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A Diamond Amidst Blood

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The throne beneath his rear is becoming rather irritating as he sits in wait, entirely impatient for the small fleet of soldiers to arrive back. The blond bores hard black eyes at the grand crimson doors that mark the entrance of the room as he counts the seconds, minutes, and seemingly hours since he sent the command for the divine morsels to be collected. It’s been oh so dull in the demon realm as of late. Torturing victims until they bend and then break, savoring the blood that spills all over his hands and trickles down his arms from fresh kills, and even feasting on the hearts of quivering virgins hasn’t been enough to tame his feral needs. So he asked for something he could easily have gone out to collect on his own, but he wanted to be “surprised”.

As his fingers tighten minutely around the stoney edges of his throne, Meliodas deeply regrets his decision.

“The fuck is taking them so damn long,” A terse tone sounds to his right and he shifts his gaze that way to see his youngest brother, Zeldris, coolly gazing ahead. Outward, the ravenette is the manifestation of frigidly indifferent, but Meliodas knows from the way his brother’s hands clench against his arms that Zeldris’ just as pissed as he.

“Save that fury for when our prizes arrive, brother,” The smooth voice to his left responds easily.

Meliodas scoffs. His younger brother, Estarossa. Ever the passive aggressive bastard.

Just then the throne doors give three sturdy knocks before moving to open. Meliodas gives a wild grin as he senses the sheer swell of sickly sweet essences beginning to pour into the room. ‘Three hours, four minutes, and six seconds.’ Demons surround the bound goddesses as the divinities are forced into the room, some kicking, some screaming obscenities that make even Meliodas raise an eyebrow, and others whimpering in genuine fear. Something jerks inside of Meliodas pleasantly as he takes in the sight of the bountiful amount of pure women. ‘Mmm and one of them will become my personal little pet…’

“They certainly did an appreciable job, don’t you think?” Zeldris comments himself as he too begins to eye the woman with a twisted grin.

“Oh, yeah…” Meliodas agrees as he stands from his throne and takes slow, purposeful steps towards the crowd of goddesses ripe for the taking.

They notice him moving and all of them begin to shift and edge closer together. The sight of their togetherness, their idea that they can stop any of what’s about to happen is simply laughable to the King. In fact, he does laugh. Low and dark.

“What do you plan on doing to us!? Why are we here!?” One demands with cheeks entirely flushed from outrage as her purple bangs dance across her golden eyes.

Meliodas barely gives her a glance, deeming her perfectly curvy, but not nearly busty enough. ‘Hmm.. Nice attitude though, but not what I’m after…’ He circles them as their eyes all of different colors stay locked on his every move like any prey would their predator.

“Three lucky goddesses are to become our… shall we say, live relaxants. Your use to use will be wondrous… The rest will be assigned other duties here in His Highness’ castle. In other words, get used to a long stay here in the demon realm,” Estarossa explains in an almost bored like fashion drawing all of their eyes away from Meliodas who continues to examine them.

Briefly his eyes land on a blond with lusty hair plaited over her shoulder. Her blue eyes look doleful as she gazes downward at her hands bound in front of her. She does look appealing, but just not right. Plus, he turns his eyes to the side to where his brothers still stand by his throne and sees the ever stiff Zeldris gazing at this blond with an interst that borders on slightly crazed. Meliodas smirks as he shakes his head, walking away from her.

After a few more painstaking minutes of observing each and everyone of them with critical eyes while they scream their protests at their fate, Meliodas nearly begins to feel his patience thin. Is there not a single creature here that would suits his needs? Not one that he’d have such a fun time training to dote on him hand and foot? Not one he can take pleasure in and never get tired of? Is there not a single woman here he can mold into his ideal slave.

Tresses of lengthy silver catch the corner of his eye. Meliodas comes to a stop so quick for a moment the room goes quiet wondering what the vicious demonic King will do next. Something inside of Meliodas grips tightly and begins to growl ravenously as he turns slowly to see the woman with silver hair. His eyes fully take her in huddled to the ground with a pained expression, almost entirely hidden by goddesses, as if they know to keep her away, to keep such a magnificent and gloriously resplendent beauty away from the demons.

Meliodas marches towards her with a single minded focus his darkness augments by seeping out along his flesh and spreading more threateningly across his forehead. The goddesses hiss as they try to keep their place around the being he’s chosen, but the pure demented look that most definitely shines in his eyes causes them to scuffle back, away from his beauty who trembles as she gazes up at him from the floor. Mmm , the way he lower lip wobbles as she stares at him with such big blue eyes…

‘Get her away. I needs her to myself, NOW.’

“Stay away from, Elizabeth! Please!”  He doesn’t even appear to have heard the warning. His knees hit the ground, scuffing his black pants as he appears before her shuddering internally at the scent she gives off. Fear. Sweet, delicious fear. His hands go around her, encircling her waist as he pulls her forcefully against his front and, his composure, already lost at this point, is completely shattered  when he buries his face into her soft strands and groans like a man close to his end.

The goddess-- Elizabeth, his mind rumbles in a twisted kind of giddy--whimpers in his hold as he lifts her up, wrapping her legs around his waist. He all but blazes out of the room as a barely discernable black streak. The bang of his chamber door as it closes behind him brings back his awareness some as he makes a valiant attempt at calming the frothing beast beneath his skin dying to get out and engulf this sinful beauty in his arms.

“W-why did you take me?” She speaks and it’s as if the sweetest of wine descends down his throat like a delicious shock. It’s simply intoxicating and he wants to hear every range that heavenly sound can be taken.

Meliodas carries her effortlessly towards his large bed filled with sheets and bursting with pillows and sits her on the edge. He stares down at her under a wild fringe, his lips curving in satisfaction as she doesn’t even make a move to flee. His hand moves up to cup the side of her face and he notices as a slight frown comes to his face that a nasty bruise, blotching purples and blues, is beginning to form there. The pained expression from before. His soldiers must have hurt her in her capture. He strokes it idly in consideration.

“Did you not hear my brother’s words. You are mine now. Whatever I tell you to do you will do it from now on. Whatever I want from you, you will give it to me without protest. Life away from me is none existant now. Your future is here with me, Elizabeth,” Meliodas tells her in a strict serious tone. His eyes offer no budging to his words as she stares up into them with pleading ceruleans. He ignores the way she begins to squirm in fright as he leans over her, inhaling her intoxicating aroma  when he pushes her backward into a lying position.

“B-but that’s wrong—!”

His hands grip the fine fabric of her at the collar of her white dress, cutting off her words the moment he rips into her clothing giving him the perfect view of her every curve. The luscious pink hues in her breasts and, as he glances down, tearing the dress completely off, her slit draws him in so completely he brings his mouth to her chest right over where her heart lies racing away. ‘Fresh. Pure . So succulent…’ A sound echoes in the room untamed and brimming with hunger as he begins to suckle on her flesh, wanting to reach that rich heart…

“W-what are you doing!?”

He drags his head up slowly, his tongue the last to part from the skin of her chest in order to stare at her as he swallows her flavor. “Don’t question me. I will do whatever it is I want to you and you will not speak a word against it. Or there will be punishment every time you do.” He lifts her bound hands up over her head as her head turns sideways, cringing away from his mouth as he goes to kiss her bruised cheek.

“But— ah!” Her protest turns into a quiet screech when he bites that very cheek, nicking her flesh to where droplets of blood linger on his tongue. Her flavor is simply sublime and there is no way he’ll go this night without tasting all of her. It’s not a moment later before a few salty tears trickle down her cheeks and he’s given the chance to draw those in with a flick of his tongue as well. But heat quickly begins to burn under his skin urging him to push forward, faster. Push for more.

Meliodas easily slides his body downward letting his hands glide along her smooth, warm flesh squeezing her breasts in his palms roughly as his chest begins to fill with a twisted pride at the way her cheeks begin to flush. He takes her nipples between his fingers and twists them and tugs the hardened peaks until they're tender and Elizabeth is squirming with the beginnings of delight. “Oh you’re mine. The things I plan to do to you. I can’t fucking wait, Elizabeth,” he tells her coarsely as his hands smooth down her stomach feeling his own tighten at the submissive noise that escapes her throat when he presses there teasingly.

“What… do I call you?” She breaths in a timid voice gazing at him from under her thick fringe of bangs.

He makes a snap decision then. Quickly he moves his hands to grip his high collared shirt and lifts it over his head. The fastening of his pants is undone as he frees his straining erection, hissing in pain twinged with pleasure as just watching her helpless figure makes his length twitch and bead rapidly with clear sticky fluids at the flushed tip.

His hands land upon her fleshy thighs roughly, sliding them apart and forcing them all the way up towards her chest as he stands at the foot of his bed more than ready to plunge into her virgin body. “My name’s Meliodas. But I want you to address me as Sir , understand.”

The heat in her face climbs all the way to her hairline as she nods. “Y-yes, Sir Meliodas.”

Not what he meant, but damn he loves the way her voice, soft as a winter breeze, causes shivers to go down his spine. He leans against her, his cock going to the heat between her legs as he holds her thighs up and in place. He lets his hips rock, only sliding between her folds as his arousal and the beginnings of hers makes it smooth and easy to slip into pleasure’s hold. Elizabeth’s entire body jolts as he’s sure true feelings of desire begin to pollute her veins more overwhelming than a virus. She seems to want to fight it, but at the same time her body squirms and becomes hotter right where he rocks and then…

She moans.

Her eyes slip closed as her jaw goes slack and she makes a sound of pure wonder, pure awe, of pure want as her chest quivers and she begins to become slicker with each rocking stroke of his hips. Meliodas’ throat dries as his fingers clench more tightly into her flesh. Oh, he’s going to enjoy this far more than he imagined earlier today. Fucking a being born to be pure, innocent, and everything holy? Why the hell hadn't he thought of this earlier? Goddesses are untouched creatures, created solely from the essence of the virtuous acts of those of Britannia twined with the holy waters contained in heaven. There is no need for them to procreate.

So taking this one’s virginity, sullying her, and keeping her below him for as long as they live will be more rewarding than devouring her succulent heart.

The smile that comes to his face as he moves his hips just so, is simply cruel. Meliodas slams his hips forward and Elizabeth’s reaction is as instantaneous as his. Fuck, he chokes from the slick heat of her. He nearly melts from it as he finds his hips pulling back to slam into her again and again before she can even catch a breath from the shrill scream she gave, the downy wings on her back fluttering under her with an emotion his brain is too pleasure wrought to discern.

He’s groaning like a madman as he drives into her, feeling sweat start to coat his skin as he grits his teeth against the way her muscles tighten exquisitely around him. As he leans his face closer to see her expression, feeling his own hearts trembling within his torso as he slaps wetly against her, he notes her screams beginning to turn into long breathless moans. Her eyes are dazed as her eyelids drift low giving her such a sexy expression, he curses from the flare of thrill it sends straight down to his cock which hardens to the point of near pain.

“S-Sir Meliodas!” Her breath hitches around her moans and her words sound sensually low and slurred.

He growls in response turning his thrusts shallow so she can feel what the fuck she’s doing to him. Damn, he just wants to bury himself in this virgin!

“It hurt… mmm… but i-it’s good… soo good now!” She admits as she squeezes her eyes shut and her wings seem to writhe in the way she wishes she could had he not been pinning her down.

His hands move from her thighs and up to her wrists as he leans fully over her feeling her legs wrap instinctively around his waist to keep him in place. She’d never have to worry. He wouldn’t dare leave her until her clenching heat drained him dry. As if listening to his raw thoughts her body begins to spasm as her torso bends insistently against his and her heavenly voice twists into almost panicked moans. He grunts and begins to go slower, deeper, rutting into her as his hips roll lewdly, helping her through her first orgasm and hopefully into a second… or third.

The scent she releases as she quivers and whines against him is downright mouthwatering and it drives him simply insane. Meliodas snakes his arms around her waist and rolls them until he’s on his back and he can guide her along his raging length. Her arms come to rest on his chest close together as he grips her hips tightly, sliding her up and down, fast and hard… The view of her above him as her hair jostles around her face, the deep red that blooms across her cheeks, and once again her dazed visage, and the way her jaw is slack as he sends wave after wave of pleasure throughout her curvy form causes his loins to tighten in preparation.

“Y-you’re so sexy,” he manages past his grunts straining to keep himself in check before he finds himself sinking into her balls deep and releasing so hard his vision gains blotchy white spots.

“S-sexy?” Her breath is rushed as he bounces her quickly. Her confusion causes him to chuckle huskily as he pulls her flush against him and rolls them to their side, taking his time as he thrusts into her now, feeling his end coming no matter how hard he fights it.

They move together, slow and hard as their labored breaths fill the room. The air is sweltering, soaking their skins in salty sweat as he moves his lips to her neck. He sucks, licking suh a vital part of her body where her blood rushes just beneath, pulsing so quickly he’s sure that wonderful heart of hers is about to jump right out of her chest.

Her voice draws up high just as his lips drag up along her skin, grazing her teasingly, and she begins to writhe against him, her hands clenching against his chest. “T-that feeling is coming! S-Sir Meliodas, p-please!!” She begs as his face hovers before hers, the blue of her eyes dark and unsteady.

He doesn’t know what she’s begging for, but his possible guesses are all wiped clear from his mind as she begins to spasm once again, her eyes rolling back as they fall shut. Her screaming voice is quickly silenced by his lips when he kisses her passionately. His hands slip down her back and grip her ass cheeks hard as he begins to pump into her quickly, jerkily, grunting and groaning breathlessly in her mouth when he feels that coil inside his loins sear then snap completely.

They both give shaky noises as he slips his tongue inside her mouth and the heat of his release begins to fill her up. She tastes so damn good, he notes dazedly as his tongue wraps around hers before moving to forcefully taste every inch of her. He moans deeply as his hips begin to slow, but he still holds her to him relentlessly. He doesn’t want to let this goddess go. He won’t. Hell no. Not after sampling her. He’s going to go out of his way to make sure she’s trained to his every whim. And getting to take her whenever he wants…? Fuck, that makes him weak with anticipation.

He’s had more than his share of woman--eating virgin hearts makes him very excited--but none of those were quite like Elizabeth. Pulling his hips back now as she gives a shiver and a soft tired noise, he feels the stickiness of their joining beginning to seep out of her. Smelling her now proves his assumption to be more than right.

Meliodas drags them up to the center of the bed and lazily pulls the covers around them with Elizabeth still tightly wrapped in his arms. She smells just as sweet, just as savory as she did when he first discovered her. And as he brings his head down to her chest as she drifts into slumber, he places his mouth above where her heart rests and kisses the area almost lovingly before tucking his face between her large breasts, deciding to sleep there.

If he can fuck her as much as he wants and she still smells as if her purity wasn’t ripped away well… The King of Demons knows he just found his permanent addiction.


She tries to stretch, but she’s so tired and… Her eyes blink exhaustedly. Her hands are bound together? Elizabeth stays in place as she moans softly at noticing all the aches and pains throughout her body. Her face is sore, but her center is even more so. It’s never felt in such a way before. Why? Why does she feel as if someone touched there… touched her so deeply.

Elizabeth gasps as warm lips begin to press against her breasts. Her chest arches outward as her mouth falls open when those very same lips suction against one of her nipples and she feels wondrous sensations of a tongue flicking her nipple which quickly hardens. She squirms with pleasant hums as her thighs begin to clench and she realizes with a start that a body is firmly between them so she can’t do such a thing.

“Finally up, now?” The heat of his breath as it rushes over her wet nipple causes her to freeze as memories slam into her just as fiercely as the demon atop of her did last night.  He did something to her. Made her body tremble and flood with jolting shocks that felt so pleasant she was reduced to a state she’d never experienced before. Never had she thought there was such an act that could occur. Never did she believe that someone could do such things to her… And his lips were upon hers. His tongue in her mouth. What they did felt dirty, but she felt more than satisfied after… That usually means it’s a sinful act. She knows this deeply and it frightens her terribly.

Her palms lie flat against Sir Meliodas’ chest when his mouth moves to her ear. She squeezes her eyes closed and feels tremors travel powerfully through her form when his palm grips her thigh and holds them close to where she can feel the heat of the hard length he pressed into her last night. “I have to tell you a few things you’ll be doing for me, Elizabeth, but first you have something more important to take care of.”

She hates the way her body begins to warm slowly as if his very touch is like the sun gradually rising higher in the sky, getting closer to the point where she wilts against her resolve and gives in to his commands.

She squeaks anxiously when he sweeps them out of bed and begins to carry her towards a room she doesn’t have the slightest clue of the contents that lie within it. It’s apparent to her mind however when the door shuts behind them, that this is a cleansing room of sorts although a very immaculate one with qualities she’s never seen before. A cold shock travels through her entire form when he places her down in a deep bathing pool that rests in a square wooden border with a thick wide rim. She flinches again when the sound of rushing water comes to her ears and it’s not long before warm water begins to surround her shivering form.

Sir Meliodas appears before her, looking quite vicious with the way he smiles at her with such cruel eyes. She wants to scoot away, but his arms pull her to him, sloshing the water around in the giant pool until she’s once again locked against him and forced to meet his entrancing gaze.

He captures her chin between his forefinger and thumb, holding her face up so that she looks him right in the eye as he speaks through such firmly soft lips. “I want you to wash me and I might just wash you in return.”

“But—” She stares down in dismay at her wrists bound by a cold metal. In her next blink the restraints are gone with the grip of his hands. The rush of her power bursting forth from suppression causes her to cry out as she collapses forward. Her hearing dulls for a moment as her blood pumps too quickly and it becomes a struggle to keep her breaths from speeding out of her control.

Petting occurs along her wings flapping sporadically behind her and she latches onto that feeling as her hands clench around strong shoulders.

“No protests. Remember.” The stoic response comes as fingers dig through her feathers and comb through them in a way that causes her to sigh blissfully.

Her power finally begins to settle and she instantly feels her aches beginning to numb. “I’m sorry, Sir Meliodas,” She gives her apologies  while blinking as she regains herself. Elizabeth pushes herself to sit up and tentatively look around until she spots lather.

She takes her time getting it soaping on her palms, buying time so that she doesn’t have to do what he asked. She’s never seen a male nude until last night and it’s quite an interesting sight, she decides as she peeks at his bare chest from under her bangs. But what he’s asking her, to touch his skin and bathe him, feels shameful.

Elizabeth gasps as his hands grip her wrists and place them upon the firm arcs of his chest. “I grow impatient. Never keep me waiting too long.” His voice slithers out warningly as his hands slip from around hers.

She takes a chance to glance at him and gazes meekly at the dark way his eyes study her with such an intense vigor. “Sorry, S-Sir Meliodas.” Her heart begins to pick up the pace as her palms slick in lather start to move in slow circles along his chest, cleansing him but also studying his physique with a growing fascination. His body doesn’t feel soft and curvy at all! He’s so unyielding to her touch and yet still warm and pleasant beneath her hands. Her fingers dip between the gaps amidst his muscles and she faintly hears him making low sounds of delight at her curiousity.

Slowly she glides her hands down the length of his chest, then sluggishly she drags them up and allows her fingers to brush against his nipples, feeling a tingling in her belly when he gasps. Her hands swirve up his shoulders and along his arms coating him in a sheen of sudsy lather as her hands begin to clench around the wiry muscles of his arms. It’s all so very riveting how he’s so very different from what she knows. When she brings her hands once more to his chest drawn to the way his torso curves downward into the rigid flesh that curves upward begging to be touched, she notices a number of beats beneath her palms and recalls with a start that this is a demon she’s been captured by. She should be trying to escape! Not letting the things he’s already done to her cause her to lose her reasoning!

But suddenly his hand darts out and wraps around the back of her head, sending warm water down her back as he pulls her to him. She flounders weakly when his mouth slants over hers and she’s tries desperately to keep her mind afloat, but it’s simply useless. Something about the way his mouth meshes against hers so insistently, powerful yet slow in its exploration causes her to melt into him as once again her resolve withers away. Timidly she tries to flick her tongue to his in an awkward copy of the spine tingling motions he does to her and the demon growls a sound loud and reverberating in his chest that raises the hairs on the back of her neck as she whimpers into his mouth.

‘Did he like that? Is he angry?’ She doesn’t have time to try and figure it out  when his hands slip down to her rear and grips her tightly there. ‘Oh gods he’s punishing me! I know it! This shouldn’t possibly feel this g-good…’ He lifts her body as if she’s weightless and settles her legs on either side of his waist. Her knees clench on either side of him as he begins to lower her. She pulls her lips back with a startled moan that sounds distinctly like a pleased cry when she feels him entering her body again. She hadn’t even known that was what he was preparing her for, but she’s more than delighted this was the outcome. She feels so dirty thinking it, but the moment he begins to lower her again into his hips that slam up into her, she finds at the moment she could not care.

Elizabeth snakes her arms around his shoulders and simply clings to him as their bodies connect in heated flares. The sounds she makes are involuntary she decides when he thrusts sharply into a point that has her squealing and nearly sobbing as she herself begins to push her hips downward persistently. It all makes her face heat and her skin flush as she tries to breathe against the heat that swirls around them.

She almost whines when he pulls her arms from around his shoulders and instead places them onto his chest as he leans back. At this position she stares down at him as she fills that pulsing ache inside of her repeatedly with every downward push of her hips. He’s smirking so wickedly it makes her cheeks sting from the blush she gains.

“Do it just… like this,” He instructs her huskily as she swears flames begin to curl within his eyes in hypnotizing ways. “You’ll need to learn how to do it on your own after all…”

Her brows furrow in confusion as she pants and moans smoothly. She does not know what he means on her own, but she attempts to not let the nerves of her uncertainty get to her as she stares down at him almost heatedly. Her fingers clench against the smooth skin of his chest and she begins to roll her hips testing out the feel of the motion. Her breath hitches as her eyes flutter and she does it again. “Oh gods… I l-like this so much..” She breathes as she keeps doing it going slow as to not overwhelm herself, but quick enough to where she feels her pulse jumping beneath her skin.

That sound he made before vibrates beneath her palms and she sucks in a breath reopening her eyes to see. He’s staring at her like a salivating dragon would his prey and the sight causes her heart to lodge in her throat. It’s dangerous, so very dangerous the way his eyes bore into her, but strangely as she rocks her hips to the amazing inferno that slicks inside her, she finds it’s also very enticing.

She’s bedding a demon, something she never even knew was possible and it feels so very amazing.

“You like this my goddess?” The rough tone of his voice scrapes heavenly in her ears and she clenches around the rigid length that delves into her hot and pulsing, quick and hard, as if searching for something. She hopes it doesn’t find it because the feeling of him stopping this madness that makes her moan like animals she’s seen in the process of mating makes her a weak sensation travel up her arms as she collapses against him. She clings to him as she forces her hips to slap down into his whimpering pleadingly in the back of her throat as the pleasure begins to build and mount.

“Y-yes! Sir Meliodas! Urgn… Please! Please!” She begged him before when she felt herself getting so tight and the spasms beginning to erupt in her core started up, but once more she doesn’t know what she wants. She just knows that it’s all so overriding to her senses and her body is screaming for any and everything all at once.

“I'll give you what you need,” He grunts raggedly and she wants to press her mouth to his again as it makes her feel just as tingly as the way his length caresses her so deeply inside.

Her fingers curl into his hair as she begins to moan a high noise, rising higher, higher, and higher… Their lips meld together, tongues lashing as their teeth click every so often in their enthusiasm. Then she soars. The water already splashing around them makes a mess on the floor when she throws her head back and cries his name brokenly as she rides him to her own fervid pace. Ripples go through her forcefully when Sir Meliodas slams her hips all the way down and he rolls his hips in a slow circle that causes her to choke on strangled breaths.

‘He’s prolonging it! He’s prolonging it!!’ Tears gather in her eyes as she basks in the way his length stays inside of her, shooting heat into her already searing insides. That’s when a sensation erupts through her, rushing from her as she sags forward with feeble moans. “So good… It f-feels wonderful…”

Labored breathing sounds in her ears as Sir Meliodas coils his arms around her when his hips finally stop moving. “That felt good, huh?”

She yawns as she nods feeling her wings droop behind her in her sudden exhaustion. Wasn’t she just sleeping not long ago?

“Hey, there’s no time for sleeping now. You must be walked through some of the tasks you are to do for me from now on unless I say so. What we just did definitely being one of them.” He continues in a serious resonance.

“Okay, Sir Meliodas..” She agrees even as she slips her arms around his shoulders and her eyes drift shut swiftly. She doesn’t even hear his words of, “I need to build up your stamina…” before she’s once again lost to the world of slumber.