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The Meaning of Happiness

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Fenris' back was pressed against the cold stone wall behind him as Garret's honey coloured eyes flicked from his emerald green ones down to his lips and back up. The elf gulped hard and without a thought he was now staring at the well shaped pair of lips that were just inches from his own, inviting him as they parted slightly.

„Hawke...“ he heard himself say, his voice a mere whisper. When had he started longing for this? He could not remember. But he wanted this, needed more and then those delicious warm lips captured his. Fenris sighed into the kiss, giving himself to the man in front of him, melting, leaning into the touch.

The strong, hairy arms were now the only thing keeping him upright as Fenris' knees had given in, the moment their lips had melted together in the kiss.

„Fenris. I want you.“ Hawke's deep voice rumbled against his ear as the other's hip was pressing into him, keeping him pressed against the wall. Trapped between the heat in front of him and the hard stone of the wall there was no room to escape.

A sigh escaped his lips, followed by a gasp as strong hands slowly but surely made their way down to his groin. Maker, those sinful hands!

„What about Anders...?“ Fenris whimpered, guilt rising up inside him but unable to push Hawke away.

„Tonight it's just you and me.“

Fenris wanted to protest, but his voice was cut off by the hand on his hardened cock, stroking him eagerly through the fabric.

„Ahh~!“ he whined, his body pressing against the hand as if his mind hand no say in this.

„Fenris!“ Hawke breathed into his hear with his seductive voice.

The elf bit his lips hard, still unable to will himself away, his eyes squeezed shut.

„Fenris!“ his voice repeated now louder than before. No. This wasn't Hawke's voice. This was Anders.

Panic rose in him and immediately his chest felt heavy with guilt. He pushed Hawke away from him.

The elf blinked at the bright light that was suddenly hitting his eyes as he opened them. His lyrium lines were glowing faintly as he ran his hand down his face.

A dream.

„Fenris!“ he heard Anders call again, his voice sounding impatient outside the tent.

„I'm up. Just give me a moment.“ Fenris replied, and in a matter of seconds he was out of his bed roll and had put on some clothes.

„Get ready, we'll be moving on soon.“ he heard the mage, before he seemed to walk off to deal with other matters.

Fenris hurried to put on his armour and packed up his bedroll and tent before he joined the rest of the team for a light breakfast.