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Sea Three

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Have you ever been annoyed and angry at the same time. Like, someone taking their nails and dragging them across a chalkboard then coming up and insulting a close relative of yours. Or talking very loudly while you're trying to study and then starts bothering you, still talking loudly but now it's right in your ear. Even someone smacking their lips while eating or chewing gum and after you've politely asked to stop they continue to do so just to get on your finally nerve. None of that compares to how aggitated and pissed Uma and Harry were at the moment. Gil, their Gil, was being flirted with at the moment, and completely oblivious to the whole thing. A red-headed hussy touching, flirting, and being to close for their liking.

The young Sea Witch looked at her first mate and could see the hatred in his eye. He was holding back. It was clear to anyone that he wanted to walk over to that table and through the girl out by the hair, but he wouldn't. Not without his Captain's command. But she wouldn't give it. Not yet. Soon, but only when Gil got it though his pretty head that the hoe wasn't just trying to be friendly. The light tapping of her left index finger was the only thing keeping her from going over there and teaching the girl a thing or two about touch what is her's.

"Your eyes are such a pretty shade of blue." the girl complemented. 

"Oh. Thank you."

The girl then did something to Gil that made him realize her intentions. She took her hand and caressed his cheek and rubbed her thumb across his lips. That made everything she did click to what she wanted from him. She wanted him to do things that he only ever did with Harry and Uma. The youngest Gaston moved his head out of her grasp and slightly scooted away, putting some distance between them. That was it. What she needed to put an end to this. The captain turned to her first mate and gave him a smile that he and only he and Gil knew meant nothing but fun times in the very near future.

"Take Gil to the captain room." 

She placed a hand on his clothes chest and slowly ran a hand down it, almost touching his groin but purposely avoiding it.

"I'll be with you shortly, I just need to talk with little Ms. Touchy over there."

The man with the hook let out a shaky breath, but did as told. He hopped over the counter and walked his way over to his and Uma's beautiful blonde, blue eyed boy. He slammed his hook down on the table, startling then both.

" Gil," Harry gave the same look Uma gave to him just a few seconds ago to Gil.

"you're wanted in the captain quarters."

The little red-headed,  that had been trying to wiggle her way into the Gil's lap, looked at Harry with aggravation, as if he did something wrong, and spoke up.

"That doesn't seem necessary. The captain is at the counter, not in her room." 

It was Harry's turn to give her a look. A look that said 'If it wasn't for Uma not giving the order then you'd be 12ft under water'. 

"I don't believe I was talking to you, therefor, it's none of your business." 

The son of Captain Hook walked around the table and pulled Gil to his feet. 

"If the captain requires someone in her room, we don't keep her waiting." 

With that said Harry proceeded to drag Gil out of the restaurant by the forearm and to the ship. Uma watched her boys leave out of the shop and cut her eyes back over to the girl. She was getting ready to leave. No, no, no, you do not get to touch something of Uma's and then walk away like nothing happen.


The loud booming of Uma's voice caught everyone's attention. The red-head looked over her shoulder at the sea witch, giving a very mundane and bored look. She scoffed and continued on her way out. The crew did not agree with this and two of them stood up and blocked the doorway.

"Excuse me, move." 

They didn't. She didn't hear Uma come from behind the counter. She didn't hear her stop behind her back. She only noticed when she was grabbed by the hair and dragged to the back of the Fish And Chips. When back there Uma yells at all the pirates back there to leave, and they did so immediately. The captain turned to the girl to see her struggling to loosen her grip on her hair. It was a pleasing sight. Uma drew her sword and saw the girl's eyes widen with fear.

"Clam down. You get to live another day, but let's get something straight." 

Uma got close to her face and held the tip of her swords to the girls chin.

"The next time you come around my turf and touch something that's mine, I want be so lenient." 

Uma then stood up, took her sword and cut the hair in her hand close to her scalp with a swift kick to the mouth, putting the girl on the ground, coughing up blood and some teeth.

" Now scram, before I change my mind. "

The girl squirmed as fast as she could to her feet and ran back into the restaurant and the back out of it. Now that she was taken care of, Uma had another matter to deal with back on the ship. 


Harry sat on Uma's bed with Gil in his lap, listening to the blonde's constant apologies. 

"I'm sorry, I didn't know she was flirting with at first and I didn't mean to make you and Uma mad and if I known I would have stopped her and-" 

"Gil. Shush." 

Harry slowly ran his hand up Gil's sides and to his hair, running his hand through the golden locks, removing the bandana and thin rubberband that kept his hair together. He lightly scratched Gil's scalp, making him moan and lean into the touch. Harry was tempted to lean in and capture Gil's lips with his own, but he had to wait. He had to wait for Uma is he wanted to be in the action.


Gil's voice was soft and needy. His eyes where half closed and cloudy. Gil leaned in close to Harry's face and as desperately as he wants to lock lips he couldn't. Then again he could just warm him up. Just to get him the mood.

"Were you planning on starting without me?"

Uma stood in the doorway of her room arms crossed and what appeared to be a blank expression on her face. Her eyes said a different time story. In them was lustful and neediness. She was ready for this. She came inside and kicked the door closed behind her. She walked over to her to favorite boys, purposely exaggerating the sway of her hips. She put her left knee on the bed and kept her right leg off it, her right hand on Gil chest, doing the same motion she had done to Harry earlier.

"Gil, your smart." 

Her voice was low and soft, almost as if she was trying to talk gently for fear that her usual loud and dominant voice might scare him away. Gil gave a simple nod to her sentence.

"So, you can tell me who you belong to. Me and Harry or some hussy off the streets?"

Her hand slid all the way down to his clothe erection and gave it a squeeze, for good measures. Gil let out a moan.

"You and Harry. Only you and Harry." He whimpered out. 

"Good boy. Now take off your shirt and lay down." 

She gave him a quick little shove before Gil got of Harry's lap, removed his shirt, and laid down the bed, his head at the bottom of it. Uma stood up and yanked Harry up with her. Removing her hat and tossing it to the side somewhere in the room. The Scottish pirate was going to make his move when the captains small hand on his forearm stopped him. She pointed to the chair in the corner. 

"Sit, and don't move till I say so."

Harry did as told and sat down in the chair. Uma proceeded over to Gil and crawled on top of him. She instantly captured his lips in a heated kiss, taking controls. Their were no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Uma was dominant. She was in control of you. Gil tangles his fingers in her braids, pushing her head closer to his trying desperately to deepen the kiss further. She breaks contact causing a needy Gil to attempt to chase her, but she pushes his shoulders back to the bed and latches onto his neck, sucking and biting, leaving a barrage of hickyes on his neck.

The sight of his boyfriend and girlfriend was pushing Harry to his limits. It didn't help that he had a great view of them both. His hard on getting harder and harder to ignore. When Uma raised her head from Gil's neck she made eye contact with her first mate. A mischievous grin grew on her face as she got up and walked over to the desperate man in the seat.

"Does the first mate wish to join?"

Not trusting his own voice, Harry gave a quick nod. 

"Hm? What was that? You know I can only understand you when you talk."

She pushed her knee in between his legs until she was pushing the buldge in his pants. A strain yes escaped his lips, and the next the he knew he was shirtless with his back flat against the wall, fighting for dominance in a kiss with the woman that controlled what he did most of the time. It didn't last long. She pulled away from the contact and threw him to the bed.

"Sut up." 

As the loyal crewmen they are, sitting up with egeared looks, waiting for her next order. She turned around and started to remove her shirt, pulling it from her waist and over her head revealing the black clips of her bra before her braids fell, hiding it once more. She then kicked off her boots and pulled down her pants, bending over, intentionally sticking her ass out more then she should, her blue panties clear in Harry and Gil's line of sight. After discarding the jeans she turned around and walked over to the two men waiting for her. Uma leaned forward placing on hand on each of there thighs.

"Now, let think. Which one of you were on there best behavior today?" 

Uma glanced back and forward at Harry and Gil. Gil only thought that he would be waiting. Harry was her first mate. The closest to her. He'd get to her first. 


The sound of his name caught his attention as he looked into the dark-brown eyes.

"You haven't said anything to upset me or made a shrimp comment in a week. You get to go first." 

Gil was brought to the top of the bed and his head placed between Uma's legs.

"You remember what to do, right?" 

Gil nodded and removed the captains underwear. He began licking it, sticking his youngest in and out. Uma grabbed a hand full of the golden lock and tugged at them. Everytime he moved and everytime he hit that one spot in her.

Harry stared at the sight of his boyfriend and girlfriend. Every inch of his body ached for them but Uma had to give the order. She locked eyes with the Scottish boy, she stuck her hand out, beckoning his over and her waisted no time. He smashed his lips onto hers and groped her breast, making her moan into the heated kiss. Harry's hand slipped it's way to her back, undoing the clips and letting her chest fall free.

"Fuck it." Harry said after breaking the kiss. 

"Isn't that what your doing already." 

Harry grabbed Uma, her legs wrapping around his waist, and holding her there by the back of her thighs. Gil right behind her. 

"Harry. Gil."

"You'll love it. Only the best for the captain." 

The both line themselves up in her vagina, and pushed in. A sensation of pain and overwhelming pleasure washed over her, Uma pulling Harry closer for something to latch on. They thrusted upward, fast and rough, making her moans grow louder and louder to the point that she was sure most of the boat heard it. Uma bit into Harry's skin, as did Harry and Gil did the same to hers, leaving big light red marks on their necks. Harry and Gil gave it a few more thrust before finally climaxing inside her. Their moans were synced and loud. When they finally calmed down, Harry laid them on the bed a day went to get a towel to wipe them off. Once he was sure they wouldn't wake up sticky he tossed the towel aside and claimed into bed with Gil in the middle.

"You know you're ours right?" Harry questioned the blonde boy next to him. 

"Of course." 

"And you know we don't like sharing our things. That includes you too, okay?" 


Gil let out a yawn, indicating that he was sleepy. 

"Get some sleep. The both of you." 

It wasn't long before Gil fell asleep, soon after was Harry. Uma laid there for a few minutes, admire the fact that she could call two beautiful, kind, intelligent boys her own. Hers and hers only. No one will take them from her. No one.