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That One Titan [Attack On Titan X Titan!Reader]

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We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom.

-Dwight D. Eisenhower

And just like that, everything changed. At th at terrible moment, in our hearts we knew, home was a pen, humanity; cattle.



Flying freely, a flock of birds flapped their wings simultaneously. There was no stopping them in their adventure. The clouds glided across the sky as the sun began to rise. Orange began to invade the night sky as the sun made it's appearance clear. Calling to each other, the flock made much noise to wake a certain brunette boy from his painful slumber. 

Crickets chirped as flowers blossomed. Only to be ripped away by the brunette boy's nightmare. Blood splattered everywhere, monsters surrounding houses, constant fear. This was only a nightmare, but this nightmare was going to come true. 

A gasp escaped the boy's lips as he awoke, causing an astray bird to fly away in fear. The boy's adopted sister was kneeled next to him, concerned. The boy had tears down his face but didn't notice as he called to his sister, "M-Mikasa?" 

"We should get back." Mikasa suggested, not caring if he had a nightmare anymore. She seemed uneasy about something but didn't dare say. The boy moved to sit up,

"Where are we exactly?'' he asked.

"Try asking me again when you're awake." Mikasa got up from her crouching position and stretched her limbs. 

"Huh? I just- I don't know." The brunette fumbled with his words, half asleep. "It felt like the dream I had went on forever." He sighed, rubbing his temples to rid of his headache. "What was it about?" He asked himself. 

Mikasa walked over to her firewood and picked it up, her eyes trailing to his eyes and down from where it looked like he was crying. "Eren? Was you crying?''

Confused, Eren's hand went over her cheekbones to feel wet tears. As he touched the tears, the day seemed to get brighter. 

Year 845

Shinganshina District

15 metre, 3 metre, 7 metre and higher -as well as lower- height titans began to scratch at the wall, wanting to get in but didn't know why. They didn't have to think, they just did. Their nails catching on the wall but didn't cause any damage. The durable wall was around 50 metres high but no Titan was that high. Well, not any titans that was known were. 

Eren and Mikasa cut through the market as they spoke. "Do me a favour, please," he pleaded, "tell no-one I was crying." He didn't want to be seen as weak. Mikasa nodded in agreement, promising not to tell anyone. 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Still though, crying for no reason? That seems pretty weird if you ask me." Mikasa argued with her brother. "You might want your dad to look into that."

"No way, my dad would disown me if he found out!" Eren exaggerated, his hands around the straps of the firewood holder like it was a backpack. Mikasa rolled her eyes as she continued to look forwards. 

"Somebody messing with ya?" A new voice interrupted. The two ten-year-olds looked up to see Hannes, a blond male who is supposed to watch the wall. "Or did you get on Mikasa's bad side?" Hannes grinned at the glare Eren gave him. Chuckling, Hannes drunk from his bottle again. He was intoxicated of alcohol. 

"No! What are you even talking about?!'' Eren suspiciously yelled, embarrassed someone found out he was crying; especially a drunk person. Gagging, Eren's head faced away. " You smell like a drunkard.'' Eren barely got out as he tried to swipe the smell away from his nose. The three heard laughing behind and looked to see three men having a game of cards.

"Oh, leave him alone." One of the men said, laughing. 

"Of course, you're drinking again." Eren stated, glumly.

Hannes nodded, "you kids care for a swig?" Eren looked up at Hannes disappointed.

"Aren't you on duty?''

"Yup! Watching the old gate we are!" Hannes saluted at the kids, proud. "Its thirsty work, posting sentry all day. It's trivial to have a bit of alcohol mixed in our drinks."

Eren was irritated, glaring up at Hannes he spoke confidently, ''how do you expect to fight if you're so loose on your feet?'' Hannes stopped saluting and his jaw dropped. 

"Fight? Why on earth would we need to fight?" 

"Why do you think?!" Eren argued immediately, his anger practically flowing through his veins and out his mouth as he spoke. "What if they break through the walls?!" 

"Kid, please, don't shout so suddenly." Hannes placed a hand on his head.

One of the men laughed as he got up, ''the doctor's kid has some fire in him. Listen, if worse comes to worse, we'll be sure to hop in. But, considering that the wall hasn't had an incident for years, that might not happen." 

Eren gasped, "but... My father says that it is times like these that are the most dangerous!!!" 

Hannes sighed, "Dr Jaeger said that? You can't argue with a man who single handedly saved us from the plague. But this is different." He looked back, "as a soldier, you sometimes see them when we're reinforcing the walls. They're mindless, they can't oo much harm at that 50 metre high wall.''

"So you don't think they're that dangerous?" Eren asked, not believing what he heard.

"Not really." Hannes muttered. 


"Not a bad idea." Hannes laughed. 

"We just live in a cage!" Eren yelled, fists balling up as he got angrier and angrier. Mikasa and Eren walked away, annoyed at the so called soldiers. "We're no different to livestock." Eren muttered to himself. Mikasa stayed silent as Eren mumbled to himself. 

The children got closer to their house before Mikasa decided to speak up. "Eren, you should forget about joining the Scout Regiment.'' Eren's eyes widened as he looked at Mikasa. 

"Seriously? Why does everyone think the Scout Regiment is a joke?" He snapped. 

"That's not the issue." Mikasa was unfazed at her brother's annoyance. 

A bell rang and Eren perked up. 

"Perfect timing!! The Scout Regiment is back!!" Eren cheered, he dragged Mikasa to the gate. "Come on Mikasa!! I want a good view!!" 

Only a few soldiers came back, over 50 soldiers died. 29 injured and 17 alive and okay. (Author: Not exact) Erwin Smith, the leader, glanced around to see a happy Eren but looked away. Erwin was ashamed, he couldn't save as many soldiers as he wanted to. Eren's smile faded as Erwin looked away. 

An old woman ran to the front, calling out for her son. ''Moses? Moses?" She called and called until she stopped a soldier. "Excuse me, where is my son?" She didn't know the horror until it came to her. An arm was given, that's all. An arm was all that was left. The woman clings to the arm and sobs. The woman asked if he was useful and the comrade broke down. The Scout Regiment left and everyone started whispering. One bald man was irritated that all their money went to them. He ranted loudly and Eren heard. Eren picked up a stick and hit the man with it but was pulled away by Mikasa and thrown at a wall. The wood flung everywhere and Eren grumbled as he picked it up. Mikasa just watched, 

"So. Are you still bound and determined to join the Scouts?" Eren's eyes widened but he went back to picking up the firewood.

"Just help me pick this up." 


Mikasa and Eren got to the house top of the hill and opened it.

"Hey, we're home." Eren greeted, walking in.

Eren's mother smiled and looked at them, "welcome back, kids." Eren walked over to a box and placed all the firewood he had inside. His mother walked over, impressed. "Wow, Eren. You worked unusually hard today." 

"Whatever." Eren muttered, he felt upset until his mother grabbed him by the ear. "What was that for?" He rubbed his ear. 

''Your earlobe's red, which means you've got something to hide. Mikasa helped you with the firewood, didn't she?" His mother smiled as Eren looked away. 

"Hey, where are off to, dad?" Eren asked as he noticed his dad was getting up and was going to leave. "Work?" 

"Yes. Some people in the interior. I should be back by a week or so." His father replied.

"Eren's thinking about joining the Scouts..." Mikasa blurted out. Everyone went silent. 

"Way to keep a secret, mouth!!" Eren snapped. His mother ran to Eren.

"Eren! Get that ridiculous thought out of your head this instant!! No son of mine is going to be a soldier, do I make myself clear?!" 

"Stop yelling at me!" 

"Don't you dare-" Eren's mother was cut off by his father.

"Its a nightmare, Eren." Eren and his mother both looked at his father. "You have no idea what it is like out there." His father continued. 

"Yeah, I get it okay?" Eren muttered, "but it's gotta be better then this life!" Eren argued. Eren's father got up and started to leave,

"Excuse me, I'll be late of I don't go now." 

"Darling! Don't go! Scold the boy!" His mother chased after the leaving man.

"Scold the boy? Dear, please. Think this through. Mere words won't hold back the boy's curiosity." He looked at Eren, "Eren, behave when I'm gone and I'll let you in on what I've been doing in the cellar." He pulled out a key from his coat. "Agreed?''

Eren nodded as his eyes sparkled, "yes sir! You got it!"


Eren and his mother argued, resulting in Eren running away and Mikasa running after him. Armin was being bullied but Mikasa scared them off. Little did they know that a certain Titan was watching and was angry. That was then, this is now.

Eren, Armin and Mikasa stared up at the wall in disbelief. The colossal Titan's hand was visible and grabbed the wall. The colossal's foot slammed against the wall and made a hole. Everyone panicked. Rocks flew everywhere and killed many innocent people. Everyone ran for their lives, including the three children. Smiling beasts walked in. A female Titan walked in, a frown placed instead of a smile all the others have. The female was [Name]. 

[Name] looked at the colossal with a depressed look as she grabbed a rock. The rock had crushed someone. Tears leaked from the Titan's eyes as it saw the body against the rock. She should've stopped the colossal but couldn't. [Name] looked at the mourning lady and gently picked her up. The lady screamed in fear. [Name] quickly put her into a stable house and ran to follow a Titan. [Name] had followed Titan towards two children she saw earlier. The 40 metre female looked paranoid as she watched the titan in front of her stumble it's way towards them. Quickly thinking, [Name] picked up the children and put them in her mouth. She then ran off and opened her mouth, taking the children out and placing them on a roof. She looked around then scooped up the kids then ran towards the gate. Skidding to a stop, [Name] placed the children down and started to push them towards the boat with her finger. Quickly looking around, her long [Hair Colour/Color] hair kept hitting her face. Irritated, she grabbed some glass and cut it. She knew her hair would grow back soon. Her [Eye Colour/Color] eyes took the appearances of the children. Long black locks, red scarf, dull eyes. Short brown hair, no scarf, bright green eyes.

Nodding happily to herself she got up and saw a blond child running away with a book in his hand. Noticing a titan behind the boy, she picked the titan up and threw it. A roar came back out of her mouth as she glared at the Titan. [Name] crouched down and picked up the in her mouth to make the other Titans think she ate him. The Titans walked away and the boy that was in her mouth was now in her hands. The boy trembled, making [Name] feel guilty. She carefully placed the boy down and observed him. Long blond hair for a male, no scarf, blue eyes. She started to push the boy to the gate. The children from earlier ran up. 

"I'm Eren Jaeger! Thanks for that!!" The brunette boy thanked. 

"Mikasa... I don't want to give my last name... Thank you though." The only girl hoped that [Name] understood her reasoning. [Name] looked at the blond and waited.

"A-Armin A-Arlert..." He stuttered. Nodding, [Name] nuzzled the children and smiled. She saved them, and they'll save her. A frown replaced her smile as she thought. Using her finger she started to write in the dirt. 'Sorry about your loss, Eren and Mikasa.' Her head was down in defeat, she wanted to save the mother but she couldn't risk it. Eren and Mikasa nodded sadly as they remembered. [Name] saw the armoured titan behind and put the children on the boat. [Name] started to walk away but was slammed into the gate by the armoured titan. The gate broke as [Name]'s body hit it at such force. Weak, [Name] wasn't able to get up so she just laid there, limp. Her motionless body made the armoured titan think she was dead, the armoured titan walked off; proud. [Name] struggled to get up but managed too.

A smile was given to the children she saved, for now, she wasn't going to see them for a few years now. Waving, the female titan walked away with her grown hair trailing behind.