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Hannigram snippets

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"Doctor Lecter? Are you ok?"

"Yes, Will."

"When did I get here?"

Hannibal gave no reply, wrapping Will a little tighter in his arms. They lay there in silence for a time, letting the blue, early morning light push in on their privacy.

"Are you sore?" Hannibal asked, watching the dog circle the bed, sniffing and searching the room before resuming his watch at the side of the bed.

"My feet hurt." Will’s voice was soft and far away, a little watery but more lucid now.

Hannibal let his arms slip from around Will’s form now that he had stopped shivering.

"We will see what damage is done in a little while. I think we should sleep."

"I’m so embarrassed."

"Sssh, there is no need for you to be ashamed. You needed help and your body pushed you to find it."

Hannibal did not mention it when he felt tears soak into his shoulder. Will had curled around him in a way that conveyed a need to be embraced. Hannibal did not wrap Will in his arms again but let one hand grip his shoulder tightly, now that he was more present.

"I think we both need to sleep for a while."

Will nodded, sniffing up his anguish, turning over to face away so they could both sleep.

"Will. It’s alright." Hannibal pulled on Will’s shoulder. "Come here."

Hannibal heard Will’s sob as he turned back around, hiding his head in Hannibal’s pyjama top, letting himself be comforted felt like a worse punishment than being picked up by the cops.

"I’m so tired." His voice bubbled out of his chest in pain.

"Well then, let us both get some rest." Hannibal brought his arm up around Will’s shoulders. Will’s sobs died quickly in the warm, safe embrace.