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Chuck's Revision

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"No…." This wasn't how things were supposed to turn out. None of this was supposed to happen! Castiel looked around desperately, all around him which seemed to go on for miles and miles was one corpse after another. Letting Lucifer in….the darkness somehow being defeated….it was all supposed to make things right! Everything should be better now! Lucifer was gone once again, and although he was very weak at the moment from enduring Amara's torture, being healed by….someone, Castiel didn't even remember who didn't take the pain and exhaustion away entirely. But here in this town, Castiel could still hear so many people crying out in agony. Praying for help, some had given up and resorted to praying for a quicker death…it took his last reserves just to come to this town, he didn't have any strength to help them….he wasn't even sure he could help them. He didn't even know what was going on.


He froze, he knew that voice. He just hadn't heard it in quite a long time now, but there was something off about it. The voice seemed…distant yet right by his ear at the same time, and so much more familiar than ever before. It took him a moment to realize the voice was coming from inside his head, which made him even more confused. He hadn't turned back on 'Angel-Radio' in a long time and he knew not one who would personally address him. Not after all he's done. Even if by accident.


Somehow, even when being somewhere he never was before Castiel's feet knew exactly where to take him. Slowly, as though on a casual walk through the park, Castiel made his way past every abandoned car and each new corpse-littered across the streets and lawns until finally, he came to a stop. Just outside of some cozy looking bar the was clearly vacant except for the lone figure seated on a stool in the middle of the stage; a guitar clenched tightly in his hands and the microphone stand seeming kicked over onto its man's shoulders shook in great effort of controlling the sobs racking through his frame as tears slid slowly down his was struck by the fact that someone was still alive in this place, but what startled him the most was that said man was none other than Chuck Shurley, prophet of the lord. Only something about Chuck had changed since they've last met…

"F-Father?" Castiel finally managed to gasp out.


Chuck had looked up at him and Castiel was struck by just how…tired he seemed. There was something else there hidden in the depths of his eyes…it was…sorrow.

"Castiel…I-I'm so sorry….this….this wasn't how things were supposed to end. This wasn't the script…"

Castiel didn't understand why he was apologizing….none of this was his fault.

"Oh," Chuck sighed, "Castiel yes it is. I've been here all along, hiding. I was scared to see what has happened with some of my greatest creations….and quite frankly…I'm afraid I just didn't care anymore…."

Castiel hummed, "Well…It looks to me, that you care an awful lot." As though to demonstrate what he meant Castiel wiped one of the stray tears from Chuck's face.

"…" Chuck stayed silent, but Castiel could tell there was something he planned on saying, it was just a matter of waiting for him to actually say it.


"Yes?" Castiel smiled wearily, it seemed as he waited for Chuck to speak more of his energy seemed to leave him. Apparently, Chuck noticed as well, it the suddenly panicked look on his face was anything to go by.

"Castiel, if given the chance would you do everything all over again with no guarantees of anything actually changing? Or would you rather accept what has happened here, and live on earth? But remember Castiel, should you remain on earth you would never have a moments peace. You'll constantly be chased by your brothers and sisters."

"I…I don't understand…." Castiel bit his lip, "Do everything all over again? To see my family fall apart once more? To see so many innocent people die? To relive all my mistakes?"

"No Castiel," Chuck grinned, "What I mean is I could send you back, to the past that is, and you could change the future not watch everything happen on repeat and…'ll be able to save Sam and Dean."

Castiel's eyes widened, "W-What do you mean save them?"

"The virus that killed these townspeople, Castiel Sam was infected…..after Sam died Dean had gotten infected as well. You and I are the only living beings left here."

"No!" Castiel snapped angrily and devastated, "After everything…every fucking thing they've gone up against and survived, they go and get themselves killed by a virus?!"

Chuck's face softened, "Castiel…..would you? Go back and save them?"

"Yes." Was the immediate answer.

"There are no guarantees this will work, for all you know I could be sending you on some fools journey."

"I. Don't. Care." Castiel gritted his teeth, "I will save them, no matter the cost."

Chuck nodded briefly, and with a snap of his fingers….

Castiel was gone.

Chuck frowned before suddenly smirking, "The balance between good and evil is important but that doesn't mean I can't give him a little….a reminder that'll pop up whenever convenient."

With another snap of his fingers did exactly that before grimacing at remembering how badly his visions hurt him, "I hope I don't regret this…."

{1976- Maternity ward of local hospital}

Mr. & Mrs. Novak both sat in Mrs. Novak's' assigned hospital room each with a newborn baby boy cradled gently in their arms, Both looked weary and emotionally exhausted; with dry tear tracks and blood-shot eyes. But nonetheless Mr. & Mrs. Novak happily welcomed their twin boys James "Jimmy" Novak and Castiel Emmanuel Novak into this world and into their lives.

"I love you…" Mr. Novak whispered softly, smiling at his wife who returned the smile and replied,

"I love you too."

{November 2, 1983 the Novak Residence}

In the dead silence of the night, Jimmy Novak was woken up by the sounds of whimpering and strangled gasps from the other side of the room. Eyes wide, he threw off his covers and turned on the bedroom lamp before racing towards his twin brother, Castiel's bed.

"Cass?" Jimmy whispered his hands shaking as he reached out to wake his brother, no matter how many times this had happened ever since they turned three, Jimmy still wasn't used to seeing Castiel like this, or so distressed in his own home which Jimmy realized is where Castiel should feel safest, the moment Jimmy's hand landed on his shoulder Castiel flinched and swung his arm out, his knuckles catching on the end of Jimmy's chin.

"OW!" Jimmy yelped falling backward onto the floor.

"Boys? It's barely 3 am…..Jimmy!" Mr. Novak immediately woke up the moment he saw Jimmy on the floor and Castiel now struggling with the blankets on his bed.

"Damnit…..HONEY CASTIEL'S DREAMING AGAIN!" Mr. Novak yelled hoping his wife had heard him, before bending down and helping Jimmy get up.

"It was an accident dad, I tried to wake him….I forgot he startles so easily when he's sleeping…" Jimmy mumbled, eyes cast downwards.

"It's alright son, I know it was an accident on both parts," Mr. Novak smiled gently, "Are you okay though?"

"M'fine," Jimmy said still mumbling, it was then Mrs. Novak entered the room.

"Oh my…." She gasped rushing to Castiel's side but not before giving Jimmy a chaste kiss on the forehead, "We need to wake him up."

"Be careful. It's one of the ones where he gets a bit violent." Mr. Novak said joining her but on the opposite side of them. Novak nodded, it took almost ten minutes between all three of them before Castiel finally blinked his eyes open. The moment he tried to bolt from the bed, however, things went downhill. Fast.

"NO!" Castiel screamed struggling against his parents and his older twin brother as they held him down on his bed.


"Stop it…Son stop!" Mr. Novak yelled tears gathering in the corner of his eyes, his wife had moved off to the side now openly sobbing. This was the worst 'episode' of Castiel's ever since they've had him and his brother Jimmy.

"Cassie…please. Please, you've got to stop. Nothing's wrong!" Jimmy pleaded it hurt to see his own twin brother like this. Even though he was the older twin by 15 minutes, Jimmy always felt like Castiel was the older one, now watching the pain and sorrow in his brothers' eyes, Jimmy felt as though he actually was the baby brother with how old Castiel seemed.

"PLEASE!" Castiel begged tears streaming down his face, at seven years old his family's never seen him look so….broken before.

"B-Baby listen…everything's going to be alright…..okay?" Mrs. Novak sniffed tears threatening to fall once more, "You're okay. Whatever you dreamt…'s not real, angel."

"NO! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! HE'S GOING TO KILL HER! PLEASE! I HAVE TO GO! I HAVE TO STOP HIM!" Castiel began to break down sobbing repeatedly whimpering, "…please…please…please please please please….."

"Castiel no one's going to kill anybody!" Their father yelled angrily.

{Elsewhere in Lawrence, Kansas}

"Come on, let's say goodnight to your brother," Mary Winchester smiled walking into the nursery holding her four year old son, Dean. Dean grins widely, and the moment he is let down he runs to the crib with his baby brother Sammy inside.

"G'night, Sam." Dean leans over and kisses little Sammy's forehead, and Mary leans over as well, smiling lovingly at him, "Goodnight, love" and kisses his temple gently.

"Hey Dean," John Winchester says entering the nursery as well Dean immediately runs towards him, propelling himself into his legs.


"Hey, buddy. So what do you think? D'you think Sammy's ready to toss around a football yet?" John grinned ruffling Dean's smiles and shakes his head, giggling,

"No, daddy"

Mary walks past John as he's hugging Dean, and hearing him say softly, "Sweet dreams, Sam". Mary can't help but smile even wider at the amount of love John held in his voice in just those few words. Once John and Dean left the nursery and after making sure Sam wouldn't start crying, they shut the lights off, all prepared for a good night's sleep, or in John's case; watch a bit of was some time later as Mary was in bed that she heard static is heard on the baby monitor, little Sammy's gurgling as well, causing her to wake up.

"John?" Mary asks turning over to her side, he's not there, so Mary gets up out of bed to go check on Sammy herself. She goes to the nursery, pausing in the doorway once she saw John standing over the crib, checking on Sammy.

"John? Is he hungry?" Mary asked stifling a turned his head and shushes her softly.

"Okay", Mary says realizing John must be trying to bed Sam to fall back asleep, and turns away from the room, she hesitates when she notices as the light down the hall starts flickering.

Confused on whether or not the bulb was going bad, she walks towards it and taps it. The light stops flickering, it was then Mary noticed the sound of the television from downstairs. Still feeling more and more confused, Mary walked partially downstairs to find the television on and with John asleep in front of 's eyes go widen in panic and she runs back up to the nursery, screaming Sammy's John jolts awake upon hearing Mary's scream.

"Mary!" he runs upstairs to the nursery only he cannot see her, Mary isn't there. John walks over to the crib and baby Sammy looks up at him, there's a strange drop of something next to Sam's head. As John reaches out to touch it and another drop lands on his hand, startled John looks up and finds the love of his life, his wife Mary on the ceiling, staring at him. There is blood soaking through her nightgown around her midsection, it is quite clear that she is dead.

Shocked beyond belief John collapses to the ground in agony, screaming, "NO MARY!" and then a fire seems to explode around her, engulfing both her and soon the little Sammy begins to wail, forcing John to come to his senses, and he picks Sam up running quickly into the hallway.

"Daddy!" Dean is standing in the middle of the hallway, obviously scared if his wide panicked eyes were any hint.

"Take your brother outside as fast as you can!" John orders his son. "Don't look back! Now, Dean, go!"

As Dean ran outside with Sammy clutched tightly, John goes back into the nursery desperate to see if he can somehow save his wife, but it is too late the flames have grown and the entire nursery is soon to be engulfed.

"Mary, no!"

John realizes that he was too late, knows that there is nothing he can do, but he has to make sure his boys are okay. He can't lose them as well. He runs out of the house, quickly catching up to Dean and picks up both him and little Sammy, taking them further and further from the house just as the top floor where the nursery, where Mary, was not too much later, probably only seven minutes had passed and plenty of firemen have arrived, and John is sitting on top of the car with Sam and Dean by his side, clutching them against him as though they were his lifeline, at that moment he felt as though they were.

Little did they know at that moment seven-year-old Castiel E. Novak knew exactly what they were going through and how they all felt.