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I´m Ulanda, 28, and I live in Georgia. There were not much people in my life, only a few friends.
I loved being on my own and drive around with my bike and meet cool people.


As I looked for a job in our town (Senoia) I found one as a housekeeper on the black board in the market.
So I just called the number and was asked to come around at ten.

I´m not very good looking and carry a bit too much weight but I love myself though. I have long brown hair and blue eyes, and glasses.
So I drove to the address that was told and rang the doorbell. An older man, maybe 45 years old, opened the door and smiled at me.

“Hi i´m Ulanda, I called for the job” I said shy
“Uh oh yeah. Hi i´m Norman, come in.” he said friendly and I walked inside his house.
He looked familiar but I wasn´t sure, so I said nothing.

“wow your house is amazing” I said looking around the big room.
“Uh thanks. It´s only a rental house but I like it pretty much” he smiled
“Well, what are my tasks?”
“Pretty much everything. And I would like it if you move in here, too.” he said and I stood in shock. Was this really happening?
“Uh, why?”
“i´m not always here, I live in New York too. I´m only here for filming and I would like that the house isn´t empty that long.
Would you move in please?” he asked
“Well, I have to think about that” I said unsure.
“Sure you got time for your decision”
“Thank u”

He showed me the rest of the house and asked me when I can start to work.


2 Years later:

Norman and I are very close friends now. We know each other so well. Moving in his house was the best that I ever did.
We are regular driving bike and heading to special places all the time. It´s so much fun to be his friend.
We are cuddling all the time and doing pretty much everything together. We are totally close.

Today he comes “home” after 4 months. I missed him so much. We hugged each other for like 10 minutes.

“I missed u so much dude” I said
“Oh I missed ya too sweety” he said smiling and lifted me up.
“NO! Norman! You kill your back!” I said laughing.
“What? Why? I´m a strong man!” he said laughing.
“Yeah but old” I laughed
“Oh you didn´t say that right?” he slapped my ass.
“Ouch, let me down dude” I pleaded and he did.

We laughed at each other.

“You are lighter. Did you loose weight?” he asked as he looked at me
“I don´t know. I don´t control my weight. You know that” I winked.
“I could swear the last time I did that, you were heavier.” he said and got to the fridge.
“Nothing in there dude” I said
“We go out and I pay” I winked at him
“No I pay!” he said
“nope, wrong Normi” I laughed at him. He didn´t like it when I called him that.
“oh you didn´t say that, right?”
“oh I did” I laughed and ran away. He came after me.

In my room I pulled off my shirt and wanted to put on a new one, when I saw Norman standing there watching me.
when he saw that I looked at him he turned red.

“What´s wrong? You saw me like this more than a hundred times?”
“Uh nothing” he turned and walked out the room. Wow that was awkward.
When I was dressed I went to the living room.

“I´m ready, can we go?”
“Uh yeah, sure. You look stunning” he said looking at me
“Wow thanks dude. You don´t look bad either” I winked at him and I turned red

Everything was cool when we were out. We laughed and hugged and talked all night.
It was such a good feeling to have him back.

Back home:

“Can I sleep in your bed? I don´t wanna be alone” I asked him.
“Yeah sure, I don´t wanna be alone too” he hugged me.
“Wanna watch a film?”
“Oh yeah, I wanna watch SKY”
“Well, are u sure?”
“Yeah, why not?” I asked while I looked for the film
“uh, nothing”

So we watched the film and when he died, I cried. Norman pulled me in for a hug.
“Shhhhh don´t cry baby” he said and whipped my tears away.
We looked each other deep in the eyes and there was something new between us. Suddenly things were pretty awkward.

“Uh I need to tell you something, hun” he said.
“What´s it?” I asked.
“Diane comes around tomorrow.”
“Wow, ok. I´m excited. Why didn´t you tell me that earlier?”
“Well I don´t know.”
“Ok so I need to clean the house and cook for us, right?”
“That would be awesome, hun”
“sure thing boss” I winked at him and cuddled closer. We fell asleep pretty fast.

*The next day*

Norman was on his way to pick Diane up at the Airport and I just finished cooking when they came back.
“Hello Diane, nice to meet you”
“Hi Ulanda, nice to meet you too, Norman told me so much about you that I think I already know you” she smiled at me and I was totally happy.

We ate and chatted the whole day. Diane and I got along pretty well. She is very nice.
My phone rang and I left the room. It was Mingus.
“Hi dude, how are ya doin´?” I asked excited
“Hi sweety, well I´m fine thanks. What about you?”
“I´m fine too. Why do you call this late? Something wrong?”
“No not at all, just wanted to hear your voice.”
“Ming, you never call and only want to hear my voice. So what is it?”

“You know me too well darling. Ok. I…I… need your help.”
“Why´s that?”
“Because dad has a new girlfriend and I really don´t like her. She´s a dumbass”

I giggled but was also angry that Norm didn´t tell me anything.

“He didn´t tell me that” I said in a sad tone.
“Really? That´s weird!”
“Yeah, I think so too. And who is it? Do I know her?”
“Maybe, it´s the girl from his film “SKY”, the blonde one.”

I stopped breathing. Is he serious? Why is he doing this to me?
He brings his “girlfriend” here and I don´t even know that? When did he get so mean?

“I don´t believe that…” I said.
“No please don´t tell me she´s with you right now.”

I said nothing and he knew that it was true.

“I don´t believe that. Why didn´t he tell you anything? Asshole.”

I catched my breath and asked Ming “So with what do you need help? What can I do?”

“Aw, well. I mean…. Don´t know if I could ask for that….”
“MING!!! Tell me what you want!”
“Ok ok, can you help me split them?”
“sorry dude but no. I can´t do that. He´s my best friend and my boss”
“Yeah I know. It´s ok. I understand that hun”
“Good.. so tell me how´s school goin´?”
“Pretty good at the moment… and I´m modeling too. It´s awesome”

“Yeah I saw that. Norm sent me pics of you. He´s so proud.”
“yeah I know. My mom´s too”
“Sure thing. So how is she doin´?”
“Pretty good actually. She´s in love with someone new and I like the guy.”
“wow that´s awesome. Give her a kiss from me and a cuddle”
“Sure.. I need to leave, goin´ to a party..”
“have fun kiddo”
“Thanks sweetheart, love you..”
“love ya too man, bye”

So that was new. I got a feeling that I got sick in my stomach… why didn´t he tell me that they were together?
I don´t understand that. He always told me everything. He has to explain that to me. I got to the living room and saw them kissing.
*ouch* I never thought that I could be jealous. Why the fuck am I right now? Shit, I have feelings for him. I stood there dumbfounded.

“Norm? Can I talk to you?”
“Sure hun, coming”

We walked to my room.
“What´s it?”
“just talked to ming…..”
“Oh… well… I need to tell you something..”
“I know… she´s your girlfriend…. Right?”
“yeah… I wanted to tell you that…. But… we had such a good time… I couldn´t..”
“you know … i´m pissed right now. Just leave me alone…”
“I´m sorry sweety. Please…. Don´t push me away… your my best friend…”
“norman… it´s …. I can´t… right now…. Just leave… please”
He turned around and left the room. I closed the door behind him. Dick….