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Stronger than Chains

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Fenris liked being away from the Danarius estate, travelling with his master.

It always meant he got to see new places and more importantly he had Master Danarius' full attention during those days. Usually only a few other slaves and some soldiers would accompany him. But travelling also meant more danger so Fenris was kept close to his master at all times.

Fenris rather enjoyed the potential threats around every corner because it meant he could fully show off his abilities and was not just mere decoration but actively protecting his master from any harm.

He would not hope for anything more than his masters attention and approval and since on travels he had more opportunities to prove his worth Danarius would give him kind words or even stroke his hair more often in reward for his loyal service.

Fenris was not fond of their current destination, Seheron, nor the Qunari who made out a major part of the population. He hated them just like any other Tevinter. But the best thing about this trip was that Hadriana was not with them, so for the time being he would be out if her reach and cruelty.

Although he would never dare to complain he loathed Hadriana and would much rather take on 20 heavily armed Qunari alone than getting tortured by Master Danarius' apprentice. At least in a fight he could hit back.

He regretted this thought in the next moment as what felt like a small army of Qunari closed in on them from all sides, every single one of them armed to the teeth.

A few yards away the fight had already started between another Tevinter and the Qunari. Without hesitation Fenris grabbed his sword, his markings glowing at the prospect of fighting.

The only thing his mind was focused on was keeping his master safe. He jumped in front of the magister and after two blocked strikes plunged his large two-hander right into the heart of the attacking Qunari warrior.

Another blow from the side aimed at his master was easily deflected but three more of their enemies were already gaining ground, slaughtering Master Danarius' soldiers.

The magisters magic pulled heavily at his markings as the fight continued, increasing the intensity of his spells. Corpses for allies and foes already started to litter the ground and the streets of Seheron turned into a brutal battle ground.

Soon the smell of fresh blood hung heavily in the air and his Master made good use of the so abundantly available red liquid for this spells. Sweat was pearling from Fenris' brow, his bangs sticking to his forehead as he fought off attack after attack directed at his master.

Even the magister himself started to struggle against the sheer overwhelming amount of Qunari. Fenris wasn't sure what had started this fight but as far as he his eyes could see all corners of the city were engaged in the bloodshed.

It was soon clear that the Tevinter were clearly outnumbered and only retreat would safe them. No matter how many Qunari Fenris killed, there seemed to be no end to them.

Fenris had already received a deep cut in his left arm from a blow that had been meant for Master Danarius.

„Master, the ship!“ Fenris called out as he saw no other way to escape and save his master. He would probably be punished for his actions later, daring to make such a suggestion.

Fenris spun around plunging his ghost-like fist into the chest of another Qunari, ripping out his heart and crushing it in his hand. The warrior sunk lifeless to the ground in front of Master Danarius' feet. The enemy's final blow had missed the magister just by an inch.

The sickly sweet smell of burning flesh filled the air as Master Danarius sent out a powerful inferno to set their enemies on fire, not caring that also one of this other slaves had been caught in the flames. Fenris gave it no second thought and continued to defend his master.

Master Danarius' constant pull on his lyrium was tiring the elf but Fenris did not slow down and was determined to fight to his last breath if it meant saving his masters life. He would make sure to get him out of this.

Inch by inch he cut a path for them through the ranks of their enemies towards the city's harbour where a Tevinter ship was preparing to leave. A brief cry left Fenris' throat more out of surprise than pain as an arrow pierced right through his leg but he bit back the pain and continued.

He could only make out a handful of allied mages and soldiers still standing as they continued their bloody path towards the ship. They had to hurry if they wanted to make it out alive.

Fenris mobilised all the strength he had left to reach the ship before it was too late. He bit his lip as he noticed blood on his master's shoulder, his richly decorated black robes cut, exposing the broken flesh beneath.

For a second Fenris wished to take off the collar around his neck and the heavy iron chain attached to it, so it wouldn't get in the way or slow him down. Then again he was glad to have it as the chain blocked a blow that would otherwise had meant a Qunari blade deep in his guts.

Instead of letting the chain slow him down, he used it to his advantages. Maybe he could not knock out a Qunari warrior with it if he used it as a whip but he still could deal out painful slaps with the chain. The next enemy Fenris approached from the back and wrapped the chain tightly around the large man's neck, strangling him before he ripped out his heart.

And then Master Danarius finally set foot on the plank to the ship that would carry them to safety. Fenris remained and fought of any Qunari that tried to follow them until he was sure that his master was on board.

Fenris received another blow to his side. He had not seen the attacker due to the blood running from his forehead into his right eye, blurring his vision. Fenris spun around and struck down the Qunari who had inquired him.

Just as the ship tightly packed with Tevinters was starting to move, the elf stepped onto the plank and leaped on board before he cut the plank in half and sent another Qunari in pursuit into the waters of the harbour.

Fenris took a deep breath of relief. They had made their escape in the last second and now the ship was leaving the fighting city behind them.

On deck people where packed tightly together, a cacophony of shouts and screams in Tevine surrounded them.

Fenris stood pressed against his master and watched the Qunari getting smaller in the distance as the ship turned to leave the bay.

Not far from them a man who looked too wounded to make it through the night was pushed of the ship by his fellow countrymen to make more room and get rid of expandable weight on board. It was almost like the fight continued on board as no one wanted to risk the ship to sink and it was every man for himself.

But all Fenris cared about was that his master was safe. No one would dare to push a high ranking magister like him over board. He would make sure of that.

Fenris head was throbbing and now that the fight was over he could feel the pain from all his wounds spreading through his body. But Fenris could wait. He could take care of his injuries once they were back in Minrathous.