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Doctor Strange - Superheroes' (plus antiheroes' and supervillains') Physician Extraordinaire

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8.35 am

Stephen opened the unmarked clinic door, turned on the lights, and closed the door behind him. Although the clinic was already spotless (Claire, Christine, and Helen did great), he enjoyed cleaning to relax his mind so he started to disinfect the counters and mop the floor. He could use magic to do it, but sometimes it was nice to do things manually. At least his hands still worked. Sophie helped by passing him cleaning material.

8.55 am

He opened the door. The practice usually opened at 9 am, but he liked to start early. It was a Tuesday, so he didn’t expect many would turn up. Crimes tended to happen on the weekends. He definitely would win his bet with Wong.

The previous day

“Stephen, you need to rest. You can't just go to other dimensions to fight some threats every day. Everybody needs some down time.”

“I don’t see why not. I’m doing fine.”

Wong sighed. “You do realize that you manage to get injured on weekly basis. You nearly die on monthly basis. It’s as if you have a death wish.”

“I can assure you I don’t. Every life is precious. Injuries are just an occupational hazard.”

“Did you get injuries when you were a doctor?”

“I am still a doctor. I’m sure you remember I crashed my car when I was a surgeon. So no job is safe.”

“You know that's not true. I think you just enjoy the adrenaline rush of being in danger. You wouldn’t last one day without endangering yourself.”

“Is that a challenge?”

The librarian quirked his right eyebrow. “I didn’t mean it that way, but sure. I prefer my friend to be alive, even if he is bored.”

Stephen was touched that Wong openly admitted to being his friend. “Challenge accepted. Tomorrow I won’t be a sorcerer. I’ll be a physician for a day at the clinic. It’s about time I fulfill my promise with Christine and Claire to put my time there.”

“Stephen, you need to rest.”

“You don’t expect me to twiddle my thumbs at the Sanctum, do you? I’ll be bored.” He realized that Wong indeed had a point. He didn’t like to be idle. He definitely wouldn’t back down from a challenge though.

“That clinic is also visited by anti-heroes and super villains. I’m sure the other day Magneto visited the clinic. When I want you to be safe, that’s not what I had in mind.”

The doctor waved his right arm. “If Dr. Cho, Dr. Palmer, and Claire can manage, I definitely can. Who would want to injure their doctor anyway?”

Wong sighed again. He’d make sure to keep an eye on his idiotic friend tomorrow just in case. “Fine, you’ll win if you can last one day at the clinic without wishing to be a sorcerer again. No lying though.”

“Fine. So what will you do when I win?”

If you win, I’ll let you borrow the Book of Cagliostro for one month.  If I win, I want you to take a break from being the Master of the Mystic Arts for one week.”

Stephen was about to protest that one week was too long but then again he wouldn’t lose. “Fine.”

Wong smirked. “I’ll check on you tomorrow night.” He opened a portal back to Kamar-Taj and left.

Stephen spent the rest of the night calling Dr. Cho, Christine, and Claire to tell them that he would take over their shift for one day.

9.01 am

Stephen groaned as Tony Stark walked into the clinic like he owned the place. As a matter of fact, he did own 50% of it.