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Welcome to Supes!

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“Welcome to Supes’, Der!”

Derek raised an eyebrow at his sister, unimpressed with the name of the first supernatural bar in Beacon Hills as she grabbed his wrist, dragging him deeper into the bar.

“Laura, couldn’t they have thought of a little more creative name?” Derek sighed as she continued to drag him through the crowd. He took note of all the movie posters that graced the walls of the bar, all with a supernatural theme. Derek rolled his eyes when he saw a prominent poster of The Wolfman.

“What’s wrong with the name? It’s simple and to the point. It’s not trying to be pretentious unlike those hipster bars I’m sure you frequented while living in New York. You do have the facial hair going on.” Laura teased, trying to pull on his beard. “Afraid people will see your pretty face?”

Derek growled and ducked away from Laura’s hand. “The beard keeps my face warm in the winter.” Derek was quite proud of only the tiniest blip in his heart beat. Laura was too excited to see him to even notice.

Laura laughed, “You’re back in California, no need to for it now.”

“It will intimidate my students. Maybe it will get them to listen for a change.”

He was waiting for Laura to laugh, but she only frowned at him.

When they reached the bar and managed to find two seats, she swiveled her stool to face him and leveled him with a serious look. Derek sighed, knowing what was coming next.

“Derek, you don’t need to try to hide who you are. Don’t think you have me fooled, I can’t smell you properly, meaning your wearing a scent blocker. There’s nothing wrong with being an omega. It’s not the dark ages anymore.”

Derek gritted his teeth. “Easy for you to say, you’re an alpha.”

He regretted the words as soon as they were out of his mouth, seeing the hurt that flitted across Laura’s face.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, gruffly, “I didn’t mean that.”

It wasn’t like Derek hated being an omega; he was actually okay with it. He just hated being a Hale omega.

The Hales produced mostly alphas, with a few betas sprinkled in, but omegas were rare. When an omega was born into the Hale family, packs would travel from all over to try to win the favor of the Hale omega. The Hales were werewolf royalty, the direct descendants of the first werewolf.

Single alphas vied for the attention of the Hale omega. It was considered a great honor to mate with a Hale omega. It meant prestige and automatic alliance with the Hale pack.

In other words, they didn’t care about him, but what they could get from him.

When Derek first presented as omega at fourteen, he basked in all the attention. Even though he was too young to mate and not fully grown into himself, he was allowed to be courted and choose an alpha that he would mate with when he turned eighteen.

He thought he found a possible mate with a young alpha named Ryan from Seattle. He was a few years older than Derek, but he was very attractive and attentive. He was always respectful since he was under the watchful eye of Derek’s mother, Talia, but he would always sneak small touches to his lower back or the base of his neck that would cause goosebumps to break over Derek’s skin. When Ryan would smile at him and his green eyes sparkle, it would make Derek’s heart quicken and his insides turn to liquid heat.

The day he was going to tell his parents he wanted Ryan as his mate; he overheard Ryan talking to some of the other courting alphas. He was bragging to the others that he knew where to touch to make Derek hot for him. He knew he was top choice since Derek practically followed him around like a little puppy.

Derek felt his stomach drop at the uncharacteristic words coming from Ryan’s mouth, but then it got worse.

“Yeah, the kid’s pretty goofy looking but hopefully he’ll grow out of that. If not, no big deal, I’ll just always take him from behind so I don’t have to look at him. It’s worth it to get in with the Hales.” Ryan boasted, cruelly.

While a couple of the younger alphas laughed, quite a few of the more established alphas growled at the insult.

Derek didn’t pay attention to any of that though. All he heard was Ryan’s words repeating in his head.

Ryan never wanted him, but his family.

Derek didn’t tell his mother why but he asked for her to send the alphas away stating simply that he didn’t want an alpha yet. Talia quickly agreed, actually relieved he hadn’t come to a decision since she thought he was too young to choose, no matter what tradition dictated.

Derek knew Talia could clearly sense something was wrong and tried to get him to talk to her; he just shook his head and ran to his room.

Later, Derek had found out that some of the alphas had gone to Talia and told her what Ryan had said and that he had been secretly touching Derek. Talia, who was considered one of the most peaceful alphas west of the Rockies, roared in fury at the insult to her only son. The roar was so powerful that it blew out the windows and made even the most powerful alphas bare their neck to her.

Derek never did find out what happened to Ryan.

A week after the alphas had left; Derek went into his first heat. All the feelings that he felt for Ryan was just a biological response for being so near his heat. And Ryan knew this and took advantage of it by all the touching. Derek didn’t know at the time, but a non-familiar alpha was not allowed to touch a newly presented omega for just that reason. It could confuse the omega into a false mate bond. After that first hellish heat, he begged his mother to be put on suppressants and never had a heat since.

After that, Derek had no desire to mate at all. He took advantage of the fact that he was tall for an omega. He even towered over his alpha mother and sisters. He started working out religiously and kept his face (the only thing that was really “pretty” about him that showed he was an omega) covered in stubble or a beard.

By the time he reached adulthood, he looked like an alpha. Along with his constant glares at other alphas, he was pretty much left alone. He left for New York for college and never came back. The Hale omega was pretty much forgotten.

He could lead a fulfilling life without an alpha mate, fuck what biology said.

“Derek. Derek!”

Laura placed her hand on Derek’s forearm, causing him to jump in surprise.

“Are you okay? You zoned out on me. I’m sorry if I upset you. I just worry about you is all.” Laura said, softly.

Derek felt guilt eat at him over Laura’s concern.

“You didn’t upset me. You know how I am. You’re always calling me a grumpy bastard.” he said with a hesitant smile.

Laura returned it with a smile of her own and let the matter drop.

“The bartender is heading our way. Do you know what you want to drink?”

Before he could answer, a dark-haired alpha with a crooked jaw was in front of them.

“Hey Laura, welcome back!” the man greeted, face open and friendly, his entire demeanor relaxed and soothing, unusual for an alpha.

Laura gave the alpha a big smile before wrapping an arm around Derek’s neck, pulling him close.

“Derek, this is Scott McCall, co-owner of this fine establishment. Scott, this is my baby brother, Derek, who has finally decided to return home.”

Derek stared at her sister, puzzled at her over-enthusiastic introduction.

Scott grinned at Derek. “I’ve heard a lot about you from your sisters. Laura told me you’re a professor?”

“I am. I teach human and supernatural history. I’m starting at BHU when fall term begins.”

“I’ll try to keep you away from Stiles then. He’ll talk your ear off on that stuff.” Scott laughed.

“Stiles?” Derek asked, curious to know who would actually be interested in species history other than himself.

“Stiles Stilinski, the sheriff’s son. He’s the co owner and also the bouncer.” Laura stated since Scott had to temporarily leave to get a drink for a patron. Laura nodded her head toward a tall, lean man with messy brown hair that was at the back of the bar. His head was tipped back as he laughed at what a patron had said.

“That’s the bouncer?” Derek asked, incredulously.

Laura laughed at his expression. “Hey, looks can be deceiving. All the time I’ve been coming here, it’s always been pretty peaceful. I also have a suspicion that everybody keeps the peace because they’re afraid that Stiles will talk them to death if they step out of line.”

Derek shrugged. Who was he to judge? He could scent Stiles from where he was and he smelled human.

“Just think about it though, a human bouncer in a supernatural bar?”

Laura smirked. Derek had the distinct feeling she knew something that he didn’t know. “I’m just sayin’, don’t underestimate him.” she said, cryptically.

“So, what can I get the two of you?” Derek jumped a little in his seat. He didn’t hear Scott come back.

Derek could see that Scott was trying to tamp down a cocky grin for startling Derek. Derek glowered at the bartender but that just made Scott smile grow. Laura shook her head fondly and ordered two beers that were on tap.

After Scott returned with their drinks, he gave them another charming smile. “I have to go to the back and check in a shipment so my mate, Kira, will be taking care of you, but it was really nice to meet you, Derek.”

Jesus, the guy is nothing but a puppy.

Scott was about to walk away when he changed his mind and came back over to Derek and Laura. He leaned down and spoke softly to Derek so not to be overheard.

“I know you can take care of yourself just fine, but if any alphas give you trouble and you just need a little back up, just let me or Stiles know. We’ll take care of it.” Scott stated, all the playfulness gone from his face, just the stern lines of a powerful alpha.

An alpha that knew he was an omega even with the scent blockers which meant. . .

“Scott is a True Alpha?” Derek hissed to his sister after Scott walked away.

“Yeah, got bit a few years ago by a rogue alpha. Surprised the fuck out of everybody when little Scotty McCall became a true alpha instead of a beta.”

True Alphas were exceedingly rare. When a human is bit, they become a beta. Always a beta, never an alpha. Derek thought true alphas were only myths that he read about in his text books.

Laura shrugged a shoulder as if it was no big deal and took a sip of her beer while her little brother was internally freaking out beside her.

“You think he would let me interview him?” Derek asked, already grabbing a pen from his jacket and a napkin from the bar to write down all the questions that were coming to his head.

Laura rolled her eyes and grabbed the pen and napkin from his hands. “Please, quit thinking about work and relax for once. I haven’t seen you in forever and I just want to spend a little time with you.”

Derek felt guilt wash over him. He knew is whole family has missed him. He felt even guiltier about the circumstances of coming back home. While he missed his family, it wasn’t why he came back.

For the past year, something had been pulling at him to come back, like an invisible string, just tugging away at him.

Then a few months ago, he started having dreams. Ones he couldn’t never quite remember, but he would always wake up with a strange sort of longing deep in his chest. Derek knew it was somehow tied to Beacon Hills, but didn’t know exactly how it was connected.

Finally the tugging and the dreams became so intense that he felt that he must go back.

Derek shook the stray thoughts out of his head and concentrated on his sister.

A few hours later, he knew it was time to leave because he had started to sweat off his scent blocker and he was starting to be approached by alphas. Luckily, one good glare had them leaving him alone, but there’s always one that can never take a hint.

Laura had run into an old friend so he told her to go talk to her at her table for a little while, that he would be fine at the bar. After asking him a dozen times if he was sure, he growled that he was going to kick her ass if she didn’t go visit her friend. Laura laughed at his bluster and told him she would be back in a half hour.

Derek was quietly sipping on his beer, occasionally talking to Kira, Scott’s mate. He had never met a kitsune, so he was peppering her with questions in between patrons.

Kira had just walked away to help a customer on the opposite end of the bar when a large, muscular alpha with close cropped hair sat down next to Derek.

Derek didn’t acknowledge him, just kept sipping on his drink.

The alpha leaned toward Derek and said softly. “Mmmm, I’ve never seen an omega like you. Looks like you can take a hard fucking.” He then proceeded to reach down and roughly grab Derek’s ass.

Derek skin crawled at the words and touch. He slowly turned to the alpha who was sitting relaxed, giving him a crude smile. Derek gave him a sweet smile before grabbing the back of his head and slamming it against the bar. The alpha fell off the stool, cursing, blood running down his forehead from the wound that was already knitting close.

Derek went back to calmly sipping his beer.

“You uppity omega bitch!” the alpha sneered, jumping up from the floor. Before Derek could respond, Laura was in front of Derek, eyes glowing red, fangs and claws out. Stiles had also showed up, seemingly out of nowhere. He was doing an impressive job of holding the big alpha at bay.

“Laura, calm down. I got this. Check on your brother. I’ll be right back after I throw this piece of shit out.” Stiles said, his body tense and his eyes cold.

Having heard the commotion, Scott came out and helped Stiles remove the alpha.

Laura shifted back and ran her hands over Derek’s face and arms, assuring herself that he was all right and also to scent mark him. Derek grabbed her hands and gently removed them.

“I’m fine, Laura.” Derek told his sister, tiredly.

It might not be the dark ages for omegas anymore, but shit like that still happened.

“That son of bitch, I’ll rip his throat out.” Laura growled, eyes starting to shine red again.

“He’s not worth ruining your manicure over.” Derek gave his sister a smile.

Laura snorted at his weak joke. “Okay, I won’t baby you. Let’s get out of here. You can stay here and I’ll bring the car around.”

Derek sighed. He could easily run home so walking to the car would have been no big deal, but he decided to humor Laura.

“Sure, that will give me time to finish my beer.”

After Laura left to get the car, Stiles sat down next Derek. Now that Stiles was close, Derek could really pick up his scent. Stiles smelled delicious. Before Derek could even process how it was possible that a human could smell so good to him, Stiles had already started talking.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” Derek asked, missing most of what Stiles’ had said.

“I was just seeing if you were okay, man. That asshat won’t be stepping foot in here again.”

Up close, Derek could see that he had gorgeous honey colored eyes with obscenely long lashes and moles he wanted to trace with his tongue. Don’t even get him started on the guy’s mouth. . .

“Derek? Scott told me you were Laura’s brother. Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked again, his brown eyes filled with concern.

“Um, yeah, I’m fine. Nothing I haven’t had to deal with before.” Derek said hoarsely, trying to get the images of a naked Stiles intertwined in Derek’s sheets out of his head. He even shook his head for good measure. What the fuck is wrong with me?

“Hey, that’s something nobody should ever have to deal with.” Stiles face closing off in a cold anger on Derek’s behalf.

Stiles studied Derek for a moment before he seemed satisfied that Derek was speaking the truth, that he was really okay.

“I’m Stiles Stilinski, by the way. Scotty told me you’re a professor at BHU that teaches species history? Man, I’m going have to pick your brain sometime.” Stiles rattled on, a big smile on his face.

Derek smiled back and was about to offer for him to come by his office sometime when he heard Laura out front.

“I know that look, you’re being called. Scott gets the same look. I wish we could have met under better circumstances. Don’t be a stranger.” Stiles said as he gripped Derek’s shoulder in good-bye. Electricity ran from his shoulder all the way to his toes, paralyzing him for a second. Stiles looked the same way and was about to say something but somebody called out to him. Stiles smiled softly at him and walked away.


“Fuck Derek, you taste so good.” Stiles groaned as Derek’s cock slipped out between his swollen lips.

Derek moaned as Stiles took him back into his mouth, his long fingers gently working Derek open.

“I’m ready, please Stiles.” Derek begged as Stiles looked up at him with wicked honey eyes. He slipped up Derek’s body until his mouth was a breath away from Derek’s.

“You want me to fill you up? To knot you, baby?” he breathed before taking possession of Derek’s mouth.

Derek could feel Stiles’ cock nudge against his hole, ready to fuck into him…

The blare of the alarm clock blasted Derek out of his dream.

Derek was breathing hard and covered in sweat. Then he realized that wasn’t all he was covered in. Semen covered his stomach and slick had soaked through his sheets.

“Fuck.” he groaned, thumping his head against the headboard.

He was in heat.