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A Trip Up No-Memory Lane

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Midoriya adds a third finger, slick with lube, and Bakugo shivers beneath him, legs spread. He’s been extra responsive since Midoriya shoved him inside his room, pushed him down on the bed, went straight for the lube and started preparing him. Midoriya made him wait a week for this, after Bakugo stopped resisting and let him come on his back last time, and this time he knows that Bakugo will be able to earn his cock.


Bakugo kisses him open-mouthed, body shaking as Midoriya curls his fingers inside him, looking for the right spot. “This time you’ll fucking do it,” he says breathlessly to Midoriya.


Midoriya hums against him, kissing him slowly and deeply.


Bakugo makes a frustrated noise into his mouth, hand pulling Midoriya closer by the back of his neck.


“You’ll do it, right?” Bakugo says, breaking the kiss to look at him, breath coming unsteadily with the rocking of Midoriya’s hand inside him. Midoriya leans in, presses a soft kiss to his neck, smiling against his skin.


“Do what?”


“You’re such a fucking-” Bakugo says, pushing at Midoriya’s shoulder. “I told you last time, don’t make me say it again!”


“You didn’t get what you wanted last time because you took too long to ask for it,” Midoriya says, kissing Bakugo’s neck unconcernedly. “You can decide what you’re going to do this time.” He uses his teeth a little, feeling Bakugo swallow under him.


Bakugo huffs out a breath, shifting restlessly. He puts his hands- a little tentatively- around Midoriya’s back. His legs draw up slightly so Midoriya can get a better angle.


He’s almost done with the prep, and Bakugo knows it.


“Fuck,” Bakugo groans, letting his head fall back to hit the pillow. “You’re always trying to get me to say this shit. You’re such a fucking weirdo piece of...” He trails off as his hips roll with the motion of Midoriya’s fingers, and Bakugo bites his lower lip gently. “Will you… will you fuck me, today.” His eyes are closed, his face bright red. Midoriya reaches up, puts a hand in his hair. Tugs a little, so that Bakugo’s eyes fly open with the pull.


“Say it again,” Midoriya says. He’s been avoiding Bakugo’s prostate because Bakugo almost came three minutes ago, but now he seeks it out, watching Bakugo’s eyes fall shut as he gasps, and tugging at his hair again to get him to open them. “Look at me and say it.”


“Fuck you,” Bakugo grits out, hips chasing the stimulation. “I already said it.”


“Say it again,” Midoriya says, fingers finding his prostate again. Bakugo jerks beneath him, breath coming out in a gasp. “Look at me.”


Bakugo bites his lip and closes his eyes tight, hips rolling with Midoriya’s hand. He doesn’t say anything, but Midoriya is distracted by how desperately Bakugo pushes back against him. He’s been keyed up ever since Midoriya got here; Midoriya is surprised he’s lasted this long.


“You’ve been thinking about this?” Midoriya says, watching Bakugo below him. Bakugo reddens, but stays quiet. “Thinking about my fingers in you? My cock in you? Did you picture it when you got off this week?”


“I didn’t,” Bakugo says, gritting his teeth.


“Really,” Midoriya says, unconvinced. “I saw you watching me. You didn’t think about this?”


“I didn’t get off,” Bakugo says, turning redder.




“You were waiting?” Midoriya breathes, hand tightening in Bakugo’s hair. “Waiting for this?”


“You said-” Bakugo tightens around Midoriya’s fingers in his ass, remembering- breathes out shakily- “you said that the next time I came would be on your cock.” He gasps as Midoriya grabs Bakugo’s cock for the first time today, starts jacking him in time with the fingers in his ass. “No- no, shit, I’m gonna come if you-”


“So come,” Midoriya says, hand moving quickly over him.


No, I want you inside me when I finish-” Bakugo gasps, hand hovering over Midoriya’s but not stopping him.


“Ahhh,” Midoriya groans against Bakugo’s neck, “that’s what I wanted to hear.” He pulls both his hands away from Bakugo, who arches beneath him, body shuddering with the loss of sensation, and Midoriya lubes his cock up in a quick, efficient motion.


“You ready?” he says, lining himself up with Bakugo’s entrance.


Yes,” Bakugo grits out, hips rolling against the air. “Yes, I’m ready, just- do it- come on, come on-” his words dissolve into a choked moan as Midoriya pushes the head of his cock slowly into him, riding the helpless arch of Bakugo’s back.


“There you go,” Midoriya breathes, pushing another inch in and watching Bakugo struggle to catch his breath beneath him. “That’s right. You’re taking it so well.”


Bakugo brings a leg up, knee resting on the outside of Midoriya’s hip, twitching his hips forward to encourage Midoriya, leg coaxing him further forward.


He really wants Midoriya’s cock all the way inside him.


“I’ll give you what you want,” Midoriya says lowly, kissing his neck, and he hikes Bakugo’s leg higher up his side and pushes all the way in, riding Bakugo’s helpless arch as he moans. “Yes, just like that- god, you’re so good, Katsuki.”


Bakugo twitches around him, and wraps his arms firmly around Midoriya’s back, pulling Midoriya tight to his body and ducking his face into Midoriya’s neck. Midoriya kisses the part of his shoulder that he can reach, hand palming the length of Bakugo’s thigh where it’s slung around his waist.


Bakugo groans quietly and rolls his hips on Midoriya’s cock, trying to fuck himself even while Midoriya holds still, waiting for Bakugo to adjust to his size.


“You really want it,” Midoriya breathes out as Bakugo continues to grind shakily against him. “Are you ready? Do you want me to move?”


Yes,” Bakugo gasps out by his neck, and Midoriya pulls his hips back and pushes in smoothly, as Bakugo makes the most incredible noise against him.


“Fuck,” Midoriya breathes, slowly drawing back and pushing in again as Bakugo shudders beneath him. He starts a slow rhythm with his hips, fucking into Bakugo once, twice, three times before he grabs Bakugo’s leg and rests it higher on his hip. He braces his arms on either side of Bakugo’s head, and starts fucking him for real.


Bakugo gasps against Midoriya’s shoulder, arms tightening around his back. The small noises that he’s making build up and up, and Midoriya fucks him for less than a dozen strokes before Bakugo’s legs lock up around his waist and he tries to arch off the bed, only held down by Midoriya’s weight. His ass tightens around Midoriya’s cock as he lets out a shocked gasp, as though he’s startled by the strength of his own orgasm, and he comes between them, cock trapped against Midoriya’s abs.


Midoriya fucks him through it, keeps going for a few strokes more until Bakugo starts to flinch, then stops the motion of his hips and turns Bakugo’s head to kiss him. Bakugo, eyes closed and mouth open, lets Midoriya move his head where he wants him, accepting his open-mouthed kiss with a low groan. His ass is still twitching around Midoriya’s cock; distracting, since Midoriya hasn’t come yet.


Midoriya kisses him again, hand cupping his face. God, he’s hot.


“Do you want me to keep going, like you said last time?” he says lowly into Bakugo’s ear, thumb brushing over his cheekbone. “Fuck you like this, while you can’t even think?”


“Fuck,” Bakugo says softly, eyes still closed. Swallows. “Yeah. Do it.”


Midoriya hums softly, and slowly drags his cock out, then pushes back in. He feels Bakugo’s breath catch in his chest beneath him, and he does it again. After a few strokes, though, he stop, feeling Bakugo wince beneath him when he pushes in.


“Let’s give it a second,” Midoriya says, pressing a kiss to Bakugo’s cheek.


“Fuck that, I can go now,” Bakugo says, eyes still closed, hitting lightly at Midoriya’s shoulder. “Move your ass.” His arm flops back down to the bed, spent.


Midoriya’s never seen him quite this relaxed. This languid.


He likes it.


“Mm,” he hums into his neck. “In a bit.” He presses open-mouthed kisses into Bakugo’s skin, slowly working his way down his neck. “That was really hot just now, you know.”


“Whatever, idiot,” Bakugo breathes out, neck warm under Midoriya’s lips.


“I’m going to make you come again,” Midoriya says, tasting the skin where his neck meets his shoulder. He can feel his dick, hard in Bakugo’s ass, not flagging at all as he patiently waits for Bakugo to be ready.


“Come on,” Bakugo says, legs shifting around Midoriya, “just do it,” as he twitches with the stimulation from the change in position. “I’m ready, I can take it,” he says, breathing unsteadily.


“Are you sure?” Midoriya says, kissing behind his ear. “Once I start again, I’m going to keep going until you beg me to stop.”


He feels Bakugo shiver underneath him, even as Bakugo scoffs. “As if I would beg,” he says.


Midoriya feels a frisson of heat run through him, making his dick twitch inside Bakugo’s ass. He bets he can get him to. Maybe not today, but he’ll make him beg.


“Are you sure?” he says again, slowly grinding his cock inside Bakugo to feel him arch beneath him. “You’re ready?”


“Fuck, come on, yeah,” Bakugo says breathlessly, hands resting on Midoriya’s hips. Midoriya pulls almost all the way out, and pushes in all in one smooth motion, groaning as Bakugo moans.


“Fuck, Katsuki, you feel so good,” he says, as Bakugo tosses his head to the side, biting his lip. “You’re so tight. I bet you can feel every single inch going into you.”


Bakugo makes a small noise, nails digging into Midoriya’s sides as he starts to fuck him in earnest, small noises falling from Bakugo’s lips with every thrust. He’s twitching with the overstimulation, hips almost trying to jerk away from Midoriya’s thrusts, but Midoriya hold him still and fucks him hard.


“Yeah,” he breathes out, holding Bakugo down as he rocks his hips into him. “This is what you wanted? Me fucking you hard enough that you can’t get away from it?” Bakugo gasps beneath him, cock struggling to get hard again. “You’re taking it so well. You look like you can’t even handle it, like you’re about to cry from it.” Midoriya leans in, and kisses the corner of Bakugo’s eye, which is slightly wet. Bakugo’s hands tighten on his hips, and he lets out a louder noise on Midoriya’s next thrust.


“You gonna show me what you look like when you cry?” Midoriya says lowly into his ear, feeling Bakugo’s gasp move his whole chest beneath him. “Show me how you want cock so much that you’ll take it like this, even when you’re so turned on that it hurts?”


Bakugo tries to turn his face away, but Midoriya grabs his hair and turns his head back towards him.


“There it is,” he breathes out, snapping his hips forward harder to watch Bakugo’s face tighten further, overwhelmed by sensation, as tears leak out of the corners of his eyes. “God, you look incredible.”


Bakugo lets out a loud noise, arching underneath his next thrust. Fuck, he’s really into this.


Midoriya pulls his dick out of him, and Bakugo’s eyes fly open to look at him in confusion as he moves away. “Turn over,” Midoriya orders, and Bakugo lets Midoriya flip him so that he’s face-down, legs spread and hands braced on the bed by his side.


“This is what you wanted last time,” Midoriya says, pushing into him in one smooth motion and watching Bakugo’s head drop to hang between his shoulders, breaths coming fast and heavy. “This is what you begged me for.” He’s setting a brutal pace, listening to Bakugo’s muffled cries as he fucks into him. “You earned this just now by crying for me,” and Bakugo twitches around him, “and because you begged so nicely last time.”


He laces his fingers into Bakugo’s hair, grips at him with them. “You’re so tight like this.” Bites his lip. “Is it because you’re thinking about what a good job you did earning it? Or because you just like getting held down and fucked this much?”


Bakugo’s whole body shudders under him, ass rising up to meet his thrusts even as Midoriya keeps his hips pinned to the bed. Midoriya uses the hand in his hair to force Bakugo’s head to the side, so that he can see the tear marks on his face.


“Fuck,” he mutters, hips speeding up. “You want me to come in you?”


“Yes,” Bakugo gasps out. “But-” he makes an incredible noise, cut off by Midoriya’s thrust- “I wanted, I wanted to come while-” he breaks off into another moan, as Midoriya starts fucking him hard and fast.


“You wanna come on my cock again, huh?” Midoriya says, leaning forward to bite his shoulder. Bakugo arches with the change of angle, gasping, hands fisting in the covers. “Try if you can, but I’m going to finish soon. I’ll come inside you, though, since that’s what you asked for.”


Bakugo starts to say something, then brings a fist up to bite at it. Midoriya bets that he was about to beg, but his pride won’t let him.


That’s okay; Midoriya will let him get away with not begging today.


He’s ready to come.


“Say my name,” he says quietly, and Bakugo breathes out heavily. Inhales, body shuddering. “Izuku,” he gets out, voice breaking in the middle of it with the force of Midoriya’s thrust, and Midoriya comes, breath catching as he tightens his hand in Bakugo’s hair and shoves his dick deep into his ass.


“Fuck,” he says loudly, snapping his hips forward with his orgasm, letting his come fill Bakugo up. “Fuck, you take it so well.” He bends forward to press his chest against Bakugo’s back, and Bakugo grinds back into him, insides hot and wet with Midoriya’s come.


“Get on your side,” Midoriya growls, breathing heavily through the waves of his orgasm, and he rolls Bakugo slightly off his front so he can grab his cock, and starts jerking him at a brutal pace. Bakugo almost shouts, only muffling himself with his fist at the last second. His cock hasn’t been touched at all tonight, except for the 30 seconds Midoriya spent on him a while ago, and it’s dripping wet, right on the edge.


“That’s it, Katsuki, come for me,” Midoriya bites out, feeling Bakugo’s walls twitch around him as he rocks back on his semi-hard cock. “Let me hear you when you come,” he says, and Bakugo’s cock jerks in his hand as he comes with a loud, unmuffled groan, watching Midoriya’s hand as he touches him, Midoriya’s softening cock still inside him.