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The Bothersome Bug

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From a bug eyed perspective, a blue cloak wavered like a cloud in the hall. The insectoid didn't flinch a muscle of his wings or his antenna, waiting long enough to where he knew she was gone.

Morphing from the fly on the wall, Beast Boy stared through the darkness, frustrated as he turned to his doorway. Another day, another night Raven decides to disappear. The green changeling was perplexed by what Raven had been doing... well, more so than usual. By her standards, this could be considered normal to be leaving the Tower after midnight.

As he slipped into bed, Beast Boy was sure it had to be a coffee place that had poetry slams or the night club the team had visited once before.

Yeah, it was all fine and dandy to think about before -- now he just couldn't sleep when he thought about her leaving. What business was it of his? Well, she was a teammate.

A friend.

A fantasy.

He shot up. Maybe he could still catch her.


On soaring black wings, he touched down as a crow on this strange establishment. It was a burger joint still lit up at two AM. He didn't even like the idea of being perched on his little hind legs on the sign, let alone having to go in. Yet, he had seen Raven just enter.

The things he did for lo-

For friends.

A wave of gristled meat smells hit him harshly, along with the dim lighting and the orange floor tiles that reflected it. There was a caution yellow adorning parts of the wall, and a part of his animal instincts were telling him to just get out.

Solid dark windows of the city enclosed around him as he walked from booth to booth trying to find her, but ultimately, having no luck. He wasn't even sure why he was freaking out. Maybe she wanted to eat one of their burgers without him knowing. He'd just tell her she could eat that stuff anytime of day around him, and didn't need to go out like this. He raised his head from another table, looking towards the bathrooms, and he could feel the descent of his heart down into his stomach.

Raven looked absolutely love struck, staring into the eyes of some greasy haired, pale looking... LOSER, running together into the men's bathroom, as if they were just married...

Beast Boy felt like he was caught between bum rushing in there, or back home. Instead, he took a seat, a gloved hand covering his face -- as if there was anyone here but the counter jockey who was dealing with drive thru orders could see him wallow.

What had he done wrong? Was it the jokes? Was it his face? The green skin? What?

He thought about breaking his one rule and eating one of those disgusting, disk pustules that they called "meat", just to make himself different... different for her. Anything for Raven to look at him in a new light.

As if the calling of curiosity to Pandora to open her gifted box, Beast Boy’s search for answers burned like a roaring fire and engulfed his mind. He knew that whatever awaited his sight in that restroom would torment his thoughts and dreams, and just like Pandora flinging open the cover of that box, nothing good awaited him.

It didn't budge. The cook had locked out anyone human from getting in.

Changing into a centipede and wriggling his way underneath the door and across the grimy floors of the piss stained restroom, the shape-shifter scurried to the last stall.

Through compound eyes, thousands of painful angles molested Beast Boy’s sanity. What he saw was an glimpse of Raven that he only thought was reserved for himself, as she gagged on the fry cook's rancid, and hairy cock. Raven, a symbol to Beast Boy meaning love, introversion, and dignity, was bound at the hands and on her knees. Her tights were torn from her pussy all the way up to her left breast, exposing her marble flesh and light nipple, a sight that dumbfounded the green boy. The cook’s hairy knuckles, grasping the disheveled hair of his beauty, his princess, was being used as a handle to slam his cock deeper into the girl’s mouth, pulverizing her tonsils with his meaty rod. If a centipede could cry, this green specimen would be surrounded by a puddle of his own tears.

Between the resounding noises of the cook's nuts, wet with precum and saliva, slapping against Raven’s chin as he fucked her mouth echoing through the restroom, he could hear her gagging as he forced his dick down to the sweaty forest of pubic hair that covered his crotch. As Raven’s face turned different shades of blue as he raped her mouth, the hue darkened, and darkened, and darkened until he slid is spit coated cock out of her slutty, wet mouth. After catching a bit of a breather, the pale Teen Titan grinned and began to speak.

"You're awfully vanilla today", she said while wiping the trails of spit leading to the cook’s throbbing, greasy looking penis. After shooting a quick smirk to the messy face of the girl, he pulled her hair tighter and slapped her across the face, leaving a red handprint that contrasted against Raven’s creamy white visage.

"I think that you should know your place, my little cum drinking whore", he said, as he began slapping her face with his dick.

"Y-yes, my master." Raven said this in between the assaults of cock slaps she received from the cook. Beast Boy seethed as red as the marks in the shapes of mushrooms that were left stamped all across her face. As if delivering the final blow, the fry cook pulled his shaft all the way to the right, giving it extra torque, and swung his meaty bat at her chin. His mark was a bit off, as his massive meat stick bashed her bottom lip, right into a tooth, splitting it open.

He laughed and pulled her face upwards with her hair, then licked the trickling blood from her swelling lip and chin. "You might want to watch those teeth." As a bit of blood foamed from his smile.

Every fiber in his being wanted to transform into a mighty beast and rip the scrawny cook to shreds, but his pride as a hero inadvertently forced him to watch, as a cuckold would.

His tiny, insect body vomited what little sputum it could produce as the man took his belt off and turned her around, looping his belt around her delicate neck. Her head and neck jerked upwards in a tight and swift motion, as he pulled on the belt and lodged his cock into her dripping wet pussy. The Titan gasped for air as her face slowly turned blue. Her hands began to pull at the apron the greasy cook wore as he raped her shaking hips, more and more. What seemed like an eternity to the little green insect was mere minutes to the two who were enraptured in their abuse and domination. Just as the pale girl’s body began to quake, the man let go of the belt and let the girl stumble down face first onto the toilet lid of their little sexual playpen.

His cum spewed over the globes of her round ass, as he let his hardness go limp atop them. The man was tired and already done, his heavy breathing a sign of his relief. Raven began to sob, but with a wide, pleased grin, she began to speak. "Please rape my little asshole, master." She began to flex her kegel muscles as her pussy was exposed to him, opening and closing her two gaping holes.

He gazed at her for a moment before speaking, "In a moment, whore... I want to play with you a bit before making you bleed." From his discarded pants pocket, he retrieved an old flip phone and a condom. Setting it to vibrate, he expanded the condom and dropped the phone into it, then shoved it roughly into her roughed up cunt after tying the end off. The moans that the Raven made, who was seemingly an introverted nerd to her friends, made her sound like a common corner whore, tricking for johns at any given time of day. Beast Boy seemed a tinge greener than usual, as a burning, sickening, envious rage flooded his throat and stomach… His princess was no more than your garden-variety slut.

Raven started screaming, with her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

"FEED MY ASS YOUR COCK, MASTER!" The screams of this girl, now found as a slut for some loser fry cook, prompted Beast Boy to leave in a rage. Just before scurrying back to the common area of the restaurant, under the door, he once again was tortured as hundreds of different views and angles raped his sight. The cook ripped the phone from Raven’s hungry, wet hole and slightly prolapsed her cervix. Moaning screams echoed into his head as the fry cook pulled open Raven’s cute, pink asshole with his thumbs and lodged his cock inside, dry and forcefully. Moans of pain and pleasure escaped the kinky teen as trails of brown tinged blood coated the fry cook's cock. The cook pulled Raven's hair again, and forced his massive dick fully into the girl's bloody hole, and bellowed a guttural moan as he pumped her rectum full of his goopy, and greasy jizz. He pulled her hair harder and harder, as he shook and pulled his cock slowly out of the teen's bleeding and pulsating asshole, with trails of red hued cum followed the head of his fleshy member. Shit, blood, and excessive loads of pulpy cum flowed out of the loose asscunt and spilled out onto the piss coated ground of the restaurants bathroom.

"Clean that up, whore", he said with a snap of his fingers, and a tired, glowing look on his face.

Before watching Raven’s tongue lap up the fluids produced from her ruined rectum, Beast Boy decided that he watched enough of this abortion of trust that she had displayed.



The hallway light buzzed on, as Beast Boy stared, confronting her not as anything but himself. Raven's violet eyes met him in shock at first, but her features turned as neutral as his.

"Oh... Beast Boy... Hi... I'm just heading to the roof to get some air..."

Even if there wasn't, he felt her contempt with every word whispered from within the hood. His face grew hot as he held back the tears. "I know that's not where you're going."

In a flip, she revealed herself. Her bottom lip was a little bigger, bruised and a bit scarred. It was a tiny thing, but it may as well have been a rotted, festering gash to him. "I sensed you - but I tried to think you weren't that pathetic."

He was quick to bite back. "I'm not the one getting fucked in a bathroom by some pudgy looking guy." His voice came out strained and spurned. "Who's the pathetic one again?"

"You sound a little jealous... but are you jealous of him fucking me, or do you want him to-" Raven intentionally left the final word hanging

"Shut up!" Beast Boy lashed out regardless. He wasn't laughing. How could this be the same girl he longed for? Was she under some spell from that doofus?

"But to answer your question: you are - for obsessing over someone that isn't even your girlfriend."

He reeled a little. That much was true. "What do you want me to say? Hey, lets be boyfriend and girlfriend while you're fucking some sketchy looking dude... but hopefully you stop doing that now that we're together?"

"Who said I'd even want to be your girlfriend?" The words were cold, like her.

Like he was hit with a ton of bricks, his eyes shut instantly. He wanted to be anywhere else. The only feeling in his body he could sense was a wet spot underneath his eyelid that had formed. "I could... I could tell the rest of the team about what you're doing."

There was a sneering snicker from her. "Even if you told the rest of the team of what you saw, they'd be more inclined to believe me that my torn clothes and busted lip were just from crime fighting. Who knows, you might even be removed from the Titans for lying like that." He felt her turn away from him. "Now stop being a little green creep and quit bothering me."


Sucking down the last bit of chocolate milk from a glass bottle, his eyes wandered for a recycle bin, and the last one he remembered seemed to have been awhile ago.

Oh well.

He stuck his ring finger into the bottleneck, tapping it every once and awhile with his middle. He passed familiar haunts, video stores, arcades, pizza places.

Nowhere he needed to be.

He had to take this walk, this journey. He couldn't just fly there -- because he wasn't like Raven... he wasn't eager to be here by any means.

He thought about a lot of things... Terra mostly - and questions to be asked. If she was still around, things wouldn't be so complicated for him - and now that he arrived, he wasn't so sure he should even go in. Raven wouldn't be far behind. The mocking looks from the cartoon characters that sat high above him, the shadows cast like they were secretly cackling at him -- they reminded him of Raven.

He swung the double doors open, his footsteps firm as he tossed his empty drink into the receptacle, and like a mirror, both he and a nerdy teenager met at the cash register. "Can I take your ord-"

"No. I need to talk to your co-worker. Tell him it's important. Tell him it's about Raven." Beast Boy wanted to reach over and grab that starchy collar to make a point, but he knew better as he marched to a booth, with a clear view of the kitchen. He watched the pantomime from afar. The counter jockey seemed scared in the delivery of his message, coming off as more of a warning. Maybe his Titan reputation was finally worth something. The cook seemed a little slow on the uptake, but he eventually readjusted his cap, parking in his hair tighter like he was about to meet the health inspector or his boss.

As he made his way over to him with a bit of a waddle and a friendly, but slightly weary, face, Beast Boy tried to remember it was this guy giving him ulcers. When the cook had to suck in his gut just to sit across from Beast Boy, he nearly rolled his eyes out of his head.

"Hey uh... what's this about?"

Beast Boy tried to find his false words. "Raven's my... sister."

The mans squinty eyes became even squintier. "Oh, oh yeah. I see the resemblance."

BB shifted a little in response, scratching behind his head. "It's just that... she leaves late, comes home even later, and sometimes her face and clothes are cut up. Like she's been in a struggle."

The cook seemed a little aghast - not out of fear of being caught doing something illegal, but just embarrassed. "Uhm... she told you about that, right? That she likes it a little rough?"

The aching in his stomach flashed. Words he had never even wanted implied, let alone said. There was one question he wanted to ask - a question that had been running up and down his esophagus like it was acid.

"What does she see in you?"

He jumped in his seat, as if not expecting it. "... I don't know man." His words were laced in a puff of smoke, a dull inebriation that kept his words to a crawl. "I don't know what she sees in me. I can barely afford to pay the rent on my apartment and my cars a total beater."

"Do you... do you read? Tell me you read." His last hope. Surely he had to be well read. That's the only reason Raven could like this guy.

His forehead cinched, trying to recall maybe a title or author or... "Not really. I watch wrestling." Beast Boy sunk back into his seat. Great. Something even he and Cyborg engaged in sometimes. He felt like he was gonna start beaning his own head in at the answers he got. "You want some fries? They're on the house. We usually throw 'em out around this time."

He shot daggers his way, before trying to be civil again. "No. That's alright. I think I'll be going." He wanted out of there quickly, having wasted his time, he didn't want Raven to know he did either.

That's when she arrived.

He wanted no part in this anymore, as he kept his head low. They met at the crossroads between the inside and outside doors, Beast Boy pulling, Raven pushing. He could only muster up a glower before passing her. As Raven went to meet her true love, BB wandered off into the night.