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There's One You

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The night was always the hardest for her, it didn’t use to be, but now after everything that had recently happened, it definitely was. Maggie Rhee shot up in the darkroom, coated with a layer of cool sweat, breathing heavily. The familiar snoring beside her reassured her, making his presence well known, his alive presence anyway. She had had these nightmares about Glenn dying alongside Abraham since the night that Abraham’s skull was bashed in. It always ended with him looking directly at her, the best he could, and stuttering out that he loved her. Then his body would collapse and Negan would continue to beat him to a pulp.

She shivered a bit, realizing how cold she really was, wiping her eyes as relieved tears slipped down her cheeks like two rivers. Maggie glances around the dark room, seeing the moonlight creeping across the floor on the other side of the bed. She was beginning to make out what the different objects were, the dresser across the room beside the bathroom door. She slowly began to turn, tenderly moving her legs off of the bed. Glenn had always been a light sleeper, the slightest movement or sound making him wake, sometimes she was lucky enough to get into the bathroom without him noticing, other times not so much. Tonight wasn’t one of her lucky nights because she heard the snoring stop.

“Maggie?” Glenn’s voice questioned sleepily. She felt the mattress beneath her move as he sat up.

She felt her breath grow more erratic along with her crying, usually, she was better at holding it in. Again, not one of her lucky nights. “Mags…? Is it the baby? Another nightmare?” he pawed around until he found her, resting his hand on her shoulder. She took in a shaky breath, the tears continuing to fall, reaching up to wipe them away. “It’s nothing, go back to sleep..” she breathes out.

That was an automatic signal for Glenn, his other hand reached over and switched the lamp that sat beside the bed on. He stayed silent, scooting over to where she was and wraps an arm around her. Maggie turned her head, letting her hide her face on his shoulder, wrapping her arms around his torso. He knew at this point that it was a nightmare, she usually had them three to four times a week. She always tried to handle it on her own, and it seemed that the more she did that the worse it got. He leans down and kisses her head, his other hand lightly rubbing her back. He breathed out, looking across the room into the closet. “Was it Beth, Hershel, or me this time..?” He asks softly.

“You,” she responds in tears.

Glenn knew the worse of these nightmares seemed to always contain Negan killing him. Sometimes he figured it was because he was the only person left in her life that was close to her like this, other times he figured it was because he was her husband. Of course, he would probably never know. He could feel how cold she was, realizing she was drenched in sweat.

“How about I start up a hot bath?” he suggests softly, he continues to rub her back lightly as he adds “I’ll go downstairs and make you a cup of Peppermint Tea, and I’ll change the sheets for you, do a load of laundry tomorrow, cancel my run and stay home with you..?”

Maggie sniffles, sitting up as she shook her head, she had managed to stop crying but there was no doubt that she was still upset. “You can’t miss that run tomorrow...they need you.”

“Fine, but I’ll go start up a bath, get you some tea, and do the sheets.” he smiles softly, trying to be as comforting as possible. The only response he got was a slow nod, feeling her lean on him and rest her head on his shoulder “I don’t deserve you…” she murmurs quietly.

“Pretty sure you’ve got that backward,” he responds, half teasing as he glances at the digital clock that sat on her nightstand.

In fuzzy red letters, it read 12:22 AM, which would mean they would have plenty of time to go back to bed before having to get up. He glances back to her and kisses her forehead, moving her hair out of her eyes. Maggie sat up and let go of him “No, I don’t.” she states, pecking him on the lips as she stood up. Glenn sighs, running his fingers through his hair and eyeing her, deciding not to argue though it killed him for her to think that way.

Maggie dug through her drawers, trying to find something to wear. She heard some movement somewhere in the room, knowing it was only her husband and heard him go into the bathroom. She felt bad for putting Glenn through all of this at such a late hour, wishing he would have just stayed asleep. She heard the water start up in the other room and glances towards the bathroom, seeing Glenn bent over the tub, feeling the water. She looked back in the drawer and pulled out a t-shirt and some underwear along with a pair of black Nike shorts. She turned and headed into the bathroom.

Glenn adjusted the water and felt it again, before standing up and looking at Maggie “I’ll be up with your tea in a couple minutes.” he smiled a reassuring smile. Maggie eyed him, smiling back weakly as she states “You don’t have to, you should go back to bed…” she says softly, grappling onto his hand. He shook his head, giving her hand a small squeeze and says “I want to help you wind down Mags.” He lets go of her hand and heads out of the room, heading downstairs.

Maggie sighs, slipping the shirt that clung to her skin up and off. She stripped down and then climbed into the tub, the water is hot but just enough that it didn’t burn. She sat there, watching the water fill the tub before shutting it off and pulling her legs to her chest. Her thoughts then took over. ‘C’mon Maggie, you’ve been through hell and back. You can get through this, you have to! For Glenn, and for the baby. These nightmares can’t haunt you like this anymore.’ her thoughts were interrupted by Glenn’s voice.

“Can I come in Mags?” he asks, knocking on the door frame and waiting for a response of some sort.

Maggie opened her eyes and lifted her head, responding quickly “Yeah, come in.” she says, looking over at the door as he stepped in and set a mug of hot, peppermint tea on the ledge. “You don’t have to ask to come in.” She glances up at him before adding “I promise I’m gonna get these nightmares to stop one way or another...I’m gonna look into it. And before you try to say it’s fine and all of that because it’s not…” she reaches for the mug and thanks him softly, beginning to drink it. Glenn sits down beside the tub, thinking for a moment.

“I’ll help you figure it out,” He responds “Although my sister went through something similar when she was in the early stages of her pregnancy. Except her nightmares were about her ex-boyfriend cheating on her.” he chuckles softly.

Maggie nods thoughtfully, before lying down in the water, disappearing beneath the water slowly. She then came back up and states “Maybe it’s just the pregnancy then…” She suggests. Glenn nodded this time “Maybe..”

Maggie then began to wash her hair. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to put some clean sheets on the bed, alright?” Maggie glances at him and smiles, responding “Alright.”

Glenn disappeared out of the bathroom, leaving Maggie to bathe. He headed out of the bathroom, frowning slightly. He wished he could find a way to help her, but knew how stubborn Maggie was when it came to her own thoughts. He opened the closet at the end of the hall, pulling out light purple sheets, before closing the cabinet and heading back into the bedroom. He stepped over to their king-sized bed and stripped the quilt and sheets off the mattress, then the pillowcases off their pillows. He rarely ever had to change sheets until recently after Maggie started having these nightmares, after Abraham's violent death. Glenn heard stirring in the water and glanced back, eyeing Maggie as she stepped out of the tub.

She was lean from years of hard work, practically skin, and bones, but she was beautiful. Maggie looked towards him, not being able to contain the soft grin that formed on her lips. “I see you lookin’ at me,” she states with a laugh. Glenn let his eyes wander up and down her body for a moment before responding “Huh, not subtle enough?” he smiles back, watching her dry off with a white towel. “Not even the slightest,” she replies, tugging on underwear and a black t-shirt. She then came into the bedroom and wrapped her arms around him from behind, mumbling “Wake me up before you leave tomorrow...alright?” she says softly.

Glenn glances back at her, his smile growing even a little more as he replies “I won’t make any promises.”

Maggie lightly punched his shoulder as she responds “You better, or I might just set an alarm on this here clock to wake me up.” she chuckles, kissing his shoulder before letting go. She helps him dress the bed and climbs into her side, adjusting the pillows to her liking as she lies back. Glenn tugged his jeans down and slipped into the bed with her, laying his head on a single pillow. He shuts the light off and wraps an arm around Maggie, holding her close. “I love you..” he states, damp hair brushing across his chin as he plants a kiss on her head.

“I love you too.” She responds, planting a kiss on his collarbone and cuddling with him. She fell asleep not even five minutes later.

Glenn lies there awake for a while before knowing that she was okay for sure and that she was asleep for sure. Then he reached over, opening his nightstand and pulling out a pill bottle labeled Avinol . He popped one into his mouth and dry swallowed it, relaxing against her. He then shut his eyes, the medicine kicking in not much longer. He was fast asleep.