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Izuku’s not sure what compels him to go to Eijirou, asking about pole dancing lessons.

Sure, he was always fascinated with the amount of strength and energy it took to do such a thing, not to mention the grace to come with it after practicing for so long, but he never once considered trying it himself.

It’s not that he was weak; that wasn’t it at all. Izuku was… timid. Typical for an omega, but there wasn’t anything wrong with that, he figured. For the first twenty-two years of his life, he was more than okay with being shy, quiet, easy to approach and difficult to fight against. No one batted an eye at his behaviour.

Thus, there he was, standing in front of the doors to the dance studio he knew Eijirou practiced in. He convinced himself it was worth it to take up something new and exciting and outgoing. Being timid wasn’t a problem, but it wouldn’t hurt to try doing something that no one expected him to do. He wanted to try being something more than the typical omega and the typical Izuku he always knew.

Pole dancing wasn’t the first option, of course. When he brought up doing something more adventurous to Katsuki, his boyfriend listed a ton of options. Fields dominated by alphas like him, all powerful and loud and everything he needed, but none of them were the right fit. They were either lifelong commitments or something Izuku could never imagine himself doing. His omega and beta friends didn’t have many good options either, so in the end, he went to Eijirou about lessons.

Fun, yes. Exciting and outgoing, definitely. As another plus, if he got good at pole dancing, there was a job waiting for him that would get him and Katsuki some extra money for rent and food. He had a list of reasons prepared for when he walked in, convincing himself that something like this was okay for him to pursue.

Eijirou already worked in the industry, so Izuku wasn’t going in completely blind either. He and Katsuki were friends when they all went to highschool together too, and that was enough reasoning for Izuku to make it to the dance studio and push open the door that day without as much hesitation as he initially had.

Izuku is caught off guard when he opens the door and looks up at Eijirou there, despite all of the preparation he went through. Thick thighs wrapped around the sleek metal pole in the centre of the room, the overwhelming scent of musk and power and alpha spreading through the air, making it hard for Izuku to breathe. He’s wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and a tank top that looks tight enough that he could rip it off by flexing the wrong way. He walks up to Eijirou, who’s hanging upside down with his phone, as if it’s completely casual for him to be in that position.

“Um, hey, Eijirou?” Izuku watches as he stuffs his phone down (up?) into the waistband of his shorts, a bright smile breaking out onto his cheeks.

“Hey, Izuku! Long time, no see. What’s up?” He flips himself back around, landing down on the floor so gracefully Izuku momentarily forgets what he showed up for to begin with. The way he’s crouched down on the floor makes him look small in comparison to the muscles threatening to tear his shirt right off his body. He’s gotten bigger since the last time Izuku saw him in person. Despite living so close to each other, it was easier to text or call instead of meeting up.

“I… want you to teach me.”

“Teach you how to pole dance?”

“Yeah, how to pole dance. I thought it would be, uhm, something cool to learn? I-it always looked like you enjoyed it a lot, and I know you have a ton of experience, so…” He runs a hand along the back of his neck, trying to supress the nervousness and the already existing self-consciousness. He knows he has nothing to be afraid of with Eijirou, but there’s something about actually talking to him and making things happen that has him a little more than scared to see how things turn out.

“Wow, never thought I’d see the day someone would ask. Sure thing, man.”

One step in the right direction. The discussion after that is easy, thankfully. They go over what times to meet up, what he’ll need when he shows up, and what to expect from his body. It isn’t a lot to take in, and with that, Izuku goes home with a smile on his face and hope for a shift in his future.

Katsuki took the idea well, too. He shrugged and gave some comment about being proud of him for finding something, and with no other questions asked, Izuku went to the first lesson the next afternoon.

The first few weeks of learning were rough, without a doubt. Izuku goes home with aching shoulders and thighs, a few bruises from the times he took a landing the wrong way. Katsuki seemed annoyed every time he noticed a new injury but drew a hot bath and held him in his arms until he felt better anyway. He doesn’t complain about the fact that Izuku’s out for a couple extra hours in the day or that he’s been eating more or that he’s been tired enough to sleep early every night they go to bed together. For that, Izuku is grateful.

It’s not that long after that he starts to see the results, though. Katsuki notices it too. His thighs are thicker, stronger. His shoulders grow broader over the weeks, too. Now when he looks in the mirror, he notices the lines of his waist and his abs that start to get a little more defined. It doesn’t stop Katsuki from praising every inch of his body during sex, though, and he appreciates that for sure.

“Did you shave your legs?” Katsuki runs his hands along his thighs one night, fingers moving slower against his skin when he points out the change.

“Oh, yeah. It makes gripping onto the pole easier for me.”

“Huh.” The change doesn’t stop Katsuki from kissing along his thighs, continuing on like nothing happened. Izuku momentarily blesses the Earth for letting him have such a perfect boyfriend in his life.

Every change started to show in the way he was able to hold himself during practice, too. Climbing to the top of the pole and keeping himself positioned in one way was difficult at first, but those were almost warm up activities after a certain amount of months passed. Eijirou was an amazing teacher, and with every passing lesson, Izuku could feel the way they grew closer. He didn’t regret going up and asking for Eijirou to teach him earlier in the year.

Basic lessons started going by faster, and it wasn’t long before Izuku started learning more routines, tried more difficult moves, started to learn more about putting on a performance after learning how to balance his strength and flexibility with Eijirou’s encouragement. Lessons were already interesting before, but finding what he liked best was even better.

“Right, so now, you’re going to want to try to grab here onto the pole, so you can lift yourself up like…” Eijirou reaches to grab the pole behind him, but his wrist gently slips against Izuku’s neck in the process.

“Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to bump you.” Izuku waves him off, paying attention to the rest of what he’s saying about arm strength and balance and how to maneuver himself in some specific way.

The encounter didn’t really seem significant him to then. It wouldn’t be the first time they bumped into each other, after all. That sort of thing was bound to happen when Eijirou was helping to keep him from falling like he did in the beginning.

He finishes up that session, walks home, and opens the apartment door with a relieved sigh. His shoes are slipped off and left by the front door, and it doesn’t take long for him to find Katsuki in their bedroom, lounging back on the bed with his phone in his hands.

Katsuki’s face scrunches up the second Izuku walks into the room.

“What the fuck? You smell like Eijirou. The hell did he do?” Izuku’s frozen in place, trying to think about what he’s talking about. Of course he’d have some traces of the other alpha’s scent from being around him so often. Before he can even manage one word, Katsuki is crossing the space between them, burying his nose into his neck to sniff at one particular spot there.

Right, Eijirou’s wrist hit there, didn’t it? It would’ve made sense that he rubbed his smell off on Izuku from that.

“You’re my omega.” He makes it clear it in his voice. There’s the hint of a growl there that Izuku can’t fight. He knows he belongs to Katsuki and only Katsuki. His head tilts automatically to bare his neck in submission and teeth latch right on without hesitation.

“I-I’m yours, Katsuki. Not Eijirou’s. You’re my alpha.” He gasps out the words, feeling his eyes flutter shut and arousal bloom in an instant. With shaky hands, he grips onto Katsuki’s shoulders, letting the alpha pick him up and carry him to the bed.

Good. Better tell that piece of shit not to touch you again.” Katsuki crawls over him, already taking off his shirt.

“I wil- ah!”

If there was anything Izuku learned in the last years spent with Katsuki, it was that he didn’t let Izuku go when he wanted him. It was going to be a long night.




Katsuki made sure there wasn’t an inch of unmarked skin on his body by the time the sun rose the next morning. His body is still pleasantly humming in approval, uncaring of the bite and claw marks covering his skin more than his freckles do. Thanks to all the exercise in the last several weeks, he doesn’t even feel too sore rolling out of bed, careful not to wake the sleeping alpha next to him.

He takes a shower, pulls on sweatpants and a shirt over his tank top and shorts, and leaves the apartment after with his water bottle in his hand. The drive was always a short one, thankfully. In the most recent weeks, he made a point to walk there instead to get in the extra exercise. The building shows up before long, and he pushed open the door with one hand, happy to spend the next few hours there.

It’s on his way walking to the studio that he suddenly remembers a crucial detail.

Shit. Eijirou.

God, he hopes he doesn’t mind all the marks on his body during practice.

He swallows down any traces of doubt or nervousness and pushes open the doors to the room, watching Eijirou as he stretches, a smile blooming on his face when he watches Izuku walk in.

He knows there’s no use hiding it by that point. He can’t keep his grip on the pole wearing full length pants. Carefully, he steps out of his sweatpants and takes off his shirt, unable to miss the way Eijirou’s eyes comically widen as he notices all the marks maring his skin from neck to thighs.

“Wow. Katsuki get a little jealous last night?”

Izuku doesn’t say a word. He hopes the shade of crimson that flushes his skin speaks more than any words could.

Thankfully, Eijirou didn’t make another comment for the rest of the session. He went on like nothing happened and taught him without any issue. No lingering eyes, witty remarks, nothing. Though, this time, he knows the brush of Eijirou’s wrist against his neck isn’t an accident when he reaches to show him something. It’s a message, something for Katsuki to read. They’re starting to play a game with him.

He doesn’t even try to hide the scent when he makes it home, immediately seeing Katsuki when he opens the apartment door.

The look on his face is murderous.

Not a single second is wasted in the time Katsuki takes to pick him up and drag him to the bedroom.

“H-hey, calm down. Talk to me before you do anything.” He knows those words register in Katsuki’s mind. They established that well before, when Izuku realised Katsuki was a ‘shoot first, talk later’ kind of guy. Nothing would happen until they both knew what was going on.

It’s enough to calm Katsuki down too, thankfully. He watches him roll his neck and contemplate his words with a deep inhale, sitting on his knees between Izuku’s thighs, clenching and unclenching his hands.

“He’s tryin’ to scent mark you, that bastard. Making some kind of statement. Lemme have you.”

“Are you going to be like this every time he-”

“Every time you smell like another alpha? Yeah.” It’s not like he really minded the behaviour. Seeing Katsuki riled up and ready to fuck him was always a sight he was willing to see. He would let Katsuki bite and scratch and bruise every inch of his skin, if it meant both of them were able to feel good from it all. The blotches of red and purple the next day were more than welcome in that case.

He leaned closer and slipped his hand under Katsuki’s chin, speaking low, in the way he knows will set him off.

“Then go ahead and do what you want, baby.” Katsuki doesn’t hold himself back in the way he takes off Izuku’s clothes and his own, shirts and pants messily tossed off to the side of the bed. A hand is tangled into his hair and he’s yanked into a kiss, a high, breathless whine leaving his mouth at the feeling of a tongue tracing along his lower lip. He feels his hands being held together behind his back, but only then is he aware that something’s happening.

His hands are tied behind his back with Katsuki’s belt, tight enough to keep him restrained but not enough to hurt his wrists. He flexes his fingers and turns to look at Katsuki right before he’s pushed chest-first into the bed. By instinct, he’s already spreading his thighs, feeling slick trail down his legs.

“So needy…”

“Kacchan, p-please. Stop teasing, I want- I need you.” Katsuki’s resolve is never that strong. It’s not too long before he’s getting what he wants from his alpha, cries of his name pouring from his lips like a mantra.

Regardless of how rough Katsuki was with him, he always took the time to open him up until he was ready to come from that alone, asking him to plead until he was sure he was ready. No matter the amount of slick, how much his body trembled, how red his cheeks got, he demanded Izuku clearly said what he wanted before he could get it. The stretch of something bigger after waiting so long was enough to leave him speechless every time.

It isn’t too long before Izuku realises just how frustrating it is to have his hands tied behind his back. He can’t thrust his hips into the bed sheets the way he wants, and when he brings it up to Katsuki, he laughs. A deep, low chuckle, hand moving to tilt Izuku’s chin towards him.

“What, thought I’d let you have everything you want?” The tone of voice sends a shiver down his spine. He thrusts harder into Izuku, and he can only hope the choked out sound he makes sounds even close to his name.

The brutal drive of his hips into him make his body writhe on the bed. Leaves him dizzy and euphoric, but wanting more , enough to make him fall into the high of being able to come. All he can manage to do is beg him to move harder and faster until he’s left gasping for air and sobbing out his pleads to be touched more. The moment Katsuki listens and rubs his thumb over the head of his cock, he’s gone.

His cry of Katsuki’s name is muffled by the pillow but still audible enough to make him come shortly after, the hitch of his breath loud so close to his ear. He can feel the swell of the knot inside of him and lets his knees give out, trying to catch his breath.

The belt around his hands is untied, and Katsuki’s already laying him down and pulling him close into his chest, massaging his wrists in slow circles.

He’s still fuzzy from the afterglow when he attempts to ask something about Eijirou. He’s not even sure the right words came out, but Katsuki seemed to understand his attempt at communication well enough.

“He can put his damn hands on you all he wants, but he better stop touching your neck. You’re my omega.”

“So… what I’m hearing is... aside from marking me, you don’t mind the smell of Eijirou on me, right?” Katsuki grunts.

“No. He treats you well. We’re friends, anyway. He might be acting like a jackass right now, but he’s a friend.” He’s a little surprised by the answer but doesn’t argue it. He feels the hum of satisfaction in his chest and curls up closer to Katsuki’s chest, letting him stroke through the curls of his hair like he always does when they’re laying down together, waiting for his knot to go down.

“Good. I don’t want anyone fighting over me. You know I love you...”

“Love you too.” They fall silent after that, warm and curled up together in the bed, until Izuku falls asleep.

The session the next day goes about as well as the others. Nothing unusual, nothing more than practicing and trying new things with music playing loud through the studio. Eijirou takes the pole on the far right side of the room, Izuku takes the one in the centre. It’s easy going after he learned enough to not injure himself or tire out as fast. The new found strength and stamina were a blessing to have. The few hours are over before he knows it, and he’s already headed back out the doors and down the hallways to get back home.

Suddenly, he remembers he left his water bottle on the floor of the studio. It’s the same blue, refillable one with a filter he takes to every session, water ice cold entering the studio and almost warm by the end. He turns on his heel and heads on his way back, humming lightly under his breath to the tune of the music playing through his earbuds. He makes it all the way back to the doors of the room but stops outside the door at the sound of a voice aside from Eijirou’s.

“...but be careful of your damn scent glands if you’re gonna be around my omega all the fuckin’ time.”

“I know, I’m sorry. But come into the studio once, bro. Just see what he’s able to do with his body.” Izuku doesn’t need to watch them to know that Katsuki’s glare turns lethal.

Dancing ,” Eijirou suddenly adds on, “what he can do with his body while dancing. His, uh, dancing is great. You really should come watch sometime. Your little Izuku’s something, y’know?”

“I know, he’s my omega. Of course he’s fucking something.” Katsuki lets out an annoyed sigh. “But you changed him.”

“For the worse…?” He can hear the slight panic in Eijirou’s voice but not before a wave of nervousness hits his nostrils. There’s silence for a moment. Tense silence, where he knows Katsuki has something to say but doesn’t want to say.

“No… He’s happier. He gets all… glowy ‘n shit when he talks about dancing. You treat him good. Almost like he’s yours too.” At that, Izuku leaves before either of them can pick up the fact that he’s there. He pushes down the rush of emotions he feels and goes home before Katsuki can leave and see him. The water bottle could wait until the next time.

Like he’s yours too. What was Katsuki talking about? They were friends, partners in practice. Eijirou never treated him as anything more than a friend or student. Everything to do with their relationship was platonic, in his eyes.

Some jokes here and there weren’t uncommon, sure. They managed to get close enough that casual touches to the arms and shoulders were normal. Eijirou was a good friend, but he never once overstepped to the point that Izuku noticed it.

That night, Izuku makes it home before Katsuki does. He finds it a little strange since he’s the second one to come back to the apartment almost everyday but doesn’t think much of it. After all, Katsuki stayed behind to talk a little longer and left a fair time after him. It would only make sense that he showed up after Izuku did. The only thing that surprises him is the sight of both Katsuki and Eijirou walking through the front door of the apartment.

Cautiously, he reached to turn off the TV, staring at both at them until Eijirou spoke up.

“Izuku, how do you feel about us both being your alphas?” The question is sudden, leaves him struggling to tame the heat blooming over his face. There’s a glint of something dangerous in Eijirou’s eyes, but he can’t see any other signs of things being different. It’s still enough to keep him on guard.

“You like Eijirou, right?” Katsuki’s arms are folded over his chest. He doesn’t look upset, but… they’re both staring at him in a way that makes his skin feel cold.

His breath catches in his throat. He tries to come up with a response, but all that he can manage is a choked breath of air. The steady rise of more heat to his face and neck doesn’t help.

“I don’t know… I-I haven’t really thought about feelings much.” Both Katsuki and Eijirou sit across from him, taking up the remaining space of the sofa with no issue. It’s cramped with three people there, and Izuku finds himself instinctually backing up into the corner, watching them with wary eyes.

“It’s alright if you’re unsure. We were only wondering.” The smile Eijirou has is sweet compared to the look they were both sharing a moment before. It’s enough to calm him down, to let out an exhale and stop leaning so far away from them on the sofa. He runs his hands over his cheeks, through his hair, and down his neck, thinking through everything and calming himself down.

He really didn’t think much on his feelings toward Eijirou. Were they friends? Yeah. That went without a doubt. He wouldn’t be showing up at the studio so often if they weren’t, for sure. He always appreciated Eijirou’s presence in his life, starting back in high school. They didn’t meet up very often over the years, but he always made a point to keep in touch with him, among some of the others.

But was he attracted to him? No? Maybe? He was hot, and Izuku couldn’t deny that one. If he wasn’t so focused on practicing, he knows he’d be caught staring more often than not. He was sweet too, always one of the people Izuku could fall back on no matter what happened or how long it’d been.

Katsuki was already a part of his life, but if he had the option to be in a relationship with Eijirou too…

He can’t find himself saying no to that.

It’s on that night that he finds himself agreeing to something he could never regret.




Izuku’s thankful that talk didn’t change anything between him, Katsuki, and Eijirou. Katsuki was still as affectionate and caring at home, and Eijirou taught him the same way at the studio. Save for the extra attention from both of them, he was able to go through life at both the apartment and during lessons without any issues. If anything, things at the dance studio were able to improve from it all.

“Here, move your hips more like this.” Eijirou places his hands on Izuku’s hips, guiding them from side to side, in the way he’s supposed to be moving. “Now, your hands the way I showed you.”

He runs them down his chest, finding the flow, finding the confidence he’s supposed to be exerting, finding why this was so appealing to begin with. Eijirou leaves him to continue, show every step he’s supposed to be doing, from the steps to the turns, body flexing and stretching and rolling every way he wants it to.

All the encouragement works wonders for him. Hearing Eijirou’s praise sends his heart racing with every word, and he doesn’t try to hide the way his face flushes red with every kind word. Katsuki really was able to point out his feelings before he was able to come to terms with them.

The physical assistance makes things easier, it turns out. Now that he doesn’t have to worry about Katsuki ripping Eijirou’s throat out, it’s easier for them to get closer. Eijirou can hold him, touch him, adjust his body parts when he’s not doing something right. It only takes the next two months for him to improve far faster than he did before, ending up on the same level as Eijirou.

It’s not long after that, that Izuku finally convinces Katsuki to let him buy a pole to practice on for inside the apartment. Their place isn’t as big as the studio, but they had one room they didn’t use that was just enough space for him to practice outside of his lessons with Eijirou.

It was rare that Katsuki ever came by to disturb him when he spent an hour every day practicing, but when he did, it was always to take care of him. Food, a water refill, an offer to go shower before bed, when he practiced for longer than the other days. There’s times where he really couldn’t believe Katsuki was so supportive; he didn’t act over the moon about the changes, but having someone adapt to a drastic change for him was something he wanted but didn’t know he needed.

With the pole at home too, Eijirou gets him to make his own routine. Any song, any style, as long as it’s a full length performance. In the meantime, they keep with all the practice, though Izuku doesn’t show up as many times a week as he did in the start. His time that isn’t spent with Katsuki is spent repeating all the same moves, watching himself in the mirror, wondering how to keep improving from where he was.

Choreographing his own performance helped a lot with that. With the hours of repetition in tact, it isn’t long before he’s able to bring it up to Eijirou. Apparently, Eijirou knew from the look on his face that he finished the entire thing.

“You’ve come up with that routine, right?”

“Yeah, I have.”

“Then show me, after we warm up today.” Izuku nods. No big deal. He’d been preparing for that routine for weeks. Showing Eijirou would be nothing.

The warm up is easy. Stretches, basic moves on the pole, getting his body comfortable and loose and ready to move around. Eijirou sets up the music after, and it’s then that he realises the warm up is already over. Izuku swallows down the slight lump of nervousness he always gets before showing off a routine in full. He feels the beat of the music, walking up to the pole on the right side of the room. He feels the cool metal against his hand and the weightlessness that comes with the first movement around it, and that’s all he needs to get going and find his rhythm.

He can feel the way his body twists around the pole, skin gliding over the smooth metal. He feels how liberating it is when he dips down, only one leg keeping him in place. Every movement is so much easier when he gets into the feelings he loves, every grind and twirl and carefully timed step coming to him like a sixth sense instead of something he practiced for months.

A low dip to the ground, thighs parted wide, back arched against the pole, hands smoothing down the muscle of his chest until his thumbs hook into the band of his shorts. He locks eyes with Eijirou, just long enough to see how red and flustered he looks, before going back to the metal behind him, making it to the top and spinning around effortlessly.

There really was something freeing about pole dancing. Feeling strong but graceful, being able to whip around at speeds that were dizzying but so intoxicating. He feels sexy and beautiful with every movement, and just knowing what effect he has on one person leaves him craving the attention of more. It makes him wonder how far he could make it by showing off to more than Eijirou.

He knows his style drifted away from what was taught to him too. Eijirou’s strong, powerful, and it shows in every move. He lifts himself up like it’s second nature. When those thick thighs wrap around the pole, he already expects something bold and loud to be shown to him.

Izuku’s not the same. He doesn’t need the mirror on the wall to see that he’s smoother, graceful. He knows for a fact that he’s strong, but it isn’t shown through power like it is for Eijirou. His movements glide together, and it’s when he makes eye contact with himself in the mirror then that he sees how much he changed and improved over the months. He became something he always knew he had the potential to be.

With all the thoughts running around in his mind, he almost didn’t realise the song was over, in the last position he had planned without even thinking about it. Eijirou clears his throat from across the room, looking away and rubbing the back of his neck. His cheeks are nearly as red as his hair.

“You’re really good at this… dude.”

Izuku doesn’t bother to hide the laugh bubbling up from his chest as he walks away from the pole, stretching his arms above his head and shifting from foot to foot.


“... Yeah?”

“I think we’re a little past you calling me ‘dude’, Eiji.”

“That’s… fair. Probably still gonna call you that anyway.” Eijirou gives him a sheepish grin, and they both break off into laughter, momentarily forgetting about the fact that they’re supposed to be in the middle of practicing. Breaking off from the professionalism to be friends was always a nice reminder of why Izuku went to him in the first place.

The rest of the session goes just as casually. It’s at the end that Eijirou talks to him about heading down to the club the next day and possibly getting a job there. He’s too relaxed to even doubt it, immediately agreeing.

He can’t hide the excitement later in the night, though, when he’s able to tell Katsuki about the plans. It was never a dream of his to become a stripper, but he didn’t have a problem taking up an opportunity where he could get one. There would always be the down side to any door he opened, but the possibilities to come were endless. He wouldn’t say no to such an offer in a million years.

That night, he could barely sleep, but he managed to wake up the next day filled with excitement. It would be a large portion of the day before he even saw Eijirou, but knowing that he would be getting somewhere with all that practice was enough to keep him awake and pushing through the hours before they finally met at the studio.

They both take Eijirou’s bike down to the club, parking across the street and walking up to it. Blinding, neon pink lights up the sign on the building, Sacred Hearts Club in huge letters against the brick wall. The inside is muted in comparison, and the only lighting he sees are at the bar and above the stages the dancers are performing. They’re still dim, though, and he can barely see his own two feet while he walks.

The air smells rich with alcohol, sweat, and potent enough pheromones that Izuku can’t tell whose are whose by any means. Every aspect of it is overwhelming, and he momentarily considers if it’s worth it to go through with everything after all.

“Come on, let me show you to the back.”

Eijirou gives him a bright smile and a pat on the shoulder, taking his hand and weaving him through drunk clients and busy employees.

His hands are softer than he imagined they’d be. Smooth, warm, no rough patches to show how much work he’s done and how much he’s been through. It’s a little strange to think that he hadn’t felt them in his own before, after all the months of contact everywhere else. It’s a gentle kind of intimacy there in such a simple action. He briefly wonders whether or not Eijirou thinks the same.

Honestly, the thought of that is enough to get him through the rest of the night. Signing papers and figuring out good times for his shifts and understanding the rules all go by so fast he barely remembers. Being next to Eijirou made everything so much easier.

The treatment he got from Katsuki and Eijirou was different. Katsuki was more intimate when they were alone. Showed it in the way he showered Izuku with every ounce of silent affection, cooked for him, took baths with him after sex, and cleaned them both up until he was too tired and comfortable to move and would carry Izuku all the way to the bed, wrapping them both up in the blankets. It’s not that he wasn’t affectionate in public; he just didn’t make it obvious. People didn’t have to look more than twice to know Katsuki was his alpha, but it wasn’t in the sweet gestures or pet names.

Eijirou, though? Brushes of the hands, friendly kisses to the cheek, bright smiles that Izuku knew were only for him. Most of their ‘alone’ time was spent practicing and more acting like a student with his teacher, but in the bits of time he had outside of the studio, he could see how much of a sweetheart he was. He wasn’t afraid to show his omega off like he was the entire world and more.

The two of them are all he can think about when he goes to bed that night, curled up in Katsuki’s embrace and silently wondering what it would be like to have another person to hold onto.




Working at the club turned out to be… easier than he thought it would be. His shifts weren’t too hard, and more often than not, he still got home before Katsuki went to sleep. Enough security was around that he was never bothered on the job, and when he was, it was taken care of so fast he barely remembered there was an issue to begin with. It turned out to be some extra money that both he and Katsuki could use, too. Eijirou was almost never brought up, but they both agreed that if Izuku pursued anything more with him like they talked about before, communication between the three of them had to be clear and anything done had to be consensual.

For the first month, he was only working with other people or used as back-up, at least until he was able to land a solo performance. The thought of performing on his own was a little more terrifying that he thought it’d be, mainly after thinking about the fact that it’d be in front of dozens of people instead of only Eijirou and by himself at that.

Nonetheless, he ran home that day just to tell Katsuki the news. And that he’d better show up for that night because there was no way in hell Izuku would let him miss such an important thing. Not when he’d been working so hard towards it over the last several months and already had ideas set out. Katsuki agrees with a mutter and a short kiss to the lips, and like that, Izuku starts practicing.

He’s glad Eijirou already got him to come up with a few different routines because only a week passes by before he’s set to perform. Katsuki drives himself and Izuku to the club that night, the two of them parting ways before long. There’s still some time before the solo, but he can feel the wild racing of his heart from anticipation. The rest of his shift was left, though Eijirou was there for the moral support until then.

Those few hours pass by faster than he thinks, and before he knows it, he’s hanging off to the side of the stage with his heart pounding in his chest and threatening to fall out onto the floor.

Knowing Katsuki was going to be there gave him a rush of excitement he hadn’t felt before. Performing in front of Eijirou was no big deal, but having Katsuki watch him? His heart couldn’t stop racing for even a second. Seeing him practice for a minute or two was nothing compared to a full on routine, outfit and all.

Izuku knows what he’s going to do with the song he chose for the night. It’s already clear what he’s trying to pull off from what he’s wearing- a black vest that shows off enough of his chest, tight shorts that hug his ass just right, boots that lace up right below the knee. He struts onto stage in an air of confidence, the beginning of the music a warning of what’s to come from him. Conviction, desire, sensuality, a feeling that’s going to drive his two alphas insane when they’re stuck watching without touching like everyone else in the room.

Every slow sway of his hips when he walks comes naturally from all the months of practice. He remembers everything Eijirou taught him, from the ways to keep himself moving to keeping an audience captivated. Biting his lower lip, spreading his thighs out further, lifting himself up onto the pole with the right timing. Making himself look appealing, sultry, everything an alpha wants- it’s no problem for him anymore. He wants to look perfect for all the hungry eyes watching him up on that stage.

The bass of the song makes his chest shake, but he can’t bring himself to mind it. God, it’s exhilarating, especially knowing the two strongest alphas in the room are both watching his every move. He doesn’t need to look at them to know what they’re thinking, what they’re going to do to him later in the night if he keeps up the act of seduction. That thought excites and motivates him with every move.

He lets his shoulders turn back with ease and the vest glide right off of his chest. He makes his body dip low to the ground from the pole, hands pressed to the floor. Rolls his hips in time to the low beat, runs a hand through his hair that’s already growing damp with the sweat, shows off every hard line of muscle that dip right down into the shorts he’s wearing. He can already feel the strain of his cock against the leather shorts thanks to all the eyes on him but does everything in his power to ignore it. Focuses on the music, focuses on the reward he’ll get from Eijirou and Katsuki if he does good for both of them tonight.

Come on, get down on your knees, baby

Beads of sweat roll down his chest and neck, pants leaving his mouth but not at all from tiredness. He grinds his hips against the pole to every chant of the song, letting his body swing around it in a way he hopes looks as sultry as it does elegant. The momentum keeps him going while he locks eyes with his alphas standing in the front of the audience, hungry and waiting for him to be done for the night. He doesn’t need anyone’s shouts or their cash at his feet to know he’s alluring. It’d take a fool of an alpha to not pay to see an omega look like that in front of them. Flushed and sweaty and so desperate for another body that the scent could be picked up from a mile away.

He knows his alphas can both smell the scent of their needy omega from their short distance away, without a doubt. It only spurs him on further, gives him the confidence he needs to tease the crowd with a tug of his shorts a little more when the song ends, neck tilted enough to show off his scent glands to everyone watching.

Making his way off of the stage and out of sight was almost difficult, still dazed and high from being able to perform. He wipes up the beads of sweat that formed on his forehead and takes a long drink of water, his heart still pounding against his chest.

Eijirou is the first to find him, and he can see how close that restrain is from breaking. Eyes almost glowing under the low lighting of the club, chest slowly rising up and down with every held back breath. If he didn’t know him, he knows, deep down, that demeanour would be terrifying.

It’s not much longer before they find Katsuki. Izuku was never more grateful for the fact that his shift was already over. The drive to the apartment never felt longer. He feels like he’s suffocating under the smell of them both, trying to steady his breathing and make sure they can even make it into the bedroom.

Izuku is almost torn apart that night.

Everything happens so fast he can barely keep up. Clothing taken off, filthy words and praises tossed left and right, already being pinned down on the bed by the weight of two people. It’s exactly what he wanted to happen.

Katsuki’s nails dig sharp into his hips, and Eijirou’s teeth leave bloody bruises in uneven blotches around his neck and down his chest. He knows there’s no way he can cover every mark before his next performance, but something tells him that the sight of an omega marked up by an alpha already is going to bring some extra level of excitement to him, if not anyone else watching.

“God, so fucking gorgeous. Look at him, Eijirou. How long do you think he was hard for?”

“I dunno, looked pretty worked up on stage tonight. Must’ve been a while.”

He tries to tell them all he could think about on stage was them and their scent and how he knew the night would end up like this. How he was aching by the end of the performance and could barely breathe through the smell of his own lust.

A desperate whine being ripped from his mouth is the only thing that calls him back from his thoughts. Katsuki bit right into his thigh, face dangerously close to his cock and only reminding him of how much he wanted to be taken care of already.

“Sh-shit, didn’t wait all night for you two to tease me…”

“Didn’t watch you tease us all night not to punish you.” That earns him another bite to his hip from Katsuki and another lewd gasp in reply.

“Kacchan, I’m-” He can’t even speak without being caught off guard. Eijirou’s licking and sucking at his neck, making him lose his focus before he can find it. Katsuki barely strokes his cock and he’s already begging for more, hips rutting into the touch.

All the attention his body gets makes it impossible for him to think right, and he knows it won’t let up for the rest of the night. It definitely doesn’t, with every kiss and bite to his body, every hand running across flushed, hot skin, every inch of sensitive flesh being played with by both people, and-

He doesn’t think he’s ever came that hard in his life.




Waking up next to both alphas is an experience that Izuku can’t compare to any other. He sees Katsuki first, one arm protectively wrapped around his waist and his face buried into a pillow. It’s not an unusual sight at all. He can feel Eijirou pressed against his back, one leg between his own and nose buried into his neck, but that doesn’t feel strange. Foreign, a little, but it’s comfortable.

All his body knows is that he’s safe and warm between the bodies of two people he loves.

… Apparently so safe and warm that he can’t get out of bed on time. Another hour passes by before Katsuki wakes up, then Eijirou shortly after. Izuku hadn’t moved an inch in that time, but he almost forgot that time was passing with how long he spent relishing in the warmth from the embrace of two people at once.

That morning, he showers with Eijirou while Katsuki cleans up their wreck of a bedroom. It’s different, but it’s not a change he minds at all. Admittedly, it’s something he would do again, given the opportunity. Breakfast is spent with both of them after Katsuki showers himself (and Eijirou borrows some of his clothing), comfortable and casual. It isn’t long before Katsuki leaves for work and Izuku leaves to go practice with Eijirou in the studio, but the short time they spent together that morning felt natural.

It turns out, that one morning was a good start to the next few weeks. Eijirou starts coming to the apartment more often than not, and it ends up being the three of them all in bed by the end of the night, Izuku waking up between the two alphas. He starts noticing the two getting along more, and it doesn’t come as a shock when he catches them kissing against the kitchen counter instead of making dinner as planned. In a way, there’s something deep in him that’s satisfied with knowing none of the feelings went one-sided or there was any jealousy to be worried about between any of them.

Ending a night with sex with both of them wasn’t at all a downside either. Eijirou was gentler with him, but in no way was he left unmarked by the end of the night when they were both there to ravage him. He had to cover up all the bite marks and scratches left behind before a performance, but the omega in him was more than satisfied seeing the evidence of their nights across his skin. There wasn’t a way he would be left without the same treatment if he were off his suppressants long enough to go into heat.

Those weeks living with both people helped him during his performances his too. Every time he stepped onto stage, he was determined to do better than the previous time, have more people scream his name, have bruises littered over his skin afterwards that would last for weeks.

On one particular night, with both of his alphas watching him and more confidence present than the last time Katsuki was there to watch, he knows what he’s going to do. He has to prove a point and make it a good one. He might be the omega to them both, but he owns them.

He struts out onto the stage, the click of his heels inaudible with the music starting up. The lights are cascading over his body, the music is pounding through his ears, and he can already hear the whistles and lewd comments being shouted from other people. He knows how he looks. All he wants is to look sinful, but knowing none of the other alphas can have him is what spurs him on the most.

The first movements are slow. He feels the lyrics, knows them by heart, moves slow and careful with each and every one of the words. It’s only when the chorus starts up that he lifts himself up to one of the poles, twisting himself around and starting to pick up the pace.

All the cheers, the smell of desire, and the two different pairs of red eyes on him is all that he needs to keep going. The rush of adrenaline is addicting, really. It makes him work harder, smoother, focus on how he to entice everyone watching.

An idea crosses his mind, and before he can doubt how it’ll fit into what he had planned, he slides off the stage and walks over to Katsuki, swaying his hips to the beat.

He crawls into Katsuki’s lap, rolling his hips and gripping his shoulders, biting his lower lip and making sure their eyes don’t lose contact. He’s not blind to the growing hardness under him, and he makes a point to shift his ass down just a little bit more. He almost forgets the fact that he’s supposed to be performing for everyone with the way that Katsuki freezes up, eyes blown wide and the scent of lust rolling off of him in a cloud Izuku almost suffocates in.

When he carefully lifts himself back off of Katsuki’s hips, he makes certain that he can smell him. He locks eyes with him one more time before wrapping an arm back around the pole and spinning his entire body around the smooth metal. He can hear the cheers of encouragement from Eijirou across the stage, but all that matters to him is the fact that he could make Katsuki look like that.

The rest of the routine goes by in a blur. Every slow, seductive spin, hip roll, hand down his body, turn of his body to show off his hips and ass in just the right ways. Showing off for everyone in the room starts to become more stress relief than a job that’s getting his rent paid off.

Every set of eyes in the room are on him, but all he cares about is the two of his own alphas, especially the one who already got a bit of extra treatment. All he can smell on him is Katsuki, Katsuki, Katsuki, and god, it drives him mad. Makes him work faster, harder, grind on the floor and arch his back like the stage is his and only his. It doesn’t compare to the feeling of smooth skin under his hands and hair to run his fingers through, but it’s enough to get him to the end of the song, hanging upside from the pole with only his thighs supporting his weight.

He never once thought he’d be so eager to get off the stage in his life.




A few more months pass by. The job is still the same, though he isn’t blind to the increasing amount of money in each performance. That serves as motivation for him to keep practicing, learning new things, find a way to turn even more people on than he already did. It was easier to meet up at the studio to practice with Eijirou, where there was more room and bigger mirrors. There wasn’t anything wrong with practicing at the apartment, but having the extra space was always appreciated.

An idea comes to him when he’s cycling through his music playlist on the way to the studio. There’s a feeling he gets listening to the lyrics, and before he knows it, he’s jogging the rest of the way there, almost crashing into the doors with how fast he runs into them.

“Eiji! I have an idea of something we could do together.”

“Whoa, excited today. I like it. But really?” Izuku hastily unplugs his headphones, stuffing them into his pocket and restarting the song he was listening to.

Step by step, he explains what he had in mind to Eijirou while the music plays on. He doesn’t miss the moment his eyes light up with glee, and though they didn’t even start dancing for the day, he’s already ready to go through with the whole act.

Every week after that seems to pass by easier. He’s able to practice back at the apartment more with Eijirou around more often than not, but it’s difficult keeping Katsuki from finding out exactly what they were planning. The only thing harder than that would be the fact that he couldn’t keep his hands off of Eijirou anytime they did practice the routine, but that always had its rewards to it.

When the night finally comes that they can perform? He’s not sure who’s more excited between him and Eijirou, when both of them are joined together at the hip the entire day, unwilling to let each other go until they’re off stage. Eijirou keeps telling him about every reaction they could possibly rip from Katsuki, every reaction they could get from the audience, because he absolutely hadn’t done something like that in months before, without Izuku working at the club with him.

The look on Katsuki’s face when he’s dragged to the stage that night is priceless. He has no clue what’s going on, thankfully, and the surprise to come keeps him bouncing on his feet off stage. Izuku waits until the music starts to look over at Eijirou, seeing that same glimmer of excitement in his eyes that he knows he has in his own. He tries to keep his grin at bay when the beat starts.

They’re wearing matching outfits, both equally as revealing. There’s almost nothing covering either of them up, save for the lace and glitter over their chests and waists.

Izuku is the first to walk out, approaching Katsuki and brushing a hand under his chin, swaying his hips to tease the crowd before working himself around one of the two poles out on stage. A few simple turns on the pole, a hand running down his chest and putting emphasis on the rolling of his hips. Just enough to get the show started.

Eijirou joins him only a moment after, walking out at the same slow pace. He lets his hands rest onto Katsuki’s knees before walking to Izuku, moving close enough to tease the audience but not enough to give him satisfaction. When he moves to his own pole, everything else is mindless routine.

They practiced enough to be perfectly coordinated with every move. Right down to the crouch to the ground, both of them spreading their thighs wide and standing back up with arched backs and timed turns on matching pairs of heels. The two make their way back to Katsuki, circling around him a few times before Eijirou ends up on the floor in front of him with Izuku behind his back.

He looks perfect there on the floor, an image of lust and desire and everything Izuku could ever dream of. He’s showing off his body to Katsuki, flaunting his ass, moving closer to him, all while Izuku gets the chance to take off his shirt and toss it to the side. He only has a minute to enjoy the sight of both people in front of him before he’s making his way back on the pole, making sure his steps are in time with Eijirou’s again. Every movement slow, sensual, done so in sync he knows it drives the alpha behind them wild.

A lot of the routine ended up off the poles, and he knows Katsuki won’t be calm when he sees the rest. Izuku lets his hand slide off of the pole, stepping to the front of the stage with Eijirou by his side. Dropping down to the floor with his leg arched over his back seems like nothing. He’s only back to back with Eijirou for a moment before turning around, his hands pressed to the ground behind him.

He’s leaned back into the floor until Eijirou changes his air so suddenly Izuku almost doesn’t remember that’s part of this whole plan. His heart starts racing when he watches him stalk over like a predator, pushing Izuku’s chest down until he’s flat to the floor and straddling his hips. He’s barely focused on the screams of other people in the audience, a little preoccupied with the grinding of Eijirou’s hips into him.

The smack of his hand against Eijirou’s ass is quickly brushed off when he’s pulled into his lap, but even that doesn’t last long when he’s pushed to the floor and flipped onto his back. Izuku spreads his thighs with almost too much ease, sliding his body between them with a cocky smile.

He honestly forgets about Katsuki sitting in a chair across from them when all he’s focused on is pulling Eijirou’s waist towards himself, letting his hands roam across his body while he rolls his hips into him. He’s glad the music is able to hide the sound of his low moan, but that doesn’t keep Eijirou from hearing it, the sudden scent the only sign that he definitely heard that. Another turn and Izuku’s the one laying back on the floor again.

It’s like a game of chase. The sight of Eijirou looming over him reminds Izuku that he’s definitely an omega and he’d never been happier in his life to accept that fact. If it means he gets one alpha to perform with him and another to watch from a distance with nothing but hunger, then Izuku would ask to become an omega thirty times over.

They both stand up so casually it almost hurts. Slow, steady steps over to where Katsuki was sitting. One hand on one knee each, lean in close, and the lights go out.

A performance, an act, something to show off, to please other people. He knows all that dancing was only for the sake of other people, but there’s no way for him to suppress his eagerness when he knows that was his last act for the night and he can do whatever he wants with Katsuki.

It doesn’t feel like there’s much time between him getting off the stage with Eijirou and Katsuki following thereafter. As much as he’s usually nice to all the other patrons in the place, all the thoughts racing through his head has him almost running to get out of there with the two alphas. He’s never been happier that their apartment was so close.

The door is slammed behind them, and it’s a foggy walk all the way to the bedroom, two people pulling and pushing at his body until they eventually make it to the bed. Eijirou shoves Katsuki down onto the mattress, and Izuku takes the chance to straddle his hips, hands running along the flushed skin of his chest.

“God- I’m- fuck, you’re both gonna kill me.” He watches a hand grip at blonde hair and hears the shaky sigh that leaves his mouth.

“‘zuku, what do you wanna do to him?”

“Mm…” He lets his eyes wander up to Katsuki’s. His face is flushed a bright red, mouth open and soft pants leaving those pink lips. He looks so needy laying there under the two of them, and Izuku really can’t help the swell of pride that blooms in his chest knowing he and Eijirou did that to him.

“Let me ride him… Or, shit, suck him off first. The rest is up to you.” Eijirou hastily nods, pushing off the little bit of clothing he had left and pulling Katsuki up into a kiss.

Izuku manages to shift off of Katsuki’s lap, tugging off his jeans and boxers and spreading his thighs enough to lay between them. He takes his time to leave wet, open mouthed kisses up his thighs, half-watching what Eijirou is doing to him too.

Slowly, Izuku takes his cock into his mouth. He can hear the low, guttural groan Katsuki makes and holds his hips down enough to keep him steady.

“Doesn’t he look so pretty taking you like that, Katsuki?” Izuku can feel a hand tug at his hair and looks up just long enough to see Eijirou’s grin, a look in his eyes that makes his own cock throb. He can’t help the slow roll of his hips into the bed sheets, trying to find some form of friction and relief while moving at his own pace, enjoying every satisfied whine Katsuki makes above him.

He lets his eyes slide shut and a hand slip between his thighs, fingers spreading through slick before he presses them into himself. It takes him all the effort he can get to focus on both himself and Katsuki, all too aware of the moans and whines leaving his own mouth. The coil of pressure and heat is almost too much, and he can feel the familiar prick of tears at the corners of his eyes.

Eijirou slips a condom into his free hand when he’s too preoccupied to think about grabbing one himself, though he honestly couldn’t care less about protection after being with Katsuki for so long. He can feel sharp teeth sink into his shoulder a second later and doesn’t have to look to know it broke skin, Eijirou lapping at the spot until the sting turns into a hum of pleasure. He keeps his arms wrapped around his torso, one hand trailing down his chest until it wraps around his cock, making languid strokes that almost have Izuku crying.

“C’mon, ‘zuku, don’t you wanna have your other alpha too?” He nods and tries to be patient and focused enough to roll the condom down, eager to feel Katsuki inside of him. His hands are barely still enough to do something so simple, and he’s momentarily grateful that Eijirou is there to help. Izuku doesn’t hesitate to sink down onto his cock when Eijirou moves his hand out of the way, toes curling in pleasure and a near scream being ripped from his mouth. He can hear the low, whispered praise in his ear from Eijirou, trying to breathe and keep himself from coming too soon.

Neither of them are gentle with him. Katsuki’s nails latch right onto his hips, moving him more with every bounce, Eijirou’s mouth staying along his neck and shoulders throughout it all. The pricks of pain along his skin only spur him on further, trying to feel Katsuki deeper inside him until he hits right where it feels good.

“K-Katsuki, baby, Eiji- alpha, more…!”

“Wait, I-I have an idea. Katsuki, sit up.” Izuku- albeit reluctantly- stops what he’s doing. He watches Katsuki lean up and Eijirou move closer to them both, sitting on his knees.

“Izuku, sweetie, do you want both of us inside you?”

The suggestion alone almost makes him cum. He nods instead of repeating the words back, something akin to a mewl leaving his mouth.

“Hold onto Katsuki’s shoulders and lift your hips up.” He doesn’t need to be told twice, but god, is he happy he’s not being teased and asked by Katsuki multiple times like usual. He grips his hands onto the shoulders in front of him, letting his thighs support his weight no matter how much he’s shaking. While he adjusts himself, he can hear the familiar sound of a condom wrapper being torn, the noise alone making him more wet than he already was.

Eijirou moves in slowly, the stretch burning but making every other part of him thrum with pleasure. He feels the press of his chest against his back and tries to relax enough to take both of them in at once. The whispered praises are enough to keep him going, and Katsuki pulls him into a kiss that distracts him just enough to fit Eijirou the rest of the way in.

Deep breaths, calm thoughts. He feels so full that all he can think about is moving already, feeling the ecstasy he knows he’ll experience, letting out all the held back moans at the back of his throat. Only when he nods and manages a broken ‘move’ does he get what he wants.

Izuku grips onto Katsuki’s shoulders hard enough to leave bruises for weeks. Eijirou bites and sucks onto his throat, his low moans so much clearer. He finds it impossible to focus on his own noises when all he can hear is both of his alphas panting and moaning against him, their cocks filling him up until he feels like he could burst.

The movement isn’t fast, but it’s enough to have him crying on Katsuki’s shoulder, muttering a litany of ‘so good’ and ‘more’ and half-formed curses between the breaths he’s able to take. Both pairs of hands roam his body until he’s too close, the stimulation overwhelming in a way he can’t find himself disliking.

He cums with Eijirou’s fingers brushing over his nipples and Katsuki’s hand wrapping around his cock, a slurred version of both names tumbling from his mouth. His air leaves his lungs, every part of him trembling with the intensity of his orgasm. The other two follow not long after him, his name sounding so fucking perfect coming from their mouths in a fit of pleasure.

Carefully, he tries shifting himself off of Katsuki’s hips and sitting on the bed instead. His legs are still shaky and his head feels light, but all he can focus on is the hum of satisfaction deep in his chest. He feels a cloth wiping down his stomach before he’s laid down on the bed, his head resting against a pillow and two bodies already pulling him in close.

Basking in the afterglow between his two alphas, Izuku takes a deep breath. Feels the beads of sweat slide down his chest and his hair stick to his forehead, but all he really focuses on is the hard chest he’s laying on top of and the other warm body pressed against his back. The room reeks of sex and musk and pheromones, but it’s so perfect that he can feel himself drifting right off to sleep, wondering how there’s no other word but ‘perfect’ to describe the way he’s feeling.

Damn, he’s happy he asked Eijirou for pole dancing lessons.