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Running Away (From You) [Redo]

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          "Anya!" Lexa yelled, practically bursting her door down before running to her sister's room across the hall. "Anya!" The brunette pounded on the door fanatically. "An-" Her yell was cut off halfway due to the door being thrown open.
         "Lexa?!" Anya asked irritability, having just been woken up from a deep sleep. Her glossy, red eyes and bed rangled hair proof of it. "Lexa, I swear to fucking God this better-" This time it was her who was cut off.
        "She's gone." Lexa choked out, gasping for breathe as tears ran down her cheeks.
        "Gone?" Anya furrowed her brows, her brain still foggy, but she was alarmed by her sister's appearance. "Lexa, whos gone?" She asked, concern laced her voice.
        "Cl...Clarke." The burnette sobbed out, shaking her head back a forth widely. "Oh god Anya! Clarke's gone and it's all my fault!"


       Clarke sighed for the twentieth time. It was early morning, nearly dawn, and here she was sitting on a bench waiting for a bus. She readjusted the strap of her bag on her shoulder. The blonde sat in silence for a few more moments before the familar sounds of a bus drew nearer. It soon rolled to a stop infront of the teen. The doors opened, revealing a kind looking, old man.
       "Any place in particular, miss?" He asked in a gentle tone.
       "Any place far from here." Clarke replied quietly, sorrow flooding her tone.
       "Rough night?" He asked as she climbing the steps.
       "Rough life." She gently murmured as she walked past. Thankfully the man left the conversation as it was and she made her way to a seat in the far back. She sighed once more as she settled, turning her head to look out the window. Her heart felt heavier and heavier the father they moved from the town she once called home.