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so ring in the news

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It’s been a long and somewhat nerve wracking day, and Minoru is glad to get home once it’s all over. His work as a hero is usually very uneventful, all things considered, and on slow days like today, he wonders why he can’t just go home. Of course, on most days, Hinagiku isn’t waiting for him, because, unlike him, she’s kept incredibly busy.

But today she’s been off and, other than a visit to the doctor, she’s been home. It’s because of that visit to the doctor that he wants to get home to see her as soon as he can. There’s been something off about her lately, and, more than anything, he wants to know that she’s alright.

If she’s alright.

He tries to keep himself from expecting the worse, knowing that it won’t do any good if he bursts into their home already bawling, but it’s hard to keep his composure, even once Hinagiku is right in front of him.

“So?” he asks.

“Nice to see you too, Mii,” she teases, and he hopes that the fact that she’s able to joke like this with him means that she’s alright.

“If you’re feeling okay now, that means you’re not too sick, right?”

“Actually, it’s pretty serious,” she says, and he feels like his heart has stopped. “It’s really going to affect the rest of our lives.”

“But...that’s not what I...Hina…” This is all wrong, he thinks. After waiting so long to meet someone like her, she can’t just...everything was perfect, better than he ever expected or deserved, and now, all he can do is stare up at her and wonder how she can deliver this news so casually.

“But it’s not bad news or anything,” she coos, “so stop looking at me like that! You’re supposed to be excited, Mii~!”

“But you...but I...I-I don’t get it!” he protests, and finally, the tears that have been threatening to fall begin to streak down his cheeks.

She bends down to hug him, pulling him so tight to her chest that she’s smothering him. Normally, he’s so blissful like this that nothing else matters, but now, even this isn’t enough to really cheer him up. “Come on, think about it! What could be serious and life-changing but be good news? I thought this was something you wanted!”


Oh .

He feels like a complete idiot for assuming the worst when realization finally dawns on him, and he mumbles, still muffled by her chest, “Hina, are you…?”

“Yeah,” she says, pulling him back so that he can see the grin on her face, and that she’s crying now too. “Yeah, I am.”