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I'll show you what love is

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„I love you“ was a sentence Antarc never expected to hear from anyone except Adamant Sensei. But now that Phosphophyllite has started to accompany his winter pantrol it’s a sentence he hears out of that annoying mouth all the time.

It all started a few days ago, when Antarc more or less accidentally confessed his crush on his new partner. Phos fell down a rather tall ice floe while they were working and broke into several pieces. Antarc couldn’t help but worry when he put him back together, hoping he found all the parts scattered in the snow.

It was a mere slip up. He really never meant to finish the sentence „Phos, you’re such high maintenance“ with „I can’t believe I love you.“

Of course Phos wouldn’t just ignore that, he obviously had to make an adorable shocked grimace and confess his own crush too, prompting Antarc to make a similar facial expression.

Ever since then his new partner in not only winter patrol but romance as well couldn’t stop shouting „I love you“ at Antarc almost every minute they were together.

Not that he minded, it actually made affection swell up in his chest, but he couldn’t rid himself of this one nagging thought: Has Phos any idea what kind of love he even means?

Antarc has been lonely for as long as he can think so suddenly having his crush reciprocate his feelings just seemed to surreal, too good to be true. So of course his mind would give him unnecessarily suffocating thoughts like that.

It was a rather quiet day. Barely any ice floes were making any sound today, so the both of them decided to take some time off and relax a little. Antarc checked up on the other gems to make sure everyone was still resting well (and also to make sure bortz wasn’t vandalizing the hall while sleepwalking).

„Heeeeeeeeeey Senpaaaaaaaiiiiii“, Antarc turned towards the familiar voice shouting into his direction and sure enough he saw Phos running towards him. He shushed him and gestured towards their sleeping friends. Taking the hint, Phos nodded and slapped his hands over his mouth.

Antarc took one of Phos hands and led him away from the others to prevent waking any of them up on accident.

Phos was visibly happy to be holding hands and started swinging their joined hands back and forth, a big grin accompanied by a faint blush on his face. Antarc couldn’t help but form a small smile himself. Being together with Phos like this felt a lot better than all the other winters alone.

No destination in mind, both of them just wandered around the school, basking in the warm feeling of their joined hands.

„Antaaaarc, I looooove you!“, Phos singsonged, still catching Antarc off-guard. A strong blush crept on his face, making him stop dead in his tracks.

Phos turned to look at his face, pleased to find it more red than white. He linked both of their free hands together, unleashing another wave of I love you’s onto him. Antarc felt like his face was gonna melt, but at the same time the nagging thought manifested itself in his mind again. He couldn’t just flat out say it, couldn’t straight up ask Phos if he loved him the same way he love Phos. So he tried to rephrase it.

„Phos, you’re embarrassing me like this, always shouting out your love for me, holding my hands. Do you even know what all of this means?“

Searching for his green eyes, he saw them deep in thought. Phos was silent for a few moments, then suddenly cupped Antarcs face.

„Well, I’m not sure to be honest. I think it’s best if you would just show me!“

Show him. Antarcs mind short circuited. Did Phos have any idea what he just invited him to do? Probably not, but with Antarcs impulse control gone his lacking knowledge didn’t stop him.

He put his hands on Phos shoulders and slowly closed the gap between their faces, careful not to use too much force, it would be terribly embarrassing if they clashed together too hard and ended up shattering both their faces.

Their lips touched and Phos stiffened in surprise for a second, quickly melting into the kiss. Antarc sighed, feeling relieved that Phos seemed to like the kiss, since he started to move against his lips against his own soon enough after they started. The kiss was tender and careful, due to both inexperience and fear of using too much force. Antarc broke the kiss and leaned away, just far enough so that he could take in Phos‘ whole face. His cheeks were flushed and the was a lively sparkle in his eyes.

„That was great!! I want more, Antarc! Can’t we do it more?“, Phos sounded overjoyed. He slid his hands down from Antarcs cheeks to his hands, intertwining them.

There was no way Antarc could say no to that cute, pleading face, so he leaned in again, recapturing Phos‘ surprisingly soft lips. Phos hummed happily into the kiss, he really was enjoying this, but so was Antarc.

Feeling reassured by Phos‘ reciprocation, Antarc felt bold and pressed into him with more force, pressing their bodies together tightly. Phos gasped and Antarc used this as a chance to put his tongue into Phos mouth, feeling brave enough to deepen the kiss even further.

It was a foreign feeling to both of them, but there was a pleasant heat to it. Antarc felt like he was going to explode, then melt into a puddle. He wouldn’t mind, though, as long as Phos made him feel like that, he would never mind.

Antarc wrapped his arms around the small of Phos back, trying to get even closer to Phos, trying to get closer to this pleasant heat he was craving. Phos made a breathy noise and threw his arms around Antarcs neck, clinging to his hair.

In response, Antarc releases a noise in the back of his throat as well. He was feeling impossibly overwhelmed, yet couldn't get himself to take a break, he never wanted to part with Phos, never wanted to stop pressing himself against him, never stop exploring his pliant mouth.

Phos seemed to feel the same, clinging onto Antarc as hard as he can, eager to follow the movements of his tongue. The breathy noises Phos was making were music to Antarcs ears, but suddenly he heard something else. Something extremely loud.

A screeching ice floe.

Surprised, they broke away from each other, trying to gather their thoughts.

„Really?! An ice floe?! Right now?!?“, Phos yelled, obviously angry at getting interrupted.

Antarc felt displeased as well, his body feeling lonely at the lack of closeness to Phos. But he couldn’t ignore the ice floe, it would wake up the other gems if they wouldn’t destroy it and sure enough Sensei would find them to tell them to get rid of the ice floe.

He sighed heavily. „Let’s just get rid of this and continue where we left off once we’re done, alright?“

Phos face lit up again, nodding and running off into the snow.