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a JUNJOU ROMANTICA fan-fiction
starring the DYNASTY couple! a.k.a MizukiXKaoruko

characters introduced in ch1.
• Kaoruko Usami- (23) Pâtissier in training.

• Mizuki Shiiba- (25) Businessman. Works for the Usami Group.

• Fuyuhiko Usami- (?) Kaoruko and Mizuki’s uncle. President of the Usami Group.

ch 1.

STORY OCCURS after Kaoruko and Mizuki leave the airport in Junjou Romantica 3 ep 3…..

(shocked/amazed) “Kaoruko Usami age 23, recently returned from Japan to Paris, currently find myself in a state of utter shock and amazement….”
Departing from Japan and boarding her flight home to Paris, Kaoruko Usami could not have imagined a worse out come from her visit. Obviously no matter how she tried ‘her Misaki’ was in all actuality Akihiko Nii-sama’s Misaki. They were together and seemingly content. Although she’d tried to deny this fact for the duration of the time that she’d known Misaki, (almost 3 years now) some how this trip had made it very apparent that no matter her methods, Misaki was incapable of being with anyone but Akihiko Nii-sama. Despite her 1st class accommodations, Kaoruko sighed heavily and was unable to find rest or solace in her 12-hour flight.

However upon landing and retrieving her bags, all Misaki related thoughts suddenly disappeared as her luggage and the man she’d believed to be her driver, left the confused Usami in a cloud of dust in the front of the bustling Airport terminal.

Kaoruko stood there momentarily before realizing she’d been robbed.

More angry than flustered, Kaoruko realized, she hadn’t recognized the man who had arrived to pick her up, as one of the usual drivers Uncle Fuyuhiko regularly employed. She had just assumed that perhaps he was new or a last minute replacement. Unfortunately the seemingly polite chauffer had managed not only to abscond with all of her luggage but also her handbag before leaving her completely stranded. No money. No phone. No phone means no email, no text, no saved contacts that might be able to save her in such a predicament.

Her initial anger began to subside as panic set in. She was by no means within walking distance to her apartment. With no money there was no way to get a taxi. Years prior she’d had people’s phone numbers memorized but with the advent of smart phones….

Suddenly Kaouruko reached into her obi and pulled out the small crumpled piece of lined paper her cousin Mizuki had given her as they both left Japan the day before.


After departing from Japan, being almost immediately rerouted from his initial destination home to America, back on a second plane to Germany (to meet with an important client) had only given Mizuki Shiiba more time to consider how his trip to Japan had ended in utter failure. It was obvious no matter how he tried Kaouruko hated his guts and much preferred Akihiko Nii-sama’s boy-toy Takahashi-kun.

Mizuki scrolled through his phone to view his newest contact’s information. He looked at the name Misaki Takahashi and scowled at the ridiculous email address Takahashi-kun had given him(* even Mizuki was familiar with the manga but immediately thought ‘surely this isn’t the address Takahashi had given potential future employers?’ There was no hope for that kid, which complicated Mizuki’s life even further.

The way Mizuki saw things: if Takahashi-kun could become someone successful and impress Uncle Fuyuhiko, he would accept Takahashi’s relationship with Akihiko Nii-san and Mizuki wouldn’t have to worry about Takahashi-kun any longer. Misaki and Akihiko Nii-san would be together and that would give Mizuki time to figure out how to become, as she had so eloquently put it ‘someone worthy’ of Kaouruko’s love. Thinking of her brought an odd smirk to his face that was almost immediately replaced when he remembered that Takahashi-kun was in fact still just an immature kid unworthy of Uncle Fuyuhiko’s approval and if Mizuki knew Fuyuhiko Usami as well as he thought he did, Misaki Takahashi wouldn’t be an annoyance he’d stand swarming around his son for much longer.

Mizuki was suddenly disturbed from his overly analytical thoughts when the phone in his hand began to actually ring. It wasn’t a number he recognized; in fact it appeared to be a public telephone somewhere in…France? Mizuki’s heart nearly skipped a beat thinking maybe, just maybe Kaoruko would actually call him, but immediately rationalized that there was no way the great Kaoruko Usami would call him from a French payphone. He answered and listened to the recording, accepted the charges and proceeded to answer promptly and professionally assuming the call to be from a client.

Mizuki: (cordial) “Bonjour ceci est Shiiba.” [Hello this is Shiiba]

Kaoruko: (suprised) “Mizuki I didn’t know you spoke French.”

Mizuki: (alarmed) “Kaoruko?”

Kaoruko: (short) “Yes, yes its me. Mizuki, I’ve not got much time, I need you to send a message to Uncle Fuyuhiko for me…”

Mizuki: (irritated) “Why not send him a message yourself? And why are you calling me from a payphone?”

Kaoruko: (frank) “I don’t have my phone with me at the moment.”

Mizuki: (sarcastic) “Forget it in Japan, so you’d have an excuse to go back and see your precious Misaki?”

Kaoruko: (annoyed) “No actually.”

(Though she thought to herself that it would have been a splendid idea.)

Kaoruko: (annoyed) “My purse and luggage were taken and yours is the only number I have on me.”

Mizuki:(pissed-off/yelling) “Taken? As in you were robbed?”

He was mad. Not at her. But he was yelling at her so how was she supposed to know the difference?

Kaoruko: (yelling) “Yes Mizuki, I was robbed. A chauffer I didn’t recognize came to pick me up at the airport and made off with my luggage and my phone. Which is why I had to call my annoying cousin! Are you happy now?!?”
The absolute last adjective he’d use to describe himself at that moment was happy…. Livid? Murderous, maybe. But happy, no.

Kaoruko: (frustrated) “Now will you shut up long enough to take down the message I want you to send to Uncle Fuyuhiko?!”

Stupid girl. Sometimes Kaoruko could be so irritating! Mizuki never understood how she could be so clueless of her family’s influence. The Usami Group was a big player in the international business market, and the chauffer she didn’t recognize could have kidnapped her, and held her for ransom just as easily as he taken her bag!

Mizuki: (pissed-off) “So annoying! Will you just be quiet and get yourself to the nearest police station already?! I’ll tell Uncle where you are and have him to send the right guy to pick you up this time!”

Before Kaoruko could argue with him any further Mizuki ended the call and was quickly dialing their Uncle.

Mizuki: (neutral) “Uncle Fuyuhiko.”

Fuyuhiko Usami: (surprised) “Mizuki? Is that you?“

Mizuki: (professional) “Yes its Mizuki, it’s been a while, sir.”

Fuyuhiko Usami: (pleasant) “It has. How were things in Japan?”

Mizuki: (professional) “Very well, sir. Akihiko Nii-san seems to be doing quite well.”

Fuyuhiko Usami: (surprised) “And Takahashi-kun…? Did you get to spend much of your vacation time with him?”

Mizuki attempted to ignore the Takahashi related inquiry as he had spent more time than he’d ever wanted to spend in the presence of such a goofy unreliable kid.

Mizuki: (professional) “Well its actually my ‘vacation’ I was wanting to talk to you about….”

Fuyuhiko Usami: (interested) “Oh?”

Mizuki: (irritated) “You see sir something has come up and I’m afraid I’ll need to extend my time off for a few days longer.”

Fuyuhiko Usami: (curious) “Oh? Haruhiko tells me you should be on a plane to Germany right now? Is everything alright?”

Mizuki: (mean) “Unfortunately I’ll be detained for a few days and won’t be able to meet with our German clients till I’ve resolved a more… personal matter.”

Fuyuhiko Usami: (understandably curious) “That’s fine just make sure to handle our clients as tactfully as you can Shiiba-kun. And if I may be so bold as to inquire, what ‘personal business’ could you have in Germany?”

Mizuki: (irritated) “In France.”

Mizuki could almost hear the old man smiling over the phone.

Fuyuhiko Usami: (entertained) “Understood.” (teasing) “Bounjour, Mizuki”

Mizuki was frustrated. He could never tell if his uncle was mocking him or secretly cheering him on in regards to his ‘French personal problem’. Either way Mizuki busied himself making arrangements to make sure his ‘problem’ was safe and sound till he could board yet another plane this time bound for France.



end ch 1.* -Misaki Takahashi’s made-up-totally-fake email address based on his love of The Kan! + his birthday. Please do not try to email this address. IT IS NOT REAL!