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Drops of Reality

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"Go on, then." 'Alice' waved a hand. "Go back to your world of light. Leave this underworld behind." She turned away from Henry, taking Boris's hand. "This one...this perfect Boris...he's all I need now."

"No," Henry said. "I'm not leaving without him."

Both the wolf and false angel looked surprised.

"He doesn't deserve to be trapped here," the former animator insisted.

Boris gave Henry a reassuring pat on the shoulder, as if to tell him 'it's OK.'

"See?" 'Alice' said. "He knows he doesn't belong out there any more than I do. You left before the madness began, so you are not beyond hope." A tear trickled from her eye. "Turns out Joey and I weren't Arthur and Guinevere, but Hades and Persephone. If I'd only listened to Susie when she warned me..."

Henry's eyes widened. "Allison? Allison Pendle, is that you?"

"Not any more," Allison replied. "She's gone. And it's time you were too."

She turned, about to lead Boris away, only to stop when Henry grabbed her hand.

"I don't know what Joey's been doing, but I can't leave now. Not when there are people suffering here because of him."

He handed her the axe and Boris the pipe, keeping the Tommy gun.

"Come on. We're all leaving--you, me, Boris, Norman, and anyone else still alive in here."