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Re:Created Shots

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Aki Kikuchihara sat in her office. The Elimination Chamber Festival was about to kick off soon and now was a good time for her to rest. However, as she tried to do so, she noticed someone enter the office. Aki only glared before she realized who he was, just from the looks of his blood-stained sweater.

The man looked pretty old, but kept a bright happy smile. He was most definitely a white American whose fashion was pretty nostalgic for the time, mostly around the 70's. She was barely a kid then, but he recognized him all the same.

"What do you want?" She asked.

"I heard what you were doing. And... Is it really gonna be worth it?" He asked.

"We're doing what we can to stop the world from being destroyed." She said.

"That's what they said the last time they did an Elimination Chamber. You think you and the others were the first ones? No. I experienced it. Ten years ago, to be exact. If you go through with this, your original intent will be lost and everyone will kill each other." He frowned.

"... We'll make sure that won't happen. Unfortunately, if you want in, it's far too late to add you into the story, lest we risk destroying the audience's acceptance."

"No. I just want to warn you that you are not the first person to cause such a showdown... And you will not be the last." He walked over and looked out the window. "I can see it now. An ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny. Good guys, bad guys, and explosions as far as the eye can see. Only one will survive. I wonder who it will be."

"We will survive, Mr. Rogers." Aki said. Mr. Rogers just shed a tear.

"I hope so."