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Persona School, But With Secrets!

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???'s P.O.V

Darkness, calming darkness, all was quiet, like everything was waiting for the light so it wouldn't hurt the darkness. Peace, peace in all directions, until... I heard an annoyingly screechy noise, realizing it was my alarm clock I opened my eyes to a white wall, with posters of musicians, games, and mostly, Phantom Thieves covering it, along with my brown hair covering my face. Yes, I'm a phan, so what?


My tired body rolled in the opposite direction to shut off the alarm clock that awoke me to my pink and white room, sliding my hand to the annoying electronic, which also had '06:00 AM' as the current time, I hit it softly to end the noise, which it did, much to my happiness. Why did I wake up now? What was so important on a Friday morning like this? All I know is that I'm gonna go to a new school on Fri-


I jump out of bed, heading to my closet to grab clothes for today, I take out a pretty Cream-colored shirt with black stripes in the middle, meant to be shaping a tiger that also had red glasses on. My chosen pants were black, with red details on the edges, cream socks and my accessories, which consisted of a purple/violet-ish hair clip, a pastel purple and white striped hairband, a steel watch with red for the display and red details, last but not least a blue, white and green rainbow loom.

After I've dressed up, I grabbed my rainbow target backpack along with a book bag and a luggage since I've chosen to stay at the dorms. Future Hero (I'm not sure yet, but I'm working on the title still.) Angela is ready! Oh! Pardon me, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Angela, a new student at Rebellionaire High (A/N: creative, I know * sarcasm *) and I'm ready to go! My parents had everything else ready last night, so I have no need to worry about that. As I descended the stairs, I tried to be careful despite being scared of falling, I made it and ran to the front door. I said goodbye to my family and begin descending down more stairs, although this time they're made out of concrete. And now... It's almost time for me to go, to the school! 2 hours later...

After arriving at the airport, I took a look around, seeing a huge blue velvet airplane that caught my attention. Realizing it was my plane, I walked towards it. It's going to be a fun year.