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Just Give Me a Chance

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~Phineas's POV~

I saw Perry, he was standing in front of a pharmacist and a guy in black who looked like the pharmacist, and directly in front of that was a robot, rushing towards him and knocking him down. Then he stood up, chattering, I sighed in relief, he was fine. The guy in black frowned, then he pointed a finger clad in black at me and Ferb, "Well then, get them!" He shouted in a croaky, accented voice, the robot swiftly descended on us, getting closer and closer. Suddenly Perry was in front of us, shielding us from the robot in a fighting stance, "Are all platypi good at fighting?" The pharmacist asked, Perry sighed, retrieving a brown fedora from who knows where, the pharmacist gasped, "Perry the Platypus, Agent P?!" He cried in confusion.

I woke up in a cold sweat. That same dream again. Every night a new scene came, it really was bizarre, but I admit, it would have been cool to build a giant platypult. I leaned over my bedside, picking up a comic book my sister Candace had gotten me. Superman. Huh, isn't that kinda like Marvel? I bolted upright as an idea flashed through my mind, "Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today." I told him, he slowly tilted his body upwards, "We're gonna give ourselves superpowers!" I grinned, brandishing the comic, "Isn't that very similar to Marvel?" He asked quietly, "Yes, yes it is."

We grabbed tools and headed down to the backyard to begin working, I kept looking at the backyard gate for Isabella, but she didn't come. Baljeet and Buford has already arrived, and we had finished within a few hours, but she still hadn't come, "Ferb, I'm gonna wait another hour." I said, he nodded. We relaxed under the tree for a while, "You know, this doesn't feel right." I said, Baljeet nodded, "Yes, we are simply relaxing. Such a change." He sighed unhappily and hunched further into the tree, "He wasn't talkin' about that, nerd. He was talking about Isabella." Buford snarled.

"You know what? I'm gonna go get her." I said, Ferb should his head, pointing to himself, "I'll go." He said, "Uh, ok then." I replied. In five minutes she was there, "Isabella, what took you so long? You live right across the road?" I accused, I admit, I was hurt. I wanted to make the most out of every summer, but how could I if she didn't even show up. "I had better things to do." She sniffed, she was hurt. I just hurt her. Cue the sigh.

~Isabella's POV~

I was sitting on my bed, staring into space.I had been doing that a lot this summer. Cue sad violins. Ever since we had turned twelve, I stopped going over as frequently, I still remember all the projects, particularly when we were eight, but that was probably because that was my unhappy, unrequited first crush milestone. Yeah, happy, happy times. I looked up as a pair of light footsteps entered my room. "Phineas wants you to see his invention." Ferb said, winking slightly as he left, "Wait up, Ferb!" I called, sprinting after him. I arrived at the Flynn-Fletcher household and Buford was arguing with Phineas.

"Why don't we just start already? Isabella can get her superpower when she gets here." Buford demanded, Phineas looked stricken, "But we have to wait for Isabella." He said, my eyes lit up, he wanted to wait for me, he really cared. "Isabella, what took you so long? You live right across the road?" Phineas asked, he kind of frowned in a sad way, he was hurt. Of course he was. Why do I always do this wrong? I try to stay aloof, keep my feelings from getting hurt, and look what happens.

"I had better things to do." I said, trying to keep aloof. Might as well keep up the whole charade. He looked kinda guilty, I felt bad. "Well, just stand in front of the ray. It will scan your molecular structure and your mind and give you a power according to that." He said. "Huh." I replied, walking under to stand underneath the ray.

A beam of pink pushed me to my knees, then it shut off, my body absorbing it. "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Isabella Garcia-Shapiro. World's first real superhero at the tender age of twelve!" He laughed. "What did she get?" Buford interrupted, "Yes, how do we know?" Baljeet asked, Phineas walked over to the machine and went to the far side. "On the screen here is whatever power the machine gave you. The powers should last for a few hours." He said.

"Hey, Isabella!" He exclaimed to me, I looked up at him from beneath my eyelashes, "Yeah?" I smiled, "Uh, wow." He said. "Wow." He repeated. "What?" I asked, "I never expected this." He said, keeping vague. "What?" I practically screamed, he looked at me apologetically, "Sorry. Anyways, I designed this machine to give you a power. A power. It seems you have two." He said, "Well how do you know it didn't give me one? Maybe I already had one." I giggled, Phineas laughed with me, making my heart swell.

"Good one Isabella." He snorted, "Don't you wanna know what you have?" He said between laughs, "You have time travel and invisibility." Hmm. This could be fun. Just so long as I don't make it too creepy. I concentrated on my image and my surroundings, then I imagined myself melting away. I opened my eyes and everything was just normal, I frowned, disappointed that it hadn't worked. I looked around, "Hey, where's Perry?" I said, walking around to Phineas. Everyone jumped and laughed. "Wow, I didn't realize you were here." Phineas laughed.

"Huh?" I asked, not quite understanding what he was trying to say, it almost sounded like he was implying that the powers thing was working. "Well, ya know, invisibility and all that."He chuckled. "Wait, it worked?" I replied incredulously, I always thought it would look like some kind of gauzy veil on myself. I guess not. Curse you J.K Rowling for lying about invisibility.

"Well, yeah. Obviously." He replied. Hmm. Cool. Hesitantly I reached over and jabbed Phineas. He flickered when I touched him, then reappeared when I stopped. Cool, so that means whenever I'm touching someone they'll be invisible too. I snatched up his hand, what can I say? It was the perfect opportunity.

~Phineas's POV~

I started and glanced down at my hand, another warm hand was clasped around it. Isabella's. I felt warmth creeping up my ears and I let go of her hand to rub the back of my neck. Isabella shimmered back into the view, glaring at me. It was kinda weird, her cute, sweet face with annoyance on her face. Come to think of it, I had seen it before. Mainly after I had said something. After she had tried to be romantic.

"Phineas!" Isabella said. Urgh. What was I thinking about again? Lost my train of thought. "You do realize you have to be touching me to keep the invisible." She said, I shrugged, not wanting to admit I was embarrassed. She was my best friend, it would be like breaking some kind of best friend code liking her. Besides, I doubt she liked me back. "Ok. Well, wanna time travel?" She asked sweetly, fidgeting with the hem of her cute dress - which, coincidentally brought out her eyes. I nodded eagerly.

"Ok, where should we go?" She giggled, I thought about it for a moment, someplace when we were happy. "What about back when we were kids?" I asked. "Hey, you still haven't got your powers Phineas." Baljeet said, "Oh, that's right." I said, standing beneath the ray. An orange beam enveloped me, going to my brain. Isabella ran to the screen. All colour drained from her skin.

"You have telepathy. You can read people's thoughts and speak to them in your mind." She said, "Hey, that's pretty cool." I said. Let's just go. But can I risk it? What if he finds out? A voice said. "Huh?" I spun around, trying to find out who said that, Maybe I should call my Troupe, the fireside girls will know what to do. Isabella? Was that her? What did she want to keep from someone? And who?