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I Wish...

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Tim closed his textbook and rubbed his eyes, "I need to remember to blink." Conner (AKA KON) smirked and caught the tennis ball that he threw up into the air, "you didn't blink for a good three minutes."
Tim kept rubbing his eyes and sighed, "now that homework is done we have to focus on the case...which I'm to tired to deal with shape shifters." Kon let the ball drop with a thud, "Tim Drake, Red Robin, tired? No way!"

Tim nodded, "ran out of coffee after my third cup..." He said glumly as he looked down at his empty coffee cup. Kon smirked, "boohoo." Tim got up, taking off his shirt and tossing it on the floor. Kon stood up from the bead steadfast - Tim couldn't help but notice.

"I know...go to my it a night." Kon said clearing his throat as Tim opened his sleepy eyes and stared at Kon, "what?"
"I know...should get back to my room in the titans tower. I have to let you get your beauty sleep."

Tim smirked, "fine, but it's just the two of us in this tower tonight." Tim shrugged and continued to watch Kon as he began to blush. "What are you blushing at Kon-El?"
Kon looked away from checking Tim out and walked to the door and placed his hand on the knob, "night Tim!" He said flying off.

Tim smiled and flopped down on his bed. It was always fun to tease Kon about the idea of them sleeping together - he just got so flustered. But Tim couldn't help but wonder, what would it be like to have Kon kiss him. Would his lips be as soft as Stephanie's? Or would they be chapped and taste like sweet grass?

Tim closed his eyes and tried to imagine him and Kon actually having sex in this bed. Tim only lost his virginity not too long ago (This is when Kon died and Cassie and him got together in grief).

Would the sex with Kon be rough? Would Tim be an on top like he was with Cassie (for most part). Or would Kon take control of him? Tim smiled and slipped his hand into his pants as he imagined Kon's muscular body on top of his own strong and lean body.
Tim grasped his shaft and began to thrust his hand - up and down.

Tim let him imagination wonder as he pictured the two of them all sweaty and hot under the covers, their bodies red and dripping with sweat and cum.
Tim let out a soft moan as he released his load. God he wished Kon was here to lick it off him, to watch Tim cum all over himself.
Tim sighed and stared up at the ceiling and made a wish, "Kon...I wish to fuck you."


Kon got to his room and shut the door, his back to it as he tried to ease his racing mind. Tim always teased him about sleeping together. Even if it wasn't upright it was subtle enough from him to pick it up. Kon sighed and looked at the picture of him and Cassie on the nightstand, she was beautiful and he loved her...But Tim...Tim was something else.

Kon sighed and walked over to the edge of his bed where he took a seat and thought, "why do I get so flustered and crazy when I think about you and me..." He then looked over at the picture of him and Tim and took a hold of it and looked at Tim, his smile was genuine and made small wrinkles form around his eyes. It was cute...Cassie's face was just plain and simple while Tims...Tim had character. His eyes shined and always seemed to be reading your thoughts.

Tim was just cute in general. His body filled with scars that he wore with pride. Cassie...she has makeup for that...Kon sighed and put the picture of him and Tim down and thought hard putting his face in his hands, was it possible he wanted Tim? He wasn't gay...or bisexual that he knew. But what about Tim made Kon want him so bad!? Was it the thought of the unkown, was he reading to far into things, or was there something really there between them?

Kon shut his eyes tight and wished, "Tim...I wish to know if we are meant to be together."
That was stupid but wishes never come true...