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A Whole Bunch of Loki's

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I smile widely, my tail wagging away in my elated mood.

The sun was beaming down, people seemed to be in an equally good mood and my tasks had been going smoothly.

With a book tucked tightly under my arm, I make my way to the academy library with full intention of researching what Midgardians said about my people.

I was one of the giant wolves from Járnviðr, also known as Ironwood and I wanted to know what kind of mythology Midgard had crafted about my people.

The myths and stories they had created about the Asgardians were extremely colourful and entertaining, though many I'd heard were false as far as I was aware.

A few times now, during my strolls around the academy, I had noticed Loki wandering around with an air of arrogance and I had wanted so often to stop him and ask how many were true and how many were lies created to make him appear like a fool.

Sadly I never had that chance, we didn't really have interactions together as he was usually off with Wasp or Black Widow despite his seeming animosity towards them otherwise.

Within seconds I had reached the library and with an eager burst of energy I went to throw the doors open.

To find that they were stuck firmly shut.

"I have the desk occupied for the next hour, seventeen minutes and four seconds."

My ears perk up at the familiar, faintly snobbish sounding voice inside the library.


"Yes," he drawled with boredom, the sound of a page turning following soon after.

Standing on my tiptoes I peer in through the window, spotting him at the single reading desk in the moderately decent sized library.

"Stupid rules," I pout. "I really wanted to study Járnviðrian lore."

"And I didn't want to study royal palaces, but we can't all get what we want."

"Not at this academy, too bad I only needed the desk for three minutes."

"Try sitting here for over seven hours," Loki grumbled sourly. "Trust me, wolf girl, if I could swap with you I would."

I only nod slowly, forgetting for a moment that he couldn't see me, my black and brown furred ears twitching a little.

With my back pressed against the wall beside the doubles doors, I slide down until I'm sat and rest the heavy book in my lap.

The only sound came from Loki's occasional huffing and paper turning in his large book.

After a long day of ridiculously long tasks that should rightfully only take an hour, if that, I decided that I'd wait my time out rather than waste it wandering around the academy aimlessly like everyone else seemed to.

"Hey, Loki?" I ask after a minute of silence.


"That story about the horse the Midgardians tell, is it true?"

Everything in the library went silent, even the sound of the pages turning, after a moments pause I heard his slightly aggravated sigh that sounded a little mixed with disgust or exhaustion.

"As you know, when God's die they are reborn as the same God, so perhaps in another one of my lives, yes, but not for this one."


"Exactly, now please let me finish this damn studying without ridiculous questions."