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Loki knew his reign would come and few would stand before him, and those that did would fall to his feet. They were meant to he was a God and they were insignificant mortals. It was time to go to the Gala and make a show to distract the pathetic superheroes of Earth. He could change into mortal fashion quite easily with magic. As he walked toward the middle of the Gala a man walked into him and his agitation rose. A mortal bumped into him and he sneered, he looked to the smaller man and stopped. If Loki wasn't in such a sour mood he would have laughed, it was almost as if he were looking into a mirror. Then again the boy was not exactly like him, his emerald eyes were the only thing that seemed to be an exact replica. A young man, one would mistake for a boy leaving his teenage years behind, who seemed delicate. He had high cheekbones and wild hair kissed by the wind that seemed to help him instead of take away from his breathtaking beauty. His skin was pale and delicate and his clothes were fitting and exquisitely showing his hips. Not to be mistaken for a female but it was a body that was seemed too ethereal to shiver in lust under the hand of a woman.

Loki would have tried to bed him if it wasn't that he was here for business and not pleasure, and surely the boy would not want a monster. It was what he would be considered after he finished here, at least by the despicable mortals. Loki decided if he could not bed the young man that no other person would, he would be Loki's victim. He killed the other men quite brutally and in barbaric methods but this emerald gem deserved his staff. He turned the staff toward the young beauty who stay frozen throughout the whole ordeal. It was slightly better than him running from the inevitable, he hated it when people begged him and offered him things for their lives. What would a pathetic mortal have to offer him?

Such a pity,’ he thought as he aimed his staff towards the man's heart. The magic erupted from the staff and hit the boy directly in the chest, causing a gaping hole where his heart should have been. The beauty hit the floor with a thump and Loki resumed with his terror. It was delicious and intoxicating, his magic was free and rampant to cause destruction and mishaps as it pleased. He felt alive as the screams filled his ears and fear filled his lungs. He followed the crowds as they fled, and laughed as they tried to flee him. He created illusions of himself surrounding them, not that they needed to know. This proved humanity's stupidity, they didn't even try to escape them as they appeared. Soon they were trapped rats and they were cowering and hopeless. "Kneel before me."


Pleasure ran through him as he saw that most did without hesitation, but it had to do with what the staff in his hand had done. They had all seen him destroy and kill with it.
“Isn't this how you are truly meant to be, throughout eons you have sought out higher beings to worship. How am I any different? I am above all of you. You feel it in your very soul the willingness to grovel at my feet. Now kneel!”

He saw as an older man stood before him, defiant and proud unlike the rest. Loki could respect this man but it did not mean that Loki did not want him dead. "Not to men like you. All kings are dethroned are they not."
Anger coursed through his veins, it reminded him of his own failure to acquire the throne of Asgard. The old man would die, he lifted the scepter and shot. He was agitated when the soldier out of time got in the way. ‘‘I saw a man like you once he also believed some people were below others. I remember helping stop him.’’ Loki was not surprised to see the Man of Iron appear and the woman who had attachment Barton. Loki laughed this couldn't get any more fun, and he seemed to agitate Iron Man.

He wondered if they felt it, the burst of magic somewhere near. It felt like a cold breeze and of something that was long forgotten, but instinctual and always present. He turned his head allowing for his illusions to cause a distraction while he looked at the source. Loki felt his breathe being stolen as the boy he had surely killed had been watching the fiasco. His face didn't have to say anything but it said enough, it was a face he often wore when looking at Thor. A face of contempt and superiority in being smarter or being proven right. Then he realized Loki was observing him, the emerald eyed man turned and started to walk away. Loki knew he was not supposed to follow but he could not help himself. No one, not even the Gods could defy death, not even Odin.


He followed as the young man walked away from the scene as if nothing. Loki could not help but find himself more interested and intrigued, no one seemed to sense him. He felt the man's magic once again stir and felt within him that if he did not grab him the beauty would disappear forever. So Loki enveloped the man in his arms and enjoyed the feel of their bodies against each other. He knew he had surprised the youth and with that they disappeared from Germany. Loki's illusions didn't last too long after that.

‘‘Where did Reindeer Games go?’’
Fury came into the comms, "what do you mean ‘where did he go?' Did you idiots lose him?" They looked sheepish until a crash came. It was someone with long hair and clothes similar to Loki's. They took their positions ready to take him down in case he was an enemy. "Who are you?"
"My name is Thor Odinson, Prince of Asgard. I'm looking for Loki to bring him home to face my father's judgement."

"And I'm Queen Elizabeth, hands up."
Natasha sighed and Steve couldn't help but sigh as well.

Fury looked all over the surveillance footage to see where Loki could have gone. He spotted him but the demented Asgardian God seemed to be following no one.



Loki was stunned that they had traveled into what seemed like the young man's dwelling that seemed to be filled with magic. "Who are you?"
"I should be asking you that?"
"My name is Loki."
The young man sighed but looked at Loki with exasperation in his eyes. "I guess I should introduce myself even if you did kill me. Nothing new in dying anyways, but being sexuallly harassed that's new. My name is Harry James Potter-Black."
Loki couldn't help but be shocked at the information given to him, what did the boy mean there was nothing new to dying.