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The Stars In Our Eyes

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Perry stood before some sort of pharmacist and what seemed to be the pharmacist's twin brother, dressed entirely in black.

A robot rained blows upon Perry, and he chittered in pain. Perry was completely defenseless.

Phineas knew this was a dream, it had to be, but tears were still rushing down his face. Even if it were a dream, how could he not be crying? Someone he loved was being hurt, and there was nothing I could do.

Perry fought his way up to standing, and he chattered angrily.

Phineas breathed out a quick sighed in relief - Perry was somewhat fine if he was so indignant.

Then the robot turned on them. In Phineas's tear-soaked form, he couldn't fight a robot. He was even more defenseless than Perry had been. The robot took another step. He kept coming closer and they were as good as dead.


Phineas woke up panting and soaked in sweat. That same dream again. Every night a new scene came, and it scared him. It felt so real, and as it happened he couldn't distinguish dream from reality. Usually, that was fine, but this time? This time it scared him far more than he cared to admit, so he didn't.

Phineas leaned over my bedside, picking up a comic book Candace had gotten him. Guardians of the Galaxy. Huh, wasn't that Marvel?

Phineas sat up, his mind whirring as his thoughts congregated into a solid idea, "Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today."

Ferb followed suit, he too sitting up, albeit he did it a lot slower than Phineas had.

"We're gonna give ourselves superpowers!" Phineas grinned, brandishing the comic.

"Isn't that incredibly similar to the time we helped Marvel?" He asked quietly.

"Yes, yes it is."

They grabbed tools and headed down to the backyard to begin working. Phineas hardly got any work done at all - he couldn't stop himself from looking up every five seconds expecting Isabella to walk through the gate.

Baljeet and Buford had already arrived, and the gang were hardly halfway finished. It was utterly pitiful - it had already three hours!

"Ferb, I'm gonna wait another hour," Phineas said, looking over at Ferb.

Ferb shrugged, "If that's what you want," He said, "But if she were coming she would have come hours ago."

Phineas shrugged, "I know Isabella. She'll be here."

Ferb shrugged again, but this time he didn't say anything.

Clearly, none of them had gotten anything done (there was no point in denying it), so Ferb took it upon himself to order everyone to rest. They were all hot and bothered anyway.

They sat under the tree for a while, but something was off, "You know, this doesn't feel right," Phineas said.

Baljeet nodded, "Yes, we are simply relaxing. Such a change." He sighed unhappily and hunched further into the tree,

"He wasn't talkin' about that, nerd. He was talking about Isabella." Buford scoffed, affectionately punching Baljeet in the arm.

"You know what? I think I'll just go get her." Phineas said after a moment of collective silence.

Ferb should his head, "I'll go. You just wait here."

"Uh, ok then," Phineas replied.

They were gone a whole ten minutes, "Isabella, what took you so long? You live right across the road?" Phineas accused.

Ok, Phineas was hurt. He always wanted to make the most out of every summer, but how could he if she didn't even show up?

"I had better things to do." She sniffed, she was hurt. Phineas just hurt her. Phineas groaned quietly in quiet despair. He was such an idiot.


Isabella was sitting on her bed, staring into space. She had been doing that a lot this summer. Cue sad violins.

She had dubbed it the summer of unrequited crushes - part . . . she wasn't sure. There were several. But no, not this year. That was the whole reason she was in her room, instead of at Phineas's.

Ever since they had turned fifteen, Isabella had stopped going over as frequently - which was this year - she still remembered all the projects, particularly when they were eight. But that was probably because that was her first unhappy-unrequited first crush milestone.

Yeah, happy, happy times.

Isabella looked up and noticed a figure leaning lightly against her doorframe, "Ferb? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Phineas is extremely sad that you aren't there with him. He hasn't gotten any work done ever since he realised you weren't coming. He's like a sad little spoon," Ferb said. His mouth was either pulled into a smile or a frown, Isabella couldn't tell.

"What?" Isabella chewed on her lip and tugged on her hair. "Ferb, I can't. I'm . . . avoiding Phineas."

"Yes. I can tell."

"It's just . . . it's painful to be around him now, because I remember how close we were, you know? And part of that was because I liked him so much, and I don't think I really do anymore."

Ferb was properly shocked now, "Isabella, what?" He spluttered. "That's, um, wow. Ok."

"Um, even if you don't come to see Phineas, can you at least come? To lift the work ethic," Ferb said, his mouth pulling down into a proper frown.

Isabella tugged her hair again, "Yeah. Yeah, I guess."

"Why don't we just start already? Isabella can get her superpower when she gets here." Buford demanded. He was always pretty impatient - Isabella wouldn't put it past him.

Phineas looked stricken, "But we have to wait for Isabella."

Isabella groaned, "Maybe I should just go back. I can't do this, he's far too dependent on me. What if he starts to like me? I can't do that to him . . . " She made to leave, but Ferb held her back. His grip was fricking strong, man.

Everyone turned around, they must've heard something. Isabella just hoped they hadn't hard too much.

"Isabella, what took you so long? You live right across the road?" Phineas asked, he kind of frowned in a sad way. Ok, so what exactly gave him the right to be hurt? Isabella had suffered for years. Every time she saw him she was hurt. So why did h suddenly decide to be hurt?

Isabella blinked away angry tears and stomped up to the gang, "What's up you spoons?" It felt weird to say that. But it was oddly nice. She hoped no one noticed she had gotten that from Ferb.

"We're giving ourselves powers," Phineas muttered irritably.

"Yeah, you just stand in front of the ray. It scans your molecular structure or something and your brain then it gives you powers from that data," Buford growled, "So hurry up already."

"Huh," Isabella replied, walking under to stand underneath the ray. It was true that once Buford got to high school he'd gotten mostly top grades - he was in all of Baljeet's classes, which should have been suspicious but wasn't.

Buford rolled his eyes and flipped a bunch of switches, muttering quietly to himself.

A beam of black pushed Isabella to her knees before shutting off.

"What did you get? And why was it black? Whenever stuff scans your brain it's always pink," Buford said, breaking the silence.

"Yes, how do we know?" Baljeet asked, completely ignoring the second question.

Isabella knew why - while she was still pretty kawaii, she was also pretty alternative (read: hot topic is my home) and she's mostly kept the kawaii side of herself on display because she knew Phineas like it.

Phineas walked over to the machine and went to the far side, "On the screen here is whatever power the machine gave you. The powers should last for a few hours." He said.

"Cool," Isabella smiled.

Phineas blushed, looking back down at the screen, "Uh, wow." He looked back up at Isabella, his eyes shining. "Wow." He repeated.


"I never expected this." He said, persisting in the whole vague thing.

"What?" Isabella asked. Her voice was deadly calm.

It scared Phineas - he blanched, "Sorry. Uh, it's just that I designed this machine to give one power and it gave you two for some reason," He said,

"Oh, yeah that was me," Buford shrugged, "I messed around with the controls a bit, experimenting, you know?"

"Buford! Don't do it again," Phineas pouted. He turned to Isabella, "You have time travel and invisibility."

Isabella smiled, hm, this could be fun. But, like, just as long as she didn't make it creepy. She smirked, ready to try it out. One problem, though - she didn't know how. Oh well, she settled with just chanting the word invisible over in her head multiple times.

"So, like, when's my turn?" Buford asked.

"You can go last, you impatient spoon," Isabella replied.

"Wow, I didn't realize you were here." Phineas laughed.

"Huh?" Isabella asked, not quite understanding the implications of what he was saying.

"Well, ya know, invisibility and all that." Phineas chuckled, biting his lip slightly. About a year ago Isabella would have died. Now she couldn't help but think about how weirdly pale they were.

"So it did work," Isabella said, crossing her arms smugly. Not that anyone could see her or anything.

Phineas licked his lips, "Well, yeah. Obviously."

"What's up, Flynn?" Isabella teased, "Bit excited aren't you?"

Phineas groaned, his face red, "Shuddup," He muttered.

"Oh, c'mon now. Your eyes are positively shining! Probably from tears. Jesus H. Christ, your stupid machine working isn't that exciting."