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Dark Side

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The hand in the middle of Katsuki’s back pushed down harder, forcing his chest down further onto the rough gravel and dirt covered floor. He growled behind the gag he’d woken up to find in his mouth, a livid red ball that tasted of rubber and salt and refused to budge no matter how he pushed or tried to bite at it. The straps holding it in place were digging meticulously into his skin, rubbing it raw and starting to cut in then more he fought against them.

Warm breath puffed against his ass, just as bare as the rest of him, and the knobby, callused fingers rubbing over his entrance pressed forward the barest amount. He told himself to clench down and stop the invasion but, to his mortification, his body spread easily.

“Shhh,” Deku, stupid fucking Deku who he hadn’t seen since the end of middle school, hadn’t even thought about because why should he waste the time on some weak quirkless alpha, crooned as his fingers sank into his body with nearly no resistance. “This doesn’t have to hurt Kacchan.”

He snarled to keep from gasping when the rough pads of Deku’s fingers rubbed just right. His vision jumped and the low, simmering heat inside of him dripped out all the thicker, coating his balls and thighs. Deku laughed, high and shaky, and repeated the action again and again. Katsuki’s fingers flexed in the strange bonds that had been put in him while he was unconscious, heavy latex gloves to went from elbow to finger and were fixed to a metal ring just far enough above his head to make the stretch in his arms burn.

He should have been sweating, should have been soaked with it, but he was bone dry. There wasn’t enough to even work up a few sparks let alone enough to start blowing shit up.

He didn’t know why it was happening but he suspected whatever Deku had jabbed into his neck was the culprit. And was the reason his body was so warm, so pliant, so wet. His cock was heavy between his thighs, drooling precum through the gaps in the livid pink cage he was locked into. Still it twitched and his balls grew tighter and heavier as Deku fingered him, fingers thrusting and twisting, spreading wide to open his body up further.

He snarled again, toes curling and legs jerking against the cuffs and chains forcing him to stay spread eagle and exposed.

“You’re so wet.” Deku sounded awed and pleased in equal measures. Katsuki wanted to tell him to go fuck himself because this didn’t mean shit. Drugging him didn’t ‘count’, it was just…pathetic. Pathetic like the other had always been, a small quirkless crybaby alpha who had graduated to rape and still wasn’t worth shit.

And had happened to get the drop on him. And had a left hook that felt like getting hit by a ton of bricks. Katsuki hadn’t expected it, had let his guard down and now

“Mfgh!” he shouted when a fourth finger pushed into him; it burned and the twisting ache low in his belly grew stronger. The simmering heat changed, became thick and syrupy inside of him. It was hard to breathe; he wanted and squirmed, head thrashing back and forth.

“If you’re going to take my knot I need you really stretched.” Deku explained, voice soft and apologetic. “I don’t want to hurt you. I’m not that kind of person.”

Katsuki laughed, humorless and bitter. Deku froze for a moment and then he leaned forward, curving over Katsuki’s body.

“Are you angry Kacchan? Is it because I caught you? Me, a useless pathetic alpha, someone *weak*? That’s what you always said right, that I was weak and that no one wanted a weak alpha. Or, are you mad because it feels good?” His fingers pulled free of Katsuki’s body with an obscene slurping sound, seemingly oblivious to Katsuki’s muffled shouts of denial. “I’ve been planning this for years, watching, waiting, making sure no one else tried to take you away before I was ready. You’re too good for just anyway Kaachan, that’s why it has to be like this. used to work like this you know, an alpha had to be able to beat and claim an omega to prove they were worthy.”

Deku stroked a hand down his spine gently and nosed at his neck. “You’re mine, now. To knot and breed as long as I want you.“ Katsuki stopped trashing, an icy surge of fear settling into his chest; teeth scraped over his neck followed by a long, wet lick.

He wouldn’t.

Another lick was followed by a soft nip. “I’m going to keep you forever.“