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Survival Instinct

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It's almost like stepping in another dimension.

In Louis' world you have to be lucky enough to catch a fish or find a poor bird that fell out of its nest in order to have a meal. You have to hide in tall grass or in an abandoned building and sleep only through half of the night, 'cause the other half of it is going to be spent with eyes wide open, making sure nothing bad happens while the others are getting some rest.

In his world you could die any moment, bitten by a walker, shot by another scared survivor or, who the fuck knows, falling down and hitting your head on a rock because you were too damn tired to keep walking.

But this place is something else.

These motherfuckers have houses. They have clean clothes and they all look healthy and calm, not a single fuck to give about the majority of the world population being wiped out by some sort of creepy virus that nobody knows nothing about.

They have a stupid garden with stupid carrots or something growing inside of it.

He can't believe his own eyes.




Something is wrong. Harry can feel it in his bones.

Zayn is only background noise at this point. He thinks he can smell something, he is just not sure what it is. Or who it is.

He can't risk having outsiders breaking in right now. Most of the alphas left to look for new resources and they won't be back before sunset.

He stands up and focuses his gaze on the trees that surround the area, to that point where the scent  seems to be coming from.

What the hell is it.

He hears a twig snapping under somebody's feet and suddenly every single muscle in his body is ready for action.

"What's with you, Harry? I was talking to you, in case you didn't notice."

"Shut up, Zayn. Did you hear that?"

Of course not. Zayn is different, he is a beta. Harry is genetically engineered to hear the softest noise, smell the faintest scent, feel an unwanted presence.

And he is a hundred percent sure that somebody is watching them right now.




Here we go.

Big wolf boy is getting angry. Louis always finds it amusing.

The way alphas get tense if they hear someone sneezing or if they smell so much as a fart.

Poor things. Constantly on edge.

Time to quit the hide and seek game, before this freak tackles him to the ground.





"How many people are we talking about?"

This alpha looks more relaxed than the other one. He introduced himself to Louis and he offered him a glass of milk. They have goats. This place is so damn weird.

His name is Greg.

"Eleven people including myself."

Greg raises his eyebrows, he looks at the other guy.

"What do you think, Harry?"

"I think you are not asking the right questions."

Harry ignores Greg's disappointed look and he gets closer to Louis.

The omega feels overwhelmed for a second: the alpha's scent is strong and his attitude is quite intimidating. He knows that's exactly what he's trying to do, to make sure Louis doesn't lie to him.

"How many alphas."

Louis was expecting that. Obviously omegas and betas are not seen as a threat but alphas, on the other hand, won't be perceived as harmless guests.

"Just two."

"Could be worse." Greg comments, looking at Harry again, hoping to get some approval.

But the alpha doesn't seem very convinced.




He doesn't like this.

The omega looks a bit too confident. He is probably hiding something.

Is Harry supposed to believe there are only two alphas in his pack, when he's not showing any sign of fear or submission standing in front of him? He is positive nothing will happen to him.

That's never good.

Besides, his scent is pretty annoying and distracting. He hasn't been claimed by an alpha yet.

"Do they have a mate? I can't have horny alphas walking around my territory."

The omega doesn't reply but that says enough.

"You can't be here. You're gonna have to find another place to live."

Louis starts laughing at that point, shaking his head in disbelief.

"And where do you expect us to go? You have a holiday paradise in the middle of a fucking apocalypse going on here and you won't share it with anyone?! What's wrong with you?"

Harry bares his teeth at the omega. He won't allow this.

"I am protecting my people." his tone is firm, his eyes filled with anger.

Greg jumps up and he stands in front of Louis, trying to contain the situation.

"All right you two, calm down."

He sighs, gently pushing Harry a few steps away from the stranger.

Then he turns to face Louis, noticing immediately his chest going up and down a lot faster. Great.

Now that he's scared, making a good impression on him will sure be a lot easier.

He puts a hand on the omega's shoulder but he's soon pushed away.

"I thought you would try to help us. I've kept running for two days straight to get over here, while my pack is alone, starving and trying to keep the omegas alive. Some of them are wounded and sick and all you do is try to send me back to where I came from and go back to your fairytale lives. Who is your leader? Let me talk to him!"

Greg tries to stop him but the omega is definitely stubborn. He walks up to Harry, staring in his eyes.

He's still scared. Harry feels it. His scent changed.

"Let me talk to him."

The alpha smiles at him, then he sticks out his hand.

"Nice to meet you. I'm the leader of this pack."