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Just Pack Things

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Yoongi hated waking up to a rut.

The first thing he noticed when he woke up was that he was achingly uncomfortable. He must have slipped out of his clothes sometime during the night; his bare skin was clammy and feverish against the coolness of the bedsheets. The need to knot something warm was overwhelming, and he groaned as the urge only intensified with every second that passed.

His body thrummed with arousal, achy and pulsing just beneath the thin surface of his pale skin. He sighed, running a tired hand through his hair. All he wanted to do was stay in bed and prolong his sleep, but his body’s responses were not going to allow it. He desperately needed contact; he needed an omega.

“Omegas!” He raised his voice and called gruffly through the house, his tone dripping with alpha dominance and lust- byproducts from his rut.

Immediately after his call he could hear footsteps racing down the hall. “Yoongi-hyung’s rut!” Jimin cried out as he burst open the door, Taehyung and Jungkook hot on his heels.

The three bundled onto his bed in a tangled mess of limbs and pheromones. Their omega bodies instantly reacted to his rut, sending the trio into an impromptu mini-heat. The salivating scent of slick that suddenly flooded his room made Yoongi groan.

Jungkook was the first to reach him, being the most athletically inclined of the bunch. He started nuzzling shyly at Yoongi's neck, occasionally giving gentle nips and licks over Yoongi’s scent gland. “Alpha…” He whimpered quietly, breathing in the consuming scent of rut straight from the source, shifting to get closer. Yoongi easily tilted his head to give him more access.

Taehyung appeared on his other side, fingers bashfully intertwining with his own as he leaned over to place soft kisses over Yoongi’s pale cheek, blushing and squirming adorably in his own anticipation. Yoongi sighed at the gentle feeling of his soft lips over his feverish skin, squeezing the omegas hand in affection.

Jimin, as per usual, was the one with no shame, placing himself right on Yoongi’s lap to grind down on his hardening erection with the sly smile of a siren. His gaze was seductively demure, each roll of his hips deliberate and enticing. Yoongi growled lowly, nipping warningly at one of his rounded cheeks.

Yoongi allowed his alpha to take over, breathing in the smell of heat and the feel of supple skin everywhere he touched.

“Strip.” He commanded roughly, impatient for more mouthwatering skin to be revealed.

The three omegas were quick to comply, scrabbling to take off their clothes in their eagerness. Jungkook had to help Taehyung when his shirt got caught over his head, his whining and squirming make the task too difficult.

Yoongi assessed the trio with the sharp eyes of an alpha appraising omegas to decide who to mate with, purring in approval at their delectably naked forms.

Jimin was ideal mating material; body compact but soft and solid in all the right places. The oldest omega certainly was the most alluring of the trio, and was quite confident in his attractiveness- and for good reason. When he caught Yoongi’s gaze, Jimin bit at his plush lower lip and peered at him through his lashes, hands flirtatiously lingering over the slender expanse of his hips. Yoongi couldn’t stop his eyes from wandering towards the plush backside that followed, gulping down his desire so that he didn't immediately pounce on him.

Jungkook was in his own way just as desirable- despite being a bit on the tall side for an omega. His muscles were lean and well developed, body tightly sprung but limber and flexible. Even so, there was something irresistibly innocent about the youngest, and Yoongi took much delight in fucking the usual aloof attitude out of the boy. For all his disobedience, Jungkook could be delightfully docile during sex.

But on this particular day, it was Taehyung who caught his alpha’s attention.

Taehyung was all soft, pliant flesh and delicate curves, supple thighs dripping honeyed slick that made Yoongi’s mouth water in anticipation. Despite his usually cheery attitude, Taehyung was oddly enough the most compliant of the bunch; a perfect mixture of submissive and captivating.

Perfect for breeding, his instincts told him confidently. His alpha could already picture Taehyung taking his knot between his legs, his soft belly growing round with fertility. Taehyung whimpered quietly when Yoongi’s gaze lingered on him imposingly, thighs instinctively squeezing together as his body produced more slick in response.

Yoongi leaned in close to growl at his ear, watching the younger shiver in response. “You want my knot first, Tae?”

Taehyung swallowed, nodding, lips quivering and eyes watery in his increasing desperation to be mated. Jimin shifted to his side, mouthing at Taehyung’s neck and looking up at Yoongi with gleaming dark eyes. Taehyung muffled a moan with his hand, eyes fluttering in ecstasy as Jimin softly bit at his mark.

Jimin often enjoyed riling up his packmates. That little minx.

“C’mere.” Yoongi locked eyes with Taehyung. “Hands and knees.”

Taehyung immediately moved to follow the instruction, arms shaking as he held himself up and presented himself to the eldest, face buried in the bed sheets to hide his blushing cheeks.

Yoongi prodded at Taehyung's pink entrance with his fingers, occasionally dipping a finger inside to test how wet he was. Taehyung whined lowly, hole twitching as he wriggled his hips to get the fingers inside. 

Jimin’s eyes sparkled with mischief as he pulled Jungkook over to kneel by Taehyung’s head. “Wanna help our little Jungkookie, Taetae?”

Taehyung obediently rose up on his hands and dropped opened his mouth, and Jungkook jolted as Jimin reached around to grab his cock and guide him towards the opening. Jimin didn’t hesitate, using his own hips to shove Jungkook’s backside, forcing him forward into the waiting heat of Taehyung’s mouth.

Jungkook moaned loudly, head thrown back on Jimin’s shoulder as the older grinded his hips into his rear.

“Does Tae feel good?” Jimin asked teasingly, bucking his hips a little and forcing Jungkook to do the same. Jungkook’s erection quickly disappeared between Taehyung’s pink lips.

"T-tight!" Jungkook whined, eyes lost as he stared down at Taehyung taking his cock.  "H-hyung, he's s-so t-tight!"

"I know, Bunny." Jimin cooed, petting at the youngest's hair. "Taetae always feels so good, like he was made to take cock. Isn't that right, Kitten?"

Taehyung whimpered softly, breathy and distinctly omegan as he dipped his head in to take Jungkook in deeper.

The image was obscene. Taehyung's pink lips were stretched wide to take as much of Jungkook as he could, eyes watery and desperate as the youngest thrusted in with another cry.

Yoongi’s arousal spiked at the sight, and he couldn’t resist grabbing Taehyung by the hips and shoving his way into his ass. Taehyung whimpered around Jungkook, body trembling in pleasure at the dual sensations.

Taehyung was warm and tight and perfect around Yoongi, thighs spread and pliant as he graciously took all that Yoongi gave him. The alpha gripped at Taehyung’s slim hips and began rolling into him, rutting slowly into the clinging heat.

Yoongi gradually picked up his pace when he felt Taehyung adjust to the intrusion, his body producing more slick to make the transition smoother. Soon enough Yoongi’s thrusting was shoving Taehyung’s body up the bed, and the omega gagged a little as Jungkook’s dick was forced all the way to the back of his throat.

Yoongi rutted against him like the beast in rut that he was, the alpha inside of him desperate to mate and breed the warm omega beneath him.

The obscene sound of flesh on flesh was intoxicating, dizzy heat filling the room and clouding the senses more and more with each slap of his pelvis against the omega’s rounded flesh. The sharp sound of Jungkook crying out caught Yoongi’s attention, and he raised his eyes from where his cock slid in and out of Taehyung’s ass, just in time to watch as Jimin entered the other omega.

Yoongi groaned, eyes locked on where Jimin’s hands gripped on Jungkook’s lean hips, pulling back in time with his thrusting. Jungkook and Taehyung seemed to be lost in ecstasy, growing pliant and allowing the older pair to set the rhythm. To fuck them.

“Jungkookie’s so wet, alpha.” Jimin moaned. “He definitely wants your fat cock in him next.”

Jungkook whimpered softly, hands now desperately gripping at the sides of Taehyung’s jaw as he face-fucked the older omega, fingers curling back into Taehyung's hair.

It was all so hot, so lewd, and Yoongi could feel his knot beginning to form in the pit of his gut. He leaned over to growl in Taehyung’s ear, not stopping his harsh thrusting.

“You want me to breed you, omega?”

Taehyung whined desperately around Jungkook’s cock, eyes watering and pleading, cheeks flushed. The perfect mate, Yoongi smirked.

“Don’t worry, alpha will knot you so good.”

“Ya hear that, Taehyungie?” Jimin purred, panting and flushed as he reached a hand around to brush back Taehyung’s bangs from his face. “Alpha’s gonna fuck you full of his pups. So you better make sure to get pregnant, okay?”

Taehyung nodded the best he could manage with a cock shoved down his throat. Jimin grinned, sly and sexy, and reached out to stroke at the younger's throat, obscenely feeling the protrusion of Jungkook's cock.

Yoongi grunted as his knot finally began to form, catching on Taehyung’s entrance as his body naturally stiffened at the intrusion.

“Relax, Kitten. Let me in,” Yoongi purred as he tried to coax his way inside, and Taehyung tried to relax his muscles in response, thighs trembling with the strain.

Yoongi exhaled in pleasure as his knot finally popped in, reaching his orgasm inside the warmth of the squirming young omega now locked on his cock. Taehyung cried out, reaching his own release as he trembled around Yoongi’s inflated cock, filled to the brim with his alpha. Yoongi’s hands held the younger perfectly still as he flooded his insides, hips pressed tightly to the curve of Taehyung’s ass.

Jungkook was quick to follow, gasping as he found his own climax down the warm tightness of Taehyung’s throat. Jimin groaned behind him shortly after, watching Taehyung's throat swallow down Jungkook's cum as he clutched at the youngest omega’s thighs and spilled inside him with shuddering moans.

Jimin purred in approval, pulling out to gently rest Jungkook down beside Taehyung. Yoongi couldn’t help but stare at the creamy white substance that started to leak from Jungkook’s twitching entrance.

Jimin carefully pushed down on Taehyung’s upper back and the younger obediently dropped his chest onto the bed, spine delicately curved with his ass in the air, still attached to Yoongi’s knot.

“Like this, Tae. Make sure to catch every last drop.” Jimin smiled down at the squirming little thing, eyeing his stomach as it bulged around Yoongi’s knot, twitching sporadically as the alpha filled him.

Taehyung could feel wave after wave of the alpha’s semen coating his insides, Yoongi doing his best to impregnate the fertile young omega just as his instincts told him to. So Taehyung did his best to be a good omega, lying perfectly still and allowing the fertile cum to soak into his womb.

The knot locked the pair tightly together, Yoongi’s sharp hipbones pressed to Taehyung’s supple ass. Taehyung’s insides fluttered and quivered around the large intrusion, shaping around the alpha like a tight-fitting glove. Yoongi couldn’t help but groan as the omega’s insides milked him.

“Good boy.” Jimin cooed, petting at Taehyung’s flushed cheeks. “You look so pretty like this, being mounted and bred so well for alpha.”

Taehyung whimpered, completely overtaken by his omega as he looked up at Jimin with hazy eyes, pupils blown wide. Jimin purred, stroking through his fluffy brown hair. “Such a good boy, Tae.”

Yoongi growled his own approval, bucking his hips a few more times into Taehyung for good measure, making a few high-pitched whimpers escape Taehyung’s lips.

“Such a good omega.” Jimin praised him, voice low. “Letting alpha knot you full of his puppies.”

“Yes!” Taehyung whimpered, voice strangled. “T-Tae will be a good omega! G-get p-pregnant for sure-!”

“Yes, yes.” Jimin hummed indulgently. “Now just stay still and let alpha finish breeding you.”

Jungkook was squirming beside them, his own instincts reacting to the scene he was witnessing. He whimpered softly in the back of his throat, feeling more cum and slick leak from his own pulsing entrance, body eager to be mated.

Jimin took notice of his reaction to watching Taehyung take Yoongi’s knot. “Hyung, I think Kookie wants your knot next.” He grinned devilishly, leaning closer to lick at Jungkook’s neck. “Isn’t that right, Jungkookie?”

Yoongi’s dark eyes looked over Jungkook with piqued interest, narrowing in lusted approval when he took in the lewd mess staining the omega’s supple inner thighs. Breed, his instincts demanded.

“You wanna be next, pup?” Yoongi asked him, licking his lips and shuddering inside of Taehyung with another wave of cum.

Jungkook whined, sitting up straighter and nodding profusely.

“Alright, Jungkook. Just give me another couple minutes to finish with this little one.” Yoongi smiled at the youngest reassuringly, pointedly petting at Taehyung’s quivering hips.

Yoongi nearly flinched when he felt a hand sneak down to brush over where he and Taehyung were connected.

Jimin leaned in close to Yoongi’s ear, purring in that seductive way that only Jimin could. “And then I’m after him, right alpha?”

Yoongi let out a groan. It was going to be a long day.