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I Don't Care (If Heaven Won't Take Me Back)

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Connor is broken. He is completely, utterly destroyed. There is nothing of his body and soul that could be saved. He is covered in bruises, his left arm and wing crumbled and he's (almost) bathing in his own blood. They want him submissive and silent ? Fine. Whatever. He doesn't have claws anymore to defend himself. And he couldn't fly away even if it wasn't for the chains at his feet and wrists. Well, shit. Connor isn't one to complain and lower the head. They want him brainwashed and obedient ? Not for long. Connor swears to himself that he will get revenge. After all, the only thing still intact in him is his hatred for humans.


The door of his cell creaks and opens for a man whose face is unknown to him. Yet, he doesn't flinch or retreat. He only wraps his fingers around his broken arm a little more tighter. If the human wants a piece of his ass, he will have to come and take it. He will fight as long as he is alive. He is a creature of the sky, not some random sextoy. And he will fight to keep it that way.




Zec loves angels. Not only because one of his distant ancestors was one of them, but because they are such interesting creatures. As soon as he walked, his parents got him to Cheberith's sanctuary to show him these incredible feathered beings from whom he was the descendant. During his childhood, he memorized entire documentaries about them, read every book he could find and learnt as much as he could. He started to study to become a professional healer and at the age of twenty-two, as he did his first professional experience in the very same sanctuary, his innocence got shattered during his very first intervention. He suddenly learnt that the human kind wasn't always as well intentioned towards angels as he was. During his first operation on a wounded angel, he realized that the similarities between the two species were too much for people not to hurt them in every way possible.


The first angel Zec failed was called Jonathan. He did a pretty nasty fall that broke his back and never got up. There was something destructive about losing such a beautiful being, and it was like the Earth itself cried the death of the young angel.


The second angel to pass away between his hands was called Gabriel. Unfortunately, he died after twelve hours of surgery. Zec learnt to harden his heart, but still felt miserable every time one of them died.


The third angel Zec couldn't save was called Elia. Despite every effort put into her recovery, the damage made by the bullet was too deep.


The four and fifth were twins called Callum and Louise. They both died before the ambulance could reach the care center.


The six was named Saba. She died from blood loss after ripping off her own wings.


The seventh, Nico, a cub, didn't even make it to the ambulance.


The eighth died from internal bleeding.


The nine, the tenth and every dead angel coming after were blurry in Zec's mind. They were now a silent crowd in the back of his head, judging him every time he failed. He wanted to save them all. He really tried. But whatever he did, he wasn't good enough. He decided that if he couldn't save them on the operating table, he would save them before. He got hired in the first ranger team ever created in the region. From this point, the sanctuary population increased every year.


The first angel he saved was a young male called Michael and his even younger mate Jeremy. The two of them were found locked in a basement, covered in bruises and cuts. Once released in the enclosure of the sanctuary, it took them a long time to learn not to fear their healers, but they finally accepted the constant presence of humans on their territory. They quickly were joined by an older female named Heidi, found chained in a backyard, two cubs called Ed and Al found half-dead in a trash can, a very young female going by the name of Noah and a few other older angels. Soon enough, Noah got into a new pack, a free one that lived near the frontier of the state. Ed and Al got transferred in an another sanctuary where they found a kind, surrogate mother and the rest of the Cheberith Pack settled for good in the sanctuary.


Heidi stayed, grown accustomed to her new place and got introduced in the breeding program, but the mate the organisation choose for her didn't seem to be interested. They sent him back to his original sanctuary, but they had the surprise to discover that Heidi was, despite what everyone thought, expecting a cub. After fifteen months, she gave birth to a tiny agitated angel that they named Evan, as a tribute to one of the vets' cousin. After a few weeks he was already able to fly, but seemed reluctant to leave his mother's side, but played with some of the young angels, like Alana and Jared respectively found in a trashcan and a kennel. The whole pack was watching after their cubs, whether they were coming from rangers expeditions or from mated couples inside of the pack itself. Zec was proud of them and proud of himself. He was saving lives and protecting some more, he loved these angels so much... He always visited them at least once a week to be sure they were all okay. There were still so many to save and protect, but a least a few of his proteges were sound and safe in a protected area.




Ultimately, Connor realizes that he isn't as strong as he thought. The cell is empty again, it is just him and his sore lower back, his broken ankle and his fresh new bruises. He can't move anymore. He doesn't have the will to, anyway. He just wants to lie on the ground, move the least possible, and get his shit together. Humans are strange, he thinks, as he massages his bleeding inner tight with his valid hand. They hurt what they find beautiful, and Connor is no exception, despite being very far from the aesthetic most angels share. He grits his teeth : his stomach aches so much. He feels so, so broken. It will be days before he can walk again. Maybe weeks. Not that his "owners" are that patient. He will probably have to deal with another visitor sooner rather than later. He knows that his case isn't isolated. There were many people from his pack who were missing before he got kidnapped : it was only a matter of time before the humans got to the nest and took the cubs too. Not that Connor is a cub anymore, but he was the one guarding the nest that day, and he got trapped with everyone else. When they didn't send him with the other two adults, and got separated from the cubs, he understood that he was probably too skinny to fight and too old to be sold as a pet. Not that he expected to be a whore, either. But with hindsight, that was probably he only other alternative to inevitable death.

He is suddenly very cold. He curls up on the floor and tilts his left wing over his broken body. He doesn't mind that much. He doesn't have any pride, any self-esteem to save and his innocence got shattered the first time they touched him. He has literally nothing to lose. It scares him. He has nothing more in his life than a cold floor and periodic visits from strangers with a weird angel kink. He closes his eyes. He doesn't want to think anymore. He just wants to die. He makes no sound, no cry, no whine. He simply squeezes his eyelids a little harder, covers his body a little better and asks Whoever was upstairs to take him away from this place.