haruno and Hinata watched Tenten throw Sakura over her shoulder before she started down the hallway towards the front door. The rosette haired mother's expression remained concerned and a little cross, but there could be seen a hint of approval in her expression as well.

"Well, this is very nice of you girls," Sousa said softly. "She might not want to, but it'll be good for her to go to the dance. Will you need any money?"

Hinata smiled again as she shook her head, "N-No thank you, Mrs. Haruno, we have it covered. Don't worry, B-but do you know where her purse is? I'm sure she'll want to have it later."

Mrs. Haruno went back to the kitchen to retrieve Sakura's purse as Hinata took it from her with another sweet smile, "T-Thank you. O-Oh, also thanks for letting us take her."

"Just make sure you all have fun! Stay safe!" Hinata heard the motherly call from behind her as she let herself out through a pair of regal wooden doors onto the shaded front patio.

It was full morning at this point. The air is briny along with the sun that's bright enough to ensure they'd have perfect perfect weather for a day out. At the edge of the deck were Tenten and Sakura. Although the latter of the two who's now clinging to one of the white painted posts that held up the patio roof with all her strength while Tenten tried to drag her away, still screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Lies! Deceit! Trickery! Coercion!" Sakura's face at this point had turned a cherry bright red from her carrying on and the exertion of the still continuing battle that caused her hair to be in a tangled mess and her flannel dress had been shoved up so high they could see the leopard print of her underwear. "Blackmail! Oppression! Treachery! Kidnapping! Rape! Rape!"

Hinata sighed before she went over to the pair. She pulled a pretty purple hakerchief out of her pocket, rolling it up before stuffing it into Sakura's mouth. It proved to work as she deftly tied the ends around the back of her head. Sakura stared at her in bug eyed and aghast in shock at the treatment her two so called friends were giving her. Hinata looked back at her sternly

"N-Now, see here Sakura," she said firmly. "We're trying to do a good thing for you. You will cease this uncivilized s-screaming and come with us calmly. Y-You will act like the elegant young lady that I know you are or so h-help you."

She tugged Sakura's dress back down towards her knees before she then started down the patio steps towards Tenten's green van, opening the passenger door as she turned back to stare regally at her two best friends, "Are you coming or not?"

Tenten leaned towards Hinata as they drove away from the Haruno residence, whispering over Sakura's sniffling,"Hinata, how did you do that? I didn't think you had a mean bone in your body."

Hinata leaned over as she whispered back, "I just tried to pretend I was my etiquette teacher from when I was little. I was terrified of her, but I behaved better for her than I did for any of my other tutors. So, I thought maybe if I acted like her then Sakura would listen to me too. Was I really mean?"

Tenten began laughing at Hinata's wistful tone, "Yeah, you're meaner than a hippo with a hernia."

Hinata sat back in her seat, smiling in content, T-Today would be a good d-day.


A/N: Yays! Done with chappie one! I'm eternally grateful to Rose for allowing me to adopt this lovely piece of epicness from her. I'm still waiting to receive her further plans about this story for me to implement them. Of course I'll ad my own twists along the way. *shifty eyes* I feel a little bad for Sakura, but the good thing is she'll meet the mysteries. So, dealing with this isn't too bad.... If ya'll know how I work I need an ample amount of angst within my stories. If ya'll have a problem with how this story is then don't review. While I'm a sub I don't accept nonsense or bs from others. So, please don't complain to me if you don't like how things are. I enjoy having a lot of detail within things. So, I definitely love this story. The next chappie will be out shortly. If you want to suggest what you'd want to see next or what you'd like for me to inclue then please let me know in your comments. Hehes, until next time.....please remember to review lovelies!