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The Inexact Sciences

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The Butterfly Effect is a scientific theory that explains that everything happens as a result of something else, and therefore, if you change an event in the past, it will alter the future.

Napoleon Maxwell Sowachowski found this particular theory enthralling. It was no wonder that he spent all of his free time studying it. Now, all free time for Sock—as he liked to be called by anyone who would listen—meant dedicating all time possible to it. There isn't a way to really prove The Butterfly Effect’s accuracy to the truth as to what actually happens, even though it is a widely accepted theory. But Sock wanted to take it a step further.

He wanted to build a time machine to prove it.

Even he thought he was crazy as he stared at his blackboard one night, leaning his lower back on a table end in his workspace. If modern scientists haven't figured out a way to do it yet, what made him think that a college student working on experiments in his basement could?

He shook his head. No, he wouldn't think negatively now. He was so close, he could feel it.