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The clock barely marked 7am when a brunet walked down the stairs, stifling a yawn while doing so. Leon had been going to sleep pretty late, managing between spending time with his brothers at the same time as preparing a syllabus for his next term at Hogwarts.
Yeah, Squall -Leon, mind you- Leonhart was a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Some tried to fight back and say Ilvermouny or Durmstrang was better, but nope, for Leon, Hogwarts was the best school, so he always tried to develop an interesting syllabus for his students.
Going back to the topic of his brothers, this year would be their first at Hogwarts, it still felt surreal, having them as students, or see them running around in the hallways.

They weren't really his brothers by blood, his mum had took them in when their parents died, but the chocolate-haired man considered them brothers like they were of his own blood.
Speaking of which, Leon had to dodge a bit, sensing a storm coming. That storm being his brother Sora, who came running down the stairs.

"Good morning Leon!" The little cinnamon-haired boy jumped down the stairs, almost falling off the last two steps if Leon hadn't grabbed his pajama shirt, the older brother already used to catching Sora while he fell down the stairs.

"Morning..." He placed Sora down slowly, watching almost in an amused way as he barely put Sora down that he started running again "You're up early."

The cinnamon haired boy ran into the living room, his older brother trailing behind, Sora pulled the sofa's pillows off, seemingly looking for something "Yeah! I could barely sleep!" He grinned, looking under the sofa now "Roxas kept kicking me, telling me to go to sleep, it's easier said than done!" He placed the pillows back, hopping on the couch to look behind it

Leon, who was leaning on the wall, watching his brother savage the room, yawned again "Are you looking for something?"

"Oh? Yeah!" Sora plopped back on the couch, deciding to look under the coffee table "My shoes! Roxas must have hidden them!"

Sora kept rambling about how mean his brother was, Leon quirked an eyebrow as he looked to his side, where a small table was, and under it, completely visible, were the boy's strangely large shoes.
Trying to be as quiet as possible, Leon picked up his brother's shoes, placing them right in the middle of the room, walking towards the kitchen this time "Good luck, I'm going to make breakfast" He waved his hand at Sora "Go wake Roxas up"

He waited a few seconds before entering the kitchen, awaiting Sora's response, when he was sure that the boy was about to reply, he heard a loud gasp instead.
"Leon look!" Sora came rushing in the hallway, showing his older brother his shoes "They were just there" He looked down at them, grinning again "It's like magic!" Sora giggled as Leon ruffled his hair, noticing his older brother stifling a smile of his own

"Go wake Roxas up." After his request, Sora just nodded and placed his shoes near the staircase, running up to his shared room. Leon made his way to the kitchen, opening the fridge to see what he could pull up for breakfast. Deciding on some simple chocolate chip pancakes -his brother's favorites-, he pulled up the ingredients and some bowls.
When he started mixing the dry ingredients, Leon heard loud footsteps coming down the stairs, and a second later, his legs were hugged by a giggling Sora, who was being chased by an angry looking Roxas
"What did he do?"

"Threw me off the bed!" The blond boy ran after Sora, passing around Leon's legs, the cinnamon-haired boy just giggled and crawled in-between his older brother's legs, rushing to the table, meanwhile, said older brother just continued his cooking, already used to his brothers energy during the morning.

"Hey Leon, why don't you use magic to cook?" Roxas asked, sitting on his twin's back, ignoring his protests "Rinoa always uses magic when cooking" the blonde remembered their older sister, she liked putting up a show for Roxas and Sora, making the food turn some extra turns and spins.

His brother just shrugged, continuing his cooking, "I like using my hands" he finished mixing the batter, taking out a pan and looking at his two brothers "You can't rely on magic at all times, you know."

"Yeah yeah, I know." The blonde said, getting up from Sora's back and heading to the fridge, taking out some milk and juice and placing it on the table. Sora whined a bit before helping him set the table.

When Leon placed the plate of freshly-made pancakes on the table, the twins had already finished setting the table up and had just plopped on their seats, ogling at their breakfast. Leon sat down on one of the ends of the table, finally taking a sip of his deserved coffee, Sora wrinkled his nose at the bitter liquid, he never understood why his older brother liked coffee, Sora only liked to make weird mixtures with it and call it a potion.
Shoving a piece of pancake on his mouth, he reached to the pile of letters on the other end of the table, where his and Roxas' letters were. He picked it up and scanned it for the 14th time, grinning as he bounced on his seat.

"The letter is still the same, you know," Leon started "Just because images can move, Hogwarts letters didn't reach that level quite yet." The brunet might have looked nonchalant, but he was still ecstatic that he finally would be able to spend more time with his brothers.

His parents were nice people, but they were always busy, his mum was always working over at St. Mungus, she had managed to take more breaks, fortunately. His dad worked at the ministry, but Leon doubted he could take care of Sora and Roxas by himself when his mum wasn't available, plus, Leon didn't really trust baby-sitters, so when he and his sister Rinoa moved out, they took them with them.
Rinoa lived really close to their parents, so it wasn't much of a change, when Leon had to leave to teach at Hogwarts, the twins would stay with their older sister, and during Summer, he could spend time with them.
Rinoa was sad, of course, she would pop up more during the Summer just to enjoy her last moments with the twins. She even demanded that she would help them shop for school supplies and take them to Kings Cross, Leon didn't oppose, he learned better than to decline his sister's requests.

"I just wanted to be sure!" Sora grinned, still looking at his supply list. "We're finally going to Hogwarts!"

"You keep saying that." Roxas couldn't help the grin on his face as well, they already learned the story about Hogwarts and an introduction to magic in their elementary school, besides all the other basic classes like math and english.

"I do not!" The cinnamon-haired boy objected weakly, not really paying attention. Finally putting the letter down and facing his brothers. "What do you think you'll be sorted, Roxas?"

"I don't know," he shrugged, but looked a bit hopeful, "I want to be in Gryffindor though, like Leon and Rinoa..." there was no way Roxas would miss his brother smile a bit. " What about you?"

Sora hummed, looking deep in thought, "Maybe Gryffindor like them too..." He crossed his arms now, feeling a bit torn "But I also kinda want to be in Slytherin"

"Riku?" his twin asked, Sora startled himself, why did he have to guess everything? "I don't think you have quite those traits" Roxas laughed a bit, watching his brother stick his tongue out.

"Shut it Roxas!" Sora turned back to his breakfast, decided to ignore the blond creature next to him "But us all being in Gryffindor would be nice" He looked at Leon, who was silent all this time, "Now I feel nervous, what if I don't get placed in Gryffindor like you guys?" he panicked a little, but felt calmer when Leon ruffled his hair.

"Whatever house you'll be in, you'll do great" A smile appeared on his face when he felt his brother relax. "Now eat up, we are meeting Rinoa up at 9".


After breakfast, both twins helped clean up before rushing upstairs to get ready. Leon also followed them, heading to his room. The first thing he did when he closed the door was check his drawer, where he kept the money their parents sent to buy the twins' school supplies. It had been a war to see who would pay, Rinoa had been the first person to offer buying them, Leon after along with their parents. Even when suggested that they could split, eventually, Raine and Laguna had won with the pretense that they felt that they should finance them, given that Leon and Rinoa took care of them when they couldn't.
Of course, Leon and Rinoa decided that they would buy each of them an animal - Owls, the twins decided at the time - once checking that, yes, the money was still there, he went to get ready, their sister always arrived before time, so she should be there any moment.

And in that moment, a loud "Hello!" was heard all through the house, his sister had arrived.
Dressing quickly, he was almost ran over when he left the room, all he saw was a blur of brown hair.
"Rinoa!" Sora called out, running down the stairs, the girl turned towards him, rushing towards him as he, per usual, almost tripped and fell, saved by his sister's arms as she took the chance to hug him.

"Watch out Sora!" She giggled, hugging him closer "I can't believe you will go to Hogwarts already!" Rinoa sniffed, stepping back to look at his brother "What will I do without any of you guys here? Leaving a girl all alone."

"Rinoa!" Roxas called out, walking down the stairs and hugging their sister.

"Roxas, Rinoa is making me feel bad for leaving her!" Sora whined, crossing his arms, he was already sad that he couldn't see their oldest sister as often as before, now she was also sad.

"I was just joking," She ruffled his hair "As long as you write to me everyday, it's fine!"

"Everyday?" The blonde gasped, wasn't it too much? What else was he to write everyday?

"Yep!" Rinoa stood up, smiling "I will write to you both as well, so I expect updates from you two as well."



Roxas immediately turned to Sora, who agreed without second thought, sighing, he agreed as well.
Leon finally made it down the stairs now, amused by the scene by the end of them. He greeted Rinoa, who greeted back three times the enthusiasm, the brunet offered his older sister a coffee, which she accepted, although he was pretty sure it was as an excuse to make time and catch up, given her amount of energy, more than usual, maybe it was just her still not getting used to the idea of their younger brothers leaving for school, he knew she wouldn't put a sad face in front of them, no matter how honest she was So he followed her silent wish, waisting as much time as possible during their coffee break.