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Bendy and Henry

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The night was still, and the moon shone through a light mist, there was a cold wind and the trees danced, the forest that laid opposite their home was dark and no life seemed to come from it.

Henry was still awake, sitting up in bed reading, the only light in his room came from an old bedside lamp, letting of a yellow tint. His head on his soft white pillow and book in his face. He chuckled, a small smile on his face.

Then a sudden blood curdling scream came from down the hall.

Henry was hit with a wave of terror and spine-chilling fear. He jumped out of bed in his red and green pajamas. “Bendy!”

He swung his door open and charged down the dimly light hallway towards Bendy’s room, calling out his name, again and again, he was growing more anxious with every footstep he took.

Henry practically kicked the wooden door off its hinges, he looked around Bendy’s room, his eyes adjusted to the dark he made out the toon sitting on his bed curled up in a little ball shaking.

Henry's face fell from fear to pity. Slowly making his way to the toon as he did this the floor creaked and Bendy jumped back almost falling off the bed, showing Henry that the toons ink was running over one of his eyes.

“Hey, relaxed, it’s okay, it’s me Bendy, its Henry.”

The little toon sat there for a moment shaking as more ink ran down his face. Bendy began to cry again.

Henry sat on the bed and pulled Bendy close. Bendy griped onto Henry chestnut brown hair. Bendy’s tail wrapped around Henry’s wrist and he buried his face into the man’s chest.

The small devil began to relax and after a while of Henry humming and rubbing the toon’s horns Bendy fell back to sleep without a word. Henry continued to hum his little melody as the toon slept in his arms, rocking him gently.

Henry woke to his alarm ringing in his ear. He pulled himself out of bed and stretched his arms, he scratched his back with a yawn “Morning world.” He looked around his room.
The large window opposite the entrance to the room overlooked the front garden and some homes along with the woods; his wooden wardrobes was along the wall opposite to Henry's bed and there was a large desk hitting under the window, covered in paper and photo frames.

His got out of bed and put his rich red jumper on and black jeans.

He got to the end of the hallway and peeked into Bendy's room, it was empty.

He stepped into the cherry red room and scanned one more time for the little toon. Bendy’s room was a little smaller than Henrys with his wardrobe opposite his bed just like Henrys. “Must be downstairs” His eyes fell to the ticking dinosaur clock on the wall 7.05 “A bit early for the little guy”

He picked up the toys Bendy had left lying around. A cupcake shop jigsaw; a green blanket; his toy dinosaurs; blue teddy bear and some coloring books and pens.
Henry put them all back in the dark brown and gold wooden toy box waiting in the corner of the room and continued his trip down stairs.

He made his way into the living room and saw Bendy sitting on the floor a few feet away from the tv, he was watching…nothing. Yet his eyes were glued to the black, lifeless screen.

Henry stood there for a moment watching the toon, he felt sick. Henry just stood in the doorway trying to decide if to speak to the toon or leave him be. Henry’s eyes moved to the large window overlooking the streets and then the forest. “Bendy…?”

The toon swiftly turned around his pie-cut eyes meet Henrys, there was silence. Bendy’s expression softened, and he looked back to the tv. “I’m sorry.” The toon whisper, there was a hint of dread and shame in his voice.

Henry closed the gap between them and stood behind the small toon. He placed his hand between the toons small, pointy horns.

Bendy looked up and was greeted by a warm smile on Henry's face. Bendy did a little-forced smile in return.

Henry bent down and picked the toon up and carried him across the living room and into the kitchen that was linked with the main room.

Henry put Bendy in his seat. It was higher than the others so Bendy could reach the table.

Bendy put his head on the roundtable as Henry went to the fridge and pulled out two eggs and some butter and bread.

Bendy didn’t even lift his head once as Henry made breakfast. Usually Bendy would be drowning Henry in questions about everything he did. Henry couldn’t help but frown at the lack of life from the toon.

Henry felt a smile come to his face as the toon looked up when he put the cooked breakfast in front of him. It was two pieces of eggy bread with some blueberries on the side.
“It’s your favorite.” Henry said with a small smile.

The steam rolled off the food, Bendy felt the soft heat on his face. “Thank you.”

Henry took his fork and knife and began to eat.

Henry had almost finished when he looked up to see the toon hadn’t even started. Bendy was pushing the food around on his plate. Henry finished his breakfast and pushed his plate away and watched the miserable toon.

There was nothing but silence as the two sat there. Bendy pie-cut eyes avoiding Henrys dark green ones that were locked on him.

“I said I was sorry.” Bendy’s voice hickuped as he counited to try and avoid meeting eyes with the man. “I really am, I didn’t mean to wake you up” Bendy voice was shaky as he tried to stop his eyes filling up.

“And why did you scream last night?” Henry asked this in an almost stern voice.

Bandy’s eyes finally lifted from his plate “I-I don’t wanna talk about it.”

Henry leaned in close and repeated himself more sternly this time.

Bendy seemed almost taken back and lowered his head saying nothing. Henry simply leaned in more and said in a worried but stern voice. “You had a nightmare?”
Bendy said nothing, then nodded.

Henry finally lent back into his seat “What about?” Henry only got silence, then Bendy replied.

“It was dark, I was alone and then I heard him.” Bendy’s voice broke as the memories came back, he took another deep breath and continued. “He was shouting at someone…at you. You were putting things in your bag and Joey was behind you yelling”

In the dream

“Are you insane! You can’t just get up and leave! We have work to do!” Joeys voice was full of anger.

Henry just continued to pack his bags and began to exit the room, Joey grabbed his arm and swung him round to face him.

Joey looked like an old madman, grey hair hanging over his bloodshot eyes.

Henry was unfazed and said in a calm but stern voice. “I’m leaving Joey. Something…Something is wrong with you and I can’t continue to watch you drive yourself insane” Henry pulled his arm out of Joey’s grip and began to walk to the door. “I’m taking Bendy with me”

Joey’s voice roared at the younger man “He belongs to me. He stays here!”

Henry's hands clenched as he slowly turned around. “If you really think I’m leaving him here with you then you REALLY are mad Joey” Henry's voice was cold and firm.
The two men stood on both sides of the room.

Suddenly Joey charged at Henry but before he could do anything Henry graded the man’s arm and bent it back bring the older man to his knees crying out in pain.

“Bendy IS coming with Me, Joey!” Henry shouted at the man as he pushed him to the floor and began to leave.

Henry heard Joey getting up and turned around to have a large piece of glass pierced in his chest, he looked up to see Joey’s cold, dead eyes staring back, a malicious smile on his face.

Henry stagers back and feel to his knees.


Bendy’s eyes never meet Henry’s as he told him of his nightmare. A few tears escaped the toons eyes.

Henry couldn’t help but feel awful for making the toon relive his nightmare but he knew it was for the best.

Henry got out of his seat and walked around the table to Bendy and picked the sobbing toon up into his arms.

Bendy wrapped his arms around the man neck, his tail dripping. “I-I th-ought y-you were gone H-Henry…I-I don’t want to be alone a-again.”

Henry felt a tear in his own eye and simply whispered to the toon. “It’s okay Bendy, it was just a dream, it’s part of the past, we have the future now and everything is going to be okay, everything is going to be better,” Henry patted the back of Bendy’s head as the toon contained to sob in his arms.

Henry made his way up the stairs to Bendy’s room. He gently laid the toon in bed and pulled the white covers over the small toon. “Get some sleep bud. You’re still tired.” Henry sat on the bed and rubbed the toons horns making him purr.

Bendy moved his head into Henry hold, his tail come out from under the covers. Henry let Bendy wrap his tail around his hand free hand.

Bendy smiled weakly and look at Henry. The toon looked tired and out of it. “Will you stay with me…? I don’t want to be alone right now?”

Henry smiled and nodded, humming as he passed Bendy his blue teddy bear and watched him feel asleep.

Bendy woke to the sound of black birds singing outside his window. It was a sunny, warm day and he could hear the village children playing outside. He got out of bed and opened his window.

Bendy was hit with a warm breeze that made him smile.

How long had he been asleep? Bendy remembered the nightmare, then Henry…then he got up out of bed…thinking but everything else was a bluer.

The small toon wonders down the hallway and into the bathroom, he stood on his stool, so he could reach the sink.

He looked at himself. He gripped his horns and turned his head, looking into his own large pie-cut eyes. Then the toon wondered why Henry hadn’t woke him up, it must have been coming up to midday.

He looked in Henry's room. Henry's bed was much bigger than his and the room was blue, but no sign of Henry. Bendy went down the stairs and looked into the living room. Nothing.
“Where is he?” Bendy muttered. He made his way into the kitchen to find it empty. Bendy noticed a piece of paper on the fridge door, it was just low enough for him to reach.

Sorry, little bud, I’ve been called into work for the day, there is some salad in the fridge for you, I’ll be home at 3 pm, love Henry. xx

Bendy frowned at the note and throw it in the bin, he opened the fridge and saw the salad. He huffed and made his way back upstairs and back into his red room.
Bendy remember how the room use to be white, but Henry said he could pick any colour he wanted. Bendy loved lots of colour but if he had to pick his favorite it was red…or green.

Bendy looked over to his bed to see his Bluebear. “Don’t worry Bluebear. I love blue too.”

The small toon walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out his dark blue shirt and red hoodie.

Henry would tell him not to go out without covering himself up a little.

Bendy didn’t like hiding, the village kids knew and so did most of the over people living in the small village.

Once Bendy was dressed he heard someone calling him name.


The toon looked out his window, he was somewhat confused. After a moment or two, his name was called again.


Bendy made his way to his window and opened it. When he looked down he saw some of the village kids smiling up.

“Oi! Get down here!” One boy with light down hair waved up at the toon with a little girl standing next to him.

Bendy smiled and ran down, Bendy jumped down the last few steps and grabbed the spare keys opening the door. It clicked, he pulled the door open to see the two smiling.
“There you are Bendy,” The little girl said her voice honey sweet, her blond hair in pig tales. “Hi, Tim. Zoe.”

“We saw Henry leave a couple of hours ago and we thought you would want to play with us and the others” Tim pointed to a group of kids playing

Bendy smiled, his tail swaying behind him. He nodded and the two grabbed him and pulled him off to the group. There were lots of other children waiting, seven including Bendy. They all smiled and welcomed him.

They were all smiling and started climbing up a tall, thin tree, Bendy was about to join them when he noticed a woman on the other side of the road. She was looking through her small, red car. She pulled out two bags and placed them down and pulled more out.

“She looks like she could do with some help,” Bendy said pulling his gaze away from the woman and to Tim and William.

William had curly ginger hair and bright green eyes, he had one foot on the tree and was climbing up. Tim shrugged.

Bendy’s tail and face dropped. “Don’t you think we should help?” The devil asked, looking back over to the woman. Her hair was a very deep brown, it kissed her shoulders and it was very curly and she was wearing a white dress going to her knees. She was trying to close the car door when things fell out of her bag’s.

“Bendy c’mon, she’s fine.” William sat on the lowest branch of the tree.

Bendy looked up at him and the other kids sitting in the tall tree. “But-” Bendy was cut off by some of the kids booing.

“Hey!” Bendy yelled up at them, puffing his cheeks out.

Tim told them to stop, he climbed up. “You can help her if you want.” The boy looked down at Bendy. His dark down eyes smiling at him.

Bendy wringed his tail between his finger and he looked slighted nerves and hesitant.

They all looked over as they hard a crash. The woman’s bag had ripped and her shopping fell to the floor.

Bendy didn’t even think and ran over to the woman to help. The woman was on her knees picking the cans of food up. “Hey, do ya need some help?”

The woman looked up and their eyes locked. Her eyes where an azure blue; she looked about 25, her skin was dark brown. She looked at him for a moment then smiled. “Yes please.”

Bendy just looked at her for a moment. She was ‘beautiful’ the toon smiled and helped her pick the shopping up.

Bendy handed her the last can, she smiled and stood up. Bendy felt funny, it was strange seeing people go from only being a little taller than him to then head butting the sky.
She looked down at the toon. Bendy had to shield his eyes from the sun. If he had to guess he would say she was the same light as Henry. Her body was like a pear…well that was the best way for the toon to describe it.

She smiled. “Well, you’re not like anyone I’ve ever seen before.” He voice dripped with honey, it was so sweet and smooth.

Bendy smiled. “I’m Bendy the-” She cut him off. “Dancing Demon.”

Bendy eyes grow, she giggled and held her hand out. She her nails were long and a light pink. Bendy smiled and shook her hand. “I like your nails.”

She smiled. “Thank you. I just got them done.”

Bendy smiled up at her, his tail swaying behind him. “Your cars pretty too.” Bendy pointed to the red, glossy car.

“Thank you.” She looked over at the car. “My dad got it for me.”

Bendy looked up at the woman with a huge grin. “I love red.”

The woman laughed. “Me too.” Her smile softened. “Thank you for helping me. I don’t really know anyone around here.”

Bendy looked up at the woman, he tilled his head in confusion. “You don’t?”

She nodded. “I moved in a few days ago. I’ve spoken to some of the people, but I still feel like a fish out of water here.”

Bendy’s face softened. “Well you’re really nice so don’t worry.” Bendy looked around at the houses. “This is the nice part of the village.”

The woman raised a brow at the toon. “So…there’s a bad part…?”

Bendy pulled at his tail. “Yeah…” He sounded nerves. “Well this is the good part to me…you don’t really have to worry.” Bendy smiled up at the woman. “Your supper pretty.” Bendy face turned a dark grey as he realized what he had said. “I um…” Bendy laughed nervously, looking away from the woman.

She smiled down at him, her cheeks turning a soft pink “Well Bendy, My names Blair.”

Bendy’s face lit up. “Blair?”

She nodded with a soft smile.

Bendy looked back down to see her hand where completes overtaken by the bags. “Do…ya need some help?”

Blair looked down at the bags. “It okay, but do you think you could unlock my door for me.” She held the keys out and Bendy smiled with a nod.

“I have some cake inside. If you would like some?” Blair said as Bendy unlocked the door.

Bendy eyes grow “Really?”

Blair smiled. “I think you deserve some.”

Bendy held the door open for the woman and followed her inside.

At the World News Station.

Henry made his way into the break room and poured himself a mug of black coffee.

A female’s voice caught his attention. “Gross!”

Henry turned around to see Amie. She had started working at the World News Station a few weeks before him.

She had short blonde hair with small glasses sitting on her nose, her skin was pale but her cheeks were always a warm pink.

She stood there with a smirk on her face and a hand on her hip. “I will never understand how people can drink that, it tastes horrible.” She said as she sipped her tea.

Henry smiled “Really? and would you like to tell me how much sugar is in that tea?”

She stood there and narrowed her blue eyes at him, lowering her cup. “If I told you then people will start charging me for every spoon.” She said before falling into a fit of giggles, Henry joined her.

After a few minutes of the two trying to calm down, they began talking about home life.

“So, now I have to go to this old rundown Zoo to get the information.” Amie sighed and crossed her arms.

Henry gave the woman a synesthetic look. “You’ll be fine Amie. Remember when you have to go and interview the church.” Henry gave the woman a smirk.

A small smile came to her face. “Yeah, I don’t have anything against God, but they treat everyone like dirt.” She put her hand in the air. “You will not sin on this holy land!”
Henry burst out into laughter.

“You two get to work, those stories ant going to write themselves!” Their Boss stood outside his office pointing at the two. He was small but very intimidating with grey hair and bold on top.

The room became very tense as they both made their way to their desks a few rows away from each over.

Jessica leaned over and whispered. “Ha-ha, you got busted.”

Henry looked at the woman, she had very short light brown hair. He just smiled and rolled his eyes.

Lee leaned over his large blue eyes smiling. “You should really be quieter Henry.”

Another man with curly ginger hair cut in. “Do you lot mind? Some of us don’t want to get out heads bitten off.”

They all looked over and across the office to see their Boss scanning the room. Henry looked back at the ginger man. “Sorry, Alois.”

Alois just gave the man a small smile. “Its fine, just get back to work. For all our sakes.”

Henry, Jessica and Lee nodded and they all went back to typing.

Back at Queens Road.

Bendy sat on the blue sofa, the room was so colorful, the walls where a lime green and there were lots of pictures on the walls of people.

Bendy took a sip of the tea then smiled. The two spent a few hours talking about so many different things.

“And this is my family.” She said as she picked up a picture of a group of people. She walked over to Bendy and sat next to him holding the photo, so he could see it.
Bendy looked at the photo and smiled.

“This is my mum.” She pointed to a woman with short brown hair. “And these are my brothers. Neil and Conner.” There were two boys they looked a little younger than her. “This is my dad.” Her dad was a very large man. “I know he looks kind of scary and he can be but if he trusts you he can be your best friend.”

Bendy looked up to see she was looking at him, she quickly turned away when Bendy saw this and her eyes darted around the room.

The large ornate and very old grandfather clock in the room chimed 3pm.

Bendy eyes grow, he jumped off the sofa and ran to the window. Blair followed him.

“Henry!” Bendy yelled with joy.

Blair looked out the window as the man got out of his car. “Oh, is that him?” Blair asked, looking down at the toon.

Bendy nodded “Come on, you can meet him now.” Bendy took her hand and pulled her through the house and out the front door.

Henry was at the front door when he heard Bendy’s voice calling out to him. The man turned around and saw Bendy running over to him pulling a tall woman behind him.

“Bendy!” Henry smiled as the toon jumped into his arms. Bendy buried his face into Henrys warm red jumper.

Henry then looked at the woman who was brushing herself off. “Bendy who is this?” Henry asked he sounded concerned and bothered by the woman’s presence.

Bendy jumped out of Henry arms “Henry this is-.” Bendy was cut off by Henry picking him back up.

“Bendy go inside.” Henry put the toon down behind him.

Bendy stood there for a moment confused. “Henry this is Blair. We spent the day together, well you were at work doing boring stuff.”

Henry froze and slowly turned his head round to face Bendy. “You what?” Henry didn’t seem very happy.

“We hung out and she showed me some photos of her family, they look really nice.”

“WAIT! You what!?!” Henry didn’t sound cross, just very concerned. “Bendy you went into her house? Without telling me! NO! Without asking me?”

Bendy looked up at the man and frowned. “Well yeah, but she’s really nice.” Bendy wasn’t smiling anymore. Bendy moved his tail within reach and pulled it, he began to twist it between his fingers.

“That doesn’t mean you go off with her Bendy! Or with anyone! I mean what if-” Henry stopped himself and took a deep breath.

“It my fault.”

Henry turned around to see Blair standing there. “I’m sorry, I invited him into my home.” She pointed to the house just sitting across the road.
Henry looked away from her and back to Bendy who was looking at the floor still twisting his tail in his hands. Henry looked away from the toon and rubbed his head. “Go inside Bendy.”

Bendy looked up at Henry then Blair. She smiled giving him a little wave goodbye.

Bendy let a sad sighed out and went inside, closing the door behind him.

Henry turned around to face Blair. She looked at him with pain. “Please don’t blame him.”

Henry looked back at the woman, her ice blue eyes were full of worry. “I’m not, I’m just worried that he went into a stranger’s house by himself.”

A look of guilt was covered her face.

Henry sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “Look, I’m sorry, I know I probably seem like some cranky guy but there’s a lot you don’t know about him.”

Blair nodded. “I understand. You don’t seem like a bad guy. You’re just trying to protect him.” She stopped and looked at him. “I want to be his friend, I want to be yours.”

Henry was a little taken back, the children had accepted Bendy but very few adults were so willing to accept him. He rubbed the back of his head and sighed. “Come on in.”

She smiled and followed him inside.

Bendy must have been in his room because he wasn’t downstairs.

Henry sat down in the living room and told Blair what had happened, how he and a friend had made Bendy together but then he left. Then found Bendy and that he knew nothing about what had happened to Bendy in those 10 years but that Bendy still had nightmares and wouldn’t tell him anything.

Blair listened intensely as Henry told her everything he knew.

After about an hour Bendy came into the room, they both froze and looked at him.

Bendy looked at them and walked past them into the kitchen. Henry watched the toon filled a cup up with water and walk through the large open doorway that connected the two rooms.

“So, are you guys friends?” Bendy asked, a small smile on his face.

They looked at each over in silence. “Yeah, we're getting along just fine bud,” Henry said picking the toon up and putting him on his lap.

Bendy looked at him then to Blair who smiled, this brought on to Bendy. Bendy sat on Henry's lap sipping his water as the two talked about work.

“So, you sell things?” Bendy butted in.

Blair looked at him and smirked. “Yeah, I look for things and buy them, I renovate them and then I sell them on.”

Bendy smiled.

After a couple more hours Blair went home. Henry picked Bendy up and carried him into the kitchen. “Ready for dinner bud?”

Bendy nodded with a smile which turned into a frown when Henry pulled out the salad.

Henry put it in the middle of the table, he smiled and took a fresh slice of tomato and ate it.

Bendy did nothing, then slowly took a piece of cucumber.

They sat there in quiet harmony taking pieces of the salad in turn.